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Last Day Of April…. Wait… What?????

Holy cow! I just realized it is already the end of the month!!!! Where did April go!?!?!?

To be honest, I am not ready for my goal recap. It kind of snuck up on me!!! Okay well since it is the last day of the month, let’s check out where I am with April’s goals.

  1. Incorporate yoga at least once a week into my routine. This is a goal that I smashed I have actually been doing it a few times a week. Zoe does it every morning while I am prepping her worksheets and what not for lesson time. If I get done early, I usually join her. We have so much fun with it!!!! I know I have posted this pic before, but it is my favorite ha ha ha        
  2. Next up was going back to less reps and higher weight. Since joining a gym and having safer equipment like a squat rack and smith machine, this has been MUCH easier to do!!!! And for the ladies who believe that lifting heavy makes you bulky, I am here to tell you that is false! Men get bulky because they have testosterone  As a woman I have to work twice as hard to gain muscle because I have estrogen. Lifting makes you toned 😉 
  3. My diet has pretty much remained the same. I have had cheats and indulgences. About mid month I started getting hungry all the time. I talked to one of my mentors and they suggested raising my calories slightly. Their concern was I was burning more than I was eating therefore not going to grow the way I want. I am still eating 40/40/20 , but now I am eating 2500 calories a day vs 2100. I am seeing more results which is great!!!! My back feels like it is starting to thicken up, my legs and shoulders have shown the most improvement in my eyes. I can’t wait to keep growing! 
  4. Sleeping is the next goal. This is one I still struggle with. Some days are better than others. Now that I have Zoe back on track with her night time bed wetting issue, it certainly helps! Hopefully I will learn to get more sleep 😉 Funny I got more rest when she was a baby than I do now lol
  5. Posing I have been working on, but I am still not courageous enough to post a video ha ha ha It is still something I am working on improving. I think my shyness comes from feeling fluffy from the bulk 😉  
  6. My Facebook took off without a hitch! I am actually regretting not starting it sooner! I am humbled by how many followers I already have!!! SPORTS BRAS AND SIPPY CUPS FACEBOOK PAGE 
  7. The Vlog was easier the second time. I am gonna do my best to keep up on that!
  8. Zoe is rocking her lesson plans and I am doing my best to keep up with them! She loves lesson time so I know I am doing it for her, which makes it so much easier! 😉 Plus, it is bonding time for the both of us!!!! 

I hope you all have rocked your Aril goals out too!!!!! Now to start planning May!!! Time is just zooming by!!! Have  fabulously fit day!!!!! xoxox


It’s Monday You Know What Time It Is…

Happy Monday!!!!! Be sure to swing over to NPC Competitor Hope Trask’s Facebook page to check out Lady Swole Monday!!!! It is always a big treat for us and keeps me motivated every week!!!!


Our submission from last week 😉

Are you all ready to take on this week!?!? I know I am!!!! Even though I didn’t miss any training days last week, with being sick, I don’t feel as if I went as hard as I should have. So you know this week I am gonna kill it in the gym!!!! My training will be fierce!!!!

Hope you all are ready to Train Strong and have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Protein Frozen Yogurt & A Giveaway Winner!

With it getting warmer out, I wanted to share one of our favorite snacks. I typically eat it pre or post workout. It is Protein frozen yogurt. You get plenty of carbs and protein, but in a healthy way and it can be made with a multitude of flavors!

First start off with a frozen banana. I keep a bag of peeled bananas in my freezer at all times. They come in handy for this and for smoothies.

Pop it into a high powered blender with a about 70 grams of Plain Greek Yogurt. I use Fage, because it is lower in sugar, we love the texture, love the flavor, and it is higher in protein too.


Now the fun part, just add whatever flavor protein you would like and possibly a tiny bit of water to get it to mix well. A couple of our faves are  Syntrax Matrix Orange cream.




That one is SO good especially if you add pineapple!!!

Josh and Zoe LOVE Chocolate peanut butter. I use BSN’s Syntha 6 in Chocolate Peanut butter I also add a small scoop of peanut butter to the mix as well (Healthy Fats) 😉




Syntha 6 also has Strawberry Milkshake add fresh strawberries this makes some seriously GOOD ice cream!!! The NeoCell Vanilla the best for plain vanilla. It has such a natural flavor!!! Plus, you get the benefits of collagen 😉

Typically after mixing I need to freeze it for 20-30 mins stirring occasionally, but as you can see I never can wait that long ha ha ha ha 😉

Back to NeoCell I have a winner to announce!!!!!


And the winner is……….Elle!!!! Congratulations lady!!!! I have sent you an email and I am eagerly awaiting your reply so I can  forward your info xoxo  Thank you all for reading and keep entering to win 😉

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!


Progress, Haters, & My biggest Competition Fear

I still have plenty of time before my first competition. At this point my only concerns are my training and diet. There have been some minor tweaks to my diet. Just to make sure I am taking full advantage of this bulk and my training. My training sessions have been a lot longer than in the past and I am going much heavier than I ever had. I truly feel that I am making some huge strides in my progress.

I have been getting a lot of mean messages and emails. I am here to tell you, they WON”T phase me. They will only fuel my desire to succeed and prove you wrong 😉 I think we all have doubters and nay sayers in our lives. The best way to overcome this is remember that what others think of you is none of your business.

Am I saying that the ugly remarks I have gotten don’t chip at me a little, not at all, I am human. When someone says something mean, of course it hurts, but to allow that person to drag me to their level or to obsess about what they say, means they win. I can’t have that! This is the only response they will get.  I am on this journey for me. So to reiterate, the haters won’t phase my progress 😉 So, you can keep hating! I will keep showing love to everyone, especially myself!

NEVER let anyone steal your happy! YOU control your feelings!!!!!

Now that I got that off my chest, I do have one lingering fear of competing…. I am scared I am not going to hear the judges when they tell me to turn. I don’t want to miss my cue and be standing there like an idiot. I am not sure if I will have a hearing aid by this point. If I do, then no worries, but if I still can not afford one, then I am freaking out. I know when I am on stage with others I can just follow their lead. I worry about being up there alone. So I am trying to figure out a way to overcome this obstacle. I have been told to just contact the NPC, but I don’t want to seem needy or need special treatment. Please don’t take this at all as if I am ashamed of my hearing loss, because I am proud of being raised in the deaf culture. This is more of a personal pride issue lol. I know I will get it figured out. It is just what freaks me out the most. I DON”T WANT TO MISS MY CUE!!!!

How are you progressing on your journey? Do you have nay sayers who try to get you down? How do deal with them? What scares you???

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!


Family Sick Day

So yesterday was Family Fun Day…. well Family day anyway lol. We all went to bed late Wednesday night not feeling well. We had hoped by morning we would all feel better, but it was quite the opposite. We stayed home and cuddled on the sofa together and watched movies. We rarely get sick, but when we do, we get really sick. 🙁

It is weird, cause Josh and I were just talking the other day about listing our home equipment for sale on Craigslist, since we joined the gym. We sat down and were weighing the pros and cons of keeping it all vs selling it and sick days was brought up. We both kind of shrugged it off cause it doesn’t happen that often. Well, after yesterday we decided we are keeping the home gym lol. I don’t want to take Zoe back to the daycare till she is 100% I would hate for her to make other kiddos sick. I can complete my leg and arm training here at home then have rest day before starting back in the gym on Monday. Happy to have the option.

I hated taking yesterday off, but my body needed to recuperate. I know my body and I know when NOT to push it too hard. Rest is important when you are sick! Always listen to your body!!!

At least I got my HUGE refeed day in on Wednesday. I had the hardest time eating yesterday. My throat hurt and I just felt blah, we all did.  I know that my muscles need the nutrients to grow,so I made myself eat when I could.

Today is a new day and I am feeling somewhat better, so time to strap on my Super Woman cape and do what needs to be done! I have goals and WILL accomplish them!

Today is leg day and I have a long and hard training session ahead of me and I am ready for it! What are you training today?

Hope you all are feeling great and have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Fitness Etc. Giveaway Winner!!!

We are having another Family Fun Day today……..

So today I am just popping in to announce the winner to the Fitness Etc. Giveaway 🙂


The winner is Paula V. I have sent you an email and Congratulations to you!!!!! I hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!!


Is Your Diet Doing Damage?

I am so pumped that I am seeing more results every week. Josh saw my pre-workout picture that I posted yesterday and said WOW! Your delts are getting stellar!!! He knows how to sweet talk me ha ha ha ha 😉



I was talking with a girl yesterday that is actually on the same journey as me. She is getting ready for her first competition this year. In a few weeks to be exact. She hired a trainer/coach. She is cutting weight right now and very disappointed with her muscle loss and is always saying how hungry she is. I asked how much she is eating and was shocked at what she told me! Her trainer has her eating 800-1000 calories a day and having her do a ton of cardio. I warned her of Metabolic damage, but unfortunately it has fallen on deaf ears. She disregards me because I am not a certified trainer yet, nor have I stepped on stage. I know I am not an expert, but I have learned a lot from other competitors who have been in the game for years as well as former competitors who have suffered from metabolic damage first hand.

When starting my initial weight loss, I was constantly asking questions and seeking guidance to do it the healthy way. I had already read plenty on metabolic damage and I did not want to starve, nor do damage to my body. I had a lot of weight to lose, but had no intention of starving myself. I want to share what I have learned so far about metabolic damage. For starters, this isn’t just a problem with competitors. This is what happens when anyone does prolonged dieting, doesn’t eat enough, does too much cardio, etc. Your body is using every bit of it’s fuel (calories) and goes into starvation mode. Typically when this happens your body will hold onto fat, cause you to plateau, or in some cases start gaining weight again. This seems to be most common with those who do this for 18 weeks or longer. When I mentioned this to her,she immediately said that her trainer told her that she just needs to cut carbs completely and add another 30-45 mins of cardio. (She has plateaued and is freaking out about the scale)  This girl is barely eating, lifting 5 days a week, and  doing cardio 7 days a week for God knows how long. She has lost a ton of weight, but is showing all the tell tale signs of metabolic damage. Tired, hungry, not losing weight despite such low calories and high cardio, etc. I am scared to see what will happen to her post-show. Most have rebound weight gain.

I know I shouldn’t care too much, because to be honest I really don’t know her, but it makes me mad that a person who people trust as a professional, basically is setting her up to do damage to her body. Apparently, this is common of most trainers and coaches. I am bulking right now, but not a crazy bulk. I want to gain muscle without gaining too much fat. With many of the competitors who have been mentoring me, the biggest thing I have learned is when I go to cut weight, I typically do not want to have to cut for a long period, cut too many calories, go crazy on cardio, nor have too much weight to lose. This is why I made the ultimate decision to not compete this year. I wanted to give myself time not only to gain some more muscle, but learn the ins and outs of the industry, and how to do things the right way. I am maintaining my weight at this point between 134-139lbs. (My weight fluctuates constantly lol) I actually feel pretty lean most days and like I said I am gaining muscle. When I am hungry I eat more. My macros are set up as a guideline. I try to eat at LEAST the amount I set for myself. If I go over that is fine, it just means my body is hungry! Of course there are days I feel “Fluffy”, but that is to be expected. When I go to hit the stage I not only want to look my best, but I want to actually feel great too! I will slowly start to cut calories when I am ready to cut weight and add HIIT.

There are a lot of ladies in the industry that I look up to and they all are sticklers about doing it the healthy way! Erin Stern, Nicole Wilkins, Jessie Hilgenberg, just to name a few. I have had the pleasure of getting advice from Jessie. I admire all of these ladies, but seem to connect more with her, because she has gotten where she is on her own. Learning the process by herself as I am doing.

I wanted to emphasize again that metabolic damage is not just something that happens to competitors. It happens to people of all walks of life. There are signs you can look for. If you have been on a low calorie diet for longer than 6 weeks without a refeed day or short break, your waking temperature is lower than normal, tired/sluggish despite getting plenty of rest, starving or always hungry, not losing weight/plateauing, storing water/extreme bloating, weak nails, hair falling out, depression, nausea, dizziness, general overall feeling terrible. I could probably keep listing, but you get the idea.

I am not against personal trainers. I want to be one. I am against the ones who design plans that will harm their clients rather than help them. I hope when others go to start their journey in weight loss or muscle gain that they take the time to do research themselves rather than depend on someone who is just making a paycheck from them. Learn what is best for you and your health. I am doing this not just to compete, but to love my body and set a healthy example for my daughter.

Do know someone who’s diet is doing more harm than helping? How do you get them to listen? Hope this sinks in with some. Here are some great links from others where I have learned a lot about the subject! Educate yourselves and your friends. xoxo

Beth’s story PART 1,

Beth’s story PART 2,

Danny J (Sweaty Betties) Rant,

Layne Norton Coach 

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!


HUMAN Healthy Vending So There Is A Better Option

So I told you that we joined a gym. We were there a little late the other night and Zoe said she was hungry and of course I didn’t bring her anything because I didn’t plan to be there that late and we really don’t live that far away, but she saw the vending machines and HAD to have something. I broke down and bought her a bag of chips, but I HATE how vending machines are always full of junk!  Especially ones in facilities like this! This is a family community/fitness area, why would you only offer junk food and soda?

Well, luckily for me I have been talking with the people over at HUMAN Healthy Vending. HUMAN= Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition. As you may have guessed, they specialize in healthy snacks, treats, bars, drinks, juices, etc  I don’t know why I haven’t been seeing these everywhere! What an awesome concept!!!!

You may wonder what types of snacks you would find in such a machine. I was curious too! They sent me out a bag of goodies to check out.


  • HUMAN Healthy Vending recyclable tote
  • HUMAN Healthy Vending canteen
  • 1 bag of Pop Chips in Jalapeno Potato
  • 1 bag of Snikkidy’s Cheddar Cheese Baked Fries
  • 1 bag of Pirate’s Booty
  • 1 Luna Bar in Nutz Over Chocolate
  • 1 Clif Bar in White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • 1 Clif Mojo Bar in Peanut Butter Pretzel
  • 1 bag Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn
  • 1 bag Angie’s Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

As you can see there is a lot of great options over your typical chips and candy bars! After researching their company, I was impressed enough to reach out to the administrator of my facility to see if they might be interested in changing things up. I personally think it would be much better than what the kids there are being offered now! Fingers crossed that I can make this happen!!!

I truly believe in this company and think it is a fabulous idea. I hope to start seeing these machines everywhere! Especially in schools, community centers, malls etc. Everywhere that kids typically hang out. I think it would be a huge step in teaching our youth to make healthier choices!!!!

HUMAN Healthy Vending wants to send one Lucky reader a Healthy Prize Pack like the one they sent me!

Comment below letting me know where you would love to see a HUMAN Healthy Vending machine. Then get over to my Giveaways page by CLICKING HERE and get entered to win! The giveaway is open to US Residents only

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!


Start The Week Off Right!

Who is ready to start this week off right!?!? I know I am! You know it’s my favorite day over on NPC Figure Competitor, Hope Trask’s Facebook page It’s Lady Swole Monday!!!! She does this this every Monday for the ladies to motivated, encourage, and support one another. The group has grown so fast and there are so many awesome ladies who participate. i am proud to be a part of it every week! She also does Tough Guy Tuesdays for all the men 😉 Every Six weeks there are people who are chosen based on their support and encouragement withing the group, so prizes can be won. I encourage you all to participate or at least check it out 😉 Here is our photos from last week as well as prizes I won from Infinite Labs and Hope Trask!







I am a stickler about taking pictures to monitor your results. I think comparing pics side by side is the best way to see how you are progressing, because sometimes looking in the mirror you may not see the changes and we all know the scale is a horrible way to monitor. 😉 I feel great when I look back at all my pictures from my journey. They motivate me to go further! Speaking of motivating, let’s get to it!

I hope you all are motivated and ready to challenge yourselves this week! Have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


We Joined A GYM! Now Training Is Serious!!!

This week has been awesome! We had family fun days on Wednesday and Thursday. We really needed them too. Josh worked 17 days in a row. Almost everyday he worked 12+ hours. I thought that when he decided to finally take some days off he would just want to rest, but no lol. My Super husband surprised Zoe and I with a road trip to the Lake of the Ozarks on Wednesday, for a day of shopping and site seeing.

It was a lot of fun and a well needed day of family time. Thursday we did our normal running around ie: grocery shopping, paid a few bills, etc. Josh has been very supportive of my goals. He does just as much research on diet and training for my specific goals as I do. He took us to some gyms, the YMCA, and a local community center to take tours for future reference  or so I thought lol He ended up signing us up with the local community centers. I honestly couldn’t be more excited about it!

I love this facility specifically because it is so family friendly. There are 3 here that we have access to. A lot of the gyms around here have childcare, but they close pretty early 5-6 pm and the gyms are ALWAYS packed. Most facilities have a 2 hour limit on childcare and with some of my training days pushing that limit if not longer, I don’t have time to wait for machines. At this facility childcare goes till 9 pm there is still a 2 hour limit, but they are willing to work with me and the weight room is never too busy. So far, I have been one of the only females in there at the time I go. I had a guy watch me do dumbbell rows last night and I only picked up  a 45# dumbbell and his eyes got big and he seriously stopped what he was doing and watched as I did my set then gave me a nod of approval lol Kinda made me feel like a badass lol

The weight room there is pretty basic, but it has more equipment than I have at home. It is certainly more beneficial for my training. My workouts are more efficient without Zoe in there to slow me down, I am able to focus more, I am able to properly work muscle groups without having to improvise on my equipment, and If Josh gets off work on time, he meets me for a date night in the gym.

Zoe is loving the Childcare there too! She is making friends and getting more socialized. She actually asks to go to the gym which is pretty cool. They also have a stellar pool area that we can take advantage of whenever we want. It will be great to have a clean and fun environment to swim in!!!

So many benefits to joining. I have made huge gains on my basic home equipment, so I am excited to see what I can do with proper training and equipment! I am currently on a learning curve with using the equipment, knowing where everything is, and knowing what weight works best for me on some exercises  but I will get the hang of it in a few weeks 😉 This next year is gonna be HUGE!!!!!!

Do you prefer working out in a gym or at home? Do you feel like everyone is watching you? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day and don’t forget I have SO many giveaways going, so be sure to get over to my giveaways page and check them out!!!!


Collagen, Not Just For Your Skin, But Joint, Bone & Muscle Health As Well! #GIVEAWAY

I was contacted by a company called NeoCell for a review. They are originator and industry authority on solutions that promote vital collagen health. I have been spending the past couple of weeks educating myself about what collagen is and what the benefits are to you. After all I have learned, I can’t believe I haven’t started taking this sooner!!!


Collagen is your body’s most abundant form of natural protein. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and Collagen makes up 90% of the dermal volume. Collagen holds your skin together. As you age the collagen breaks down. Your skin starts to wrinkle, sag, etc. You always hear of people getting collagen injections to try to beat the natural signs of aging. This is a very expensive procedure with short term benefits.

You may think that it only benefits the skin, but there is much more to it! Here is some info that NeoCell gives you right on their website.

Collagen Type 1&3 Benefits:*

Provides specific amino acids necessary to replenishing the body’s collagen supply Helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles, and improves elasticity in the skin Builds and supports bone matrix Corrects weak, broken, split and damaged nail beds Thickens fine hair, adds body and slows down hair loss Repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity; improves circulation; promotes wound healing Glycine builds lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep

Collagen: The Body’s Anti-Aging Protein

Collagen supplementation is one of the most fundamental things a person can do to prevent premature aging and promote youthful vitality. Understanding Collagen begins with knowing that it is truly the glue that holds the body together; it is the building block for all our body’s major systems.

Although abundant in our youth, the body’s natural Collagen production typically slows at a rate of 1.5% per year after the age of 25. As this collagen production slows, the collagen fibers in the body become brittle and begin to break down resulting in many of the tell- tale signs of aging, such as loose, flaccid skin, wrinkles, ligament and tendon injuries and osteoarthritis. Super Collagen+C™ utilizes Collagen Types 1&3, which is 90% of the body’s total collagen supply and the main collagen constituents in the skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles.*

The Science of Collagen

Super Collagen™ 1&3 is composed of nineteen amino acids and is a rich source of glycine, proline, alanine, and hydroxyproline.

Once taken orally, it can produce peptides that stimulate fibroblast cells to produce and reorganize new collagen fibers which, upon bundling, can build the mechanical strength of the connective tissues and strengthen the extracellular matrix.*

Super Collagen’sTM Advanced Bioavailability

Super Collagen+C™ uses an advanced enzymatic hydrolyzation process to break the large collagen molecules into low molecular-weight peptides that are both bioavailable and bioactive in the body. Super Collagen+C™ contains hydroxypro- line and hydroxylysine, two amino acids specific to Collagen. These are not regularly found in amino acid supplements and are especially important to collagen production. Collagen +C™ genetically parallels the amino acid structure of the body’s collagen and its been shown that persons takinghydrolyzed Collagen Type 1&3 will experience 90% absorption into the blood stream where cellular changes occur. *

Available in 3 di erent, bioavailable delivery systems: powder, tablets and liquid. Super Collagen+C™ tablets and Super Collagen+C™ Pomegranate Liquid are formulated with Vitamin C, which is absolutely

essential to collagen formation. Super Collagen™ powder is water-soluble, neutral tasting, and mixes easily with water or juice – juice containing Vitamin C, or other Vitamin C supplements are highly recommended.

The Diference Between Collagen Type 1&3 and Collagen Type 2:

Scientific studies show that more than 90% of the collagen found in the body is Collagen Type 1&3. The protein composition consists of nineteen amino acids responsible for the growth and maintenance of the body with unusually high percentages of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are all found in the skin and muscle. Collagen Type 2 protein consists of eighteen amino acids, which amino acid profiles parallel the profile of the joint cartilage. Collagen Type 1&3 and Collagen Type 2 should not be combined due the types having di erent amino acid profiles. If taken together, the two proteins will bind and form a complete protein and the body will not recognize it as collagen. It is recommended that if you want to take both sources of collagen protein, it should be done at least an hour apart.*” Watch the video below to learn even more! You will be amazed at what you learn!

So you can see, Neocell offers products that give the same benefits and MORE! I was actually introduced to Neocell prior to them contacting me and have been pleasantly surprised! The products I have personally tried are Collagen Sport Ultimate in Belgium Chocolate and in Vanilla. I have also tried the Beauty Burst Soft Chews in Fruit Punch.

Thank you to the editors at @[106675941577:274:Better Nutrition Magazine] for naming our new Beauty Bursts a winner in their annual Best of Natural Beauty Awards.  They rave about the nutrients they pack as well as the taste: "watch out: they're addictive." Try some and see for yourself.

The Collagen Sport is super high in protein, so you know I LOVE that!!!! 😉 You get a whooping 30 grams per serving. The flavor is not your traditional protein shake. Most commercial proteins have a very fake and sugary flavor. This one is much more natural and less sweet.

The Beauty Burst chews tasty like a sweet treat. I love them too! I honestly was not sure if taking these products would show a difference, but Josh swears my skin has been glowing and I look more radiant  Not gonna lie, when your husband says things like that to you, you stick with what works! Here are a couple of pictures to show some difference in my skin. The first was back in November of 2010 the other two are recent pics and you can see a huge difference.

old skin pic

recent skin



Obviously lifestyle change has an affect too, but I know I have been more confident in my skin and haven’t worn foundation in over a week and that is something I haven’t done since my school girl days. To have Josh come home and compliment me on my skin truly made me feel like I have found a product that actually works! I actually have had less muscle aches and joint pain when lifting heavy as well. The fact that the Collagen Sport is so high in protein, it’s a no brainer for me to want to continue to use this product. My skin, joint, and bones are benefiting and so is my self esteem!

NeoCell is phenomenal not just in products, but their customer service is also unparalleled! I have been floored by the friendly people I have been communicating with and the priority they have showed me.  They also want to give one of my lucky readers a chance to try both products, the Collagen Sport Ultimate and the Beauty Burst Soft Chews.



This is a HUGE giveaway and I am honored to host it!!!!  Get over to my Giveaways page by CLICKING HERE and get entered to win today!!!!!


Guest Post: Weight Loss The Caveman Way

Weight Loss, the Caveman Way

Trying to push down that number on the scale can feel like pushing a stone wheel up a mountain. It’s a struggle bearing that kind of load, but there are ways to push through – even a caveman can do it. In fact, the Paleolithic Diet is the “caveman diet.” When trying to lose weight, eating the way our ancestors did may help you evolve.

Many diets boast quick weight loss, typically due to a specific food restriction (i.e. low or no carbs, low-fat, raw food, etc.). The Paleo plan, on the other hand, is founded on a way of life. Our ancestors from two million years ago were hunters and gatherers. They ate animal edibles and plant-based foods – think all parts of an animal and their eggs for protein; fruits and vegetables for carbs and fiber.

As a Paleo dieter, you will fill up on lean meats and seafood – high-protein sources. According to, “Protein has two to three times the thermic effect of either fat or carbohydrate, meaning that it revs up your metabolism, speeding weight loss.” High-protein diets have been revered for longer satiety; you won’t be starving two or three hours after you eat.

In addition to filling up on protein, the cavemen practiced self-control. Generations ago, we ate when we were hungry and stopped when we felt full. It’s a novel concept that has been lost on humanity today. Paleo experts believe the Agricultural Revolution is to blame for humans’ disconnect from their natural hunger cues, because it produced quantity over quality: large portions and processed foods. It’s these two things, in fact, that Paleo proponents proclaim are the cause of the “diseases of civilization.”

Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other heart-harmful diseases may be more prevalent today due to the ”Western” way of eating (non-satiating and unnatural foods). Even though the Paleo Diet limits carb intake to only fruit and veggie sources, it does not allow substituting low-carb with high-fat foods, like many low-carb fads of today.

Ever seen a caveman slurp up a bowl of cereal? The answer is an emphatic NO for two reasons: 1) Cereal is a product of the Agricultural Revolution and 2) Aside from breast milk, dairy was not a food group. Bowls were probably a rare commodity, too, so let’s look at an ideal Paleo plate:

– Lean meat, like pork, poultry or fish

– Steamed fresh (or frozen) veggies

– Simple salad with onions, tomatoes and avocado chunks (Note: avocado’s omega-3s help the body absorb veggies’ nutrients.)

If this diet feels a bit too back-to-our-roots for you, then read up on the ways you can modernize the Stone Age system – The Paleo Diet book can be purchased for further reference. Essentially, there are three levels of cheating. For those dedicated to optimal results, the Maximum Weight Loss level limits you to only one ‘open meal’ per week. On the flip side is Entry level, which allows three weekly freebies. If you’re truly seeking a lifestyle change, you’ll find yourself cheating for only two meals each week on the Maintenance level. Some levels permit “transitional” condiments and drinks – beer and wine, oh my! Regardless of if or how you take on the Paleo Diet, keep in mind: if a caveman can do it, so can you!

By: +Elizabeth Lotts writer for


This article has been provided by the folks at has been selling discount vitamins since 1994. Since then it’s grown into one of the biggest online marketplaces for healthy living essentials-with vitamins and supplements being just one of their many helpful categories! Get the best price on vitamins, nutritional supplements, whole foods and diet products such as almond milk.’s customers mean the world to them, and it’s their goal to provide you with the best nutritional supplements, natural foods and sports nutrition to help with your health and wellness. Be sure to check out the Vitacost Coupons page. is not affiliated with this blog, and isn’t responsible for content outside of this article.


If You Are A Nut Butter Addict, You Have To Check this Out!!!!

If you do not know, my family has a serious Nut butter addiction! We typically always have 5-10 jars of different kinds on any given day. When I am cutting weight Josh has to hide the jars from me lol. I have NO self control when it comes to nut butters.

You can only imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Pacific Beach Peanut Butter to do a review on their products!

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter

Thank God I am bulking right now ha ha ha ha 😉  First off, I love the fact that they offer organic peanut butter and another flavor that is sugar free! That is huge, since I try hard to limit not only my sugar intake, but my family’s as well. They have a HUGE selection of flavors too!!! Check these out…..

Organic Peanut Butter
Organic Peanut Butter, unsalted
Butterscotch Peanut Butter Spread
Child’s Play (made with m&m’s® ) Peanut Butter Spread
Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread
Chocolate Raspberry Peanut Butter Spread
CinnaYum Peanut Butter Spread
Toffee Peanut Butter Spread
Touch of Caramel Peanut Butter Spread
White Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread

I was given the option of trying 3, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to choose!

The 3 I chose to try are Organic Peanut ButterButterscotch Peanut Butter Spread, and CinnaYum Peanut Butter Spread.

DSC_3112DSC_3113 I started with the Organic Peanut Butter. I chose this, because I wanted to taste their unadulterated version. They use a specific peanut called the Valencia. Valencias are smaller, sweeter and have more intense flavor than other varieties of peanuts, therefore it doesn’t need added sugars to make it flavorful. It is perfect by itself. To be honest every bite is like eating fresh roasted peanuts. I LOVED the flavor and with only 2 ingredients (Valencia Peanuts and Salt) This is as “Clean” as it gets!!!!



DSC_3111 DSC_3114 Next up is the Butterscotch Peanut Butter Spread. I picked this one for Josh because Butterscotch is one of his favorite flavors. It is super tasty as well. You still get a strong taste of the Valencia peanut flavor with just a hint of the sweet butterscotch. This is by far Josh’s favorite of the 3 lol I love it too! The only negative is, it has artificial colors, so this is not something that I would give Zoe regularly, but with that being said Josh hasn’t been that willing to share it either ha ha ha. Regardless of the added color, it is phenomenal in flavor and I have no regrets picking it!



DSC_3066 DSC_3068

The one I can’t seem to stay out of is the CinnaYum Peanut Butter Spread. I picked this one because it is the Sugar free spread. It works perfect for my everyday meal plans. The flavor is cinnamon greatness!!! I have been putting it on EVERYTHING!!!! It fits right into my daily macros and I am in love with it!!!! The only downside is I only got one jar and it is running out FAST!!!! Looks like I am gonna be placing regular orders.




I incorporate nut butters in my meals for the extra healthly fats. I eat them on thing like rice cakes, bananas, even as a topping on my sweet potatoes. (The CinnaYum Peanut Butter Spread is perfect for sweet potatoes) Okay who am I kidding, it is perfect on EVERYTHING!!! You get quite a scoop of flavor at 28 grams a serving!

DSC_3067 DSC_3117









I actually had Zoe sit down and try each flavor the other night. Pacific Beach Peanut Butter’s motto is “Go Ahead, Grab A Spoon” As you can see, Zoe was more than happy to oblige! 😉

DSC_3128 DSC_3127 DSC_3129 DSC_3130 DSC_3131 DSC_3132 DSC_3133 DSC_3134 DSC_3135 DSC_3136 DSC_3138 DSC_3139 DSC_3140 DSC_3141 DSC_3142 DSC_3143DSC_3144



































We actually had a hard time getting the last jar away from her lol We may have made her addiction to peanut butter a little worse 😉 Her favorite is the organic. I thought for sure it would have been one of the sweeter ones, but she just refused to give that one up. Needless to say, she tanked quite a bit of it lol.  Actually worked out perfect we each got our own jar! I highly recommend Pacific Beach Peanut Butter. You can purchase by the jar (9 oz), they have a 4lb tub (CinnaYum Peanut Butter Spread here I come!!!) ,and several gift set options. these would be an awesome gift for the nut butter fanatic in your life (hint hint) ha ha ha just email me if you need my address 😉  You can CLICK HERE to check out their website. They also will give any of my readers a free jar with the purchase of 2. Just type in this code at check out (BLOGGER4) This code is only valid through May 16, 2013 so be sure to take advantage of it!!! You can also check them out on their social media sites :

I am gonna be on a personal mission to taste each and every flavor lol! 😉 What flavor do you want to try most! I think the next one I get will be the Toffee Peanut Butter Spread or the Touch of Caramel Peanut Butter Spread

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!


The How, When, & Where To Weighing & Measuring Yourself

I have been bombarded lately with questions of where and when to weigh in and measure your progress. Typically, I do this every 2 weeks. When weighing myself I make sure I always use the same scale, in the same, spot, same time of day (usually when I first wake up), and little to no clothes on.

Keys things to remember when weighing in:

  • Always place your scale on a hard even surface. No Carpet
  • Weight fluctuates all day everyday. Especially in women.
  • Weight does not determine Fat gain or loss.
  • Muscle is more dense than fat. Gaining muscle will help burn off fat.
  • Be patient. Weight loss takes time and should never be rushed.
  • The scale is just a tool, it does NOT measure your fat loss, muscle gain, or your worth. It is just a number nothing more!

So you can see, weight is not a real factor in progress. Now measuring, different story! I am a firm believer of pics and measurements to gauge progress. There are proper places to take your actual measurements.

The places I measure are the Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs, and Calves. Some measure Neck and Forearms too.

For your chest you want to measure at the fullest part. Typically where your nipples are.


Next is waist. Common misconception is to measure at or below the belly button. You actually want to measure at the narrowest part of your torso, which is about an inch above your belly button.


Hips are next up. here you will find where your hip bone is at it’s widest point. Your rump will also be part of the factor lol.


Thighs, you want to measure the thickest part at the top of your leg.


Calves, again thickest part at the bottom of your leg.


Biceps, you can do flexed and/or relaxed. I actually take a measurement of both for my records.  reason I do both is because when it is relaxed I can see if i have lost a little fat, flexed obviously to see if I have gained muscle. 😉



So hopefully that answers some questions on where and how to measure. Here are some tips when measuring.

  • Stand in front of a full length mirror.
  • Have someone help you if you can.
  • Do not cheat yourself by sucking in.
  • Stand straight with legs together.
  • Do not stress if you do not see HUGE changes in a short time. Again, weight loss and/or muscle growth takes time. Stick to your diet and your workout plan and you will soon start seeing results!

The winner of the Protein bakery Giveaway is……. Eliza C. Congratulations Eliza I have sent you an email

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!


Support, Comfort, & Love For Boston From Sports Bras & Sippy Cups

Prayers for Boston, the victims, and their families. As a country we will unite and overcome. I can hardly say I am a runner, but I am an athlete, Christian, mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. We will stand up and support our brothers and sisters and send our love and again our prayers. xoxo

I pray that in the coming days we are comforted by each other and instead of trying to find every conspiracy in the tragic events and that we can rise up together and just love.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God

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