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Refeed Gone AWESOME & More Training Exercises Added

So excited this morning! Yesterday was my refeed and it was GLORIOUS!!! I woke up this morning and took my measurements. I am down 2 inches in my hips and over an inch in my arms and thighs and my bf% is down 1%

Actually more like 400g 😉

I also will now have a refeed day every 12 days rather than every 14. This will help with my fat loss and keep my body on track. I promised I would share more of what I have added to my training. Due to my hubs needing my car on Tuesday, because of of the snow, I took the day off so yesterday was Legs and Bicep training. Here is what I have added to both of those 😉

Biceps I started doing what is called Prone Incline Dumbbell curls You can CLICK HERE to see a video.

I have also added close grip barbell curls

On legs I started doing another superset immediately after my front/back squat superset. I do a wide/narrow leg press. This has not only made my leg training more difficult, but I am really seeing some awesome results!!!

As you can see, I haven’t added a ton to my training. Just a few things to help really carve my muscles out. It is always a learning process. I am continuously trying to find ways to make improvements and get the most out of each and every training session. I am loving the changes I am seeing in my body as well as the learning process.

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