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Goodbye December Month End Goal Check In

As much as I LOVE Christmas and the month of December, I am happy it has come and go so quickly! I am exhausted!!! Let’s see how the month’s goals were…..

1. To get my gifts wrapped. Obviously this one was a no brainer. 😛 We were blessed to have not one Christmas, but two! It was a lovely time with family xoxo

2. I was suppose to start packing, but decided to start after Christmas ha ha basically because with family staying here, I didn’t want to take up space with boxes.

3. Next to manage my time better. I did this a little better this month. Seems like whenever the holidays come into play we are always also getting ready to move which makes me extremely busy. Josh works 50+ hours a week, so decorating, cleaning, packing, lesson plans, gifts, cooking,m etc fall on my shoulders. I am not complaining by any means we are certainly blessed, but I do need to learn better time management.

4. Staying on track. Like I said last month, this wouldn’t be hard. My mom actually did make the trip down as did Josh’s parents. I sacrificed last year and didn’t indulge in anything. This year was a different story. Christmas dinner I did log, but did not restrict myself in the least. I just enjoyed the food and was back on track the next day. When his parents came down I just stuck with my IIFYM lifestyle and enjoyed a few things that fit right in 😉 Needless to say, I enjoyed the holiday this year!

5. I definitely felt like I gave my stress to God this month! We have been on edge with bills, getting the apartment, Josh’s job, etc Josh and I talked it over and realized that what is going to happen, will happen. We have no control over most of it, so we need to just rely on our faith and know that God will always be there. If you have been following me a while you know that Josh was on the fence, so to speak, with his faith. Even though this was something that bothered me, I did not want to pressure him. I continued to pray for him and started to see that he was praying. He spoke of God’s word to one of his employees and I just couldn’t be more proud. I cried tears of joy when I realized he has given himself to the Lord. I honestly have to say it has made the stress level for everything go down. To have someone to pray with is the ultimate greatest thing!

We are excited to start the new year with new goals! I will be spending the evening with Josh and Zoe 😉 It’s funny, in my 20’s I would worry about not passing out drunk before the new year. Now I worry about keeping Zoe and Josh up, so we can celebrate together lol. I had a wonderful 2013 and know that 2014 is going to be just phenomenal!!! I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!


Last Motivation Monday Of The Year!

Well Hello Monday!

It has been a good, but long weekend. We had an unexpected second Christmas. Josh’s parents made the trip down to surprise Zoe with more presents! Unfortunately, she and I were also sick 🙁 Both had the sniffles and  low grade fevers


So instead of hitting the gym we rested. We are both feeling better today and stoked to hit the gym! I will have an extra hard and long workout since I missed back day due to being sick. Today I will train both back and shoulders.

I am happy with the progress I have made this year! I went from restricting calories, not tracking my macros and eating “clean” To eating more, tracking every macro and eating what I want. The IIFYM lifestyle has changed everything for me!


Can you believe this is the last Motivation Monday of the year!?!? Let’s get motivated to smash some goals today!!! I always kick things off with Lady Swole Monday!


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Importance Of Joint, Ligament, and Bone Care

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! I certainly did 😉 Last year I was very concerned with what I ate and how much I ate. I did not truly enjoy the day as I should have. I have since learned that you can not continue a certain lifestyle if it is not realistic. This year I vowed to just enjoy myself and be with family. I did track my food, but wasn’t stressed about going over or indulging.

Yesterday was my refeed day, so low fat and high carbs. I felt strong in the gym and just over all awesome once I started training. I finally received my shoes and have been breaking them in. Posing practice has been taken to another level lol I am loving it and my shoes!!! Zoe calls them my Cinderella slippers ha ha ha 😉


At the beginning of the month I started taking new Joint Supplements from Saturn Supplements Joint Aid is the first one. The Joint Aid is a maximum strength Glucosamine and Chondroitin Complex.


Glucosamine and Chondroitin are both found naturally in healthy cartilage. Both are used for joint pain and to treat OsteoArthritis. Many studies have been done that support the use!

“For a subset of participants with moderate-to-severe pain, glucosamine combined with chondroitin sulfate provided statistically significant pain relief compared with placebo—about 79 percent had a 20 percent or greater reduction in pain versus about 54 percent for placebo.”

The other one I received is Joint Matrix


This one is my favorite! It not only supports joint and cartilage health, but also ligament and bone health. This is very important to me, being a heavy lifter as well as an aging female 😉

What Women Need to Know

Being female puts you at risk of developing osteoporosis and broken bones. Here are some facts:

There are multiple reasons why women are more like to get osteoporosis than men, including:

Several factors play into bone health, as well as ligament and joint health. Eating right, exercise, not smoking, etc

The benefits of a complex supplement like The Joint Matrix are also a huge weapon in prevention. The Joint Matrix not only has Glucosamine and Chondroitin, but also Shark Cartilage, Green Lipped Sea Mussel, L-Histidine, MSM and Boron.
Shark Cartilage is presumed to be full of health benefits. Anti-Inflammatory benefits, Fighting cancer, Arthritis relief, diminishing Psoriasis, Immune booster, treating Glaucoma, aiding in Digestion, etc the list is actually rather long lol
Green Lipped Sea Mussel another amazing supplement in itself! The benefits of it are described as the same as Shark Cartilage.
L-Histidine is an Amino acid. It supports the healing process and helps regenerate tissue. It also supports lower blood pressure and healthy skin 😉
MSM also known as METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE is found in humans, plants and animals. I think it can also be man made in a lab. As everything else, it also has a huge list of benefits! Chronic pain, scar tissue, muscle cramps, tendinitis, stretch marks, oral care, hair loss, weight loss, PMS, eye health, poor circulation, even snoring. The list for this one also goes on and on.
Boron is a mineral that is found in food and the environment.
Boron is used for building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination.
I have found the benefits to using the Joint Matrix outstanding! I am a stickler about making sure my body is in tip top shape and this has been a HUGE addition to my supplement stack!
I encourage you to check both of them out on Saturn’s Website. You can save 10% on your total order by entering code SBSC 😉

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Hope you all have a fabulously fit day and from my family to yours, Merry Christmas!



Merry Monday!

Merry Monday!

Hope you all are ready for Christmas! We did our Christmas shopping back in October, so have been more than ready ha ha. Originally my family was coming to visit, then they canceled, now my mom and godmother are coming. My dad’s WBC is still too low so he and my brother are going to stay home and we will Skype with them on Christmas. A little bummed I won’t get to see my daddy, but blessed to still see some family xoxo

christmas daddy

Okay let’s get motivated for the week! Don’t think because it is Christmas we take any breaks ha ha As always I will start it off with Lady Swole Monday!


We will post our Christmas edition LSM pic next week 😉

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day! Don’t forget to check out my sponsor! Use code SBSC for a 10% savings!!!

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The Key To Happiness Is Excitement For The Future

I am pretty excited today!

As frustrated as we have been lately, we have also been equally excited/anxious. We still have some issues we are working though, but have faith that God will guide us.

We had originally planned on moving downtown, then came news of moving to Florida, then of course plans changed again and we were told we were staying here. We looked downtown again for a loft, but nothing in our price range was available in the areas we wanted to live. We found an awesome apartment complex near where we live now. The only problem is we both have horrible credit (something we are in the process of working on) and feared we wouldn’t be approved. We kept our faith and applied anyway…

It is a really nice tight knit community and since we really don’t know anyone here we thought this would be a great way to meet people. Plus the place is amazing, has a ton of amenities and with our rent being less, it will help us to get caught back up on our previous bills. We waited over two weeks and finally heard back and we were approved! Our move in date is February 28th. We plan on staying here in Springfield for at least 16 more months. Then I am sure we will be on to another city 😉 We are stoked to move though! After Christmas I will finish packing up the house and get our garage sales started! Woot!!!

The next thing I am excited about is my weight is officially 129lbs!!! This means my macros change starting today.


My calories will be set at 1574. This is just 28 calories lower than before. The numbers on the top line are my totals for the day. Since starting IIFYM I am seeing myself getting leaner, my muscles seem more full and I still feel strong! I am loving the balance of this lifestyle and being able to still enjoy the foods and drinks that I was only allowing myself on cheat days and actually tended to binge on. To be able to still have indulgences and not feel guilty has made my journey so much more enjoyable, not to mention I feel now that I am making much better progress than before!!!



As I stated in a previous post, I started incorporating refeeds and I am excited to see how that will help me progress as well! My next is on the Friday after Christmas 😉 I am stoked! I am waiting till after Christmas, because it has to be a low fat day and you know I am gonna get down on some ham and Christmas fixin’s ha ha ha.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend!

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Have  a fabulously fit day!


Just In Time For The Holidays…Eggnog Protein Cookies

I have been working more with my Nitrox Pro Protein Powder and trying to develop tasty treats!


I did some Cookies N Cream pancakes the other day, but I am still working on that recipe to get it just right. 😉 I did make some awesome Eggnog Protein Cookies though!


They are actually quick and easy! To boot they have awesome macros! 😉

The recipe makes 12 cookies

54 Calories per cookie, 2g Fat, 2g Carbs, 1g Fiber and 8g of Protein


  • 3 Egg Whites
  • 1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar
  • 90g of Vanilla Nitrox Pro
  • 28g or 2 Tbsp of Coconut Flour
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp your choice sweetener
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Desired amount of nutmeg and cinnamon. I prefer heavy on both ha ha ha
  • 1 Tbsp of oil of your choice. I would have used coconut oil, but was out so used olive instead and they still turned out awesome!

Preheat the oven to 350. Beat the eggs with the cream of tartar till you have stiff peaks, then slowly fold in the rest of the ingredients. I used a spoon to drop 12 equal amounts on a pregreased cookie sheet and baked for 7 mins.


When I first pulled them out I wanted one so bad. I sprinkled more nutmeg on top and I took a bite of a warm one and thought UH OH….these were an utter failure, back to the drawing board. To me, they were NOT good warm. Zoe however loved them right off the bat.


She actually kept asking for more throughout the evening, which made me curious enough to try them again.


I am glad I did. Once they cooled off, they were quite tasty, especially with Milk!!!


I enjoyed them enough, that I made a second batch 😉 Now I want to try it with the Cookies N Cream Nitrox Pro! I am sure this recipe will work with other proteins, but if you would like to try out Nitrox Pro, just click below and be sure to enter code SBSC to get 10% off your total order! I assure you it is hands down the best quality I have had as far as protein powders go!!! Hope you all enjoy and have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxox

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Why I started Incorporating A Refeed Day

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen a post last week talking about a refeed. I have gotten a ton of questions as to if it is the same as a cheat day as well as what is a refeed day? To answer the first question, no it is not the same as a cheat day. Since I have started the IIFYM lifestyle, I have no need for cheat days/meals. As long as I meet my micro, macro, and fiber requirements for the day I eat what I want.

As I have stated before, this doesn’t mean I veg out on burgers, pizza, poptarts, and candy all day. However, if I want to eat something like that and it fits I will eat what I want without guilt 😉 This has been working for me!

Now to explain what a refeed day is. When you have been restricting your calories for so long, your Leptin levels begin to drop. Leptin is a protein produced by fatty tissue in your body. It’s main function is to regulate your fat storage, hunger pangs/cravings and energy expenditure.

As your Leptin levels drop, your fat loss begins to stall, your metabolism slows, and cravings increase. Some think at this point it is a mental issue to overcome, but in reality it is their body telling them they need to raise those levels back up!

Refeed days are basically days that you carb up. The higher your bodyfat % the less frequent you need a refeed and vice versa.

“For those people who are in the 10-15% range, re-feeding every 6-12 days will probably be adequate, for those who are above 15%, re-feeding will probably not need to be done more than once every week to two weeks. Obviously as one loses body fat they will need to re-feed more often.”

*The Ultimate Cutting Guide Devised by Pro Natural Bodybuilder Dr. Layne Norton

I am currently around 15.4% I say around, because we all know calipers can be off a bit. I started having a refeed last Wednesday. It is advised that you choose a lifting day on a body part you are struggling with, or want to develop more. I chose leg day.

There are several articles about refeeds out there, but I personally trust the advice and knowledge of Layne Norton. I look for his articles, videos, etc. The link above/below is what I have followed.

*The Ultimate Cutting Guide Devised by Pro Natural Bodybuilder Dr. Layne Norton

Re-Feed Days Should Be Planned As Follows:

  • Re-feed on the day you work your worst body part(s) as re-feeding will not only raise leptin, but be quite anabolic.

  • Keep fat as low as possible during re-feed days as high insulin levels will increase dietary fat transport into adipose tissue. In addition dietary fat has little to no impact on leptin levels.

  • Reduce protein intake to 1 g/lb bodyweight.

  • Consume as little fructose as possible as fructose does not have an impact on leptin levels.

  • Increase calories to maintenance level (or above if you are an ectomorph) and increase carbs by at least 50-100% (endo’s stay on the low end, while ecto’s should stay on the high end) over normal diet levels.

As my bodyfat drops I will incorporate my refeeds closer together. It was actually harder than I thought lol In my mind it was going to be more of a cheat day per say, but with trying to not eat fat it was a lot harder than I had anticipated. I think I needed to eat a bit more that day. I look forward to my next refeed day next week.

I stress to do your research. As my journey continues, I learn more and more. I have been blessed with some of the most awesome mentors and online friends who jhave been willing to guide me in the right direction. I do feel like I am making more progress now and doing so in a much healthier manner!

Here are a couple of other articles I found useful The power of refeed and Leptin

Nick Mitchell Blog Why Cheating on your diet can be good for fat loss

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Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

I am officially done with snow ha ha ha Josh has been having to take my car to work everyday, because for whatever reason our street STILL hasn’t been plowed. The sun is out and temp is above freezing, so let the melting commence!!!!

Today is hopefully the last day that I will be without a car! So it very well is a Happy Monday! I am so stoked to get back into the gym and will be doubling up on my training this week to make sure I am not missing a thing 😉 As you know, I start every week with Lady Swole Monday.


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Back Training!!!

Back Training is one of my favorite days! Always has been 😉

It is a hard core workout. The training  is  full body and intense. I love building my back up! It is definitely a day I feel strong on. *I again stress leave your ego out of it. I can care less what others lift. I get told all the time by people that they squat x amount or dead lift x amount. I worry about my form and what I am doing. Don’t compare yourself to others it gets you nowhere.

This is a day I start with Barbell exercises before Dumbbell. I start with T-Bar Rows I don’t know what the weight is considered when you do this with a barbell, so I just keep track of the plates I put on and don’t count the bar. My gym doesn’t have the t-bar row machine. Set One 45lbs x 12, Set Two 90lbs x 10, Set Three 100lbs x 8, Set Four 110lbs x 6

DeadLift is next and in my opinion one of the most important lifts! Set One 95lbs x 12, Set Two 115lbs x 10, Set Three 135lbs x 8, Set Four 155lbs x 4-6

Dumbbell Rows Set One 35lbs x 12, Set Two 40lbs x 10, Set Three 45lbs x 8, Set Four 50lbs x 6-8

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down Set One 60lbs x 12, Set Two 75lbs x 10, Set Three 90lbs x 8, Set Four 105lbs x 4-6

Close Grip Behind The Head Lat Pull Down There are mixed reactions on this exercise. If not done properly, like any exercise you do risk injury. I feel a benefit from these and love them! Set One 60lbs x 12, Set Two 75lbs x 10, Set Three 90lbs x 8, Set Four 105lbs x 4-6

Machine Rows. I prefer to do cable rows, but again not something I have at my gym. I settle for these till our contract is up lol Set One 45lbs x 12, Set Two 55lbs x 10, Set Three 65lbs x 8, Set Four 75lbs x 6

Next up Wide Grip Over Hand Pull Ups I basically try to do 4 sets of as many as I can. Typically by this point I am just wiped ha ha so I make the best of each set 😉

Last but not least, My HIIT as always it’s on the step mill.

That is the last of my training posts 😉 Hope that answers some of the questions I have been getting. Have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxox

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Building My Own Cleavage

Today I am going to go over my Chest Training. As I continue to lose weight, my boobs are dwindling away. This I am fine with, because I am replacing them with muscle. I will make my own cleavage 😉  One of my favorite physique competitors is Dana Linn Bailey. She is a woman who, in an industry where a lot of the ladies have implants, she has the confidence to stay natural. *Note I do not have a problem with implants, they just aren’t for me. 😉

I want that line she has at the top of her chest! It is something I have been working hard to get. My chest development has come a long way since I started, but is still a long way off from where I want it, but like I always say, I am a work in progress!

Let’s get started with that training 😉

I start with Incline Dumbbell Press Set One 20lbs x 12, Set Two 25lbs x 10, Set Three 30lbs x 8, Set Four 35lbs x 6

Incline Flyes Set One 10lbs x 12, Set Two 12lbs x 10, Set Three 15lbs x10, Set Four 20lbs x 4

Dumbbell Pullovers Set One 35lbs x 12, Set Two 45lbs x 10, Set Three 55lbs x 8, Set Four 65lbs x 6

Bench Press Set One 65lbs x 12, Set Two 75lbs x 10, Set Three 85lbs x 8, Set Four 95lbs x 4

Cable Crossover 3 Sets 10lbs x 12

Pec Deck Machine Set One 55lbs x 12, Set Two 65lbs x 10, Set Three 75lbs x 8, Set Four 85lbs x 4-6

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxox

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Thank God It’s Monday!!!!!!

Thank God It’s Monday!!!

I am happy it’s Monday for several reasons…. One, because we have been snowed in since Thursday. We enjoyed finding some fun and creative ways to train here at home. Doing sprints in the snow, dragging Zoe while attempting sprints, Using Zoe’s body weight to do bicep curls, bench press, squats, and lunges. We also did other bodyweight training and a ton of ab work. Snow days did not mean days off from training 😉 Although I did enjoy all the family time, I am stoked to get back into the gym today!


I am already motivated today, but let’s get you fired up too 😉 I always start with Lady Swole Monday. Check it out by CLICKING HERE to see all the ladies who participate on NPC Figure Competitor Hope Trask’s Facebook page


I am ready to earn my sweat today! How about you? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! Be sure to check out my sponsor for all of your supplement needs. Hands down best quality!!!!! I will not represent a company who I do not believe in and use myself. 😉

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Grow Dem Trees ;-) My Leg Training

I am fortunate enough that I get to share two of my training days with my Hubs. He pushes me harder and it helps to have him there on a big lift day. Our favorite training day is Leg day!

Leg training although a fun date day, it is usually ends with me hurting for a couple of days ha ha. I can’t complain though, I no longer have a flat booty and my legs are looking phenomenal!

As I have been stressing over the past couple of days, form form form! Don’t worry about how much weight is on the bar. I stress this a lot with Squats especially. When I started, I was more concerned with how much was on the bar. I was not getting low enough with my squats at all. Now I do deep squats also known as ass to grass. Some do parallel, which is great too. Just make sure your form is on point. You will see better results and reduce risk to injury.

We start with a super set of Front and Back Squats Set One 65lbs x 12/12, Set Two 75 x 10/10, Set Three 85lbs x 6/8, 95lbs x 4/6 There are several ways to hold the bar for front squat. Experiment and find out what is most comfortable for you.

Lying Leg Press Set One 240lbs x 12, Set Two 260lbs x 10, Set Three 280lbs x 8, Set Four 300lbs x 6

Hammy Curls Set One 45lbs x12, Set Two 55lbs x 10, Set Three 65lbs x 8, Set Four 75lbs x 6

Leg Extensions Set One 95lbs x 12, Set Two 105lbs x 10, Set Three 115lbs x 8, Set Four 125lbs x 6

Calf Press I do these on our gym’s leg press machine, because our gym’s seated calf raise is janky. I do Three Super Sets at 135lbs for 10 reps I say Super Sets because I will do 10 with my Toes out, Toes in, and Toes straight for a total of 30 reps per set.

After legs I head up to the cardio room for 10 mins of HIIT on the step mill. This is my favorite form of cardio 😉

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day! xoxo

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Bi’s And Tri’s Training

Tuesdays are my typical Bicep and Tricep training. You better buy some tickets for the Gun Show 😉

Biceps are hard to grow for me, but my Triceps do awesome. I do more for my bi’s than my tri’s, because I am trying to get them to peak. Again I stress to leave your ego at the door and concentrate on form over weight amounts. When I first started Josh would get so irritated with my form and being the hard headed lady that I am 😉 I just would keep trying so hard to go heavier. I wasn’t doing myself any favors. Correct form means proper muscle contraction, improper form means possible lack of muscle growth and injuries.

I start with Biceps

I start with Dumbbell Curls Set One 12lbs x 12, Set Two 15lbs x 10, Set Three 20 x 8, Set Four 25lbs x6

Hammer Curls Set One 15lbs x 12, Set Two 20lbs x 10, Set Three 25lbs x 8, Set Four 30lbs x 6

Dumbbell Preacher Curls Set One 12lbs x 12, Set Two 15lbs x10, Set Three 20lbs x 8, Set Four 25lbs x 4-6

Incline Dumbbell Curls Set One 10lbs x 12, Set Two 12lbs x 10, Set Three 15lbs x 8, Set Four 20lbs x 4-6

Straight Bar Cable Curls Set One 25lbs x 12, Set Two 30lbs x 10, Set Four 35lbs x 8, Set Four 40lbs x 8, Set Five 45lbs x 6

Now time for Triceps 😉

Close Grip Bench Press Set One 45lbs x 12, Set Two 65lbs x 10, Set Three 75lbs x 6-8, Set Four 85lbs x 4-6

Rope Pull Down Set One 25lbs x 12, Set Two 35lbs x 10, Set Three 45lbs x 10, Set Four 55lbs x 10

One Hand Cable Pull Downs Super Set Hand Positions change from over to under Set One 10lbs x 12, Set Two 15 x 10, Set Three 20lbs x 8, Set Four 25lbs x 8

Tricep Dips Four Sets of 10

It is a fun workout! Hope you all enjoy and have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo

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Delt Training

Last post was about my nutrition. The other question I am often asked is about my training. For the most part it is the same every week unless I get bored, then I switch it up. I am not a believer that if you plateau you need to change your routine. Weight loss is ALL about your nutrition. From what I understand and have been told from various trainers and coaches, is that muscle confusion does not exist.

I personally like to train one muscle group per training session. This allows me to concentrate solely on that area, work the muscles from every angle, completely exhaust the muscles, the allow optimal rest during the week. It is important to know your muscles!!!

On Mondays I typically train my Delts and Traps. With every exercise I do 4-5 sets starting with a light warm-up weight for 12-15 reps. I increase the weight with each set and try to do at least 12. As my muscles become fatigued and the weight gets heavier my last set is typically 4-6 reps. If my last set I can do 8 or more reps, then I know it is time to start going up in weight.  I also like to start with Dumbells, then barbell, then finish them off with machines. I do this with every muscle group. I also stress to check your ego at the door 😉 Concentrate on your form over how much you can lift.

This is my typical Monday Training session

Arnold Press Set One 15lbs x 12, Set Two 20lbs x 10, Set Three 25lbs x 8, Set Four 30lbs x 4-6

Seated Rear Delt Flyes Set One 10lbs x 12, Set Two 15lbs x 10, Set 3 15lbs 8-10, Set Four 20lbs 4-6

Lateral Raises Set One 10 x 12, Set Two 15 x 10, Set 3 15 x 8-10 Set Four 20 x 4-6

Underhand Dumbbell Front Raises Set One 10lbs x 12, Set Two 15lbs x 10, Set Three 20lbs x 8, Set Four 20lbs 6-8

Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs. I typically do these in the Smith Machine Set One 90lbs x 12, Set Two 110lbs x 10, Set Three 130lbs x 8, Set Four 150lbs x 6-8

Machine Shoulder Press Set One 30lbs x 12, Set Two 40lbs x 10, Set Three 50lbs x 8, Set Four 60lbs x 4-6

Machine Rear Delt Flyes Set One 90lbs x 12, Set Two 110lb x 10, Set Three 130lbs x 8, Set Three 150lbs x 6

Then to finish off my training I do 10 mins of HIIT on the Stepmill I do 40 seconds at level 5-6 the level 12-13 for 40 seconds. I alternate this till I run out of time then do a 2 min cool down on level 2-3

That is my typical Monday 😉 I will post all my training days, so stay tuned and have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo

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Answering Some Questions…..

I get a ton of emails and messages asking what my diet is. To be honest I no longer consider my nutritional choices a diet by any means. I started the IIFYM *If It Fits Your Macros* Lifestyle back in September.

I eat whatever I want now. I just make sure that my macros are met each day. This does not mean I eat junk food and veg out on crap all the time. To meet my macro needs I do still have to eat healthy.

My perception of getting lean has changed quite a bit. Let me start from the beginning. I always knew not to starve myself, but last year when I cut weight I constantly felt hungry when I went to bed. I would spend most of my evenings slamming water trying to feel full. I didn’t lose the fat that I wanted in the time frame I had set for myself. To be honest, I was disappointed with my last cut. I felt like I lost not only some fat, but some of my muscle. I was always irritable, because I was always hungry. My cut wasn’t just hard on me, but my body as well as my mind.(Not to mention my husband ha ha ha) Don’t get me wrong, I was happier with my body and the fat loss, I had just expected to be further.

I did my last cut in I think 14-16 weeks. I ended my last cut I think at 134lbs and around 20%BF. I didn’t feel lean at all. And I was ready to eat when it was over lol. With that being said, I believe that my calories had gotten so low that I did do minor metabolic damage. I gained weight fast when I started to bulk. At the time, I thought it was okay. In my head I was telling myself that it was all muscle, but that was far from the truth. Quite a bit of what I gained was fat. This realization came just before I started this cut. I was pretty upset with myself, because I felt as if I put myself right back where I was before. I started this cut with higher calories, with the fear that I was going to have to drop them really low again and I didn’t want to go that route, because I remembered how miserable I was before. With wanting to compete successfully and thinking this was how to do it, I started to feel like maybe this wasn’t the lifestyle for me…..

I started following many who were posting things on Facebook about IIFYM I had no clue what this meant. At first I thought it was a bodybuilder joke, that I didn’t get. I thought when someone said they were eating these “Cheats” it was on a cheat day. I was seeing more and more about it. So like I always do, I researched it. I came across a plethora of before and after results. people posting that they were eating more and doing little to NO cardio. I was like wait….WHAT!?!?!

So I started figuring out IIFYM. Basically, I am still watching my macros as far as protein, fat and carbs go. Now I also watch my fiber count.  I do not stress about what I am eating, as long as I hit my macros and to do that, I have to eat healthy most of the day. There is some leeway for certain treats on some days. No longer do I have to lock up the peanut butter. I can have a beer if I choose. These again, are sometimes treats, but if I can fit them in my macros, I no longer feel guilty. Yes, my cut is taking much longer, but I no longer feel sick, have headaches, irritability, or am exhausted. I feel like I can enjoy myself. I can go out to eat with my family without watching everyone else indulge. It has been a huge change. Instead of feeling like I need to lose 4-5lbs a week I aim for 1lb. I hit that goal every week and I feel that my progress albeit slow, is much better than last year! I am already at a lower weight and body fat%, so I am stoked! I do recommend those looking for a healthier and more manageable alternative to nutrition to check into it. I use the IIFYM calculator on CLICK HERE It is easy and quick. It figures your macros perfect! I go back and change it up every 5lbs lost, so I will go back in and change my macros when I hit 129lbs. There is a ton of info on this website and on the internet in general if you just google it. My favorite person to follow is Dr Layne Norton. He has such vast knowledge about nutrition. His blog and youtube channel were ultimately my deciding factor  in changing my ways. Hope this sheds more light into what’s going on in my little world 😉

Have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo

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