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October Goal Check In

October has been an up and down month for us. Even though it is one of our favorite months of the year, it is also one of the busiest and we are glad it is coming to a close.

Let’s see how I fared with my goals….

    1. First was to get back to normal after Beardog. This has proven to be harder than we thought. We are still healing. Zoe asks about him daily and we do still cry. It is getting better, but still a process for all of us. We do miss him dearly xoxoDSC_5406
    2. Next up is the birthday cake. That was awesome! I even was able to fit a couple of slices into my macros, which made for a very happy birthday!!!DSC_5644
    3. My training and nutrition have been on par and the changes in my body have reflected that!Β 
    4. Next on the list is beginning the packing process. Like I said, this month has been chaotic to say the least lol, but I have managed to get some stuff packed, just not as much as I had hoped. The process has begun….
    5. We are still looking into Lofts here in downtown Springfield. They apparently go fast, so we are hoping that when it is time to move we will be able to get into one that we love! Fingers crossed!Β 
    6. Zoe’s lesson plan have been going awesome!!! We love the fall and winter, because crafts are so much more abundant and easy to think up lol.halloween
    7. Not sweating the small stuff was easier said than done. I had issues this month emotionally on many different levels and reasons. Hoping November will be better for that!Β 
    8. Lastly, representing Saturn Supplements. I think I have been doing great at this. I do love the company and believe in their products, which makes it easy πŸ˜‰ I think their stack has helped me more than I can express. I will continue to not only rep their company, but share with you all the wonderful products they have!!!

Saturn Supplements - Vitamins & Supplements

Here’s to hoping November is a better month and we all reach our goals! How did you fare for October? Have a fabulously fit day xoxo


My Learning Curve Continues….

I had this debate with someone the other day about my previous bulk. I gained 17lbs. They told me it was mostly muscle. Although I know I did gain some muscle, I also gained fat. More than I should have or wanted to πŸ˜‰

I am still on the learning curve. I almost had it right, but still needed some tweaks in my diet to keep the bulk more lean. Although the curve can be frustrating at times, it is worth the journey! I have come so far since the beginning and I know I still have a ton to learn, but I love every second of it!!!

Some I have talked to this week have been frustrated to the point they want to quit. NEVER give up on your goals. I have been on and off this wagon 2010 and although it has been rough, I am getting it! There is a lot to learn and all I can say is do your research and keep pushing!

It’s not easy. I have doubters and get some nasty emails/messages from people everyday. I ignore them or use them to fuel my drive! Here is one that isn’t so bad lol, but I get some pretty nasty messages that I won’t repost, most are on Facebook. They use to bother me, but then I realized these are people who……

  • A: Have nothing better to do
  • B: Are making themselves feel better
  • C: Are just bullies
  • D: Don’t matter πŸ˜‰


The Block feature on Facebook is AWESOME ha ha ha

Here are some things I have learned this year….

  • Do NOT starve yourself to lose weight. You will actually do the opposite. Your body needs fuel to function properly, so a balanced diet is very important!
  • Fiber is a HUGE contributor to aiding in keeping yourself lean. I wasn’t counting fiber in my macros before, but thought I had to be getting plenty. FYI one serving of oats is only 4g of fiber, so getting to 30g a day…. yeah a little harder than I thought. I got it down now though lol
  • Women truly have a hard time gaining muscle mass. It drives me INSANE to hear ladies at the gym say things like “Oh I won’t lift more than a 10lb dumbbell. I don’t want to get bulky!!!” Okay for starters I have seen women with purses that weigh more than 10lbs. Not to mention, do you stop carrying your child once they hit 10lbs??? Zoe asks all the time to be held when she is tired and we are out and about. She weighs 40lbs! Studies have shown that a woman can gain between 10-12 lbs of muscle mass the FIRST YEAR OF PROPER TRAINING key words are first and proper. Every year after that, the number drops. Once your body is accustom to bodybuilding (4+ years of PROPER training) most will only gain 1-3lbs a YEAR. So very difficult for women.
  • Losing weight and gaining muscle is more about your nutrition than your training. I have come to learn that eating is a science. Getting not only the proper amounts of macro nutrients, but also timing it right. Everyone is different, so it does take some trial and error to see what exactly works for you.
  • You can lose muscle mass if you cut weight too fast. I have worked hard for the little muscle I have, so losing it while cutting weight is NOT something I want to do. I train hard and want to keep as much as possible. I have no intention of doing what I have seen most trainers doing to their clients. I have seen so many figure and physique girls not only starving, but doing SO much cardio. Neither of those things interest me at all. I want to do this healthy and I want to have muscle and definition when I cross that stage in March. If that means doing it slow, then so be it!
  • The more you succeed, the more people will try to hold you back. Never allow anyone the satisfaction of controlling YOUR feelings. Do some still get to me? Yes, I am human, but I never let them get me down for long! I am blessed in so many areas of my life and if someone can not see how awesome I am, it’s their loss not mine.
  • It is okay to indulge. I became so scared of food. I felt guilty having a meal that wasn’t the greatest health wise. I now know that as long as I stay within my macros (Which to reach your macros, you have to eat pretty lean) You can still have indulgences now and then. It is great to know that I can go out to eat with my family without feeling that I have to starve because there is nothing really lean or “healthy” on the menu, have a piece of cake on someone’s birthday, or even a beer while I watch a ball game. I have been having these things and still seeing changes in my body, still losing a pound a week, still seeing inches melt away. I am no longer scared, I am just aware.
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH. Google is such an awesome thing!!! I wish I had it in school ha ha ha. You have the world at your finger tips literally! Ask Google your questions and start reading. Try new things and just go for it!!!

What have you learned on your journey so far? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo


Oh Happy Monday!!!!

Woot woot It’s my favorite day!

We had a fun weekend! Zoe and I did a chest workout at home. She LOVES push-ups and even let me bench press her lol


We have been caught up in the World Series. We are all die hard Cardinals fans!!! I grew up in the St Louis Region and in a family that lived and breathed baseball. My grandmother’s brother played in the minors and she loved to tell us stories about baseball in the old days.

Last night we also carved pumpkins. It was Zoe’s first experience, so it was a lot of fun and they turned out better than we had expected!


Today is delt training and I am stoked to get in there and smash these shoulders! Time to motivate!!! As always I am gonna kick it off with some Lady Swole Monday with NPC Competitor Hope Trask

Hope you all get out there and earn those goals!!! Oh happy day!!! xoxo


Better Late Than Never A Check In Update ;-)

Wow , have I been slacking on my posts this month or what!?!?!

Although my blog has suffered a little this month, my training has actually been doing well considering all the setbacks! Zoe has been sick twice as have I, we had Josh’s parents here for a few days, 3 birthday celebrations, and packing up the house. Whenever i have missed a day in the gym, I have made it up. I am not going to let anything keep me from my goals!!!!

I knew I was behind on posting an update on my weekly check in, but I didn’t realize I haven’t posted one since October 5th lol Whoops!!!! This is where I stood on October 5, 2013

  • Weight 142.3 lbs
  • Waist 28 1/2 inches
  • Hips 33 1/4 inches
  • Thighs 18 3/4 inches
  • Biceps 12 inches relaxed 13 inches flexed
  • Calves 13 inches
  • Body Fat 18.2%

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β This is where I stood yesterday morning…

  • Weight 139.2
  • Waist 28 1/4 inches
  • Hips 32 3/4 inches
  • Thighs 18 3/4 inches
  • Biceps 12 inches relaxed 13 inches flexed
  • Calves 13 inches
  • Body Fat 17.1%





From August 1, 2013 to now I have lost 12lbs , 3 1/4 inch in my waist, 3 3/4 Β inch in my hips, Β 3.25 inches in my thighs, 1/2 inch in my calves, and 7.2% body fat. HUGE strides in my opinion and I feel as strong as ever, not hungry, and little to no muscle loss!

I am on pace with the 1lb a week loss. I feel slimmer and am in love with the “If it fits your macros” kind of lifestyle. It doesn’t mean I am gorging on cake, ice cream, and pizza. I still eat very healthy and lean meals, but now if I have a craving or want to indulge I do. I just make it fit within my macro guidelines. I am still concentrating on hitting my protein, carbs, and healthy fats. However now I am also concentrating on my fiber. I have it set at 30 grams a day and I aim to not only hit that number, but to go over if I can. I am seeing better results and am overall happier with not only my progress, but my lifestyle! I am so thankful to have not only found Layne Norton, but some who are even being coached by him. I follow Kristy at Ready In 5 WeeksΒ Β Her love of not only the sport and lifestyle, but also of food lol has had me intrigued. She looks phenomenal and is such an inspiration to follow!

I am excited to see my body continue to change and be more competition ready in the next 20+ weeks. Slowly but surely I am getting there!!!!! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!

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Bright Side of Sick Days & Enough With MLM Scams Already!!!!

I was so motivated to hit the gym on Monday, but wouldn’t you know that Zoe was sick again. Poor girl had a low grade fever and a cough. I decided it was best to keep her home to rest.


The girl may have been sick, but stayed smiley all day. She has taught me that no matter how bad your day may seem to be, if you smile it makes the day become awesome! A positive outlook goes a long way!!!!


We rested up most of yesterday too and hit the gym in the early evening. I did Delts and Back to make up for missing Monday. I figure I will add Triceps to Friday’s training. I am pretty impressed with my progress!!! Changing the way I look at food as well as how I eat has made this cut SO much easier than the first one. It was nice to be able to eat birthday cake without feeling guilty, as well as being able to indulge here and there without worrying about gaining. I have been keeping my fiber count between 30-50 grams per day and hitting my macros. It’s crazy, even with being a little bloated from my cycle, I can see my abs forming without flexing. I have NEVER seen my abs without flexing!!! Even when I was skinny!!!! I have not seen any muscle loss, and slowly but surely the fat is melting away.


To boot, I can see my muscles through my long sleeve t-shirts!!!! I am stoked about this lol. My husband was like you are gonna need to register those guns ha ha ha. I get constant questions about how much protein I eat a day and how I hit my protein count? My protein is set at 160 grams per day. I don’t think it is an unreachable nor an outrageous amount, but have had some balk at the number. I guess I am just use to eating that much, but I also know most in the bodybuilding industry are eating at LEAST that much if not more lol. I typically try to eat my macros if I can. However, I do supplement some of my protein. I am in love with my protein powder. I am currently using Nitrox Pro by Saturn Supplements. I love the fact that it is such a huge serving of Isolate. One serving is 41 grams of protein. It mixes clean and has a very natural vanilla flavor. I actually love all of Saturn’s products! This was a HUGE factor in becoming sponsored by them. I wanted to work with a company whose products I truly believe in!!!! I stand by these products and Saturn Supplements. They not only have superior products, but service as well. Not a fly by night company, nor multi-level marketing. They have been in business since 1989. Just a solid reputable company πŸ˜‰ Again, NOT a multi-level marketing company!!!!

I have been getting emails, messages, etc about selling Multi-level marketing products such as Beachbody, Body By Vi, Advocare, Skinny wraps, etc Please know, these companies may be the right fit for YOU and YOUR lifestyle, I personally do NOT like Multi-level marketing and do not participate in them whatsoever. This means I have NO interest in the products nor sale of them. I do not want to promote them and as flattered as I am to be told that my positive attitude will make me excel in the sales of these products, that is not what I am about. I started this website to keep myself accountable as well as support others on their journey.


I again, do promote Saturn Supplements, because I believe in their products as well as their company. Figure competing is very expensive, so Yes, I am sponsored by them, but do NOT make a paycheck when someone buys their products, nor am I recruiting for sales people. You can buy their products, but you can not buy into their business. They sponsor many amazing athletes worldwide ranging from bodybuilding, power lifting, cycling, running, swimming, kick-boxing, karate to everyday health and fitness enthusiasts. I am honored to be a part of this group of elite athletes!!!Β Do I hope you try their products out? Of course I do! I will advertise on my site and my social media occasionally, but never directly push someone or pressure them to buy. I hope this clears things up for those who have been asking me to promote their MLM companies. Again, I am not interested. Saturn Supplements is the ONLY supplement company I currently work with. You can click below to find out more.

Saturn Supplements - Vitamins & Supplements

Today is date day in the gym with my honey. We will be training chest and getting some posing practice in πŸ˜‰ Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!


Lady Swole and Motivation Monday! Let’s Get It!!!

Happy Monday!!!!

It was great to get back to work last week! I am stoked to work even harder this week!!! My legs are STILL sore from last week’s leg training though. Been doing the Penguin for at least 3 days ha ha ha

Let’s get the vibe going for the week!!!

Of course kicking it off with Lady Swole Monday πŸ˜‰ CLICK HERE to check it out more on Hope “Smallwonder” Trask’s Facebook page

Let’s start this week strong and finish even stronger!!!!

Be sure to check out Team Saturn Supplements on Facebook CLICK HERE and be sure to tell them I sent you and check out their website by clicking below πŸ˜‰

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Busy Week Recap

This past week was a blast! Josh’s parents were down for a birthday visit. Josh took the week off work, so it was a family fun filled week! We celebrated all of our birthdays. I did get my cake done πŸ˜‰ It was a bit of a rush job, so didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but it was still a lovely cake and Zoe even help a little lol





Gotta love Pinterest for all the awesome cake decorating ideas ha ha ha ha and YES I did indulge in a piece πŸ˜‰ Chocolate, Strawberry, and Coconut cake, that is just a no brainer!!!!

I enjoyed every bite! We also went out to eat a few times. I did my best to make healthier choices and stay within my macros. We went to Red Lobster, Cantina Laredo, Braum’s, and Hardees. It was nice to get out of my sweats and into regular clothes lol


At Red lobster I order the Island Grilled Mahi Mahi and Shrimp with just two orders of steamed Broccoli on the side no rice. Like a bad blogger I didn’t take a pic ha ha I stole this one πŸ˜‰

At Cantina Laredo I had Mahi Mahi again. This time with steamed asparagus, spanish rice, and guacomole. I had a skinny cocktail too. It was a divine meal! I think Cantina Laredo will be our new go to restaurant!!!!

At Braum’s my meal choice wasn’t the best, but there really wasn’t many options. As far as fast food goes, it was okay, but it threw my macros off quite a bit. I had the Apple, Cranberry, Chicken Salad

Hardee’s actually has a great sandwich to keep me in my macros as well as full. Their turkey burger, in my opinion, is tasty and is a perfect fast food option!

We even had a nice late night bonfire and ate smores


Just an overall blast!!!! I still kept up with my training and did my best to keep within my macro guidelines. I feel I have fared well this week, even with all the little cheats. I haven’t had a weekly check in for over two weeks, so I will get one posted soon! πŸ˜‰ Hope you all had a fabulous week!!!!! xoxo


Let’s Try This Again… Motivational & Lady Swole Monday

I swear with the past couple of weeks I can’t catch a break ha ha ha ha

Once we got the Beardog drama settled down, I hit the gym hard. Everything was great till my birthday then sick sick sick. Well, it is Monday again, so I am more than ready to get this going again πŸ˜‰

As I do every Monday, I highly recommend checking out, if not participating in Lady Swole Monday on NPC Competitor Hope Trask’s Facebook Page

Nothing is holding me back this week!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxoxo


Happy Birthday To My Husband & I am Finally Feeling Better!!!

My birthday was lovely

but spent feeling sick. As the night went on, the sicker I felt…

My fever shot through the roof on Friday. I honestly thought I might be paying the ER a visit. It finally broke at 103.8 I started to feel normal again and thought for sure if I went to bed early, that I might possibly be able to train legs yesterday…. Well, that didn’t happen. I woke up with a fever again. Not quite as high as Friday’s, but enough that I knew my body was telling me to rest. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body.

Great news is I am feeling much better today!!!! It is also my husband’s birthday!!!! Josh turns 28 today πŸ˜‰ Happy birthday darling xoxo I love you!!!

In celebration of both of our birthdays as well as our parent’s birthdays, he is taking the week off of work so we can all celebrate! That is the best birthday present EVER!!!! We will get the beginning of the week to our little family then his parents will be down for a visit mid week. We plan on having a blast!!! I pray that he does NOT get what I am getting over. Monday I will be back in the gym training as hard as ever. I also get my cheat meal this week, so I am excited for that too!!!

I hope you all are as excited for the coming week!


It’s My Birthday! No Crying Here ;-)

It’s my birthday! I turn 35 today and am excited to say I am in the best shape of my life! πŸ™‚

I plan on having a fabulous day with my family xoxo Hope you all have a happy day too!


Think Pink!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 35 πŸ˜‰ As we age our risks for disease go up. We all know October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I think it is a great time to remind ladies to Think Pink!

I personally know, as we all probably do, Β many women who have fought or are fighting this horrible disease. I have family and friends who have suffered first hand. Some of these strong ladies have survived and some have succumbed. All were mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, wives, friends, etc. and the strongest women I have ever known!

It is so important that we take the time to exam ourselves! Not just once a year, but on a regular basis. Seeing first hand the emotional trauma it has on these women as well as their families is not only an eye opener, but it truly makes you sit down and count your blessings.

I try to be adamant about checking myself. Not just for me, but for my family’s sake. With 1 in 8 women diagnosed, why would you risk it?

Educate yourself on how to decrease your chances….

Checking yourself is easy. First make sure you LOOKΒ for differences…

Then FEEL for them….

Not a hard process at all. We need to support each other and make sure we are sharing the knowledge so we can help prevent Breast Cancer and or catch it early in our family and friends xoxo

With love and hope we can tackle this disease and bring the survival rates up! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxox


Finally Getting Back To Us!

It was so nice to get back in the gym last night! I felt strong as ever and it was such a great stress relief.

I am loving my nutrition set up now too. I never feel hungry anymore and I feel like I am actually getting leaner without losing my muscle. I seriously have hardly had to do any HIIT or cardio at all and everything is tightening up.

I am excited that I will finally have that elusive six pack πŸ˜› I have been getting asked about ab workouts. Just like I said last month, I had a hard time keeping up with the ab challenge for September. Not because it was hard, just I was lazy when I got home and would forget about it. πŸ˜‰ I did probably half of the challenge and once all the Bear talk started I pretty much stopped. I was doing abs on Fridays with my biceps, but started concentrating more on my arms. Every great once in a while I will do some ab work. Most Fridays I concentrate more on just getting my arms wasted. I have been told so many times that abs are made in the kitchen, and to be honest I believe that!

This week is more about getting back into the groove of things both with Zoe and my training. Last week was much more emotional than I had ever anticipated. I still get choked up talking about Beardog πŸ™ Zoe started having behavior issues last week and is finally getting back to her old self. She was seriously mad at me and for good reason. i certainly do not blame her at all!!! We are getting back into lesson time which is great for both of us!

I am still taking my Saturn Supplements stack. I recently started taking Thermosene Burning ForceΒ  It has helped greatly with energy! It does suppress my appetite if I take 2 at a time. Taking 1 twice a day is plenty for me. I take one in the morning as a pick me up and another pre-workout. I will probably only take them for 4 weeks at a time, just as I did my stronger pre-workouts.

Thermosene Burning Force

I have been so impressed with the Saturn Supplement Line I can’t say enough about them!!!!!

I had a complete brain lapse and didn’t realize I was suppose to pick TWO winners for the Quest bars, so the second winner is…..

Paula V.Β 

Forgive me for the delay πŸ˜‰ Hope you all get a chance to check out Saturn Supplements!

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Motivation & Lady Swole Monday Woot!!!

Happy Monday!!!

I took most of last week off with all the Beardog drama. Zoe and I both needed time to heal. She has been acting out and we both cried A LOT! I lost sleep and knew it was not a healthy choice to go to the gym. It is a new week and I am more than ready to get back to training!!!! Who’s with me!?!?! Let’s get motivated!!!!!

I always throw a little plug in for Figure Competitor Hope Trask and Lady Swole Monday πŸ˜‰ Hope has been such a motivating force for me and a huge supporter!!!! Be sure to CLICK HERE and check her out!

Hope you all get out there and smash your goals this week and have a fabulously fit day!!!


October Goals

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by! It is already October 6th and I haven’t posted my goals for the month yet!?!?! YIKES! Well, despite how fast this year is going, we LOVE October!

October is a busy month for our family. It is a month full of birthdays. Mine is the 10th, Josh’s the 13th, his dad and my mother also have birthdays on the 12th and 18th and we typically celebrate his mom’s September birthday along with ours.

Then of course is Halloween πŸ˜‰ Zoe is more than excited this year. It will be more fun since she understands the process more. It will be her 3rd Halloween she will actually go trick or treating. Her first year she was too young (4mths old) to go and we lived in the middle of no where so we just stayed home. Her first trick or treating experience was fun, but she didn’t really understand what we were doing or why. Last year she wasn’t sure what we were doing till we got out there, then she was all about getting candy ha ha. This will be the first year that her daddy will be able to join us, so she is excited to show him the ropes. I think we will be making her costume this year, so it should be fun!

Now for my October goals….

    1. To get this family back to normal, or as normal as we can be ha ha πŸ˜‰ With Beardog leaving, it has put quite the strain emotionally on all of us. Even though Charlie helps, we are all still hurting and grieving. Zoe has up’s and down’s, but she has been getting better everyday. She is still desperately missing her best friend xoxo We all are still healing and we will take our time in doing so.Β 
    2. Next up is to get the ball rolling on all the birthday festivities! Birthdays mean CAKE!!! I will indulge in a little πŸ˜‰ After all, it is my birthday too xoxo This will be the cake I am making for us this year. It will be a Neapolitan cake. More like the candy than the ice cream πŸ˜‰ Chocolate on the bottom, Strawberry middle, and Coconut on the top layer. I am excited! I love the rose look too! It is gonna be a fun cake to make!!!Β 
    3. Despite the cake….To continue smashing my diet and training. I have been doing great and the fat is melting away. It has not been a rushed process, but it has been going phenomenal! I am definitely feeling slimmer and not feeling weaker in the gym which is awesome! I am not starving, some days I actually have a harder time eating all my calories. I am going to lay off the alcohol. I have fallen into old habits and that needs to cease.Β 
    4. Next up is to start packing up the house. Yes, we are moving again…. Not to a different city or state this time. We are gonna stay here in Springfield for the time being. Our lease is up at the end of February so we are looking at different options now. I like to take my time packing. Plus, we always use our moves as a way to clean out junk we have accumulated over the year. Luckily Springfield is notorious for having year round garage sales everywhere, so should be easy to sell our stuff.
    5. We are looking into loft living. Springfield has a beautiful downtown area. So researching lofts as well as the downtown area. We think it would be great to teach Zoe a much more diverse way of living. I grew up in both the city and the suburbs and learned a lot from both. I want her to have those same experiences. Plus we love the industrial/contemporary look of many of the lofts here and they are MUCH more affordable than the current house we live in.Β 
    6. To continue with Zoe’s more advanced lesson plans. She is having fun again during lesson time instead of being bored, which is awesome. I just need to not be lazy and research better ways of teaching her. She loves to learn new things and as long as I keep it interesting, we can expand her knowledge.Β 
    7. To not sweat the small stuff. With all the emotional drama I have fallen back into old habits of letting dumb things get to me. I know better and I know that it not only affects me, but my family. I need to give it to God and just let things be, so I can be HAPPY! πŸ™‚Β 
    8. And last but certainly not least is to keep representing my favorite company Saturn Supplements. Not only because I believe in their products, but because they support and believe in me!!!! Take time to check them out!!!!

Saturn Supplements - Vitamins & Supplements


Weekly Check In Better Late Than Never (Giveaway Winner)

Finally getting around to my weekly check in πŸ˜‰


My diet has been pretty good. I did get some fast food twice this week, but made sure that my choices did fit my macros. One of the days was a Turkey burger from Hardees, which actually was great and the macros were pretty on point. The other day I had a grilled onion cheeseburger lol so not the best choice, but I enjoyed it. I have also been drinking alcohol to try to help me sleep. Not the best choice, but Beardog leaving has been harder to cope with than I had thought it would be. Not that I should drink to make myself feel better, but I want to be honest with my nutrition choices over the past week.

My weight is down one pound, my waist is down 1/4 inch this week, and bodyfat % is 18.2 from 18.9. No huge changes, but I am on point as far as my goals I am doing it at the pace I believe is the most healthy and will retain most muscle.






This just makes me giggle. Fun Fact, she is posing along with me in every picture ha ha ha She cracks me up!!!

My progress is not happening fast, but it is still progress. I would rather take my time with the process and keep my sanity and health vs cutting weight super fast and messing up my metabolism, losing muscle, and sacrificing happiness as well as my health.

I did not forget that I have another giveaway winner to announce…

Heather M.

Please be sure to check out my sponsor!

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