Monday Monday Happy Monday

Sorry I have been MIA!!! Between moving and training I have just been wiped! I promise I have some great things in store to make up for it 😉 For starters, I currently have a stellar giveaway going for a RepFitness Medicine ball! CLICK HERE to get entered to win

Today is Monday. It is also the last week before the move. I am excited, not just to move, but also because Josh decided to surprise me by refurnishing our home. We successfully have sold almost everything, with one more garage sale on Thursday, then we move on Friday. I am stoked to see what he has picked out! It is an awesome way to start the week!!!! Training has been going great. I am still losing and leaning out nice and slow. I am more than ready to get this week started!!!!


Let’s get out there and show this week what we are made of!!!! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo

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