Hello February xoxo

Ready to set those February goals? I certainly am!

Last month went by fast, but it really was a great month! I expect that February will be even better 😉 I have a lot to accomplish this month, but am excited to get started!!! I think it is very important to establish small steps to climb to achieve your goals. This is why I take the time to set these monthly goals. Although they may seem small or somewhat meaningless to most, each one is a small step towards accomplishing my dreams.

    1. My first goal this month is to truly embrace the IIFYM lifestyle. Last month I got into a lull of sorts. When I readjusted my macros my carbs were suppose to go up. This made me nervous. I know not to be scared of carbs, but to be completely honest I was terrified. I was scared that I was going to reverse everything I had already accomplished, so I dropped them to just below 100g. My weight/fat loss stalled…..I seriously started to freak out. After talking to some others who follow the same lifestyle and they reminded me why we switched to begin with and to trust the process. I raised my carbs up and what do you know, it worked! Words of wisdom for the month are…TRUST THE PROCESS!!!! 
    2. Stop worrying about what others think. I have been getting a lot of negative feedback on my diet choices, my muscle gains, lack of boobs, some who think I am on gear, etc…. Most days I could really care less what others think. Although some days, I do let some things get to me. I am human after all and I do have feelings. I need to remind myself of how far I have come, how none of those people have had any relevance to my journey and that what they think does NOT matter. I love myself and that is all that matters! 
    3. Finish getting the house packed up, cleaned and the garage sales done. So far we have been having some incredible turn outs. I am amazed at how many people brave the elements for bargains ha ha 😉 We have literally had people waiting outside our garage for us to open the door to buy stuff! These people are vultures ha ha ha. I am not complaining though. They are certainly not looky lou’s they come, they buy and they leave. We decided to only have the sales from 10am to 12pm and as crazy as it sounds that 2 hours is busy, then the action stops and our garage is almost empty. We do have some items that just don’t seem to be selling. I think we will donate whatever is leftover. We already decided to donate all of the clothes and toys that we are parting with. We have already made enough to refurnish most of the house and we haven’t even sold all of our current furniture yet! All of this work makes for an extra busy month, but it is all worth it! 
    4. Keep my training pace up. I have picked up the pace of my training and have been keeping my rest periods limited to 30-45 seconds. I am still pushing myself to lift as heavy as possible. I thought for sure that I would have to reduce my weights during my cut, but I have actually made some PR’s! A lot of my lifts are heavier than they have ever been and I know typically people do not grow during a cut, I feel as if I have. I have gained strength and size. I have also started implementing HIIT 3 times a week. Before I tried to, but wasn’t that great with it. I always had a negative emotion towards cardio. Well, I have since decided to buck up and just enjoy the process. I started doing sprints on the treadmill. I run at 8.5-9.5 speed for 30 secs the rest 30 secs. I do this for 10 rounds then walk at 2.5 speed at an incline set at 16.5-18 for the remaining 5 mins. My body fat has dropped and my skin is tightening up. I MUST keep this pace up! 
    5. Get my competition entry forms turned in and paid for, find and reserve my hotel and pick out a post competition restaurant. 😉 I received my NPC card yesterday, so now I have my number and can get my entry forms turned in. Since Overland Park is a couple of hours away, I need to find a hotel near the competition that is in our price range. Josh wants to take me to dinner after the competition to celebrate all my work, so I also need to figure out what I would like to splurge on. It is an exciting time and I am still 18 weeks out ha ha npc
    6. Keep supporting the amazing company that I am honored to say has been sponsoring my journey! Since exclusively taking Saturn Supplements, my results have been phenomenal. I truly believe in their products because of the quality. I am excited to continue my journey with this outstanding company and to grow with them!

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I thank you all for your continued support!!! Hope you have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo


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