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Goals for January and a Happy New Year!!!!!

I am excited about the first of January! I can not wait to start this new year and really start accomplishing some bigger goals!!! Here are my January goals…..

  • First I need to get my house packed up for the move. No this is not a fitness goal, but a big one that I NEED to get done lol 
  • I also am vowing to drink more water. I have been slacking, and not getting enough fluid. I need to be drinking about 75 ounces of water a day, so that is what I will strive to do!!!!                                                                                                                                  
  • Stay strict on my cutting diet. 40/40/20 on macros 10 calories per pound and eating as clean as possible!!!!                            
  • I will shred my fat and lower my body fat % and my weight. I am not typically too concerned with my weight as a number, but I need to shred the excess fat I have to assess how much or little muscle I actually have before I begin to bulk. My body fat is 22.7% and as of yesterday my weight was 142.0                                                                                                                                
  • I will complete my #2013PlyoParty Challenge everyday of the month. This means if I do miss a day I make it up by doing it twice the next day!                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • I vow to get to doing the #PlankADay I slacked on this last month and I really want to get back to it and help strengthen my core!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Run!!!! I am not going to set any miles, or how many days I should be doing this. I do want to get back to running, but I also know that I have a lot on my plate. If I can get out and run even just one day I feel better! Hopefully, I can get out more than just once!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • And last but not least, Zoe’s normal goal of 25 signs for the month! She has come a long way in her signing and has been rocking out her goal every month and I am so proud of her!!!!



Now let’s get to conquering all of our goals!!!! I hope you all have a very safe and happy New Year!!!!!!

How I tallied up with my December goals! How did you do?

This Month no year, went by SO fast!!!! I am ready for a new year and more new adventures!!!!! I know a lot of people are making fitness resolutions for the new year. I guess, fitness wise I will just say that I will continue to set and smash goals every month of 2013 as I did starting April 2012.

This year, like I said in a previous post we will as a family Pay it Forward every month. We had some tight spots over the past year and were blessed at those times to have amazing people in our lives to help, so Josh came up with the idea to return the favor! 😉 We will take more time helping others less fortunate be it volunteering time, money, or items, to local organizations, churches, or people we meet that are in need. We will set a time aside each moth to do this together as a family. I have a boxes of clothes, diapers, and toys all ready to find new homes for the month of January!

Now to see where I fared in my December Goals……..

  • My first goal was to complete my #12WorkoutsOfChristmas Challenge everyday. I still have to do it today and tomorrow, but I smashed this goal!!! I LOVED the full body workout before hitting the weights!!!! It was fun and challenging!!!            
  • Next was to stick to my Cut and my 40/40/20 macros (especially over Christmas) This I also did awesome at!!!!                  
  • I will not lie to you, I only ran twice this month. Zoe went with me on a cold morning and it was too much for her. I am going to figure out a way to bundle her up really goo, so I can hit the streets again! So this goal was a FAIL 🙁                          
  • I did parts of my challenge in Tabata form, so I say I stuck this goal!                                                                                                              
  • Next was to stay off the scale. This one would also be a fail. When I received my new digital fat caliper from Vitacost, I had to have my accurate weight, so I did weigh myself mid month 😉   This goal was sacrificed lol                                                    
  • The Plank a day challenge I also Failed. I only did like half my planks this month. 🙁                                                                              
  • The logo for my website is also a Fail. This project is just going to be on hold till after the move.                                                      
  • As for Zoe’s goal of another 25 Signs….. Of course she smashed it!!!!!!!! She makes her goal every month! She is a rockstar!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

So overall, not horrible. I did get lazy on some things, but I am not gonna beat myself up over it! I made HUGE strides this month!


Left Pic was November 30th Right was this morning December 30th Not a dramatic change in appearance, but some noticeable body fat gone.


Again top pic is November 30th bottom December 30th. I feel I made the most difference in my back this month! My Lats are more defined as is my mid back. I am hoping this looks even better as I shed more fat!!!


This picture I have been the most excited about! The left pic was taken December 10th and the Right December 30th. I have not seen any sign of abs for a very long time. I flexed mid month and was shocked to see they were trying to poke through! Little by little I am achieving my goals!!!!!

How Much I weighed just before my cut, at the end of October.

This is right after my cut started November 30th


This was the scale this morning! So I am stoked at where I am right now!

Being that I still have 8 more weeks of cutting left , I have been advised to mess with my macros again so I do not plateau. I am so excited to see how much lower I can get my body fat% I will also start logging my measurements and percentages on here to help keep myself accountable. I am hoping I can enter a competition this year. There are a lot of variables ie: money, time, and if I feel ready. I am hopeful though! This is something I have wanted to do for a while!!!!

Here are my stats for going into the month of January

Weight 142.0

Waist 31 inches

Hips 37 inches

Arms 11.5 inches

Thigh 20.5 inches

Calf 13.5

Body Fat%  22.7

Here is to rocking out another month!!!! I will post my goals for January tomorrow! Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!!

Holiday VoxBox Review!

As I told you earlier in the week, I received a Holiday VoxBox from Influenster. I was pretty excited! This was my first VoxBox lol.

DSC_1065All week long I have had fun trying all the goodies that were in the box. I wanted to give  you a quick recap on what I thought about everything!

I will start with the Quaker Oats Real Medleys



It was a little higher in sugar than I like, but oh my goodness, it tasted SO good! I had Cherry Pistachio. I was pleasently surprised by the flavor!!!! It makes a great pre or post workout snack!!!!

Next up I tried the Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Deep Pore Cleansing Masque



It smelled great (Raspberry & Mango) and it made my skin feel soft after I washed it off.

Then I tried out the Goodie Hair QuikStyle brush.



I personally liked it! I do not blow dry my hair ever and with it being really thick, it takes FOREVER to air dry. I really put the brush to the test and barely towel dried my hair before I used it. It was like a chamois for my hair! AWESOMENESS!!! My hair dried pretty quick after using it. The only downfall I thought the brush had was that it is a little difficult to clean after using.

I don’t normally wear lipstick or gloss. I am more of a lip balm type of girl lol. I prefer neutral colors on my lips or none at all, so when I saw there was lip gloss in the box, I was unsure how I would like it. This gloss is NYC New York Color Liquid Lip Shine



I lucked out getting a neutral color!!!! i actually really liked it! It made my lips shiny, but didn’t feel overly done or sticky like most lip glosses do. Zoe really liked wearing it too!!! I actually use NYC’s eye make-up so I was already familiar with the product line. I really like that it is quality products at low cost!!!!

This morning Zoe and I did our nails with the Kiss Nail Dress



I am not gonna lie, I was not a fan of the Black and gold look. It is fun, just not my style. I also rarely paint my fingernails. Toe nails, yes, but I lift weights and do a ton of cleaning, so finger nails typically stay au natural. 😉 Zoe on the other hand LOVES having her nails done, so of course she had to get in on this. I liked that it was really easy to put on and that I didn’t have to wait for our nails to dry. That is HUGE when doing a 2yr old’s nails lol It claims to stay on up to 10 days. Zoe’s started falling off after an hour. Granted they are not made for toddlers lol I saw that they do come in more neutral colors and the creative aspect of them is unlimited, so I would probably use these again for date night or special occasions.

I was also happy to try the Natural Energy EBoost in Pink Lemonade



Most drinks like this make me gag lol, but this was like drinking a pink lemonade soda. It was bubbly which I liked! I also liked that they used the word effervescent in the directions lol It is great word! 😉 It was good and did give me a little boost to get my cleaning done!

The last thing that was in the box, I haven’t gotten to use yet, but I can share savings with you!!!! This is a $25 off code for Sole Society. They sell some stellar shoes at great prices!!! They are actually having a buy on get one sale right now, so even better deals!!!! Just type in the code Influenster25 to get your savings!!!!

DSC_1160 DSC_1161


Overall the VoxBox was awesome!!!!  Which items did you like the most? Do you think you could use any of these items?

Tomorrow I will go over Goals for January and how I fared with my December goals. I can’t believe January is almost here!!!! This year went by QUICK!!!!  Hope you all have a Happy Saturday!!!! It’s chest day, so off to the gym I go! 😉

One of the many reasons diet pills are bad and the VitaCoco WINNER!!!!

There are still so many who believe that there is a magic pill that will make those pounds just melt away. It is hard to convince mostly people otherwise.

Most diet pills on the market have Silica in them. I am sure you have at one time or another bought something that had a “DO NOT EAT” Silica packet in it. Yes that is the Silica that these pills are being made with!

Silica, or properly called silicon dioxide, is used in some powdered foods to ensure that they are free flowing or non clumping.  It is also used heavily in the manufacture of steel, thermal insulation, circuit boards and optical fibers.  While its industrial uses are many, its health benefits are not. It is actually a known carcinogen and very toxic to your nervous system. It can also lower your blood sugar and if you are nursing, be a danger to your baby.

I am a huge fan of The Sweaty Betties! They talk about the dangers of diet pills, Sensa, and metabolic damage constantly. Click the image below to read their thoughts on “The Magic Pills” and read the comments too you can see first hand some of the damage done by these big name diet pills

Here is a video all about Sensa and other products that claim to help lose weight.

Am I against all fat burners, no I am not. Just do your homework on the product and it’s ingredients before you start putting it into your body. The fastest way to lose weight PERIOD is watching how and what you eat (and I do not mean starving yourself) and adding activity to your everyday routine.

Instead of worrying so much about being skinny, let’s worry about being healthy! Let’s vow to make 2013 the year of health!


January Fitness Challenge #2013PlyoParty

Josh and I sat down last night and were discussing our monthly fitness goals. I decided I am going to continue my cut longer than the original 6 weeks. Most of the bodybuilders I have been learning from do a 14-16 week cut. I have been seeing some great results so far!


My goal is to get my body fat percentage down to 12-15% and my weight down to 125-130lbs  When I started my cut I was at 151.6 I weighed my self a week ago when I got my new digital body fat caliper. I was down 8lbs and had 22.7% Body Fat. I haven’t weighed myself again, but my clothes are more loose and I am starting to see more definition in my muscles. My cut will be extended another 8 weeks from January 30th (The original last day) for a total of 14 weeks. My goal is to get lean without losing too much muscle in the process.

I have done well so far keeping my nutrients and macros in check. I have lost minimal amounts of muscle and have been noticing more muscles I have never seen on my body,peeking out. Exciting time for me lol. Josh has started his cut, so now it will be a lot easier to prepare meals!!!! It is hard to have one person cutting weight while the other is bulking LOL.

This month’s fitness challenge #12WorkoutsofChristmas was an awesome full body preworkout cardio session! I LOVED it!!!! So, I decided to do some research and find another full body fat blasting preworkout cardio session to kick the New Year off right! This is what I have come up with. #2013PlyoParty This will be a high powered explosive workout!!!

Plyometrics increase muscle power and muscle contraction speed. It is very important with any exercise that you make sure your body can handle it. Plyos are known to be very strenuous on your muscles and joints. They advise doing them on a cushioned surface such as a workout mat, grass, or something to that effect.

What I have planned is 13 reps of 13 exercises.

  1. Jump Squats  This is exactly what it is called you go into a squat position the explode up                                                                                                                                                    
  2. Lateral Jumps  Jump over an obstacle side to side                                                                                                                  
  3. Plyo Push-up  Do a push-up when coming up you explode and make your hands come off the floor                                                                                                                                  
  4. Mountain Climbers. From the push-up position you bring your knees one at a time like you are climbing      
  5. Russian Twists These can be done by themselves, with a medicine ball, dumbbell, kettlebell, or  free weight. 
  6. Tuck Jumps Jump as high as you can bringing your knees to your chest                         
  7. Burpee pull-ups Start by doing a burpee. When you get to the standing position you jump up to a pull-up bar or gymnastic rings in my case and do a pull-up. If you do not have a pull-up bar, just do burpees.                                                         
  8. Kettlebell/Dumbbell swings  Swing a kettlebell/dumbbell between your legs and back up to shoulder height 
  9. Box Jumps Jump up onto a stable box                                                                                                      
  10. Ski Hops Get into a push-up position and hop your lower body from side to side                             
  11. Weighted Crunchers Hold any type of weight on your chest and do crunches 
  12. Log Chop You can use any type of weight and move it in a diagonal chopping motion            
  13. Split Jumps They are basically jumping lunges                                                                                     

I am so excited for January’s Fitness Challenge!!! I hope you join in on the fun!!!! Today is a family fun day, so I am off to be with the two I love!!! I hope you all have a phenomenal day!!!!

Great Christmas, now back to focusing on goals and up coming resolutions!!! Have you made yours yet?

Hope everyone had a phenomenal Christmas!!!!!  Our Christmas was better than we had ever imagined! Zoe was so excited and LOVED all her presents. It was just a perfect Christmas!

132758_3947480295070_715648745_o474086_3951473394895_1827801782_o 469508_3951485035186_2136025317_o 324788_3951498915533_1320936275_o

It was fun to watch all the awe and excitement in her eyes! I was also surprised with a VoxBox from Influenster! It has all kinds of goodies I can’t wait to try and tell you about!!!!



Today will be a day of cleaning. Christmas left my home in shambles lol. I also took a rest day yesterday, so I am itching to hit the gym!!!! Josh has been doing great jumping back into the saddle. He took a gym hiatus because he had hurt his back and shoulder. We bought some resistance bands and he has been working with both them and the gymnastic rings. He has finally started lifting again and he too is watching his macros. I am so super proud of my hubby!!!! He pushes me in the gym to go harder and lift heavier. It is nice to have him back in the game!!!!!

I am also pretty proud that I stuck to my guns and did not eat bad over the holiday. I stayed within my macros and did not indulge on anything that would be considered a no no. Cutting weight the right way has been a struggle for me in the past. Especially around the holidays. Last year at this time I was in the process of moving, trying to cut weight and I gave into the holidays. I allowed my slip up to destroy my motivation and drive. Instead of just getting back into my routine. I fell back into bad eating and no exercise. Then in April I was depressed all over again, because I sabotaged myself and my own progress. I have been going strong since then!  I vowed to myself last April that I would never make myself feel that way again!  I vowed that I would not teach Zoe the self hate that I once knew. Now I am motivated, I am strong, I am discipline, and I have goals that I AM going to accomplish!!!

While reminiscing about the year and goals Josh and I had accomplished, we started talking about the coming year. 13 is our favorite number, so of course we believe that 2013 is going to be a stellar year!!!! I have things on my Daisies list that I want to scratch off this year. These are a few: running my first 5k, competing in my first physique competition, and going to Disney world with my family. Now these are not resolutions, just daisies I want to be able to scratch off the list! While talking about our goals in life Josh came up with the best idea for a New Year’s Resolution for us!!!! We have been thinking on this for a few days now, so when he said this, I was overjoyed with the idea! He said our New year’s resolution should be to try to help others more. Wow! I am so blessed to have married this guy!!!! So, we decided that once a month in the year of 2013 we will donate either, time, money, or items to those in need. We want to “Pay It Forward” We have had a lot of help in the past few years and have felt so blessed, so we thought this would be the best way to do that! We made a list of things we would like to do, like gathering up Zoe’s old clothes and toys, paying for people behind us when at the store or out to eat, visiting people with no family in nursing homes, etc. I am super excited about this!!!! I think this will be a perfect change for our family!

Now I have to sit down and figure out my goals for January as well as a fitness challenge! How was your holiday? Have you made your New year’s Resolutions yet? What goals are you looking to accomplish this month or year?

Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!!! Don’t forget about my GIVEAWAYS you can enter everyday!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Motivational Monday!!!!

So excited that it is Christmas Eve!!!! We are headed to Josh’s parent’s house this afternoon. Josh has to work a half day today. Such is life in retail lol. This means I have 5 hours to get my workout done, clean the house, get Zoe and I ready to go see the family, and of course prep my food for Christmas dinner. I am staying true to myself and my cut! I am worth skipping all the goodies!!!!

With all that being said, it is Motivational Monday!!!!! Let’s get and stay motivated, so we can all achieve our goals!!!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Stellar Super Saturday Chest workout!!!!

Whoa I slept WAY in this morning!!!! Zoe crawled into bed with us at nine as she always does, but I guess we both fell back asleep. Before I knew it Josh was waking me up at eleven saying he was bored without me lol. I am glad he woke me up when he did. Goodness I have so much to do today!  I suppose my body needed the rest. 😉

I am stoked to hit the gym today! My cut has been successful so far and I am pumped to see what my results will be on the 30th! To all of my bodybuilding friends who have been on me to watch my macros, THANK YOU! You were right it truly is all about your diet! I can’t wait to start bulking again!!!!

Josh has been off work since Wednesday. He works a day and a half in 10 days total, so I am being spoiled lol. I enjoy having him in the gym with me!!!! He always pushes me to lift heavier and go to my full potential! Today is chest day and I stoked to see if I can hit any PR’s!  I never keep the same routine, just because I get bored easy and I don’t want to plateau. As I have explained before, you must hit all points of the muscle group. The chest is made up of upper, middle, and lower chest. Working all of them will give you proper symmetry and muscle growth!

Here is what I have going for Chest day

Incline Barbell Bench Press. This works your upper chest.

Incline Dumbbell Flyes. This is another upper chest exercise.

Bench press. This works your middle chest.

Dumbbell Flyes. Again, middle chest. Are you seeing the pattern here ha ha ha 😉

Decline Bench Press. As you may have guess it, this works lower chest.

Decline Dumbbell Flyes. Also lower chest.

This on top of my #12WorkoutsofChristmas will be a great total workout! It should make for a Stellar Super Saturday Workout! Then I need to figure out my goals for January as well as the January fitness challenge!!! What are you working today? Have you been keeping up with the fitness challenge? What is your favorite chest workout?

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Phenomenal Friday! Awesome news and Giveaway winners!!!!!

SO happy today!!! It helps when are woke up at 9am by this sweet face



She climbed into bed with us and said okay it’s time to wake up please lol With more great news, my husband interviewed last Thursday along with 30 other people for a promotion. He got the call yesterday that he was picked for the job!!!!

Oh I am so excited and happy for him!!! With this news also come the news of our next move, which we have been anticipating!

We are moving to Springfield, Missouri at the end of February. I am excited about this! Since our “issue” with one of our neighbors, even after going and trying to smooth things out, we just haven’t been comfortable here and feel like there is still animosity. It is a shame, but it is what it is. I will however miss some of our other neighbors who have been AWESOME and our church  family and friends!!!

Springfield is a fabulous city with great people and SO much to do! We actually lived there last year, so it is kind of funny that we are moving back. So, now it is time to finish packing up the house and looking for a new place! I am SO EXCITED!!!!! The ozark mountains are a great place to explore!!!

I am also pretty stoked that Christmas is right around the corner! We can not wait for Zoe to open all her presents! We planned our budget perfect this and made sure we got the best deals so we could get her all the things she wanted for Christmas! She is gonna be a very happy lady come Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!!!

I am taking my rest day today, well active rest day because of course I have to do my #12WorkoutsofChristmas Challenge 😉 I also have SEVEN yes SEVEN winners to announce today!!!!!!

The winner of the Detour Bars is Justine

The winner of the Sinless Cocktails is Cerissa B.

The winners of the Tractivity Bundles are  Jennifer K.D.

                                          Patti S.D.

                                         Courtney N.

                                            Kelly R.

                                          Kimberly R.P.

Congratulations to each and every one of you!!!!! I have emailed you all, so please check your inbox and reply with your shipping info, so I can have these awesome companies get your prize packs out to you!!!! Thank you all for following and don’t forget I still have other GIVEAWAYS going, so get entered to win today!!!!

Family fun, Vitacost goodies, & don’t forget those GIVEAWAYS

We had so much fun last night! Josh and I took Zoe down to Main Street for Christmas on Main.

They have Santas from around the world and several other characters just roaming the streets to talk to!

Zoe was intrigued with most of the charaters and we got to walk the cobblestone streets and look in all the little shops on the way! It was just nice to get out as a family! Zoe was happy to be with her daddy lol


Here are some of the other people and things we saw….


Carolers! I loved that they were singing about the birth of Christ!!!


An angel we met along the way….



Zoe was most excited about both of the horse drawn carriages! She just knew the horses were her buddies ha ha ha ha

Today were are relaxing at home due to the weather. It is suppose to be my rest day, but I am probably going to hit the gym lol. I received a bunch of packages from Vitacost yesterday and the contents motivated me 😉

200098_3924413798422_802588936_nThere were so many things in this picture that scream awesomeness lol Obviously, the protein! Josh dubbed me the Protein Princess, since I collect so much ha ha ha. I was also pretty stoked about the Warrior digital body mass calipers. I have known that unless you are experienced with Calipers you will get the wrong reading.


These are suppose to be user friendly. They had great instructions and just to make sure we were doing it right, we checked 4 times ha ha ha. I was pretty stoked to find that my BF% is down to 22.7%  I had to break my goal and weigh myself an extra time this month to get the reading . WHOOPS! And wouldn’t you know since starting my cut I am down 8lbs!!!! (I thought it was 10 yesterday, but then I looked through pictures and realized it was only 8 whoops again lol) If this doesn’t motivate someone to want to workout, then I don’t know what will! This would make a great last minute stocking stuffer for the fitness buff in your life!!!!

Of course with new Casein in the house my before bed protein pudding was a hard decision lol. I have so many options of flavors!!!! I chose to do the Muscle Milk Light Cake Batter flavor. I mixed 1/2 a cup of Fage Plain Greek yogurt with 1 scoop of Muscle Milk and added chocolate sprinkles. It truly was like cupcake pudding! SO good and perfect muscle building snack before bed!!!!! This lady will not be catabolic when she sleeps. 😉


Be sure to check out Vitacost they have great prices of all your name brand goodies!!!!  Why pay retail price? With Vitacost you don’t have to!!!! Click the picture below to earn a $10 credit!

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10 Non-Fitness Facts about me :-)

I saw this yesterday and thought it was a cute idea, so today I will tell you 10 non-fitness facts about me.



  1. I am a neat freak. I clean my house at least two times a day. My obsession has spread to my child who is mama’s big helper and the first to point out if something is what she calls a terrible mess.                                                                                                          
  2. I am seven years older than my husband. I often forget about the age difference. Usually reminded by friends calling me a Cougar rawr lol                                                                                                                                                                       
  3. I am losing my hearing. Almost 4 years ago I took some medication for severe migraines I was having. They were so severe that I was in and out of the hospital for two months. The medication caused me to have poor vision, a stutter, I had poor hand eye coordination, and my hearing began to suffer. The doctor said that this was a side effect and that I should go back to normal once it was out of my system. It took months to talk right again and get my sight back. My hand eye coordination is back to normal, but my hearing never came back. In fact it has been getting worse. After doing research and talking to several other doctors I have discovered that the medication was Ototoxic. So, looks like my hearing will never come back and I do still have the occasional stutter.                                                                                                                             
  4. Both of my parents are Deaf. My father was born deaf and my mother like me was given Ototoxic medication. She was given hers as a baby. I am fluent in ASL or American Sign Language and I have been teaching my daughter to sign since she was born. By the end of this month she will be up to 250 signs.                                                                                                                  
  5. I love to bake. I don’t just mean like brownies lol. I love to bake huge cakes, gourmet cupcakes, and cheesecakes.      179951_3095385953244_1065832548_n 333607_2481580568493_121855982_o 460668_2712202213890_81801954_o
  6. We move a lot. We are currently packing up our house for our 8th move since 2009. Josh’s job moves us around a lot. He is in the mattress industry. He currently is in sales, but is trying to climb the corporate ladder. We are hoping to settle down in one place in the next year or two and we both hope it is Utah or Minnesota.                                                                              
  7.  I am religious. I have a very strong faith. I spend every evening talking with God and studying his word.  My faith brought me through a violent childhood and my first marriage which was confusing to say the least. Without God I do not believe I would be the person I am today, I may not be here today.                                 
  8. I do not watch a lot of Television. We actually do not have cable or satellite. We watch movies on Netflix, or ones we own, or we rent them. Television takes up so many peoples lives and we feel it is best only used sometimes. We have had basic programming in the past, so we could watch our favorite sports teams lol.                                                                                        
  9. I am addicted to the internet lol This is where I am when I am not cooking, cleaning, teaching Zoe, or in the gym. I am researching random things, conversing on social networks, and working on making my blog bigger and better.  I am an internet junkie.                      
  10. Since losing my hearing I have become a homebody. I find it frustrating to go out into social situations because I do not have a hearing aid yet. Those things are $expensive$. I have a real hard time understanding everyone and I get frustrated asking people to repeat themselves, just to still not get it. It isn’t that I am embarrassed or ashamed of not being able to hear. It is just a frustration that I am not use to yet. I am learning to get better at reading lips and Josh has been learning to sign. Phone conversations are worse. I am hoping we can get me a hearing aid soon, so I can try to go back to being the social butterfly that I am ha ha ha ha ha                                                                                                                     

Those are 10 random non-fitness facts about me. Tell me one random non fitness thing about you! We are headed out this evening for a family fun Christmas on Historic Main street in St. Charles, Missouri.  I am pretty excited! I hope you all have an awesome day!!!!

Don’t forget about all the awesome GIVEAWAYS I have going!!!!! Be sure to get entered to win!


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Let’s make today a happy day! How about a GIVEAWAY!?!?

It is a new day people! Yesterday I let my hormones get the best of me and let some weasel on who commented on one of my pictures get to me. If I want to be in the health and fitness industry, I need to understand there will always be haters. I do randomly get negative comments via email, on my pictures, and even on my blog. They are easy to delete from all of those things, but the words stick in your head. Not Today! I am not gonna let it get to me anymore!!!! I am me and I have to love myself!!!

Let’s make today a HAPPY day!!!! My Affiliate of the Month Vitacost has sent me an awesome box of goodies! I am always excited when I receive packages!


As you can see they sent me 4 awesome things to try!





The TeeChia Blueberry Date cereal caught my eye right away! I have been craving blueberry muffins lol I opened the bag and the fresh blueberry smell took my breath away. I figured I could make muffin like cereal bars out of this!!!!


I measured one cup of the cereal, one teaspoon of baking powder, one teaspoon of stevia, a half teaspoon of salt, one whole egg, and a cup and a half of water.


It was a little runnier than I would have liked I wish I would have only added just one cup of water.


I have these silicone Christmas tree cupcake liners that I just adore and thought would be perfect for this 😉 It made an odd number of muffins. I am not sure if it is because I used the trees or if it was because I winged it on the recipe lol probably a little of both.


I baked them for 30 mins at 350 degrees. My house smelled like blueberry muffins! This made me SO happy!!! Josh likes everything super sweet, so I wanted to ice them too. Luckily I had another shipment from Vitacost come in last week that had some tasty Gourmet Vanilla Protein! And oh yes you can make an icing out of Protein powder 😉


One scoop of protein powder…..


I added water a tablespoon at a time (2TBSP) and mixed till it was the consistency I wanted Then I spead the love all over the muffins.


They turned out great! They were perfect for an after dinner snack and they fit perfect in my macros! Each muffin is 87 Calories, 11 grams carbs, 2 grams of fat, and 5 grams of protein.


They had a consistency more like baked oatmeal than muffins lol but still REALLY good!!!



I love getting new things to try and all of these goodies were no different. The gum is perfect for workouts! It does leave a Zinc like aftertaste though. Quinoa I typically use to replace rice in certain recipes. Josh just loves it when I use it in Spanish “rice”. So Quinoa for the win!!!! 😉 Now the Goji berries had me a little stumped. I tried one and I honestly thought they would be like cranberries, but that is not the case, so I am looking up recipes now for them. I am expecting several more boxes from Vitacost either today or tomorrow and the products range from food, supplements, dog treats, fitness supplies, and some beauty products. You can seriously take care of ALL of your shopping needs in one place! I LOVE Vitacost, not just because they are my affiliate, but because this holiday season has been crazy for us and having the ability to get my supplement shopping done from home is a big deal. It is convenient, fast, and super affordable!

Now with Vitacost being my Affiliate of the month, they wanted to to something special for one of my readers! As you may have guessed it, Vitacost and I are teaming up for an awesome giveaway!!!!!!  Vitacost is giving one of my awesome readers these three beautifying wonders 😉


Andalou Naturals Cooling Aloe Mint Shower Gel


Atopalm Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum

mineral fusion

Mineral Fusion Skin Balancing Facial Moisturizer

Now these three items retail for about $60, but this isn’t all. On top of these great prizes you will also receive a $50 gift card to Vitacost!!!! CLICK HERE to be directed to my giveaways page so you can get entered to win!!!!!

They have a Refer A Friend Program too! CLICK HERE to get signed up for that and you will get a $10 Credit on your first $30 purchase! This can make that $50 Gift Card go a little further 😉 Be sure to click the link below to check out what you may want to buy with that $50 and to get any last minute gifts!!!!

I hope you all enjoy your day!!!!! Today is our Friday Josh’s vacation starts tomorrow and we are super excited for all the fun to be had!!!!

National Blogging Day of Remembrance for the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Please Click the image below to donate to the United Way Fund for the Families and Survivors Thank you! 



On another learning curve! How long to bulk/cut?

Can you believe it is only 9 more day till Christmas??? Where did this month go??? Must be all the GIVEAWAYS lol


I still have 2 more week of cutting weight. As excited as I am to get a lot of this fat off and see my progress,  another part of me is ready to start bulking again and building more muscle lol. I have been trying to figure out what is best for my body as far as length of my cut and my bulk. I have been talking to several people in the industry and I get different answers from all. This past time I bulked for 6 weeks and I think I should have gone longer. I am gonna just keep experimenting with the time length to see what works best for me and my body. Something I have learned is I have to listen to my body!

When this cut is over on the 30th, I will see where I stand with measurements, body fat %, and weight. Then I think I will plan my next bulk to last either 12 or 16 weeks then cut 8-12 weeks. I am still not sure the exact logistics of how I want to do it yet. I only know what my goal is. I can and will accomplish my goal!!!! I want to be a bodybuilder 😉

Oh, before I forget, someone was asking the other day for a good high protein late night snack. This is one of my favorite late night treats, Protein pudding. It is perfect to eat before bed to help nourish and feed your muscles while you sleep to help keep them from going into a catabolic state. It is very simple too! Just Fage Greek yogurt and a scoop of whatever flavor protein you prefer. Last night I did vanilla protein and plain Greek yogurt then sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg. It tasted like cheesecake and was perfect for my sweet cravings!


I have a HUGE shipment of goodies coming in from so I will be experimenting with some new protein recipes and posting them! I am always trying to figure out new late night sweets that I can have before bed that are still approved 😉

Be sure to check out Vitacost! They really do have great prices on EVERYTHING! You can find all you are looking for in one convenient online stop! They are quick and efficient too!!! Hope you all have a happy Sunday!

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What I have learned this year on my fitness adventure & how we can take it so much further!

This year has been full of ups and downs as far as my fitness goes. It has been a year of a lot of learning! It has also been the year I have made the most progress, not only in weight loss, but muscle building! I wanted to share what I have learned thus far!

First thing I learned, is you can not build muscle and lose weight at the same time. You have to pick which one you want to start with. To gain muscle you need 3 key elements: Eat well, Strength Train, and Rest. If you slack on any of these, you will be spinning your wheels.

What I mean by eat well is you need plenty of carbs and protein. For example, if you normally maintain your weight at 2000 calories a day, then to gain muscle you need to up your calories to 2500. Finding the proper macros is important in muscle gain! I use the 40/40/20 count for my macros. It works perfect for muscle gains and cutting weight! Click Here to refer back to that article.

To lose weight, you have to cut calories. Cutting too much can be very unhealthy and can also cause you to stay overweight. I would never suggest cutting more than 500 calories off of your normal intake. Example: If you maintain weight at 2000 calories, then to cut you eat 1500. You have to go by how YOU feel. If you feel run down and hungry all the time, then you have cut too much. Like I said I do the 40/40/20 when I cut weight too. I still eat 6 times a day! I strive to NOT starve myself by any means!!! You don’t want to lose the muscle you have worked so hard to build when you cut weight, so you need a lot of protein to maintain your muscles. You need the carbs to maintain energy!

Cutting Carbs is a BAD IDEA! Carbohydrates fuel your muscles. (Pet Peeve of mine is low carb diets) When doing any exercise or activity, especially lifting, you are doing a repetitive motion, which will decrease muscle fuel stores or glycogen. If you don’t consume adequate carbohydrates in between training sessions, your muscle fuel reserves gradually dwindle. This can reduce your strength and the force that you’re able to generate when lifting, which then limits the quality of your training. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared for strength training sessions, with your carbohydrate fuel reserves fully replenished.

My goal before every training session is to be fueled and hydrated. I make sure to eat at least 2 hours before and slam a ton of water!

Whether you are eating to gain muscle or lose weight, you have to eat right! Your food choices make all the difference!!! If you are eating fried foods, candy, sweets, etc basically any food high in fat or sugar, you again will be spinning your wheels. I try to stick to buying food in it’s most raw form. I know what is going into it, so it makes it easier to manage macros. I also keep track of my macros with You can use any service or method you wish. I actually started with a food diary, but it was too tedious in comparison.

If you are wanting to lose weight, do not be afraid to lift weights! Muscle is a fat burner and like I said before, if you are not eating to gain muscle, you are NOT going to get bulky. No matter how many times I have said this, I always get females who think they will look like a man if they lift. It is hard to build that much muscle, even for men!

I think both women are beautiful, but trust me when I say, to get to look like the picture on the left will take a TON of eating, lifting, and time. Most women after lifting will look like the young lady on the right.

Stop comparing your progress to others. You are you, so just be aware of what you are doing and how you feel. Obviously, we all have that goal body that we would love to look like. I think it is fine to have someone to look up too, but do not expect to have the exact results. Everyone is different!

Dana Linn Bailey is my inspiration! 😉 To some, she is too big for a female, to me, she is phenomenal!!!! This goes back to everyone is different. Her body type is most definitely my goal. Will I get there overnight, I WISH!!!! Lol It will take me years to accomplish what she has, but I can! Which brings me to the next thing I learned, your attitude is everything! Once you start to doubt yourself, or carry an I can’t attitude, You won’t! You need to know that YOU can do anything!!!!

Patience is also important! Like I said I will not look like DLB overnight. In a perfect world the ideal body in our head would just happened after we dreamed it. It doesn’t happen that way. It takes time to lose weight and it takes time to build muscle, but if you work hard you will see results! Those results will be your fire and will fuel the desire to continue!!!!

Stop looking at the scale. the scale was my biggest enemy. Not because it said I was fat, but because it put negative thoughts in my head. I go by how I feel, measurements, how my clothes fit, and pictures!

The scale is so not accurate, especially when you start building muscle! The far right is right after Zoe was born. I was probably close to 200lbs. The middle picture was my wedding this past May I was holding steady at 150lbs. the last picture was last week I was 148lbs. Not much weight difference between the middle and last, but HUGE body difference!!!!

People say muscle weighs more than fat, nonsense lol a pound is a pound, however, 5 pounds of muscle will most definitely take up less space than 5 pounds of fat. It is more dense and compact. So I gained muscle and lost fat, therefore my weight did not change much. I am sure at the end of my cut, there will be a difference, because at this point I am maintaining muscle not growing it, but losing a ton of fat!

I am pretty excited to see my results and begin my 6 week bulk again. This year has been awesome! I have not only made huge strides in my fitness, but started a blog to help others do the same! I also have met some phenomenal people in the fitness industry! I have met some who like me are on a journey of exploration and learning and many who are professional bodybuilders and/or trainers. This industry is amazing in the fact of how caring and helpful everyone is and has been!

2013 is going to be amazing! I will run some mud runs and I think I am going to try my hand at amateur body building competitions! There will be many changes this coming year! Josh just interviewed for a promotion, we will be moving again, and I will continue to try to grow my website to be bigger and better than ever!

Let’s start making our big goals for the year so we can start figuring out month by month together how we can accomplish our dreams! Dream big and live bigger!!!! Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!

Our hearts are heavy this morning and Prayers are with everyone involved in the Connecticut school shooting.

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