Questions Answered & A Little Love For My Haters ;-)

Whew, haters are out in full effect this week ha ha ha

Luckily I have some AMAZING people in my life who shine more love and kind words on me than those haters can even fathom! It’s okay to hate ha ha ha I am not mad at you 😉 Most of my hate mail this week has been about my food posts. I guess people just can’t imagine that someone can get into competition shape without restricting all the good stuff. It actually can happen! I am still losing fat. My body fat % is steadily reducing. Again, I do not eat junk all day, but if I can squeeze a goody in, you bet I do it!

I watch my measurements and progress closely, so I know if I need to change things up. Not to mention I have several mentors who have been guiding me the whole way. they are pros for a reason 😉

A few days ago, I mentioned that I have added a few things to my training. One is that I do delts and back twice a week now. One of those days is the same, the other I have added a few things that I wasn’t doing before.

For Delts and back I now do one hand Rear Delt Cable Flyes

I also added Face Pulls

Bent over Barbell rows

Deadlift (If you don’t know, Sarah Backman is a beast!!!)

Close Grip and Wide grip Pull ups I do a super set of these

And V grip or close grip lat pull downs. I typically do these after regular wide grip lat pull downs

I will add the extras from my other training days in the near future as well. I like showing the videos over pictures because I think it gives a better visual. Like I also said, I have been doing my HIIT 3 times a week. Typically Monday (Delt/Back), Wednesday (Legs) and Friday (Delt/Back) I do sprints on the treadmill. I try to keep it simple. I do 10 mins of HIIT then walk at 2.5 speed at an 18 incline for the remaining 5 mins. In this video Natalie shows how you would hop on and off the treadmill during sprints. Makes it so much easier!

I will post what I added to my Bicep/Tricep and Leg days My chest days are pretty much the same other than going heavier. Hope that answers some of the questions I have been getting lately 😉

Have a fabulously fit day xoxo


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  1. If we can’t have treats once in a while, it gets too boring. It makes me really, really want to eat bad. You are doing great!

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