Toxic People…Who Needs Them

When starting a new goal or lifestyle change, you are already a bit out of your element. Friends and family have a way of either supporting you or discrediting your effort. Something I have learned on my journey is that if you want something bad enough, you have to do it for you!

Today is it’s own motivation kind of day. Not in the sense that you need the mind frame to get out there, but more so that you need to stick to your guns and love yourself. Stop allowing others thoughts dictate your actions.

Those people have a problem with themselves. It is time to build OURselves up and stop allowing these people to bully us!

Over the years I have been slowly removing toxic people from my life. Even family members and “close” friends. It is hard to say I don’t feel bad or guilty about it, but I am happier now. If someone takes the time to belittle you or your dreams and efforts, then they aren’t worth yours. I am in this life to be happy and spread love. If I am surrounded by negativity, then that is near impossible!

Take charge of your life and stand up for your happiness!

Let’s be fierce, strong and free from anything that doesn’t make us happy. Get out there and accomplish your dreams and goals. Leave the doubters in your wake!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo

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2 comments to “Toxic People…Who Needs Them”

  1. Great advice, Joanna! IT’s so hard to think about discarding friendships or even distancing yourself from family members, but have to do what keeps you in a happy place! Keep it up, lady!

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