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It’s Been A Week Since My First Skin Treatment

Okay, after one week I have to say, I am impressed. I have a huge improvement in color, texture, and it cleared up a lot of my break outs.

PicsArt_1377871505303This is more improvement than I expected to see in a week, but I will take it! I went ahead and did another treatment yesterday after my shower, when I got home from the gym.


To be honest, my face was a bit more tender this round. It did hurt a bit more than the first time. It was still tolerable. I would compare it to getting a tattoo colored in. The feeling is similar. Your face just feels raw when you do the same area over in a different direction.


I had a little bit more bleeding too, but nothing like some of the pictures I have seen. Again, I think those were done with a larger needle. My face did also seem to burn or feel hot afterwards more so than last week. I am astonished at how much better my skin has felt and looked in just 7 days. I am excited to know that this is working! I will continue my weekly treatments as well as posting them. The minor discomfort and having a red face for a few hours is well worth it in my opinion!

What are your thoughts on Derma Rolling/Needling? Hope you all are having a fabulous holiday weekend!!! xoxo


Weekly Check In & A Giveaway Winner!

Week Four of my cut has me feeling pretty good!

Every time I have a cheat meal, there is a little voice in the back of my head that says “Well there you go, you threw away all that hard work!” I know it isn’t true, but I still seem to still think that. I did enjoy that cheat meal ha ha ha

I am happy to say, I had no setbacks in training! This week I am down 2 lbs. Lost 1.25 inches in my waist, 1.5 inches in my thighs, .5 inches in my calves, and 2% body fat (Give or take since we all know calipers are not accurate)





I am also very happy to announce the winner of the Zaggora Hot Pants!!!!

Elle from @EatRunSail

Congratulations lady!!! xoxo I have sent you an email and look forward to hearing back from you!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Menstrual Cycle, Do You Let It Hamper Your Training?

I was asked a question the other day from a friend. She asked if I still train when I am on my menstrual cycle?

The answer is YES, of course I do!

I suffer from cramps, bloating, cravings, irritability, etc, but these are things as women we just deal with. It does add to the difficultly level though lol. I often feel lazy when I first start, which makes my motivation level next to none. I always try to keep my goals in mind, which helps push me through my grueling workouts. My husband is great about making sure I get in there and get my work done! Sometimes he will text or leave a note to help motivate me to get moving.  Over all it is my responsibility.

Training can actually relieve your symptoms too.

  •  Reduces pain from cramping
  • Relieves Headaches
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Helps with bloating
  • Keeps you regular (This one can change if your body fat percentage drops below 20% Some women find their cycle changes when they go lower. This is different for everyone)
  • Lighter and shorter menstral flow
  • Stabilizes your mood
  • Reduces overall PMS symptoms, so if you do become a raging lunatic every month, know that exercise can help lol

Even if you don’t feel 100% you will certainly feel much better if you just tough it out and hit the gym! I find it hard at this point in my training to use any excuse to not workout.

I know being a lady, we have it bit tougher than our male counter parts 😉 I never have nor will I make any excuse because I am a woman!

Do you still train when it’s that time of month, or do you take a rest day? What helps get you motivated to hit the gym when you are feeling a bit lazy?

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Kinesiology Tape/StrengthTape Review

Have you heard about Kinesiology Tape/TheraTape? I have seen it used a lot lately with athletes I follow.  I think the most notable place it has been seen is in the Olympics.

As my training gets harder, I am having issues with muscle pain/recovery and have had a couple of minor injuries in the gym. My curiosity made me reach out to TheraTape to answer more questions 😉 They sent me their newest brand, called StrengthTape to try for myself!


My left shoulder has been having support issues when lifting. It seems to not be keeping up with my right shoulder. I have also felt as if my left delt is not as built as my right. I certainly want to be as symmetrical as possible, considering my goals.


I also wanted to feel the difference when I lift. Having one shoulder taped and the other not. I was actually pleasantly surprised! I definitely felt more support, but also felt more powerful. I was able to lift really heavy compared to when it is not taped. I could feel the muscle contraction more during each rep, and afterwards my left shoulder felt more pumped than my right.


Zoe loves the look of the tape. She said it was mean green ha ha ha

DSC_4739DSC_4740DSC_4741DSC_4742It’s not uncomfortable at all. I actually slept with it on as well as showered. It can stay on for 3-5 days. I got a lot of looks and questions at the gym, which are always welcomed. 😉

I follow Melissa Sarah Wee on Facebook. She is a RockTape Sponsored Athlete. *RockTape is another brand of TheraTape* Like me she will not promote a product she doesn’t believe in! She swears by taping before/after training. She is usually covered lol Her use had made me curious to do more research and want to try it!

I thought that athletic tape might be the same thing as StrengthTape, but I was mistaken. Athletic tape is very restrictive and ONLY serves a purpose of keeping you from further injuring yourself.  Where as StrengthTape allows for a full range of motion, improves circulation, reeducates injured muscles, and reduces muscle fatigue. So you may be wondering how it works? It lifts the skin and fascia away from the muscle to promote more blood flow into an injured area, which accelerates healing and recovery. It is also great for correcting tracking issues in knees, shoulders or back. So main benefits are, it can be used to promote blood flow (great for building muscles up/recovery), help drain swelling, decrease pain, as well as be used to increase your awareness of a specific area that needs attention. Depending on it’s application, it can also be used to activate or deactivate a muscle group to enhance performance or decrease risk of injury. There is SO much information on how to apply the tape correctly for what you want to use it for. StrengthTape is felt to affect deeper tissues in the body. Increased space theoretically allows muscles greater contraction, which in turn pushes more fluid through the muscle, resulting in better muscle performance. The end results are believed to be reduced muscle fatigue, increase in range in motion , and better quality of muscle contraction. The StrengthTape itself uses negative ion technology which is absorbed through the skin to relieve stress and boost energy.

Again, there are specific ways of applying the tape to do what you need it to. You can find them on They have a huge list of videos that explain everything step by step. I highly suggest checking into Kinesiology Taping. StrengthTape will be regularly used in my training from now on. Not only to help me work through my minor injuries, but also to help support my weaker areas. Mind you, if you are injured and have not seen a doctor, StregthTape will not fix your injury. You will still need to see a doctor for anything major.

I would love for you guys to check them out! Buy StrengthTape at enter code SPORTSBRAS for 15% off your first order!

Have you ever used any type of Kinesiology Tape? What are your thoughts on the subject?

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


It’s My Favorite Day Of The Week… MONDAY!!!

YES!!! It’s Monday!!!!

I am getting pretty excited with the upcoming Dirty Girl Run! It will not only be my first mud run, but first 5k ever ha ha ha. Also looking forward to seeing friends and family in St Louis!

I am motivated to train hard this week. I am seeing results and look forward to every Thursday to see where I stand! Mondays are the base day of my motivation. They set me up for a strong week!!!! It all starts with Lady Swole Monday CLICK HERE to check it out.

Let’s set this week up to be phenomenal!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get my sweat one!!! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Why You Should Let Your Child Go UP The Slide!

I am in a few mommy groups on Facebook. Typically posts are proud mommys, questions about developments, medical questions, etc However, there are rant posts about how others raise their children. One post struck a cord with me, mainly because it seemed irrational. A woman thought it was crazy that other parents allowed their children to climb up the slide. She found it to be dangerous as well as disrespectful.

In my opinion, this way of thinking seems a little uptight lol. Children need to be allowed to use their imaginations and have fun. The no climbing up the slide rule seems silly to me. Zoe pretends it is a mountain and she is a great mountain climber. It teaches children to work together.There is no need to freak out over this! Can your child get plowed down while climbing the slide? Absolutely! Zoe and I have talked about always respecting the other children and letting the ones waiting to go down the slide first, or picking another slide that the children are not using. I believe this experience at the playground is an important one! It teaches cause and effect, teaches them courtesy, strengthens their motor skills, build creativity, and makes them aware of other’s needs. Teaching your children to be more independent and think on their own is very important in their development.

I encourage Zoe to do what some call reckless parenting lol She goes outside barefoot, climbs/jumps on and off the furniture, climbs trees, etc. Have you ever seen the proud face of a child who FINALLY accomplished their goal of climbing that mountain? It is the most awesome thing EVER!!!! Don’t make your children live in fear of things or others. Teach them to be strong, independent, and empathetic. These are important traits for any human to have 😉 Teaching your child to be confident, not only in themselves, but their actions will keep them from allowing anything or anybody to bring them down!

What is your stance on climbing the slide? Do you allow your children to live and learn? How do you encourage your children to be more independent?

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Treatment #1 Derma Rolling

This is clearly just my experience with this form of treatment. I bought everything on my own and did research with local estheticians as well as dermatologists to see if this treatment was right for me. Not going to lie, it is difficult for me to show my natural skin. I have done creams and other treatments before that have improved my skin somewhat, but the discoloration and scarring have always come back. I wear a lot less make up than I use to and at times do feel confident enough to leave the house without make up. However, there are still times where my skin upsets me. I am hopeful, that this treatment will at improve my skin greatly!

I purchased my roller on It was just over $6 with shipping. I received it on Thursday, so was very excited to start using it on Friday! I wanted to wait till Friday, because from what I have been told as well as researched, my face will be red for at least a day due to not just the needles, but post treatment toxin release as well. I already have issues with my face getting red on it’s own, but normally I can cover with make up. After you use the roller, it is recommended that you do not wear make up for at least 12 hours.

The reasons I want to try the Derma roller are because I have acne scarring, uneven skin tones, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, stretch marks (not on my face, but elsewhere), and it aids in clearing your skin. The size of needles vary. I was told by a professional to use either a .5 or 1.0 mm. They do sell smaller than .5 mm, but I was told that anything smaller will not stimulate collagen production, therefore would be a waste of money and pointless. I decided to go with the 1.0 mm, because it is for scarring, which is the main reason I started looking into this treatment.



To get started, I first sterilized the roller in alcohol and let it soak for 15 mins.


I washed my face thoroughly. As you can see, I have quite a bit of scarring as well as discoloration. My pores are larger in certain areas and I do have a few fine lines and wrinkles starting to develop. I am not scared of pain, but I will admit that the videos and pictures I saw online made me a little uneasy. It is one thing to be in pain, but another to inflict it upon myself lol. The esthetician I spoke with reassured me that as long as I did not go over a 1.0 mm in size, I would feel some discomfort, but it would be tolerable. She also advised that no one would ever need to go above a 1.0 mm. The larger sizes are for other types of treatment.




Again, a bit embarrassing for me lol, but I want to document this treatment, as well as share it with you. As I got started I was actually surprised, it really wasn’t that bad.




I rolled each area 10 times in 4 different directions Up/down, left/right, diagonal right, and diagonal left

There is slight discomfort as I was told, but not unbearable at all!


I was done within 10 mins and had maybe 2 tiny spots of bleeding. Otherwise, my face was just a little puffy and very red. It did have a slight burning/sore sensation, but overall on a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) I would have given it a 1.




Once treatment was done I moisturized with Coconut oil. I chose this, because it is all natural and actually has healing properties.


This is my face as a whole directly after treatment and moisturizing


Within an hour the redness and swelling had gone down quite a bit and my face felt fine.


I will use my roller once a week. The collagen re-growth cycle is 4-6 weeks. I am told I should see small results within the first week or two. It is an interesting process to say the least. 😉

Do you have skin issues? What skin concerns do you have? Would you try derma rolling? I can’t wait to share more about this! Here’s to new skin 😉 HOPEFULLY lol

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Weekly Check In After A Cheat Meal!?!?

Woo Hoo! It is weekly check in time! I actually remembered to post this week on time ha ha ha ha 😉

This week the only measurement that changed was my hips. They are down an inch. Everything else is the same. My weight is down just over 2 more lbs. For a total of 5.5lbs lost in 3 weeks. I am stoked with these results! Especially, since I am getting ready to hit my cycle and am retaining some water 😉 I feel I have made huge strides in the past 3 weeks and am optimistic that my cut will only need to go 12 weeks.





My cheat day was AWESOME!!!!! I will tease you with pics ha ha ha ha 😉


Josh and I split this 😉 I have been craving nachos and was stoked to dig into these!


Not the prettiest burger, but man was it amazing ha ha ha


Zoe’s burger was so big she ate it in sections lol

We ate the meal post workout, then went straight home to fall into a food coma lol.


Well, Zoe and I did. Josh actually went and donated plasma while we slept! He is so awesome!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit Thursday!!! xoxo


Cheat Meal & A New Bed…It’s Not Even My Birthday!!!

So excited today, for a couple of reasons!!! One, today is my cheat meal day! I have been looking forward to it all week!

There have been a few questions about cheating. I think it is fine in moderation. I do not do a full blown cheat day. An indulgent meal is great for staying on track , but if you binge for an entire day, I think you may be setting yourself up for a set back. My cheat meal was originally going to be pasta, but I have since changed my mind. We are gonna go to Fuddrucker’s today  for a Burger, loaded nachos, and a soda. My belly is already growling ha ha ha 😉

The second reason I am so excited, is because we have gotten a new bed!!! Josh has worked in the mattress industry for the past few years. He currently works for one of the largest Mattress stores in the country, Mattress Firm. Awesome company to work for by the way 😉 Anyway, at one of his previous employers (small business) he had the opportunity to design a bed. It was a beautiful bed, as well as a great learning experience.

Sadly, although the design/concept was a great one, the components used were cheap and worthless. The bed lasted less than 6 months. It began to break down and have huge dips on both sides where we slept. (When he left the job, it was not on great terms. Therefore, we were stuck with the bed) We took the top mattress off to sleep on just the middle one, but that didn’t help much either. We have both been very uncomfortable for quite some time! With Josh working for a much bigger company that actually had name brand beds with warranties, we knew we were going to have an easier time shopping for a bed and being satisfied with our purchase. We shopped long and carefully, researching every detail we could. The bed we chose is the i-Comfort Prodigy by Serta.


We originally wanted Tempurpedic, but those are out of our budget.  Had we had the money for a Tempur, we would have bought one, but I do not feel that we settled for this bed at all! The i-Comfort is a remarkable bed!!! I actually had someone tell me this bed was too expensive. I’m sorry, you spend a lot of time sleeping. Sleep is important for not only your sanity, but your overall health. I strive to get at least 8 hours a night of quality sleep. I have been lacking for quite sometime :-/ You know your bed is bad when you opt for the sofa lol  Investing in your sleep, is important. It is an investment for your health. As far as beds go, you get what you pay for! No matter where you buy a bed, I recommend buying a name brand. In my opinion, they are more trustworthy. No name brands you never know what the quality of the components are and the warranties are always off compared to industry standard. Our new bed, is like a cloud!!!


Ignore my bare walls ha ha I haven’t decorated our bedroom yet…



So, I am stoked to start getting some great sleep again!!! If you have plateaued, are constantly feeling tired, or just overall blah. It may be time for a new mattress! Most quality mattresses should be replaced every 7 years. There are so many options out there, so definitely plan on spending quite a bit of time looking/shopping. Don’t be scared to lay down and give that baby a test drive. You can’t push a mattress with your hand and get the full effect of how it will hold/support your body. And ask questions, a lot of them. The sales rep helping you should know their product. If they are not educated on it, go elsewhere. 😉

Again, sleeping is something you spend most of your life doing. It benefits your body and your mind. In my opinion a mattress is the single most important furniture purchase you make. Definitely not one to take lightly!

Hope you all are having as fabulous of a day as I am!!! Stay tuned, I do have more exciting news coming in the near future!!!! Happy Wednesday!!! xoxo




Skin Imperfections & Derma Rolling

I have posted about my skin issues before.  I have tried several different creams and other treatments. Many with some great improvements, but they seemed to plateau so to speak.  To be honest, I have spent a small fortune trying to make my skin look like it once did.

I have suffered from adult acne and am starting to see some of the aging process take over. Nothing major with the wrinkles, but a few here and there. The adult acne has left my cheeks with some scarring and larger pores. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the phenomenal and 10 being horrible damage) I would give it a 4. like I said, I have seen some improvements with certain products I have used, but the improvements stopped after prolonged use. I am very self conscious about my skin. In certain light, it doesn’t look too bad, but there are always bad times too. When you are not confident about yourself, no matter what aspect, it can be hard to stay positive. I decided to search for other ways to fix my issues.

I checked with local skin specialists to see what my options are….

The first one I checked out was laser resurfacing. It is a treatment to skin irregularities, such as wrinkles, blemishes or acne scars. The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin  layer by layer. This popular procedure is also called lasabrasion, laser peel, or laser vaporization.

Although the before and afters I was shown had me sold, the price tags did not! I was quoted between $500-$3000 depending on how many treatments it would require. I want my skin back, but not at that price. So I kept researching….

Next up was microdermabrasion. This makes use of a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand the skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. I have tried at home treatments with very little skin improvement, so I also got quotes on having it professionally done. Sigh again, this is more than I want to spend The price tag for this treatment will be in the range of $200-$300 a month.

Starting to come to the conclusion people with great skin have awesome genetics and/or are loaded ha ha ha 😉

Anyway, I was getting frustrated. I am a very inquisitive person and continued to find out if there were anymore options. This is when I was told about derma rolling. I was advised that I can do this at home. One treatment every 4-6 weeks and the cost is minimal. What is Derma rolling? It is a treatment where they use a roller of tiny needles to in a sense damage your skin in order to rejuvenate new cells and new growth. Think of it like aerating your yard 😉

I was talking with a friend and mentioned it. To my surprise she has been doing it for a few years now. I have always beeen envious of her near perfect skin! Obviously, I interrogated her lol. My first question was how bad does it hurt? She said it really is not bad at all. It is an annoying feeling, but the treatment is actually pretty quick. Next question I had was how long will my face look jacked up? She said not to wear make-up for at least 12 hours and if I am that self conscious don’t plan on leaving the house for 24-48 hours. I can handle this. How long till I see results? She said hers were within a couple of weeks. She had me Google before and after pics. They were a little intimidating, but also made me hopeful!

So, I am taking the plunge and trying this treatment on myself. I plan on keeping you guys updated throughout the process. I plan on doing my face to rid myself of the acne scars, large pores, and wrinkles. I also plan on using it on a few stetch marks I have. I ordered a Derma roller on Amazon today. This is the exact one I ordered

192 Needles Microneedle Skin Care System Derma Roller with Medical Grade Stainless Steel 1.0mm gauge. Less than $10 with shipping. As much as it pains me to post these lol here are pics of what my skin looks like today.



What are your thoughts on Derma rolling? What skin treatments have you tried? To what extent will you go to rid yourself of wrinkles and imperfections?

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


Woo Hoo It’s Monday!!!!

It’s funny, most of my life I have always hated Mondays. Just this negative mind set that seems to have started at a young age. Once I started thinking more positive, I found many great things about beginning each new week! Now I LOVE Mondays!!!

Monday is the perfect day to recharge your way of thinking, get motivated, and start the week new and fresh!

You all know by now how Zoe and I participate in Lady Swole Mondays. Feel free to CLICK HERE and check it out on NPC Figure Competitor Hope Trask’s Facebook page!

Let’s get motivated!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! Let’s make this week rock!!!! xoxo


Changes, Cravings, & No Lies

Over half way into week 3 and things are changing rapidly!

My training has become more challenging for me. I have been doing the same routine with a few added exercises each day. The faster pace is what gets me. Going from 3-5 mins rest to 30 seconds is a huge change! I obviously can’t go as heavy as I was when I was bulking, so this is also a transition for me to figure out how heavy I can go on each exercise. I love the challenge!!!

Another obstacle this week has been the beginning of food cravings and randomly wanting to eat. (Doesn’t help that we watch The Food Network ha ha ha)  We went grocery shopping on Thursday of last week to not only get our necessities, but figure out ways to keep our cravings at bay till we get our cheat meals. My cravings have been for pasta and anything mexican! These were a couple of my solutions and they worked!

My take on Chicken Eggplant Parmesan. Thank goodness for all the popcorn seasonings we stocked up on ha ha ha The Garlic Parm worked great for this recipe. Took just 20 mins in the oven and I was in heaven!

Swai topped with pinto beans, poblano peppers, and sriracha totally got me beyond the mexican craving. We also picked up a ton of avocado!!!

I still eat the same things day in and day out, but being creative with our meals is what will keep us on track and focused on our goals. Typically I don’t need to eat for flavor, but every once in a while a craving just hits. For the most part I am always full. I tend to want to eat more late at night. I think it is all in my head lol

I have had some questions about the reviews/giveaways I do. Hoping this answers those…I love having the giveaways for you guys! I just want to make sure the products are ones that I use or would use and stand behind. I don’t want to just put random products on here that I would personally not use, just because someone sent them to me. I feel it is important to stand behind the companies you represent and to be honest in my reviews. I do have some coming up and as always I will be honest with you about the products. Typically if I don’t like a product I will write a review and send it to the company and let them decide if they still want me to post. Usually those decline lol for good reason. Obviously, companies only want great things said about their products. I can’t and won’t lie to you. I feel that when doing a product review, it is about getting educated on what options are out there for all of us. In the fitness industry, the product lines are quite extensive and unfortunately, a lot of the products, in my opinion, are crap. The more educated I am becoming on products, I am also becoming more selective  in what I want in my training/diet as well as what I will advise others to use.

What are your biggest food cravings? Do you tend to want to eat when you see good food in an ad or on television? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!


Weekly Check In ;-)

Whoops! I meant to post this yesterday 😉

Okay not really technical or difficult lol I just forgot. Anyway, this is my weekly check in!!!

I feel great about my progress so far! After week 2 I am down to 148lbs this is still 1 pound over where I want to be, but I am not going to stress over my weight. One thing I took away from my first cut was that I became obsessed with the scale and in the end, it all equaled out.

My measurements are down overall, one and three quarters inch on my waist and hips, two inches on my thighs, up half inch on my calves, and the same on my arms.

It’s funny when I first looked at my photos, I felt a little discouraged. I didn’t really see much difference. Once Josh sat down with me and showed me what he saw, I realized I am always my worst critic ha ha. There is quite a change now that I look at them again. 😉 I feel I am on track. Depending where I am next week, will determine whether I get my cheat meal next week. I am going to stay focused in the kitchen and really watch my macros!!!!


Ha ha I love my blank stare and I just rolled out of bed look. I always said I want to be as real as it gets with my readers. So here I am……




I am excited to see the future changes in my body! How are you doing on your goals? Do you give yourself a cheat meal? Do you overlook your own progress? I am still a work in progress and part of that work is still to love myself more! 😉

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!


Get Your Kids Moving To A Healthier & Happier Lifestyle!

I believe keeping our kiddos active is just as important as keeping ourselves healthy!

Active kids are not only healthy, but happy too! I not only keep Zoe’s mind active with her lesson plans, but I make sure I plan activities to keep her moving as well. Here are some of her favorite things to do…

She loves to run drills with me on the track at the gym.

DSC_4553 (1)

We play Simon says

Yoga is always a favorite

DSC_4554 (1)

We do dance time

She also partakes in my monthly challenges when I have them. She is loving the jump squats this month!!! We split them up into 10 at a time, so it isn’t too hard for her to do. It’s funny, because she always reminds me to do them throughout the day. That is good thing the further we get into the month, because the jump squats are certainly challenging at this point!!!


Zoe loves our active lifestyle! She always looks forward to our play time!We are constantly looking to add new activities to keep it from being boring. We believe that keeping her physically active helps with keeping her mentally active as well. Kids need the active lifestyle for more than just staying physically fit. It also keeps them mentally healthy. Relieving stress, improving sleep, mental health, lowering blood sugar, and boosting self esteem! It is also a phenomenal way to keep connected with your kids. It gives Zoe and I a chance to talk about the day’s events and when daddy joins us, it gives her a chance to show him the skills she has been working on!


What activities do you do with your kids? What is their favorite? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!xoxo


Dr. Prescribed Weight Loss… Is The Cure Worse Than The Problem?

I get a lot of questions about weight loss. Most are about exercise and diet. Many who email/message me are looking for a quick fix. I say the same to all, it takes time, determination, and patience to earn the body you want.

I have people asking about pills, shakes, wraps, ect I am also constantly being recruited. I do not believe any of these things work nor are necessary to lose weight. I personally do not believe the hype.

Over the past month or so, I have been getting bombarded with questions about prescribed weight loss pills. Apparently, there are doctors out there prescribing pills like candy, such as Phentermine (among others). From what I understand, it is easy to get the prescription. Just go in and ask. I have no doubt that it works for weight loss. My concerns are that it is doing nothing but making these people dependent on a drug rather than changing their lifestyle. They see the next 12 weeks as a 1200 calorie “Diet” and  have no clue how to change their habits to healthy happy ones. From the ones I have been communicating with, the whole process seems to be painstaking to them. They are not enjoying the food nor changing the lifestyle of their families. It’s all about watching calories not macros or quality of food. Most are still eating the same junk they were just in smaller portions. They truly believe that this is the “Magic” pill, not to mention most are not eating enough in my opinion.

I think what irks me even more is a lot of them are mothers. I was surprised at how many of them jumped on the bandwagon without ever questioning the side effects??? As a woman, yes I do want to look good, but as a mother I want to be healthy enough to care for my family! The questions I have been asked are , “Who can I call to get it?” “How much does it cost?” “How fast does it work?” and “Can I take it while breastfeeding?” Again, not one question about side effects.  It amazes me that I get messages about a drug that is prescribed by doctors. Why ask me? I know nothing about these drugs other than the research I do online.

I have tried to get the ladies who have messaged me to try a different way for just 12 weeks. Just to see if they could make a difference on their own. It is concerning to me that doctors would rather go this route than try to help people to change. I view most drugs like these as dangerous. The side effects are crazy. Most of the women I know that are on this, are mothers. I cringe thinking that something happens to them and they can’t be there for their children, all because a doctor misled them.

 I looked up the side effects of this particular drug when I started seeing it and hearing about it more and more.

The side effects are as listed…..

Dizziness, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, irritability, Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, fast/irregular/pounding heartbeat, mental/mood changes (e.g., agitation, uncontrolled anger, hallucinations, nervousness), Depression, uncontrolled muscle movements, change in sexual ability/interest, severe headache, insomnia, slurred speech, seizure, weakness on one side of the body, vision changes (e.g., blurred vision), mind you these are the minor side effects.

The more serious ones are….

serious (sometimes fatal) lung or heart problems (pulmonary hypertension, heart valve problems). The risk increases with longer use of this medication and use of this drug along with other appetite-suppressant drugs/herbal products. Chest pain, difficulty breathing with exercise, decreased ability to exercise, bluish discoloration of the skin, fainting, swelling of the legs/ankles/feet.

Most of them can lose the weight on their own, they just need to see a nutritionist and be educated in their food choices. Unfortunately, most are just interested in the fast fix. I will continue to try to be as supportive as I can, in hopes they will see the light. I worry that they will not only gain the weight back plus some, but have horrible health issues to go with it.

As much as I wish I could help everyone, I have to come to grips with the fact that some people will never listen to reason.

If I can help at least one of those ladies, I suppose I did alright 😉 Here is to hoping and praying!

Are there people in your life you wish you could do more for? How do help someone who thinks they already have the answer? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo

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