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July Was A Rough Month With Lots Of Bad News, But NOTHING Will Keep Me Down

July was a rough month for me. My dad got really sick. He is feeling a bit better, but still fighting an infection. He now is home, with a nurse to care for him. Because of issues with the hospital and not getting an interpreter for my parents, we are now in the process of talking to lawyers to deal with that situation. Josh, Zoe, and Myself came down with a virus, which made training a little harder.  I also found out that I am at risk of losing my sponsor for reasons that are unknown to me. Whether I do or not, I still think Vitacost is a fabulous company and have been proud to be sponsored by them thus far! I will continue to represent them as I always have! I am still very thankful to have had them on my journey! I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so I won’t dwell on it. xoxo

I have been relying on my faith and hammering out my frustrations in the gym. Again, regardless of what happens I am always thankful for the blessings I do have! 😉

My goals for July were pretty basic. Staying focused on my training was the first goal. With all the stress I have been under in July, this was my easiest goal. The gym is a place for me to forget my troubles and just concentrate on my body.


The next goal was to plan out my meals and training regimen. I have my meals planned, but have not finished my training plan yet. This is something that Josh and I will have to hammer out this week.

I was suppose to purchase posing shoes, bit I put it off in case I needed the money to drive up to St Louis to see my dad. My family always comes before this dream!

The foam rolling I have been doing great with! I have been lacking on the EMS unless I am in a lot of pain, but I believe both have been so beneficial to my training!

My posing practice has been stellar! I am blessed to have so many who are willing to critique me and also my fabulous husband who is constantly taking photos, videos, and helping me with everything!

I am going to share the photos from my bulk. I feel that I have put on some much needed mass. I understood going into this bulk that I would also put on some unwanted fluff 😉 Needless to say, I am reluctant to post these picture, but I want to keep the process as real as possible.







Even though I feel extra pudgy lol I am confident in my ability to shed the fat! The next 12-16 weeks will be hard, but will be worth it! I can’t not wait to get competition ready and to hit the stage!!!! Tomorrow is a new month with new goals and new opportunities! I am excited for what the future holds!!! Stay tuned, I have an amazing surprise for you tomorrow!!!! 😉

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo



We moved into our house in March and STILL have bare walls. I was super excited to participate in the Larger Than Life, For Real™ Campaign with Canopi and Fathead®

*Disclosure: All views and opinions are my own. I received the brand opportunity from Canopi and a product from Fathead®

We love home décor wall decals/graphics and have several! When we moved into this house we realized we had a lot of empty wall space. I have been filling them with family photos and other wall graphics, but we had this HUGE space to fill and haven’t seen anything that we could both agree on.


We wanted something to open up the room, but that also had a classy look and feel to it. Fathead® has a lot to choose from. We both found something we liked and placed the order. I was surprised how fast we got it!


It was perfectly packaged and came with clear cut instructions.



Because it came rolled, the instructions stated to lay it flat for an hour or so. While it was flattening out, we played with a phone app they have to see what your graphic will look like and even see what others will look like. It was a fun app to play with, however we were bummed that our graphic was not available to see. Most of what they had on there was sports stuff and characters. Fun nonetheless 😉





Zoe was pretty excited to be in pictures with Kobe and the Disney characters lol She called them magic pictures 😉

Once the graphic was ready, it was pretty easy to install. The graphic we chose is called  Redwoods in Fog by Michael Frye CLICK HERE to see it on their website. Josh and I measured for placement and up it went. They included a small smoothing tool to get the bubbles out, but it was really just as easy to use your hands.



I love the way it opens the room up and it really is Larger Than Life™ It was actually a lot bigger than I had anticipated!


It is a beautiful graphic and goes great with our décor!

DSC_4267You can check out how another blogger chose to decorate her Fathead® by CLICKING HERE She also chose a gorgeous graphic!

Here are some pictures of what other bloggers chose! Just an amazing selection!

Do you have wall graphics in your home? Did you know that Fathead® did graphics other than sports? This was a fun campaign to participate in! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! 😉 Have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


3 Days & Counting, Let’s Get Motivated!

Happy Monday!

This is the last 3 days of my bulk and I am so excited!!!! I have been allowing myself extra indulgences the past week lol just to get it all out of my system 😉 I am ready to cut the fat and whip this body back into shape!!!

Let’s get Motivated!!!

Don’t forget to check out Lady Swole Monday just CLICK HERE

I am ready to hit this week hard and I hope you are too!!! Have a fabulously fit day! xoxo


What Does My New Diet Look Like?

Feeling much much better today! I think with all the sweating I did in the gym yesterday, I got the last of whatever was ailing me out of my system! Plus my dad is home from the hospital now! Once home, I spent the rest of  yesterday afternoon prepping food. I have talked before how my food choices do change while I am cutting. My diet becomes more about my macros than flavor. It is strictly 40/40/20  40% Protein, 40% Carbs, and 20% Fat. That is what works best for me personally.

It is only for 12-16 weeks, so giving up flavor is not that big of a deal for me. I had a few emails asking what my daily menu actually looks like, so I figured it would just be easier to give you all the run down 😉

I eat 6 meals a day and Drink at least 100 ounces of water. I keep the bulk of my carbs in my first 3 meals. My last 3 are typically just fibrous carbs.

Meal 1 is oatmeal, egg whites, and black coffee. None of this is pre-prepped, since it is basic and simple. I do sweeten my oats with Stevia and cinnamon and occasionally will top my eggs with a little Sriracha. (my favorite hot sauce) I have to be careful with the Sriracha, because it is not a calorie free sauce.

Meals 2 & 3 I usually have either Jasmine rice or Basmati rice with shredded chicken or Swai fish. I always weigh out my rice. If I know that I will be gone from the house I will prep several cooked servings and put them in Pyrex containers or in my 6 pack bag containers to take with me. I always weigh out each meal no matter what I am eating. I pre-cook Josh’s rice for the week, but since I am home I don’t mind cooking mine as I go. Same goes for the Swai, I cook it ahead of time if I plan on being gone, but if I am at home I cook it as I need it. The shredded chicken is prepped in advance. I slow cook it in the crock pot. I take about 7lbs of boneless chicken breasts cover with water cook for 12+ hours and store in the fridge. Lundberg Organic Jasmine and Basmati Rice are my faves! They taste amazing, have velcro closures vs the typical ziplock, and Vitacost has them at a great price! You can CLICK HERE to check them out!


Meals 4-6 are roasted veggies and shredded chicken or Swai fish.  I usually change up spices or sauces to keep my sanity. As far as sauces go I have to be especially careful when picking these. Most have sugar and calories. Being that both are lowered when I cut weight I prefer to let my calories just be in the food I eat. I stick to mainly mustards. There are SO many flavor options as far as mustard goes. Most have no sugar and no calories, which is awesome. Another sauce option I keep on hand is Walden Farms sauces. You can also find a huge selection at Vitacost by CLICKING HERE I am not a fan of all the flavors, but there are some that are just amazing! They certainly help keep me focused and on track!

DSC_4393I get cravings just like anyone else. When I get a salty craving I will typically eat roasted veggies with a homemade bean dip. (Basically just over cooked pinto or black beans, mushed, then spiced up with seasonings) For a sweet tooth I keep sugar free jello and sugar free pudding on hand. I try not to get into these often, but they are a lifesaver at points in my cut!  I also make microwave protein cakes. CLICK HERE to see my previously posted recipe 😉

I hope this answers the questions I have gotten. I basically eat the same things day in and day out once my cut starts. Depending on my progress, I will have scheduled cheat meals once every 3 weeks. It will depend on if I am on track and schedule with my fat loss. Measurements, pictures and weekly weigh in’s will start on the 1st. I am SO ready to get the ball rolling and start to reveal what I have built over the past 4 months!

I know several of you are current customers or are new customers to I would love to see what you are purchasing and know what your go to shopping list is! Feel free to tag me in your photos, with a little shout out to Sports Bras And Sippy Cups!!! If it is your first purchase you can save $10 on a $30 purchase Just go to and enter my email You can save 10% on your second order of $55 or more by entering the code VITACOSTROCKS I can’t wait to see what you all purchase and maybe get some ideas for my next order 😉

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Done Being Sick Now To Work On The Gun Show!

Yesterday was planned to be bicep/ab day. Unfortunately, Zoe and I woke up sick. We both just felt horrible, so it became a sick day instead. 🙁

Zoe and I laid around most of the day. Just cuddled and watched tv. I had to make myself eat when I was suppose to, but just didn’t really feel like even getting up. Today is a new day! I hated to miss a training day, but it is not smart to push myself when I am not 100% Luckily, we are feeling much better today, so off to the gym for the last Bicep/Ab day of the bulk. I am pumped and ready to hit some PR’s!

Happy Saturday!!! The winner of the Shubeez giveaway is……

Amanda M.

Congratulations lady xoxox I have already sent you a message. 😉 

Have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Feeling Like The PR Princess

I feel this bulk has been a pretty successful one! I have improved in may areas like my shoulders, back, chest, and legs.  It’s amazing how much you can grow in 4 months!!!

The PR’s I have been hitting have been huge too! Yesterday was my last leg training in this bulk. I am so proud of how far I have come!!! My 5th set of squats I was able to do 1 rep at 185lbs Man when the bar clanged against the safety catch, I honestly didn’t think it was gonna go back up ha ha, but I made it.  I went for 2, but I just couldn’t push it up the second time.


My other PR’s yesterday were Straight Leg dead lift on my 4th set I did 205lbs for 5 reps and 200lbs for 3 reps on my 3rd set on leg extensions.  I am stoked to have finished my bulk so strong. We hadn’t started training in the gym till end of April. My max leg ext was 125, max straight leg deadlift was 165, and max squat was 135. I have come a LONG way!!!!

Just 4 more training days left in this bulk. I want to get my PR’s as high as possible and strive to make those my goal each week of my cut. I know it will be hard because the workouts will be faster paced, but I think I can do it! I have not only been getting my training set up for the next 12-14 weeks, but also getting my goals planned for August. I am SO ready to start this cut and really see what I have built! HUGE thank you to all of you who have been supportive and so motivating and Thank you to Vitacost for believing in me and supporting me in my goals as well!!!

Are you ready for August? Do you set monthly goals? Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo


Family Fun Day & Boy Do I Need It!

Today is family fun/date day with the hubs. I enjoy these days and really need this family time this week. Josh and I will be hitting the gym for chest training and I can’t wait! Today’s post is a bit of a venting post, so sorry in advance for that 😉

Been having a hard time eating the past couple of days. When I get upset or worried my body just seems to want to shut down. I have basically been forcing food down and feeling sick. I can’t sleep at night, try to sleep during the day when Zoe naps, but even having issues with that too. The training in the gym is still going great, unfortunately it has to be mega fueled with pre-workout drinks. Since they make you burn more calories, I hate using them too often when I bulk. Hoping everything with my dad settles down, so I can get back to normal again. I hate worrying about him!!!!! I need to learn to just accept that what will happen will happen. I have no control. All I am doing is hurting myself which is not what my dad would want. I am stronger than this!

It would be easier if I could talk to my dad 🙁 Being that he is completely deaf there is no possible way. At this point what I know is that his white blood cell count has been down. They believe he was bit by a spider. the bite got infected and he now has MRSA. The infection is bad and possibly in his spine. If that is the case, he will need surgery. Hoping this isn’t the case, but I know he is incredibly strong xoxo I will find out if he needs surgery this afternoon.

I do appreciate the love and support I have been getting from everyone during this rough time. I am humbled by the response. You all are SO awesome!!!! I know my dad will pull through and everything will be fine. I think I am just having a harder time with it since I am so far away from my parents and can’t see first hand what is going on. It just makes for more frustration 😉

I again appreciate each and every one of you!!! Hope you have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Another Weapon In My Supplement Arsenal…


Another weapon in my supplement arsenal is Glutamine. I personally use Vitacost ARO Black Series Glutamine in Blue Razz. CLICK HERE to check it out! Typically when you get anything with the name Blue Razz you expect it to be a sugary bright blue concoction. Far from the truth with ARO Black Series! This Glutamine is clear and has a very natural berry flavor!

Natural flavor, no added color, with an awesome price! Can’t beat ARO Black Series!!!

Glutamine is another type of amino acid. It is actually the most common amino acid found in your muscles. While you train your muscles become depleted. It is very important to replenish your muscles after a strenuous workout. Glutamine has many benefits such as minimizing the break down of muscle tissue, maintain/increase your stamina and strength, maximize protein metabolism and recovery.

It can take up to 6 days for your body to replenish itself of Glutamine. It is recommended that you supplement 10-15 grams if you train daily. I personally drink it 3 times a day. Typically once in the morning pre, during, and post training. I was asked if there were side effects? The answer is no. Again, Glutamine is a natural occurring amino created in your muscles. From what I have read, it has even been linked to healing stomach ulcers! READ MORE

Definitely check out the ARO Black Series Glutamine. Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Bad News Makes It Super Motivation Monday

My dad has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. He has had up’s and down’s since being diagnosed. Right now he is fighting a nasty infection. His white blood cell count has been down for a while. He was admitted to the hospital late last night. I am worried for him, but also worried for my mother. Every time I get a call, I question whether it is “The call” the dreaded one….. I have such a hard time hearing anyone on the phone, that it makes the whole situation harder.

Needless to say, yesterday was not a great day for me. I am looking forward to smashing some PR’s in the gym today! I have 8 training days left in this bulk and I want to make each and every one of them count! The gym is my stress relief, so today’s training is very much needed!!!!

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me and my family xoxo Your love and prayers are appreciated! Okay, I am done with my pity party 😉 It is motivation Monday, so let’s get to it! Don’t forget to check out NPC Figure competitor Hope Trask’s Lady Swole Monday just CLICK HERE

Today is an important day! Not just for my journey, but for yours too. We have made a commitment with ourselves. A commitment that is now set in stone. There is no turning back, or giving up!!! Time to just do what we set out to do!!!! Let’s finish this month strong!!! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day !!!!! xoxo


Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!! I am still wiped from last week’s training lol Today will be spent getting caught up on my household chores. Friday and Saturdays the house goes untouched except for dishes and some laundry. I am always amazed at how fast the house gets destroyed in such a small amount of time lol

Luckily, I really don’t mind cleaning. I see everything we have as a blessing, so taking care of it gives me pride and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Zoe has been my little helper since she could walk. I feel as if I make cleaning a negative thing, I will not want to do it and it will teach Zoe that cleaning is not a good thing and I don’t want that. I want to teach her to take care of her surroundings as well as herself.

I am still working on my new training schedule. I like to research everything thoroughly. Trying to make sure I will be chiseling out my muscles and giving them proper definition with each training day.

Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone in the gym. Gotta make these last day really count! I work my delts tomorrow and I am gonna try my hardest to hit some PR’s  Seems every week for the past month I have been able to go up in weight, so I want to keep that momentum going even into my cut! I love pushing my body to the limits!!!

Well off to get this house back into shape. Oh, and if you are looking to make a purchase from Vitacost you can always use my code VITACOSTROCKS 😉 Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Trying To Stay Productive On Rest Day

Man leg day does a number on me!!!!

Every week, I look forward to it 😉 But I suffer after it for at least two days. So does my house ha ha ha. I typically hurt too much to walk, so my cleaning takes a backseat on Friday and Saturday. I just stick to the basics, laundry and dishes. I don’t mind my chores, but on those days I am waddling around like a duck and wincing with every step. Don’t get me started on trying to sit ha ha ha

Since I am spending the day just resting and being lazy.

I still want to be somewhat productive, so I will take the time to write out my new training routine. I can’t believe there is only a week and a half till August!!!! This bulk went by quite fast.

I change up my training, because when bulking I have been doing fewer exercises, more sets, but longer rests in between sets. Like 2-4 mins. Just like my diet, training while cutting is quite different than while bulking. I still want to lift heavy, but I want to keep my heart rate up, so less rest between sets. I will average about 30 seconds of rest. Workouts will be just as long and just as hard, but much more fast paced.

So lots of research on what training will be best for my body! I will be sure to keep you all posted on the training as I write it up 😉 Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!! xoxox


Q & A Why I Take Aminos

I mentioned a while back that I was going to start taking my Aminos, not just before my workouts, but also during and after. This was recommended by a couple of my mentors. My Amino of choice has been ARO Black Series Amino Acids by Vitacost. CLICK HERE to read more about it!

Outside of the obvious reason 😉 I love these Aminos because they taste great and Vitacost has a phenomenal price on them! I have had some questions on why I take Amino Acids. There are several reasons…. Aminos are the building blocks of protein. It aids in digestion, as well as helps in muscle recovery.

What some do not know is that Aminos are also beneficial for building muscle mass. Like I said, they are the building blocks of protein and protein is the main component of building muscle. To be honest, since I have been taking Aminos before, during, and post workout, I have been seeing more gains and hitting PR’s every week.

What I have recently learned is that they are also beneficial for cutting weight! When cutting weight your body naturally goes into a catabolic state. This means that you risk the loss of muscle while trying to lose fat. The reason this is, is your body uses protein as fuel for your workouts. As you work harder to burn fat, your body will burn your lean muscle mass first and try to hold on to your body fat. This is bad news bears for anyone who is trying to lose fat and maintain muscle.

BCAA’s or Aminos will aid your body in preventing muscle loss. The aminos reduce the rate of protein breakdown, increase the rate of protein synthesis or process in which cells build protein, and increase your cell’s capacity for protein! But wait, there’s more…. It also reduces the amount of serotonin which means you can workout harder and longer. It also aids in fat loss!

I have been asked why I would supplement extra aminos when my protein has BCAA’s already in there. Well, the answer to that question is, The BCAA’s in your protein are bound to other aminos in your and have to be digested. Even though Whey proteins digests quickly, the BCAA’s take longer to get into the bloodstream. Whereas when you drink your aminos or BCAA’s separately, they are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream, therefore much more effective.

So to sum it up, Maximize fat loss, greater percentage of muscle mass retained, and you can go harder and longer in the gym! What’s not to love! I highly suggest adding Aminos to your daily supplementation!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Sometimes I Just Have To Vent…..

The gym was frustrating yesterday! Not because I didn’t want to be there, that is rarely the case! 😉 It was because there was a guy who thought it was fine to hit on me while I was mid set on T-Bar rows. I vented about it yesterday on Facebook, but it really irked me.

I was irked for several reasons. One, he was bothering me in the middle of my set. I was seriously mid rep when he approached. I finished my set, then politely let him know that I was happily married, thinking he would go away.

He just smiled and said oh well we have even more in common than I though, then asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him!?!?! I was livid. I looked at him and said you know I feel really bad for your wife. I am NOT interested in doing anything with you. I am here to work! He walked away and just watched me work out. I tried to avoid eye contact and he just kept smiling a sinister grin. Gah I wanted to throw weights at him I was SO angry!!! I used the anger to fuel my work out.

Another reason it made me mad, is he was purposely trying to make me uncomfortable. A lot of people who were there had to have heard most of the conversation and saw what was going on, but no one said a word. Is this why more women are intimidated by the gym? Why do jerks like this feel like they are entitled to make women feel this way? Why did no one step in? It is SO frustrating!!! Lucky for me, Josh is off today and of course like every week today is date day in the gym. I almost hope that guy is there again. Josh is not the type to start a physical altercation and I have no intention of taking it there, but Josh would have words with him about respecting women. I know I should take the anger and leave it in the gym, but for some reason this guy really got to me. I pray for his wife. 🙁 I hope this makes more people aware of this type of behavior.

Have you ever felt disrespected at the gym? How did you handle it?

Sorry to rant lol One good thing did happen out of the ordeal. I PR’ed on my 5th set of T-Bar rows! I did 4 reps at 130lbs. I am better today and I hope you all have a fabulously fit day!


Got A Sweet Tooth? Simple Solution!!! #GIVEAWAY

My last cut was my first. I learned SO much!! One thing I remember is that in the evenings I was hungry and usually had a sweet tooth.

It is weird, because I normally love savory things, but for whatever reason I craved cakes. I tried my hand at a couple of microwave protein brownies/cakes. They always turned out dense. To me they were just okay :-/ They did the job, but I had to have peanut butter for me to enjoy them.

Since I have been advised to drop the peanut butter from my diet when I cut, I needed to find an alternative. I started with Syntha 6 protein  powder Flavor Cookies & Cream, but you can use any flavor. Vitacost always has a great price on it! You can CLICK HERE to check it out!


I started with one serving. I weigh it out, but some just do one scoop. Make sure you use a microwave safe bowl 😉

PicsArt_1373856273043 (1)

Next add a teaspoon of baking powder. This will make it rise and have more of a cake consistency. Why I did not do this last year, is beyond me ha ha ha


Okay, now add just enough water to make a cake batter consistency. Not to thick, but not runny. Sorry I didn’t measure it out. If I had to guess it was 1/4 of a cup more or less 😉

DSC_4297 (1)

Okay, this next step I won’t do when I am cutting lol, but it sounded good to me last night. I broke up and added one quest peanut butter cup. I actually thing it would have been better without it!


Now just microwave. Keep an eye on it, you don’t want to over cook it. I start at 30 secs. Every microwave is different, so just keep cooking till it springs back when you touch it, just like a cake would.


If you want it a little more sweet you can make an icing using protein powder. Just add a little water to it, to get a thick frosting and spread on top. There you go! A simple and sweet treat that won’t break the macro bank when you are limited 😉

Get entered to win a $25 Gift Card to purchase your own Syntha 6 😉 CLICK HERE to get to my giveaways page!!!

Here is the Frog Fuel Giveaway Winner……

Eliza L.

I have sent you an email and look forward to hearing back!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


A Little Monday Motivation

It’s Monday!!!!!

Lady Swole Mondays are still going strong!!! Just CLICK HERE to check out NPC Figure Competitior Hope Trask’s Facebook page!

Let’s get this week rolling with some motivation!!! 😉

Let’s make this week an awesome one! Set goals and break them!!!! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxox

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