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Despite The Stressful Month, I Smashed My Goals. How Did You Do? #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I went into August knowing that it was going to be a stressful month for our family….

Even though we had a lot going on, I made sure to do my best and concentrate on my goals. My goals were probably the only thing that kept me sane ha ha ha.

Goal One… Start my bulk. I am officially going into week 5 and I feel really confident about the process. My gains are slow, but I am closely monitoring them and know that this year I am on the right track! I am still constantly researching and learning πŸ˜‰

Goal Two…. Train as hard and heavy as possible, but leaving my ego at the door and being a stickler about form. I can not afford to take time off because of injury. This is why form is so very important. I also want to make sure that I am building my muscles properly. There is a science, not only to my nutrition, but to my training as well. I am happy with my results thus far. I am definitely growing and hitting PR’s. Basically, I do not want to be this guy πŸ˜›

Goal Three… Enjoy myself and not obsess about my diet. I am certainly doing my best to keep this bulk controlled, but it has been nice incorporating free days. I still need to find a good balance though. I do have a tendency to binge on those days, which is not healthy or good. It is certainly going to be a learning process.

Goal Four…. To be a supportive wife to Josh as he was going through the promotion process. I knew that this was going to be a stressful process, but I had no clue how stressful. We both had up’s and down’s It was torture waiting the answer. In the end He was runner up out of 8 applicants. Definitely not the news we wanted to hear, but I am so very proud of him. We knew it was a long shot, because his experience level was below everyone who applied. We are keeping our heads up. A move to Alabama may not be in our future, but I know that he has perked the interest of others in the industry and I do believe that another opportunity is right around the corner. God always has a plan πŸ˜‰

Goal Five….. To keep Zoe on track with HER goals. This little girl amazes me more and more each day!!!! She is truly such a bright soul. She shines no matter what she does!!! She not only rocked her goals, but surpassed them. She embraces lesson time. She is almost school age, so this is a great thing πŸ˜‰ We will continue to home school her, so it will be important to keep her use to this schedule. She is doing great with learning how to read AND with basic addition problems. She had Josh astonished the other night with her math problems. We forget that she is only 4 ha ha ha. Patience is something Josh and I are still working on. Zoe has an independent spirit. Listening to authority figures is not her strong suit. No clue where she gets that ha ha ha πŸ˜‰ She is getting better and so are we. It is a blessing to be able to learn as a family. She teaches us more than we do her xoxo

Each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year is a blessing. Cherish each moment and live your life to the fullest. I am a firm believer that this life is what you make it. Sure bad things happen, but how you react to them determines the true outcome πŸ˜‰ Negativity breeds more negativity and vice versa. Question is do you want to live a happy life or the latter? It is always YOUR choice xoxo

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!

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Weekly Check In Time! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

It has been a stressful few months for the Broadbent clan. We had the stress of not knowing about Josh’s job promotion. This has been weighing heavily on our family for quite a while. He finally found out yesterday that he did not get it. He was runner up out of 8 applicants. We are disappointed, but we know that God has a different plan for us and we are excited to see what that entails!

It is time for my weekly check in!

weekly check in

I assume because my body is still getting use to the calorie increase, because my hormones are all out of whack. I started two days late last month and a day late this month. My body aches, bloating and cramping have increased 10 fold. I am sure stress probably has a hand in it too. Either way, I am not a fan of shark week ha ha ha ha Even with all the bloating, I am surprisingly not as self conscious as I though I would be, so that’s a bonus! πŸ˜‰

Some things are up this week and some things are down. It truly is difficult to gauge my progress while on my period. My calories will stay the same, because at this time I do feel like I am gaining on them. Considering this bulk will be a long one, I want to make sure I am gaining slowly and efficiently.

My progress last week to this week…..

Weight 131.8 to 133.8

Waist 27.5 to 27

Stomach 29 to 30

Thighs L 18 1/2 R 18 3/4 Β to L 19 R 19

Calves L 13 1/2 R 13 1/2 to Same

Rump 35 to Same

Arms L 12 1/2 R 12 1/2 to Same

Chest/Lats 38 to 37 1/2

Calipers/LBM 16.8/108 to 17.9/109


I am feeling great overall. I am still hitting PR’s I got 5 reps at 40lbs on my Dumbbell Shoulder presses yesterday and that was on my 4th working set. Took FOREVER to get to that, so I was pretty stoked to get 5 reps out! You can see I have my right elbow wrapped. It has been sore. i think it is from doing Farmer walks, so I decided to take a short break from them till it heals completely. I don’t want to take sick days from training if I don’t have to. πŸ˜‰ Since removing those I did add 10 mins of HIIT twice a week on the stepmill. I stay at level 4-5 for most of the 10 mins and do two 30 second spurts at level 15. Trust me it is much harder than it sounds!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous day and always remember that even when things don’t work out the way you planned, there is always something better in store coming your way πŸ˜‰ faith and patience is key!!!! xoxo

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Monday…Let The Gains Begin!!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

I am excited about this week! Stress seems to be the theme this month and this past week was no exception. Josh and I sat down, talked, and realized that we stress over things that we can not control. It is best to just give it to God and let happen, happen.

The gym is also a great stress reliever πŸ˜‰ I have goals and am ready to conquer them! As always I kick the week off with some Lady Swole Monday….

Hope you all make today a strong start to your week! xoxo

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Weekly Check-In #BuiltBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

weekly check in

The past week seemed to be SO long! Stress and pre-shark week have me an emotional mess ha ha ha. Definitely feeling and looking fluffier this week, but I am okay with it. Wearing street clothes on Sunday made me more aware of the weight gain. Bulking is a mental challenge, but I am viewing it in a positive light. I have over a year before I will compete again, so I know that I will get heavier and bigger, but I also know now what it takes to get lean. πŸ˜‰ So bring on the GAINS!!!!!

This week almost everything is up. Now I know from using my shark week app, that some of my weight/measurement gain this week is from my hormones. To be sure of that, I am going to keep my calories steady at what they have been, so no changes in diet this week .

2550 KCals

320g Carbs

160g Protein

70g Fat

30-35g Fiber

I am staying full most days. When I believe my weight has stabilized and is not going up, I will raise everything again by 200 Kcals.

This is week 10 post comp and the 3rd week into my bulk. Although slow, I am happy with progress thus far. Measurements from last week to this…..

Weight 128.8 to 131.8

Waist 26 1/2 to 27 1/2

Stomach 28 3/4 to 29

Thighs L 19 R 19 to L 18 1/2 R 18 3/4

Calves L 13 R 13 to L 13 1/2 R 13 1/2

Rump 35 to 35

Arms L 12 1/2 R 12 1/2 to L 12 1/2 R 12 1/2

Chest/Lats 36 3/4 to 38

Caliper/LBM 16.1/107 Β to 16.8/108


Overall not any huge changes from last week to this week, but from when I started reverse dieting there is definitely some noticeable differences πŸ˜‰


I will stay on the grind and keep training hard! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxox

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Kick Your Week Off Right With A little Motivation Monday #SponsoredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday! I am SO ready to start a new week!!!!

Last week kind of dragged on for me. Between the stress of waiting to hear about Josh’s promotion (which we still won’t hear anything till mid to late this week) and having friends and family who live in or near Ferguson, Missouri and watching all the violence and hate unfold there, I have just been in an emotional funk. I am sure it doesn’t help that I am pre-shark week, so feeling extra fluffy and emotional about every little thing anyway ha ha ha. I went to a BBQ with Josh for his work. I decided that because I needed a break from something, having a scale/MFP free Sunday would help and it did! I didn’t realize it till yesterday, but I have weighed tracked my food in some fashion for over two years. I woke up yesterday and set my bowl on the scale and my husband was like what are you doing? I’m having breakfast I replied confused??? He took the scale away and reminded me that it was Β free day. Obviously, an overdue free day πŸ˜‰ Despite feeling a bit wonky and stressed, I do feel better this morning! Prayer and the gym are where I take out my frustrations, so I am grateful that I have those outlets!


Well, enough venting πŸ˜‰ It is MONDAY!!!! Let’s get motivated!!!!! As always Lady Swole Monday will kick it off!!!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo


Weekly Check In #Bulking #NeverSettle @SaturnMuscle

weekly check in

Going into this week I had braced myself for the uncomfortable feeling of gaining weight. Then I reminded myself, I am doing this to gain muscle. Being scared of gaining weight is just silly. In order to achieve my goals I need to trust the process. Yes, I have to constantly tell myself this ha ha ha

I know it takes years to build a substantial amount of muscle naturally. Especially for women!

Of course the rumormill going about DLB is that she is on gear, but if you look back at her photos it is a steady progression, not to mention she still sound feminine. Obviously, I don’t know πŸ˜‰ What I do know is she puts in hard work and looks phenomenal!

Even photos of Erin Stern show that it has taken time and patience. 12 years between photos…

Photo: Patience, perseverance, and persistence bring progress..begin with a goal in mind, and work toward it every day! You will be successful! About 12 years separate the two pictures! Train hard, y'all!

Having lost a lot of weight, does make it a mental battle with gaining. I know now how to lose efficiently, but the fat fear factor still lingers in my mind. It is a huge hurdle for me and most competitors I am sure.

My abs are slowly dwindling away, but I am okay with it. I am learning to love myself no matter what size I am. I AM a continuous work in progress. I am NOT going to shy away from posting REAL photos in my off season. Learning to accept and love myself is also part of this process!

This week my calories have been raised once again and like I said, I braced myself for the gaining process. Most of my measurements are up, but the scale has hardly moved. I am a bit confused by the scale this week. I honestly had expected at least a lb weight gain, but it only went up .4 I am going to stay at these macros for another week since this week I will start incorporating free days (Scheduled days were I will not try to meet my macros or track them at all)

My macros from last week to this week…..

2298 to 2550 kcals

270 to 320 Carbs

147 to 160 protein

Fat stayed at 70

Fiber also stayed 30-35

Measurements from last week to this week….

Weight 128.4 to 128.8

Waist 26 1/4 to 26 1/2

Stomach 28 1/2 to 28 3/4

Thighs Both 18 1/2 to 19

Calves stayed at 13

Rump 34 3/4 to 35

Arms both stayed 12 1/2

Chest/Lats 36 1/2 to 36 3/4

Calipers/LBM stayed 16.1%/107


I am going to focus more on the muscle I can gain vs the fat!

I CAN do this!!!! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!

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Take Your Music By STORMp3 Review/Giveaway @ToiletTreeProd

It is always exciting for me when companies reach out for me to do a product review! Even more exciting when I get to share the product with a reader! πŸ˜‰

ToiletTree Products reached out to me to try the STORMp3 Water resisant MP3 PlayerΒ 

For starters, I loved the packaging! Not only cool to look at, but super easy to open and is totally reusable!


The STORMp3 comes in 2 colors, Black or white. I love the white. We have more of a modern look as far as decor goes, so white is perfect and matches everything!


This was also super easy to set up. Just plug in, click/drag the music, then sync. Bam!!! You are ready to jam out to your favorite tunes. The enclosed directions were clear and to the point. With 2gb of memory, you have plenty of space to download all of your favorites!



My husband is probably more excited about this product than I am ha ha I am notorious for dropping/knocking my phone in water. It is always close so I can crank up my music. I need it close and loud since I am hard of hearing. The STORMp3 eliminates the need for my phone while bathing, doing dishes, swimming at the pool, etc. It is loud, small, sleek, and can get wet, so no more worries. It’s small enough to be quite portable. Not only great around the house, but for any outdoor recreation!


Zoe loves it too! Her bath time is always full of bubbles, music, and giggling. She loves the fact that she can control the music on her own now.



If you are looking to “Take Your Music By Storm” this is the product for you! We love the STORMp3!!!!!

Like I stated above, I am excited to share a STORMp3 with one of you! CLICK HERE to go to my giveaways page and get entered to win today!

*Giveaway for US residents only*

An Exciting/Stressful Monday Time To Hit The Gym!

Happy Monday!

I am very excited/anxious today! Josh has his big interview for his promotion this morning, so I will be on pins and needles till we hear something ;-)I am very proud of him. He works hard to achieve his goals. His perseverance and determination are so admirable. I know that it is all in God’s hands and we just need to trust in him. I have faith that he will guide us where we need to be.

I am ready to hit the gym today to de-stress, talk to God, and become one with the iron. As always let’s kick it off with some Lady Swole Monday

Hope you all are pushing to reach your goals too! Let’s make today an awesome day πŸ˜‰

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Double Up On Delts

Delts is one of the main muscle groups that I am focusing on this off season. I seriously need to double them in size. I have DLB delt envy ha ha ha ha heck full body envy really πŸ˜‰

My delt training has changed a bit. Definitely much higher in weight than I was last off season. I hit every aspect of the deltoids as well as my traps. There are 3 heads you want to hit, Anterior or front, Medial middle, and Posterior or rear. I keep a high paced rhythm. This is something I changed from last year. I was always told that women should train the same as men. In most aspects I believe this is correct, however I now know (at least for me) to keep my training high paced. In this manner I can completely exhaust my muscles and I know that they are being worked to their fullest potential.

I start my training with Seated Dumbbell Press 4 heavy sets 4-10 reps


Front Raises 4 heavy sets 4-10 reps

Lateral Raises 4 heavy sets 4-10 reps

Underhand front raises 4 heavy sets 4-10 reps These are like the regular front raises, you just change your hand position to underhand. I can never find a photo of them. I learned of them last year watching a Kai Greene video.

Incline lateral raises 4 sets 6-10 reps These are harder than they look.

Incline Rear Delt Flyes 4 sets 4-10 reps With these I have learned not to raise my arms too far up and to make sure I keep my upper back flat and not relaxed. I use to have a tendency to work my upper back over my rear delts.

Dumbbell Shrugs 4 heavy sets 8-10 reps I focus on holding in the up position

Machine Rear Delt Flyes 4 sets 4-10 reps Concentrating on just my rear delts. Going back too far you hit your traps. I solely want to focus on rear delts.

Cable Upright Rows Β 5 sets 4-10reps

I typically finish my training with a Farmer Walk around the track or 10 mins of HIIT on the stepmill. It is an awesome workout and you will definitely feel it the next day.

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo

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Weekly Check In #INeedToGrow #LetTheGainsBegin #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse @SaturnMuscle

weekly check in

So this week I decided to just go for it and start my bulk. I did this for several reasons.

  • I have been reverse dieting for quite some time and I know my metabolism is working overtime.
  • I know that I am at or close to maintenance
  • I want to optimize my off season as much as possible
  • Β and I really just want to eat ha ha ha

I know that I will have mixed emotions in a few weeks. It is a love/hate relationship ha ha The weight gain and fluff can be difficult to deal with mentally, but I know it is necessary to grow muscle. This time around, like I stated before, this will be a much more controlled bulk. I will stay focused and as positive as I can throughout the whole process. I will also keep doing my weekly check in’s, so I can closely monitor my progress as well as show what an off season looks like. I think many in the public eye are scared to show their “fluffy” side during their off season. Fact is, not many keep a six pack or even look lean. I want to mentally get adjusted to this lifestyle.

With all that being said, instead of only going up 100 kcals this week I decided to up 2oo. I thought for sure that I was beyond maintenance with the weight gain I had last week. I apparently was wrong. My weight is stabilized and my measurements are as well, so looks like I will go up again on Sunday. Β I am definitely feeling fluffy ha ha, but I am enjoying eating more. Like I said Monday, I will start incorporating free days. Basically, I won’t weigh out my foods or worry about hitting my macros. I probably will still eyeball things and enter them into MFP, but that will be mainly just out of curiosity of how much I actually eat ha ha ha

Macro changes from last week to this week

2098 kcals to 2298 kcals

230g Carbs to 270g Carbs

137g Protein to 147g Protein

70g Fat to 70g Fat

30-35g Fiber

Measurement changes

Weight 128.8 to 128.4lbs

Waist 26 3/4 to 26 1/4

Stomach 29 to 28 1/2

Thighs stayed the same 18 1/2 left and right

Calves stayed the same 13 left and right

Arms stayed the same 12 1/2 left and right

Rump 34 3/4

Chest/Lats 36 1/2

Calipers/LBM 16.5/106 to 16.1/107


I have a lot of growing to do, but I also have a lot of time. πŸ˜‰ Should be interesting to see the changes each week. I have an exciting review/giveaway coming up, so stay tuned for that news! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!

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It’s A New Week Let’s Get It started Right #Motivation

Happy Monday!

I am excited this week! I decided to just go for it and start my bulk.

We are also hoping to hear news about Josh’s promotion this week…prayers and good wishes are welcome πŸ˜‰

Let’s get this week’s motivation started…As always I kick it off with Lady Swole Monday


I am ready to start this week strong, I am ready to start growing, I am ready for change! Hope you all are motivated and plan on having a fabulously fit week!!!!

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August Goals #BiggerBetterStonger #NeverSettle

I am excited to start a new month. New month = New goals!!!!

I have a big job ahead of me as far as building more muscle. I want to make sure I take full advantage of all the time I have. I have acquired a lot of knowledge over the past year and am excited to put it all towards my training to see what changes I can make! Let’s get to setting these monthly goals πŸ˜‰

1. Starting my bulk. Seems simple enough, but I will have to continue monitoring my macros to make sure I don’t go overboard like last time. My first bulk, I had no clue what I was doing. I certainly did not diet up slowly. I rushed right into eating a ton of food with no real guidelines at all. The end result was minimal muscle growth and a ton of fat. It was certainly a learning experience πŸ˜‰ This time around I have a much better plan and more knowledge on how to maximize my gains.

2. Is to make sure I am training as hard and heavy as possible. With this being said, I want to be a stickler about proper form. Moving up in weight without staying in proper form is flat out dangerous and dumb. Safety first!!!!! I stick to the saying, “Leave your ego at the door.” There is no need to be stupid with lifts. An injury will cost me more time out of the gym. Safety first is always the motto.

3. Even though I do want to make sure I don’t go overboard this time with my bulk, I also want to make sure I take time to just enjoy myself and not worry so much about hitting the mark every single day. Basically just allowing myself a day or two in the month to not closely track every morsel. Flexible dieting is about moderation. Now that I am in the offseason, I want to make sure that I don’t overly obsess everyday. I know it’s not healthy for me. I know that I can get quite obsessed with my diet and training. I really need to learn to relax and just be. After all, this is the time of year to enjoy all the goodies ha ha ha

4. August will be a semi stressful month. Josh is trying for another promotion. It is a big step for him and our family. Like me, he sets big goals for himself. He has a huge goal of moving to a certain level on the corporate ladder before his big 30th birthday. If this promotion happens, then he will be that much closer! What does this mean for me???? It means I need to be as supportive as possible. I want to keep him boosted up no matter what happens. I believe in my husband and know that the sky is the limit for him!!! I just need to make sure he knows that too πŸ˜‰

5. To keep Zoe on track with her monthly goals. She did an amazing job last month with her own goal list! We sat down last night and wrote up her goals as I wrote up my own. She seems to understand the purpose of making goals, although she does try to set some unattainable ones. Hard to explain to a 4 year old that she can’t grow wings and fly ha ha ha We want her to learn to push herself. To try to accomplish small goals to reach large ones. Example being one of her goals is to learn to read and write 3 more words this month. This goal will get her one step closer to reading her favorite books. She also has a goal of earning as many Zoe bucks as possible ha ha she is doing much better behavior wise. Part of that is because Josh and I have been working on out patience. Something we both lack and know we need to work on. We started a 280 day Bible study devoted just to that!

Every month is an opportunity to design and build the life you want. Take advantage of the time you have here to achieve your dreams πŸ˜‰


Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!!

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