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May Goals Were Smashed! How Did You Do? @SaturnMuscle

This may have been the slowest month EVER for me ha ha ha. It is amazing to me how time was flying by up until these past 8 weeks or so. Finally we are at the end of May and I am ready to see how I fared with my goals 😉

First goal was to continue with LISS 3x a week at 45 min sessions. I actually up’ed it to hour sessions 4x a week starting around the 12th I believe, so this goal was smashed

Next up was get my suit and have it ready. Les at Vizion Couture went above and beyond! I adore my suit. I got it for a phenomenal price and it is truly dazzling!

Posing practice practice practice. Twice a day not missing a beat! I have a goal to win and want everything to be just right 😉

Getting all the odds and ends… I have gotten everything except a backstage robe or something to cover me while I wait. We have not really looked for anything yet ha ha I kind of forgot. That is something I will definitely get done this week 😉

The list! I posted that the other day 😉 I have it printed and I have a written copy as well. That list will keep me straight on what I need to bring with me and will keep me from forgetting.

Scheduled appointments… These are all ready in my Google calendar. I also have everything printed out so I won’t miss a beat.

Practice my hair and makeup… I took the advice of a few of my mentors and decided to keep my hair more simple. Think sleek like Jessica Rabbit ha ha ha anyway, my makeup and hair will be awesome and have exactly what I want to do down perfect!

I have made sure that Zoe and I have been spending extra time having fun. Josh had to work a ton this month with the new promotion and there being a holiday, so we both wanted to make sure Zoe was still getting plenty of family time. Zoe and I took a few trips up to his stores for little lunch visits and what not. She is such a Daddy’s girl 😉 She has been a huge help with my posing practice. She is really looking forward to mommy getting all dolled up. She thinks I look like a princess in my suit with my hair and makeup done ha ha ha She would cross the stage with me if I let her

I have gotten a bit more creative with Zoe’s lessons since we have had to leave more than normal. We have taken a few field trips 😉 but we are for the most part on point. Her education is always very important to Josh and I!

Last, but never least is continuing to represent my phenomenal sponsor Saturn Supplements. I am honored to be with a company who supports their athletes, provides the most elite supplement line on the market, and has done so for over 25 years! This is a goal that continues to carry over every month and I will continue to keep for as long as they will have me! I am proud to be built by Saturn Supplements!!!!

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My Post Competition Game Plan

Many have asked what I plan on eating post competition and if I am excited to get back to normal?

Post competition we plan on going to The Cheesecake Factory.

I am still deciding on the Chile Relleno Burger and the Fried Mac N Cheese Burger either way I am totally getting fries ha ha They both look so amazingly delicious to me. It will be hard to choose one 😉

Chlie Relleno Burger

Fried Mac N Cheese Burger

I will also have one maybe two celebratory beers and maybe dessert…dessert will depend on how full I am. I will probably just share one slice with Josh or Zoe 😉

Once this meal is said and done, it will be back to the diet I am currently on. You are probably thinking I am nuts, but there is reasoning behind this. Many competitors rebound badly after competition.

When you diet for a long period of time you need to restore your metabolic rate. The transition phase can be quite critical. Because it is so critical, it is important to have a post competition plan and stick to it. This is why I am choosing my foods and drinks now 😉 My plan is to eat till I am physically full, not psychologically full. Gorging myself will not only make me feel like crap the next day, but will also affect my body negatively.

For the week following the competition my diet nor training will change from what it has been, minus the carb cycling. My goal at this point will be to slowly reverse diet back into maintenance then into a bulk again. By doing it slowly I am investing in my metabolic capacity. Toughing it out for another 4-6 weeks will be much more beneficial and healthy for me.

After week one I will do an initial increase of my carbs and fats by 10-20%, then every week after that increasing 2-5% Keeping my protein at a balanced amount. With this process, as much as I hate it, the scale will be just as important as measurements and photos. My training will remain the same as far as the weight room goes. My cardio I will slowly begin to reduce the amount of time. Right now I am doing 4 one hour LISS sessions a week. My 2nd week post competition I will take one day away. 3rd week I will reduce each session to 45 mins. 4th week 30 mins, 5th week take one day away, 6th week 2 sessions of 15 min HIIT, 6th week back to just one 15 min HIIT a week.

The goal of this again is to restore my metabolic rate. Because I did not properly go into a bulk last time, I gained WAY too much weight before this cut. It took me a long time to get my bodyfat reduced. I also went lower than I wanted to in calories.The goal of reverse dieting is to increase calorie intake while simultaneously increasing my metabolism so I can maintain this weight. Thus being able to eat much much more without gaining weight. Once I feel I have stabilized I will begin another bulk. I really want to gain more size overall, but do it the right way this time. 😉

Most of the research I have done on reverse dieting was through Dr Layne Norton. I have many friends who are his clients and I have seen their outstanding progress. Although I can’t afford to receive his coaching, I can do my own research and get my training and diet as close as I can on my own. Here are some of the videos I followed…

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!

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#10DaysOut Time To Make A What I Need To Bring List

My post today is probably more for me than you 😉 although if you are new to competing, then this can be helpful for you too. I am a “Make a list” kind of person ha ha I make a list for everything, so obviously I would have to make a list of everything I need to bring to my first competition.

After researching and asking around, I think I have covered every base possible. This is my list of must haves to pack……

Outside of the obvious things most would pack when they travel, e.g. clothes, toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, brush, etc

Packing for a show can get quite extensive and there many items that make an uniformed person question you ha ha.

My suit, jewelry, and heels are some obvious things that I will be packing. In case you missed it, I received my suit yesterday and it is gorgeous beyond words! Les did an amazing job! I am very grateful for the time and effort he put into my suit!

Makeup, Lashes, extra lash glue, Flat iron, curling iron, Extra nails, nail glue, nail file, nail polish, polish remover, hairs products, hair clips, baby wipes, tissues, exfoliating gloves, exfoliator, razors (It’s important to be as clean and smooth as possible before getting spray tanned) basically all things to make me look pretty/ an impression 😉 ha ha ha….

Okay let’s get into some really important items. Sheets, pillow cases, mattress protector, towels,  plastic wrap, and a cup with a hole in the bottom. The spray tan stains any and all things that it comes into contact with, so it will be important to prevent any damage to the hotel room. You may be asking why the plastic wrap and cup with a hole. Both are for the toilet. The seat needs to be wrapped in case I touch it. the tanning will stain the seat. The cup, because I can’t necessarily sit down, because it will ruin my tan. The cup will act as a funnel so I do not splash my tush and mess up my tan. The more glamorous part of competing ha ha ha  😉

Food, food scale, plastic forks, supplements, Shower cap (to protect my hair while getting spray tanned), sewing kit (you never know if you will need it), Safety pins, Flip flops (cause I am not wearing those heels all day ha ha), Robe/loose fitting pants to wear backstage, a bag to carry all my stuff in, food, ice packs to keep my food cool, ziplock baggies large and small, cash, pen and paper, phone, phone charger, headphones, towel to sit on backstage, mirror, dental floss (don’t want gunk in my teeth before hitting the stage) Coconut water to prevent dehydration. Lots of time backstage, so need to be prepared to sit and wait 😉

Make sure I have a schedule for all my appointments (sign in, tanning, and airbrush makeup), NPC card, Copy of my registration, identification, Contest tickets for Josh and Zoe, Umbrella, Perfume (to spray my suit and robe down since I can’t wear deodorant all day due to it turns green with the tan), Resistance bands (to stay pumped up backstage)

Last but certainly not least, a smile on my face 😉 I am ready to have a blast, learn new things, meet new people, and of course I plan on winning something ha ha ha I am 10 days out as of today and more than ready to go!

Are you a list maker? I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on, so I tend to make several lists. My house has lists and post-it’s everywhere! I think I have everything covered here, but if not please let me know if I missed something. It is probably on a list of a list of a list that is posted somewhere in my house 😉

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Motivation Monday But Most Importantly MEMORIAL DAY

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, but most importantly honored our country’s fallen and their families.


So many seem to forget that Memorial Day is not a day of celebration, but a day to pay respect. I think since so many places open their pools during this holiday, that people have made it into a “summer has started” type of party weekend. I actually overheard one of my neighbors at the pool tell their kid that everyone was celebrating the beginning of summer and that was why this weekend was so special. Wait…WHAT!?!? I found it sad that she didn’t seem to know why we recognize Memorial Day, or maybe didn’t care. These brave men and women have put their lives on the line to protect ours and for that, my family is forever grateful.

thank you military

I am excited to say I am officially less than 2 weeks out! Training this week will be the same. My diet will begin the peak week changes starting this Thursday. I receive my suit tomorrow! (Fingers crossed that it fits) There was some miscommunication with the designer, but I still trust that things will work out the way they are suppose to 😉 I am more motivated than ever to start this week!!!!! As always I kick it off with Lady Swole Monday


Hope you start this week giving every ounce of yourself! I am a firm believer that life is what you make it. There are two types of people, those who sit back and watch others succeed and whine about why it is never them and those that work hard, push themselves to the limit, and earn their dreams. Which type of person are you?

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New @DetourBar Smart Bar Flavor & A #Giveaway

You may remember a while back, I did a review on Detour Smart Bars The flavors were Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon.


Zoe absolutely LOVES them! Matter of fact they have been a go to snack for her since then. She thinks they are treats, and I know they are healthy. It’s a win win in the Broadbent household!!!

Detour Reached out to me a couple of weeks ago to see if I wanted to try out the newest flavor Cranberry Flax. That was a no brainer 😉 I don’t think that Detour has a product that we don’t like.

The package arrived quickly and we were excited to try out the new flavor!


The Cranberry Flax bar is only 140 cals, 3.5g of fat, 17g carbs, 3g fiber, and 10g protein. Absolute perfect macro make up for a snack. I enjoy them, because I am a huge Cranberry fan. Most bars are a bit on the sweet side, with these you get a sweet and tangy flavor together. Just like the Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon Bars, they are beautifully drizzled with Greek Yogurt.


It’s little touches like this, that make Zoe overlook the fact that it is a “healthy” treat 😉


We both love the flavor, but as a mom/athlete I love them because they are naturally sweetened, made with whole grain oats, have a decent amount of protein, as well as a decent amount of fiber. Fiber is an important macro-nutrient that is key for weight loss/management. As always with Detour Products, Zoe gives the Cranberry Flax Smart Bars a thumbs up!


For a limited time only, when you order any Detour Smart Bars you can receive a reusable shopping bag 😉 I love these and keep a ton of them in my trunk. Trips to certain stores or farmer’s markets that don’t provide bags or even for unplanned scavenger hunts that Zoe and I take. It’s an awesome free gift!!!


What’s even more awesome, is the fact that Detour is going to give 3…yes 3 of my wonderful readers an opportunity to try the new Cranberry Flax Smart Bars for themselves! CLICK HERE to head on over to my giveaways page and get entered to win today!!!!


Planning My Peak Week…

WOW Just 2 and a half weeks out from competition! I have been told several times that the last 8 weeks or so go by really fast…. I have to say for me it has been the opposite, but I am okay with that. I am enjoying the process and doing my best to make each and everyday count!

So each and everyday is spent being meticulous about my diet, training, peak week, and show day prep. Peak week is the week prior to the competition. From everything I have educated myself on, I do not want to stray too far from what my current diet is. I am going to try to use Layne Norton’s methods as closely as I can for peak week. I found several informative videos on his website as well as on I will not be cutting water or sodium, nor will there be any major manipulations. I already feel that my calories are way lower than I really wanted them to be. Building my metabolism back up will come after the show and next year this will all be a much easier process, but for now, this is what I have to work with 😉

Peak Week Nutrition

He explains that moderate front carb loading is the way to go. Front loading of carbs is basically eating 60-75% of your carbs early in the day. I already do front load my carbs. Mainly because I train in the morning, so this is not a huge change at all. Starting Thursday and Friday of next week I will slightly drop my carbs to 100g  I am currently at 112g. Protein and Fat will remain the same. Saturday and Sunday My carbs will begin to raise I will increase them by 15-20g per day. Monday, the beginning of peak week! I will increase my carbs to 300g and my protein will be reduced by 20% my fat will also be reduced by 5% Tuesday -Thursday I will begin to slightly lower the carbs by about 10-15% each day Raising my protein back up by 5% and maintaining my Fat levels

My macros will look something like this….


100g Carbs, 131g Protein, 58g Fat


115g Carbs, 131g Protein, 58g Fat


300g Carbs,  105g Protein, 55g Fat


270g Carbs, 110g Protein, 55g Fat


240g Carbs, 115g Protein, 55g Fat


215g Carb,s 120g Protein, 55g Fat


230g Carbs, 125g Protein, 55g Fat

Carb loading in the beginning of the week allows room to reduce or raise carbs depending on how my body responds, vs carb depleting all week and either overloading or coming in too flat come show time.

Show Day

Starting 6-8 hours before show I will begin a moderate carb load. I will eat meals every 2-3 hours consisting of 25-30g of carbs, 10-20g of protein, and 5-10g of fat. Low to no fiber is important to keep bloating at bay. My pre-show meal will be 20g Protein, 40g carbs, 15g fat and around 800mg of sodium. I will also take a non drowsy antihistamine the morning of the show, since dieting down will leave me susceptible to allergies and illness. My water intake will remain the same for the most part. However when backstage I will keep my drinking to a minimum so I do not have to constantly pee ha ha ha

Peak Week Training 

Monday-Wednesday my training will remain the same. Thursday and Friday I will do circuit training. I will do one exercise per body part at 60% of my max for 15-20 reps. Probably no longer than 30-45 min training times. My cardio will be scaled back as the week goes on. Sunday will be normal 1hr LISS, Monday 45 mins LISS, Wednesday 30mins LISS, Friday 15mins LISS.

I feel ready for my first show and am very excited! It’s almost show time, but for now…..

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It’s Monday, The Sun Is Shining, Oh Happy Day!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!

I am getting more anxious every week ha ha ha I am officially just under 3 weeks out. Every week my body is tightening up in areas I didn’t even know could tighten 😉 I am starting to get baby veins everywhere. I am stoked for them to poke out and be bigger. My body is really tired now that we are getting closer, but my training has remained the same. I am still happy, very positive, and loving the whole process. I was a bit worried about carb cycling, but so far it has been great. I have two more weeks before peak week, then the diet changes slightly again. I am excited to see what other changes my body is in store for!!!

It is Monday and one of the hardest training days of the week. Let’s get motivated to start strong and push as hard as possible this week!!! Everyday and every training counts. No slacking, cheating, or negativity allowed. Just happy and strong thoughts 😉 As always I kick each week off with a little Lady Swole Monday xoxo


I hope you all get out there and make today the starting point for your future success!!!!

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There’s No One Way To Raise A Child This Is How I Choose To Do It ;-)

There are always nay sayers no matter what you do. Be it in your personal lifestyle, how you eat, what you believe, and even how you raise your children. I have no issues addressing comments and questions, or even sharing our daily lives. I do not believe that there is one right way to raise a child or live a life. Everyone’s experiences are different. This is how we choose to live xoxo.

I always love sharing Zoe’s progress and how we go through our day. I believe keeping my family healthy and happy is a very important part of being a responsible parent. Before I get into that though I had posted a picture of Zoe the other day on my Instagram and my blog’s Facebook page. I had gotten a bigger response from it than I thought I would. I figured I would address some of the comments and questions from that first….


One question was why is Zoe dressed like that? Well like any little girl she looks up to and wants to be like her mama. I wear sports bras and pants around the house, so she was trying to dress like me. She goes through my dresser and closet and tries on my clothes all the time. Just as you have seen some girls put on their mother’s dresses and heels, she chooses to wear my sports bras. It’s as innocent as that 😉

Next was why is she so muscular/Is she lifting weights? Not gonna lie, this made me giggle a bit. Of course I do not have our 3 year old lifting weights. I don’t think she is overly muscular at all. She is very active and does exercise daily. She has been doing Yoga since she knew how to walk, we have always taken daily walks, and we run drills where she will do some simple workouts on the playground equipment or we run and do little exercises like push-ups or jumping jacks. No different than what we all did as children in gym class. Children need to be active for at least an hour a day. I do agree that she does have great muscle tone ha ha ha.




I keep Zoe on a strict schedule everyday. I believe that children need structure. Structure does not mean we do not have fun 😉 We have fun everyday!!!

Everyday starts the same….we have breakfast, get dressed, I head to the gym and she has social time at the gym daycare. We come back home and make lunch, watch a bit of tv, then head out the door for a walk and our drills, then back home for yoga.


Once relaxed, I get Zoe settled down for a nap. Yes, Zoe still naps. I am not sure why more children are not napping ha ha ha. Nap time is important for growing children. Ample rest is imperative to proper growth and development.For the life of me, I can’t remember where I heard this, but I always agreed and loved it! “Show me a child that is misbehaving and I will show you a tired child.” For us, this hold true. If Zoe lacks in sleep at night or misses her nap time, we know she is going to act out. Zoe typically sleeps an hour and a half to two and a half hours. The rest of the time is spent relaxing and watching a movie or her favorite shows. This time of day is also important for me, because it is when I get my chores done and have a little “me” time 😉


Once awake she helps prepare her snack and we start her lessons. Her lesson time is composed of worksheets, crafts, singing, dancing, stories, games, flash cards, and Two hours of one on one fun and one hour of computer time. We love lesson time, because for us it is a time to bond as well as learn. She teaches me just as much, if not more!

We strive everyday to raise her in a fun, happy, and loving environment. I want her to not only be educated in book smarts, but to learn to have compassion and love for everyone around her. I want her to walk with and know God. To live in her faith and to share that love with everyone she meets.


I hope this addresses some of the questions and concerns some have seemed to have this week 😉 I enjoy being a mother and I strive everyday to be the best one I possibly can!!! No one is perfect, but no harm in trying 😉

Hope you all have an amazing weekend xoxo


Active Accessories USA On-The-Go Hair Band Bracelet Review & #Giveaway

It is no secret that Zoe and I are very active. I hit the gym 6 days a week and with being in contest prep, 3 of them I go twice a day. Zoe has her daily workout too. You would be hard pressed to see either of us wear our hair without some sort of hair accessory in it.

Needless to say, I was excited when Active Accessories USA reached out to me for a product review on their On-The-Go Hair Band Bracelets

They are soft stretchy elastic bands that come in several cute colors in patterns. 12 different gorgeous sets to be precise. Each set has 6 bracelets. With summer right around the corner I chose the Neon Set.


Zoe is super excited about them ha ha She loves bracelets and bright colors, so these were right up her alley!


I love them too! They are soft, so they don’t cut into your wrist like some elastic bands do. They do not look tacky to wear as a bracelet, or in Zoe’s case bracelets. She has been hoarding them since their arrival. 😉 I have super thick hair, so I need bands that will hold a bun or ponytail through a rough workout. I had no issues with my hair slipping out what so ever. Matter of fact, they held better than the normal elastic bands I use and did not pull my hair or Zoe’s hair out upon removal.


The price is spot on too! For 6 bands it is only $7.99.  12 different color sets are available year round with special holiday sets available during certain times of the year. For my running and triathlon friends, they have special bands made just for you! Hoping they get some weight training ones made 😉 *hint hint* lol

Neon copy

Bold Hair Tie Combo copy RUN copy
ElegantHairBandBracelets 26.2HairBandBracelets
5k Hair Band Bracelets 10k Hairties for runners - Active Accessoriesu.jpg
SWIMBIKERUN - Hair Band Bracelets USA Ribbon Hair Band Bracelets
Ice Cream Twist Hair Band Bracelets copy OnTheHairBandBraceletsChevron copy

Zoe and I really enjoyed this review and just love this product! Active Accessories USA  wanted to give one of my lucky readers a chance to win a set of these awesome Hair band/Bracelets CLICK HERE to go to my Giveaways page and get entered to win today!!!!

Which set would you chose??? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo


#4WeeksOut Had To Make Some Minor Tweaks…In The Home Stretch

As I was saying yesterday, I am now 4 weeks out. At this point things get a bit more difficult for a few weeks. probably the most frustrating part of this process for me. No worries, I know that all I need is to stay focused on my goal. Determination, discipline, and hard work….I got this!!!

Carb cycling started on Sunday. I will have 2 low carb days, one high, and 4 moderate. The primary goal of a carb cycling diet is to deplete and refill muscle glycogen stores, help regulate fat burning and muscle building hormones, and increase thyroid activity. It is not recommended for long periods of time and is typically used to shred the last bit of fat pre-contest. I will carb cycle for 3 weeks. Then the final week pre contest will be peak week. there is a whole other plan for that. 

Low Days will be Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is a full rest day Sunday now has Cardio.

~ 1494 Kcals

~ 75g Carbs

~ 209g Protein

~40g Fat 

I used Carb cycling calculators on Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer  CLICK HERE for the Low day

High Day will be on Mondays since those are my leg days and that is where I need the most improvement. I will also continue to have Cardio this day.

~ 1494 Kcals

~ 187g Carbs

~ 131g Protein

~ 25g Fat

I used the Carb Cycling Calculators on Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer You can CLICK HERE for the High day

Now some do 3 days Low 1 day High and repeat. I don’t feel this is best for my training. I do metabolic training several times a week and feel that Moderate days will suit my needs best. I have spoken with a couple of my mentors who also agreed with that. My Moderate Days will be Tuesdays through Friday with Wednesday and Friday being my Cardio days

~1494 Kcals

~ 112g Carbs

~ 131g Protein

~ 58g Fat

Still keeping fiber high on my moderate days. I used the IIFYM calculator for my moderate days CLICK HERE  I am not going to lie the lower carb days I am not a big fan of and with my calories being lower, my body is certainly feeling it. I am happy that this is only for a few weeks, then I can start reverse dieting. Next year’s prep will be different, since I will not be going in with as much body fat as I had this time.  I am going for the gold. I truly want to place in both categories and will work as hard as I can and in the healthiest way I can to accomplish that! I still feel great, positive, and happy. The next 4 weeks will be a challenge and I welcome it with open arms! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo

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Motivational Monday! @SaturnMuscle #4weeksout

Happy Happy Monday!!!

I am officially 4 weeks out from competition. Getting more and more anxious as the weeks pass. My diet has changed as of yesterday. Time to really get things to tighten up. I will go into all that tomorrow. Despite the changes, had a wonderful Mother’s day. Hope all you mama’s did too!!! Let’s get motivated to rock this week!!!


Make this week epic and work as hard as you can towards those goals!!!

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I Celebrate Being A Mother! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I know today is the day we celebrate our mothers. To be honest I have been estranged from mine since Christmas. Her choice not mine. I won’t put my family business out there, but I will say I miss her even with all the disagreements we have. So to her if she has chosen to look at my website today, I wish you a Happy Mother’s day Ma xoxo

Being a mother has changed me more than just physically. It has been the most amazing emotional and mental journey I have ever been on! My daughter challenges me in every sense of the word. You go into motherhood thinking you will be molding and teaching this little life, but it is quite the contrary. She has taught me just as much, if not more. Today I celebrate the frustrations, challenges, and overall emotional roller coaster we call motherhood. It has been my greatest blessing and saving grace. I thank my husband for the beautiful redheaded gift he gave me. Best mother’s day gift EVER!


















Motherhood is a beautiful thing! I personally don’t feel I need to be celebrated for being a mother. It truly is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I thank God everyday for blessing me with my family. I do wish all of you mothers a very lovely and happy Mother’s Day!!! xoxo Enjoy the day with your blessings xoxo



Post BC Update Take 2

In January of last year I posted my concerns with taking birth control pills and it’s affects on my progress and overall health. After all the research, I stopped taking it. CLICK HERE to read up on that post.

I even posted an update on my progress in November of last year CLICK HERE  My biggest issue then was my lashing out at people. My moodiness was at an all time high. Most other symptoms weren’t really that bad. It took forever for my body to get back on a normal schedule.

Part of that is because I have been dieting for so long. The leaner I get the more everything changes. I had a fellow competitor who has had many of the same issues I have had. She recommended trying an app on my android devices to help monitor not only when I start and stop, but the overall cycle and symptoms. There are several to choose from that are free I chose Period/Tracker CLICK HERE to check out the one I use

Cover art

It seriously took forever to get regular again. Now I am perfect as far as my cycle goes. Typically every 26-28 days. Luckily for me I get it twice this month ha ha once at the beginning then again at the end of the month. I am fine with this, because it means I will be period free when competition time gets here 😉 My symptoms have changed so much since coming off the pill and leaning out more. Bloating is a minor issue now, where as before it was always a huge problem. Moodiness is something I still struggle with, but part of that is because I always have an insatiable appetite when on my cycle. It is horrible. I feel as though I am starving, when I know I am not. Food cravings are out of this world and that makes contest prep very hard!!!! This month was a bit easier, because my refeed fell right after my period ended, so I just kept telling myself to hold out just a couple of days ha ha ha  Cramps which were light to moderate in the past are now very strong and painful. Migraines have gone away, skin seems softer, muscle growth has been phenomenal, fat loss optimal, I am more tired than I ever was before, but that could be from training harder as well. Overall, I do feel that stopping the pill was the best decision. I can actually feel the change which is a big deal. You never realize how medications can actually alter your body. I should have gone with my gut instinct in the beginning and turned it down. I knew better from my hearing loss experience not to play with prescription drugs ha ha ha Now I am just happy everything is getting back to normal. I strongly suggest tracking your cycle. It opens your eyes to more symptoms as well as keeping you in touch with your body. It is good to know when you are ovulating, at your most fertile, as well as what changes you experience every month. Are you on the pill now? Have you been in the past? How has it changed your body? Do you monitor your cycle closely? Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo

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Happy Friday!

Today is back day for me. Training has been getting harder for me as a whole. The closer I get to competition, the more my body is exhausted and sore. I am still all smiles and loving the process though 😉 My back is finally starting to take shape, which is very exciting!


I still need to perfect my back pose. Model pose and side poses I have down, but am still struggling to get the perfect front and back. Practice practice practice!

Little frustrated this past week. There was some miss-communication with my suit, everything with that has been fixed and back on schedule, then I thought I had figured out exactly how I wanted my hair. After sending pics to friends and fellow competitors for opinions, I was told my choices weren’t the best for an NPC competition. Back to the drawing board to find a style that I can easily do, that is feminine, flows well with the body, and makes me look gorgeous 😉 I think I have a style in mind. I will spend the weekend playing with my hair to figure out what will work best. Here are the two styles I WAS choosing from. Now they are both axed ha ha ha, but I still love them both!


I am super proud of Zoe! She graduated from her Toddler Time Lessons on and is now working on Preschool Level 1 Lessons. She was so very excited!!! I am very pleased with the program. They make it easy to coincide my lesson plan along side it. Zoe’s lesson time is so much more fun for her and she is really advancing well!


I am welcoming the weekend with open arms. I am in need of much rest!!!!

I hope you have a fabulously fit day xoxo

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Addressing Some Popular Questions and Comments @SaturnMuscle

Lots of comments and questions as I get closer to competition.  One popular comment is “I bet you are starving!” Although I would love to be eating 2000+ cals I am NOT starving 😉 I am actually eating around 1500 calories on my normal days and between 2500-3000 on my refeeds. I get one more full refeed day before peak week. 😉

Another is ” I bet your family will be happy when you can all eat the same foods together again?” This one perplexed me, I guess because I assumed that all families ate the same meals? Yes I weigh out my foods, but that doesn’t mean I make Zoe something totally different. I personally believe that children should eat the same diet as the parents. Zoe’s nutrition is just as important as mine! I think if she eats how we eat, she will have less risk of obesity and will be able to develop healthy eating habits now instead of having to try to change things as she gets older.


“What does my diet look like?” To be honest I eat different things everyday. You can CLICK HERE and check out my MFP account to get an idea of how I eat. I eat mostly chicken for protein, cheese, pork rinds, rice, noodles, bread, veggies, greek yogurt, chocolate, cookies, whipped cream, etc the list ranges

“How many hours a day do you train?” Weight training can range from 35 mins to an hour 5 days a week and 3 days a week I do low intensity steady state cardio for 45 mins to an hour. I do not live in the gym ha ha ha Zoe and I do walk a lot as well as swim everyday that the sun is out 😉


“If I do not win, will I compete again?” To be totally honest…..absolutely! I have loved this whole process! If I do not win I will get back in the gym and build a better package for the next one! I have met so many awesome people so far in the industry! I am excited to meet more and keep growing in this sport!

“Does your husband approve of what you are doing?” This is something I made sure of before deciding to pursue this goal. The main reason I was concerned with his opinion is that I will be on stage in a small bikini. He is and has been absolutely supportive of me through this whole process. From training, food prep, posing coach, to even being my photographer ha ha he has been for this 100%  He loves my muscles too ha ha ha If he wasn’t comfortable I would respect him and not cross the stage xoxo

“What supplements do I take?” I only take Saturn Supplements. They are my sponsor and hands down the best product line up in the market! I take One-Source multivitamins, Lipo-Ex fat burner, Redz Thermogenic, K-pump, Aminos 50000, Smart Whey Protein, and Nitrox Pro Protein. I love my supplements and do believe they have been a tremendous help!!!

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Do you have questions about the process? If you do, I would love to hear them! I will be touching on what my plan is for peak week and what the must haves will be on my list of stuff to bring 😉 Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!

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