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Smashing Goals One Month At A Time!

Yeesh! July almost snuck up on me! Time to do a goal check in 😉

June was a super busy month for me since it was Zoe’s birthday, despite her birthday, I stayed on track and pushed through! This is how I did for the month of June….

  1. First goal was to get her cake prepped and made. This went much better than I thought it would and her cake turned out phenomenal!
  2. Next up was getting the yard leveled out and setting up Zoe’s pool. It would have been easier with an extra set of hands, but I did manage to get it up myself 😉 
  3. The EMS unit is next up I wanted to use it after every workout for the month to see if it aided in muscle building. I slacked on Zoe’s birthday week, but did it the rest of the time. I personally believe it did help some. I think it helped greatly with recovery!!!                                                                                      PicsArt_1369692724867
  4. Posing practice has been going great! I am still not ready to post a video yet ha ha ha, but I have been practicing everyday and my form has improved greatly! I still need shoes lol I am such a procrastinator. I at least know which shoes I want!                                                                                                                                                                     
  5. Next up, was to STOP obsessing about the scale. Even though I do still step on it, I have given up worrying about my weight. It doesn’t matter 🙂 I have 4 weeks left then I will start to get shredded. No worries at all about that dumb box!!!                                                   
  6.    Last goal I had for the month was to keep hitting the gym, kitchen, and bed hard (there you go with that dirty mind again)  😉 I had a fabulous month with training, eating, and sleeping! I have been going heavier than ever and have hit some major PR’s. I am enjoying all the food while I can. I have probably had more indulgences than normal, but again I am enjoying as much as I can before I start cutting. I haven’t had any issues sleeping other than Zoe waking up too early lol.  All of these things have contributed to some awesome growth this month! I am pretty proud to say that I now have traps!!!

Set those small goals to reach your big ones! The feeling of accomplishment you have every month will push you to work even harder! I hope you all smashed your June goals and are ready to set the bar high for July!

Have a fabulously fit day! xoxox                                                                                                  


Last 4 Weeks Of My Bulk, Last 4 Weeks To Grow!!!

With my bulk coming to en end, I have been talking to a couple of my mentors about how to get the most out of the next 4 weeks. Josh thought it would be beneficial to try a Carbohydrate supplement. They thought this was a great idea. To be honest, I didn’t even know they existed!

I immediately started doing research and ordered some from I ordered Pro Supps Karbolic.

I personally bought the unflavored, so it would easily be mixed with my protein.

I have talked before how important Carbs are to give your body energy, but they are also important for recovery and muscle growth. I was told I can take Karbolic pre-workout to help fuel my body through my harsh training, but to most definitely take it post workout. The reason is, because it is a fast absorbing carb. It will instantly raise my insulin levels and rush the aminos and protein to my muscles for optimum growth and recovery.

Needless to say, I am curious as to how it will help. I started using it yesterday. I did 50 grams post workout, which is one full scoop. I think when I get back in the gym on Monday I will do half pre-workout and half post. I will monitor my results over the next 4 weeks. Here is my starting picture from yesterday. I was feeling quite fluffy lol, but have been feeling that way since the start of the bulk 😉 The whole point is to gain, so can’t complain too much! I have gained around 12lbs in this bulk, which was my goal. I will be focusing these last 4 weeks on going as heavy as possible and growing as much as I can! I can’t wait to shed all the extra to really see what I have built!


Do you carb load before a heavy workout? What are your thoughts on carb powder?

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!


And The Saturn Supplements Winner Is…….

Headed out this morning for leg training 😉 Before I go though, I wanted to announce the winner of the Saturn Supplements Nitrox-Pro Protein!

And the winner is……

Katherine D.

I have sent you an email and look forward to hearing back from you!!!!

Hope you all keep entering to win! I always have giveaways!!!! 😉

Have a fabulously fit day!!!!


What Is Your Fuel Level?

We are still having  family fun, but I promised you all a giveaway today 😉 This is what greatness I have!

I was approached by the FrogFuel to try their products. I was intrigued for several reasons! One, they are single serving packets, so easy for on the go. Two, they are RTU or Ready To Use so no mixing. Three, they are small 1oz packets so they take up NO space. So far easy to grab on the go, RTU, and no shaker cup. I can deal with that! The last thing that intrigued me was that they use Collagen Protein. I have explained before the many benefits collagen has on not only your muscles, but also your hair, skin, nails, and even teeth!

The flavor was sweet like liquid candy 😉 If you know me, you know I am a former candy addict lol so right up my alley. However the great thing is NO sugar! So Quality protein to fuel you through your workouts and quick absorption for even quicker recovery. The Science behind FrogFuel is explained below and interesting to say the least!

I was pretty impressed with the product! I took their quiz to see what my Fitness Fuel Level was……

Your Fuel Level is…

Hanging out in the gym just isn’t your style, you are the free spirit of the fitness world! Although you have a preferred fitness method, you will always choose variety over routine. From cycling to yoga sessions on the beach, you love squeezing in a workout wherever and however you can!

What Is Your Fuel Level? Take the quiz below to discover your Fuel Level and also check out the 7 Untouchable FrogFuel Workouts! – Use these 7 amazing workouts to help you get mean & lean for the summer!
FrogFuel Fitspiration – Stay motivated


FrogFuel_Blog_App (1)

What are your thoughts on FrogFuel? Get over to my GIVEAWAYS page and get entered to win your own FrogFuel tasting pack today!


Life Is About Making Memories & That Is What I Am Doing Today!!!

Pretty stoked today! If you follow me on Facebook, you already know why 😉 Josh is surprised us with tickets to Silver Dollar City Theme Park in Branson, Missouri

If you are not familiar with Silver Dollar City, it is a theme park based on an 1800’s mining town. It is actually on a huge cave (Marvel Cave) in the Missouri Ozark Mountains

After all the family drama and getting bad news  I need a day trip away to just forget about everything! Plus this will be Zoe’s first trip not only to a cave, but also a theme park. Josh has never been to a theme park either, so it should be quite the experience for both of them! I grew up coming to Silver Dollar City at least once a year with my family. Some of the best childhood memories I have were made there!

It is a huge park, so lots of walking. I will have no problem skipping my cardio. Josh and I will hit the gym tonight for chest training. A day of fun does not mean skipping training 😉 Even if we do skip, just means I will be in the gym over the weekend. I am however, going to indulge in some of the great foods they serve there! I might as well!!! Come August I will be back to no goodies and super strict macros. The awesome thing is they actually have a decent line up of foods that are still considored semi healthy. Just the serving sizes are ridiculous. 😉 My go to foods will be Turkey and sweet potatoes… I am so excited ha ha ha

I’m gonna get down on one of those Turkey legs ha ha ha

Sweet Potato on a stick? Don’t mind if I do!!!

I am sure I will indulge in some other awesome southern treat like apple pie or a more traditional theme park food like pretzels or funnel cakes lol. No matter what, I plan on taking today to forget any worries and just enjoy my family! Today is about making memories!!!

I hope you all have a fabulously fit day and stay tuned, because I have a special giveaway planned for tomorrow!!! xoxo


Taking The Good With The Bad

The past few days have been a roller coaster for me! I am taking the good with the bad, but goodness knows when it rains it pours!

My dad has been sick for quite some time. (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) He has ups and downs. There have been many moments where I thought we were saying our goodbyes. I have been blessed to still have him in my life. Just got some bad news, but there are still more tests to be run, so I am staying hopeful that maybe there was a slight mistake 😉 There has also been family drama and he has been VERY angry lately. The more he tells me about everything, the more angry I get as well. My poor mom has been his rock through all of this. I may not always see eye to eye with her and we certainly have had our moments, but man am I grateful that God chose her to take care of my dad! They truly are a remarkable couple! She has been such a fierce force in his life. He feels abandoned by his family and she is the one who is there to pick him up and make his heart whole again! I thank my mom for being such a strong and selfless woman and teaching me to follow in her footsteps!

The week overall has been going great so far outside of bad news and family drama. My training has been going without a hitch! I am feeling stronger than ever and really improving in several areas! Everyday when Zoe and I get home from the gym, we eat then hit the pool! Who knew how awesome and relaxing lounging in the pool after a hard workout can be!?!? I think Zoe is getting the hang of this swimming thing lol. She was a bit afraid at first, because she can not touch the bottom. Once she got her confidence though, she has been a little mermaid! She has even started trying to swim under water!!! So excited for her!!!!

My mom and dad paid half for Zoe’s pool, so they were ecstatic that she loves it so much!!! We Skyped with them yesterday, Zoe was so excited to see them all! My mom has gotten use to the idea of me competing! Mind you my parents are in their 70’s and the thought of their daughter lifting weights did not exactly go over well at first lol. They see how happy I am and how much it has benefited me so they are starting to sing a different tune 😉 She is so excited to see my suit that I picked!!! I am sure my dad will cringe ha ha ha ha 😉

I am washing my hands of the drama and concentrating on just being and making my parents happy. Sometimes no matter who they are, you just have to let people go. I pray and hope for the best, but MY family comes first!

I hope everyone finds and keeps what makes them happy! 😉 Have a fabulously fit day!!!


Motivation Monday! Find Your Greatness!!!

Even though the past two rest days were very much needed after 7 straight days in the gym, I am SO ready to get back to training!!!  Today is delt day and I training to get them boulder shoulders!!!

Jessie Hilgenberg has some awesome delts!!!!

I am equally as stoked, because as you know it is Monday Funday! time to get motivated for the week and to kick off the motivation we have Lady Swole Mondays with NPC figure competitor Hope Trask!!! CLICK HERE to check out LSM on her Facebook page!

Zoe and I participate every week! We love seeing everyone band together to motivate each other with progress pictures!!!

Another set of killer delts! Belonging to none other than Hope Trask herself!

 “Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.”– Laird Hamilton

I hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!


Weight Loss Is Not About The Workouts, It Is About Your Diet

I touched base on this subject on my Facebook page a couple of days ago…..


During Zoe’s birthday extravaganza. I ate and drank horrible. Whether I am bulking or not, what I ate was basically fat kid food and NOT acceptable. I didn’t drink near enough water either.  After 3 days of this I gained 13lbs. The 13lbs was not fat. It was water weight. Water weight or fat, it made me feel horrible!!! All the sodium, simple carbs, and grease. I was bloated, my skin broke out, I constantly wasn’t feeling well, and I was irritable. 

Once everything settled down, I was back in the gym, guzzling water, and eating right again. In the time it took to gain all the weight, it fell off just as fast. During that time I was talking to someone about how I felt horrible and how much I had gained. Her first reaction was “WOW, I guess you will be doing a lot more cardio!” This is and has always been the misconception.

Fact is you need to eat often, eat good foods, and drink your water!!!! The exercise will follow suit once you start to get energy. 😉 Josh and I talked about my struggle to get where I am and how many continue to struggle. Not because they want to, but when told it is all about your diet and how you may not be eating enough or the right amounts of certain macros, they tend to be scared to change, scared to add calories, or believe they are already eating healthy. I know because these were my reasons too!

We discussed how many we both know who are always saying negative things about their weight. Just think…. if the 13lbs that fell off from my 3 day binge, just how much would change for someone who eats and drinks like this all the time!!! The amazing thing is it is never too late to start!

Some key info to get you started 😉

  • Do not eat less than 1200 calories a day try to keep your calorie intake between 1500-2000. If you are pretty active then closer to the 2000 mark.
  • Eat Healthy choices. Lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats Personally 40/40/20 works for me. 40% protein/ 40% Carbs/ 20% Fat
  • DON’T skip the carbs. Carbs give you energy and post workout they help the protein absorb into your muscles quicker.
  • Eat 5-7 small meals a day. Constantly eating keeps your metabolism up
  • Do weekly food prep. By having your food already ready for you and your family for the week, not only makes your meal times easier, but it also keeps you on track with your calories/macros and it actually lowers your grocery bill. You already know what you are going to have for the week, so no impulse buys! I always hear it cost so much to eat healthy. Our grocery bill actually went down once we started eating better and incorporated food prep. Not to mention it is great family time!!!
  • Drink your water!!!! I have a 24 ounce water bottle. I drink one full bottle before each meal. This gives me typically 2-3 hours to drink 24 ounces. 

Incorporate these into your life and I promise you will start to see results! Once you flush the junk from your system, your body will feel better, look better, and you will have energy to do those workouts!!!

Hope you have a fabulously fit day!!!!


You Are The True Motivator!!!

I have a ton of messages and emails on a daily basis asking all kinds of questions. It is actually quite humbling, since I am not a certified trainer or nutritionist.  One of the biggest questions I get is can you help me get motivated and stay motivated?

Motivation is something that is within all of us. When you truly want something bad enough, you will find the means to motivate yourself on a daily basis to achieve your goals. Unfortunately no one can motivate you but YOU.

Are there things that help me motivate myself? Of course! I love motivational quotes, pictures, people, music, etc all of these things can get me going. I use them all daily! However, motivation IS IN YOUR MIND. If you spend most of your days finding the negative in everything, it can be quite hard to get motivated to do something positive.

Sometimes you have to change your way of thinking entirely to become the person you strive to be! There is nothing wrong with change 😉 I embrace it! Change is part of growing as a person. If you continue to do the same things in life you will continue to stay on the path you are on.

I spent the first 10 years of my life a wide eyed little girl, dreaming of all the possibilities. I spent the next 20 years believing those dreams would never be a reality for me. I surrounded myself with negative thinkers who refused to change anything in their lives, but expected the world to be handed to them on a silver platter. The negativity continued, because without them changing their lives, their dreams and wishes were never fulfilled. I met many wonderful people who opened my eyes to a new existence! I realized my dreams weren’t impossible at all. I was holding MYSELF back!!!

I had to start to surround myself with positive people. People who wanted the same success from life that I did! Did I lose some friends in the process? Unfortunately yes, but the happiness in my life is what is important to me! I am on the path to greatness now! I have made so many friends along my journey that I cherish deeply!!!!

I wake up every morning, not only thankful for the many blessings, but also ready to motivate myself to keep my dreams alive! If you have a dream that you want to accomplish, then DO IT!!!! No one is holding you back, but yourself! 😉 Take a good look in the mirror and start making the changes to get you to your goals!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Yep I Am Awesome Ha Ha

Yesterday was AWESOME!!!!

Josh switched up my training. He really wanted me to go heavier in my big lifts and reduce the amount of the exercises. I was a bit nervous about going heavier on squat. I tried last week and got stuck. 🙁 I was pretty bummed. I haven’t had a rest day since last leg day, so in my head I thought there was not going up. Well, never doubt yourself! I PR’d my squats I did 6 full reps at 155# and my stiff legged dead lifts I also PR’ed 6 full reps at 165# which means I go up in both next week!

Needless to say I am stoked!!!! Today is bicep/ab day. I am ready to knock it out and get to my 2 rest days!!!!! I have never worked 7 days in a row. I was worried I would be more sore than I am. I actually feel pretty strong. I also need to cut the grass today grrrr. I am NOT excited about that lol ah well the pool will be waiting for me when I am done 😉

Have you hit any recent PR’s lately? Does the though of failure ever make you nervous or anxious?

I hope you all have a fabulously fit weekend!!!! xoxo


What IS

As you all may or may not know 😉 I am pretty stoked to be a sponsored athlete. Vitacost is an awesome company and I am so excited to be a part of their team!!!

Some have asked what Vitacost is…. as surprised as I am to have been asked the question, I am just as honored to tell you the answer! is an all around online super store! They have EVERYTHING from supplements, vitamins, whole foods, natural cleaners, beauty supplies, fitness accessories, to baby and pet care! I am always amazed at how many products they carry!!!!

You get a HUGE savings shopping with them too! We are a pretty frugal couple and do a lot of comparison shopping.  With our overall shopping list, we save a ton! With having an independent toddler, shopping can be a pain sometimes. It’s nice to know we can get some of our essentials all in one order online.  What does a typical shopping list at Vitacost for us look like….. protein, aminos, omega 3’s , tanning lotion, Zoe’s vitamins, toothpaste, hair color, quinoa, jasmine rice, collagen, quest bars, and other random odds and ends we may want to try. They have their own phenomenal line of products as well as a ton of well known brands! The selection is really surreal!!!

You may think that Vitacost is just shopping 😉 Well, they actually have a phenomenal blog site as well!!! I check it weekly for recipe ideas as well as fitness advice.

I look up to Nicole Wilkins and not only does she have articles on their blog, but she also has several videos! All are fitness advice and nutrition tips!!!! With entering the Figure competition world, being able to dial into Vitacost and get valuable info is important to me and my training!!!


That is a just a small niche in their blog!!! They have several topics to choose from and some really fabulous and knowledgeable writers!

  • Recipes and Food
  • Beauty and Aromatherapy
  • Diet
  • Natural Health, Family, and Home
  • Fitness and Sports

If you follow them on Twitter and Facebook 😉 You will also see they have a TON of giveaways constantly going!!!! Just another piece of the puzzle I call greatness!!!! I am blessed to have such an awesome sponsor! A HUGE Thank you is due to everyone who has worked with me at Vitacost (You know who you are) 😉

I originally wanted to get my Facebook fan page to 1000 followers, but I really want you to check Vitacost out more!!!! (Although PLEASE feel free to continue to share my page)  One of my lucky readers will win a $25 gift card!!!! CLICK HERE to get to my giveaways page and get entered to win!!!!


Gym Etiquette 101

Now that I have been in the gym for a few month I have quickly gained some pet peeves!

I may be a newbie to the gym scene since I worked out at home on my own equipment for so long, but I know there is an etiquette. It amazes me how many don’t know or just don’t care!!!! Those who don’t use proper etiquette gain a haters fan club really quick. Here are some pointers to steer clear 😉

~No Chit Chat~ The gym is a place to train. Most are in there doing work and if you interrupt them to ask about the weather, it can really mess up their concentration. Since I don’t hear well, I don’t typically wear a earbuds when I train. I have several people constantly trying to talk to me. I don’t mind if I am in between sets and someone asks for advice or what not. Some want to talk for 10-20 mins. I just don’t have time for that! The daycare limits my time, so I am there to work! Sometimes I put in earbuds even though I am not listening to anything ha ha ha

~People who are judgmental or rude to others in the gym~ I hate hearing someone make remarks about someone who is just starting their journey or even worse refusing to help them when they obviously need a hand or guidance.  We all started somewhere and had help from someone! It takes a few mins to be the positive light someone else might need on their journey. Chances are, they are already out of their comfort zone. Why not be the one who sets the mark for them and helps them want to stay on track!

~Re-Rack your weights~ Nothing is more annoying than having to clean off a barbell to start your set when the weights weren’t yours. Or trying to find dumbbell on the floor that weren’t put away. It is aggravating when others feel they don’t have to put things away!

~Wiping your sweat off of the equipment~ It is gross to get on a bench or any piece of equipment that has drops or puddles of someone else’s sweat. All gyms have sanitizing spray and towels to wipe down the equipment. It is a common courtesy!!!

~Talking on your cell phone~ If you get a call and want to take it, that is fine. Go to an area where people are not trying to concentrate. No one wants to know your personal business and they certainly do not want you pacing back and forth while they train! Texting or whatever in between sets  usually doesn’t bother me as long as they aren’t sitting there for 10 mins checking facebook or something lol. The phone calls are what annoy me!

~Don’t hog equipment~ It is easy to let someone rotate in or to speed up your own workout. We are all there for the same reason. 😉

~Keep your goodies covered~ This is just as much for the men as the women! I don’t know how many times I have seen a guy hanging out of short shorts. FYI men NOBODY wants to see that! Ladies have some respect for yourselves. There is NO need to be popping out of your clothes either. The pictures of women in the gym wearing next to nothing in heels are just ads this is not how women train 😉 Don’t be the gym Bimbo

~Do not stand in front of the Dumbbell rack~ For obvious reasons. If you are standing in front of all the dumbbells, then no one can grab what they need.

~No curling in the squat rack~ My gym only has one squat rack and curling seems to be what everyone wants to do there. Drives me nuts!!!! I have to wait on leg day to do squats so someone can finish their set doing curls…grrrrr

I think many people have a sense of self entitlement. Fact is we all pay our membership dues and are ALL entitled to use the equipment. As adults we need to learn to work together and try to get along. It isn’t hard when everyone is on the same page!

What are your gym pet peeves? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


The Mental Battle With Bulking

Earlier this week I posted on my Facebook page about the mental stress that comes along with bulking.

My biggest issue is that I was over 200lbs and I lost all the weight and now I feel as big as I did before. Obviously, it is all a mental game. An evil one at that!!!! It becomes a mental battle to not look at the scale, as well as not freak out when my pants don’t fit or shirts fit differently. I know I am not fat per say, but the extra weight does make me feel self conscious. Especially since it is summer time! My phenomenal husband has been a God send in my bulking process! I am always bloated, moody, full, and like I said self conscious. He has been doing his best to put up with me,keep my spirits lifted, and make me feel beautiful everyday. That has been a HUGE help!!! I tend to abuse myself mentally and emotionally when I do not like what I see.

I am great at keeping it to myself and not showing Zoe my negative thoughts, but they are still there. Old habits are hard to break! Progress pictures have been helping. Josh goes through my pictures and points out all the muscles I have gained and has been reminding me WHY I am bulking. My body has most certainly changed!!!

For the next month and a half I will be concentrating not only on building muscle, but keeping a positive mind about my body! It is normal to gain some fat while bulking. Josh made me look up body builders and this picture stood out to me the most. This is Lee Priest in his off season and during his contest time.


I am by NO means dirty bulking, so his off season made me feel a bit better lol I know when I go to shed all this extra weight it will all be worth it! For now I will try my best not to freak out so much over my food babies and do my best to eat and grow!!! I can’t wait for August though!!!!!!

Do you go through bulking and cutting Phases? If so what keeps your spirits high when bulking? Thank you all for allowing me to vent ha ha 😉 Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


New Week, New Motivation… Get It!!!!!!

Okay it is a new week and I am back on track! I LOVE MONDAYS!!!!

Be sure to get over and check out Lady Swole Monday on NPC Figure Competitor Hope Trask’s Facebook page!

Let’s get motivated!!!!

Time to rock this week out!!!! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Happy Birthday To Our Little Angel Zoe

Sorry for being MIA the past few days. 

The past few days have been hectic! Josh’s parents came into town to help celebrate Zoe’s birthday. We celebrated all week. She got presents everyday. She was a very happy camper!!!! Today is her actual birthday 😉

Today’s post is just  looking back at the past 3 years xoxo

Here is her birthday cake….

And here is her year in photos ….

I am so proud of my baby girl, but SO done with her birthday this year lol I appreciate you all allowing me to boast about my little red headed beauty! She is our only child and I cherish every second with her and enjoy watching her grow up! It is a blessing to be her mama!!! xoxo

I will be back to posting about fitness tomorrow 😉 today I am headed to the gym for Bicep and Ab training, HITT, and posing practice. Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!

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