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December Goal Recap….. #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Can you believe the year is over!?!? 2014 has been a crazy ride, but I am excited to see what 2015 will hold! For now, we say Goodbye to December….

I wish I could say I aced my goals going into the new year. Truth be told, I slacked on some this month. I truly enjoyed the holidays though 😉 Hopefully you all did too xoxo

Let’s talk about these December goals…..

Goal 1 The first two weeks I did my HIIT, but as Christmas got closer I made excuses and did not do it. Do I feel bad, not really. As much as I want to rock my goals every month, I also know that my offseason is the time I can enjoy myself. 

Goal 2 My nutrition actually hasn’t been too bad this month. I did horrible over Thanksgiving ha ha, but with Christmas the food was actually easier for me to fit in. On Christmas day I did not track at all. You can guarantee I overindulged 😉 But afterwards I was back on track. I made ham hocks and black eyed peas with the leftover ham, which is actually very macro friendly. High in fiber and protein! I have definitely had a few cookies ha ha, but always made sure they fit.

Goal 3  This goal was to increase the weights on my heavy lifts by 5-10lbs each week. It didn’t happen after the first week, but by the 3rd week my strength had gone up way more than I had anticipated!!! As I had explained at the beginning of the month, I was going to do 5 sets of 5 at 80% of my max weight. Last time I had done bench press 85lbs was my max. I struggled to get that up for 1-2 reps. Bench day is on Wednesday and Josh works that day, so I was a bit intimidated to tackle this lift without a spotter. Last week I pushed 95lbs for all 5 sets!!!! Talk about a HUGE strength increase!!! My bent over rows have gone up too! On Monday I increased to 115lbs. My squats are at 155lbs, but I will be going up on them today. I believe that 155 is 80% of what my max was, so excited to see that number go up as well 😉 

Goal 4 Research Snowshoeing….I totally researched it and we are excited to try it out. December is a super busy month in retail, so Josh basically lived at work ha ha ha. I found out we can rent the shoes to try it out before we decide to make the investment in our own. It’s just $7 a person for the whole day, so super cheap family activity!!! I can’t wait to get out there!!!!

Goal 5 Posing Practice….. This is something I constantly work on. It is never a perfect process ha ha ha. I actually was able to see some more photos from my last competition and see where I was lacking. There were inconsistencies in my posing. My back pose looked awful and my front pose was mediocre. I didn’t smile much during the morning show, which was something else I need to work on. Always a work in progress….

Goal 6 Make my own suit…This is still going to be a constant goal till competition day comes 😉 I know the color and fabric that I want to work with and will use my suit from last year as a model for measurements. I will probably add more bling to that suit while I am at it! I have researched where I want to buy the crystals and fabric from as well as what other supplies I will need. I am super excited to try this out. Worst comes to worst, I still have last year’s suit 😉 

Goal 7 Keeping Zoe on track with her lessons. We were more relaxed this month with her lessons. She still had some, but it wasn’t something we pushed everyday. November and December have been rough months for us. Josh’ car is finally fixed, but it took till mid December for that to get done and hundreds of dollars. We stressed about giving Zoe a good Christmas gift wise. She was bummed when we told her that money was tight and Christmas gifts would be little to none. Bummed, but the amazing little girl understood xoxo She has a heart of gold xoxo She and I did more crafts than working on reading or math. She was stressed, because we were stressed and I wanted her to have a relaxing and happy holiday. In the end she got a great Christmas! God always provides 😉 The new year will bring new lessons for us all!

2015 will bring many new and amazing things! We are excited to ring in the new year!!!! New year, means new goals 😉 Happy New year to you all xoxo

Goodbye 2014 Hello 2015 wallpaper

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Why Wait For The New Year? Start Today!!! @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

Been a chaotic holiday in the Broadbent house ha ha. Christmas was awesome. Zoe received so much more than she had anticipated. We thought that we were not going to be able to afford much of a Christmas this year, because of the car problems draining our funds. We prepared Zoe for a much smaller Christmas than what she is accustomed to. We continued to stay faithful and prayed that everything would work out. And It did 😉 The shop that was fixing our vehicle charged WAY less than they had to. We cut other corners and were able to provide Zoe a much better Christmas. It was such a blessing to see her face smiling Christmas morning!!!

Zoe xmas

She has been asking for another Persian cat. She wanted one for Christmas so bad. They are very expensive. We looked at local rescue centers to see if we could get lucky. We actually found one, but it was gone as fast as it was listed. She figured she wasn’t going to get one, to be honest we thought the same. The day after Christmas, my husband saw one listed in the local classifieds for FREE. There was quite the line of people in front of us that had inquired, but by God’s grace, we were blessed again. This late present was more than Zoe could imagine 😉 We welcome the newest member of our family Winifred Brimley (Yes named after Wilford Brimley ha ha)

Pretty exciting holiday to say the least! Today is Monday. I know many wait to the New Year to start their programs and work their way to their new goals. I say, why wait? If you want something, start today. You have the motivation inside you to accomplish the goals you have set. Monday is the BEST day to start achieving your dreams!!!!

As always I love to kick off the week with some Lady Swole Monday. You all can check out all the fabulous ladies who participate by clicking HERE xoxo


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I Will Become A Bada$$ #MotivationMonday @SaturnMuscle #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse

Happy Monday!!!!

I can’t believe Christmas is this week!!! This whole year has just flown by!!! This week’s training does get affected by the holiday. The daycare at the gym is closed Wednesday and Thursday, so I have to do my best to cram what I can into the other 3 days. This means long, heavy, and hard training this week. I am excited for Christmas dinner though ha ha ha. After the holiday I get back on track and focused. I really want to WILL have some huge improvements this coming up season!!!! 😉

As always let’s kick this Monday off with some Lady Swole Monday

*I will post my Christmas version next Monday xoxo

I’m ready to get these Holiday Gains! How ’bout you????

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Check In Bulk Week 20 @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

Week 20 Bulk check in

weekly check in

I have been extra tired lately. I assume it is from stress. My brain has had a hard time shutting off when I go to bed.

Despite all the stress and obstacles, training is going strong! I am hitting weekly PR’s on my heavy lifts which is stellar. My body is certainly seeing changes, not only physically, but strength wise as well. I am feeling solid and strong!

Not much change from last week to this week…

Weight 150.2 to 147.3

Waist 29 to 29.5

Stomach 32.5 to 32.5

Rump 37.75 to 37

Thighs L&R 20 to 20

Calves L&R 14 to 14

Chest/Lats 40 to 40

Biceps L&R 13.5 to 13.5

BF%/LBM 20.8/113 to 21.1/115

* Note I take caliper readings with a grain of salt. They are never very accurate.



Yes I know, my paleness is blinding ha ha ha. 😉 Legs are finally starting to grow. Delts and back are as well. I truly can’t wait to start shredding in the spring to see what improvements I have made! I am very excited for the 2015 season!!! I do plan on bringing the best package I can this year. i learned so much from Muscle Mayhem and plan to utilize that knowledge for the shows here in Utah! Although I do know that competition here is pretty steep!!! My main thing will be beating the 2014 Joanna 😉 Always me vs me

22 weeks and counting left of this bulk and you can guarantee I am going to push myself harder than ever!!!!


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Let’s Achieve Some Goals #HappyMonday @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

I am so glad it is Monday! Here’s to a new week 😉

Even though we are having a rough go at it this month, we are still smiling and staying positive. We have so much to be thankful for!!! I am ready for things to start turning around though ha ha Happy Monday! As always let’s kick the week off with a little Lady Swole Monday

Let’s get out there and achieve our dreams!

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Week 19 Bulk Check In #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Week 19 Bulk Check In

weekly check in

This has been an all around very rough week. Family had to get treated for skin cancer. Praying it hasn’t spread further than where it was found. Hubs car is still not fixed. The original mechanic did something to the electrical system when changing out the fuel pump. Not sure if he purposely damaged the car, or if he was just an idiot. I am thinking it’s the latter. We have had it in a shop all week. They have been trying to figure out exactly what the guy did. It has been a mess. Not to mention very expensive. It has totally affected our Christmas 🙁 Fortunately the shop it is at now, has been trying to work with us and we are so grateful for this!!!! To top off all that stress, Zoe and I spent Wednesday sick, then shark week started for me. I have been just a mess emotionally, mentally, and physically. I have had a hard time hitting my macros. Feverish and feeling Nauseous blah….


Feeling much better now and ready for next week to be a stellar new start!!! We have been doing our best to just give it all to God.

I was able to make up the training I missed. With only having one vehicle now, Zoe and I take the train into the gym. Luckily they are running specials this month, so it is pretty cheap. Zoe would much rather take the train anyway ha ha.

train 1

train 2

Stats are pretty much the same this week as they were last week. Although my weight has been all over the place. Between the stress and shark week, I have no clue what it actually is. It started as 143.6 yesterday, but this morning was 150.2. That is what I will go with, since that is what it was on my official weigh in day

Stats from last week to this….

Weight 146.8 to 150.2

Waist 29.5 to 29

Stomach 32.5 to 32.5

Rump 37.25 to 37.75

Thigh Both 20 to 20

Calves 14 to 14

Chest/Lats 40 to 40

Biceps Both 13.5 to 13.5

BF/LBM 20.1/116 to 20.8/113


Still working on perfecting my posing. My delts are looking bigger, but I feel my lats are hidden. This is something I have to nail, so practice practice practice.

Hope you all have a fabulously fit weekend! Be sure to check out my sponsor Saturn Supplements for all your supplement needs!

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Merry Monday & A Happy New Week! @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

Today is the start of another amazing week! I am so excited to get back in the gym and train. My new training has been kicking my butt. I know that there are gonna be some serious changes in the next 5 months!!!! Gah….I am so excited!!!!

Normally I hit the gym in the morning, but unfortunately the hub’s car is still not fixed. We had to make an appointment with a new mechanic to get the repairs done right this morning. Note to self….You get what you pay for! If a mechanic’s prices seem too good to be true, they are!!!! Either way, it is getting fixed and God will provide a way for us to survive. It could always be worse 😉 I will still hit the gym, it will just be later in the day. Hubs and I adore our date days training together and we would never skip one, especially a Monday.

 I am loving my new training! It does make me super sore though, but I love the way it is set up and I truly do feel that I am going to see some amazing results in the remaining 5 months! I am more than motivated to kick this week off right! As always a little Lady Swole Monday……

Let’s get out there and kick butt this week!!!!

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Weekly Check In #BulkWeek18 @SaturnMuscle #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse

Weekly Check In Week 18 of my bulk

weekly check in

This week has been a rough one. The new training is going great! Much more difficult than I had imagined. My body is definitely feeling the changes. I had to miss Monday, because my car broke down. Nothing real serious, just needed a new battery. Then, Zoe was sick. She started vomiting as soon as we got back up the apartment. Just as soon as my car was fixed, Josh’s car started leaking gas. Basically what had happened was the “mechanic” if you can call him that, did not install the part correctly. Then proceeded to deny his fault and claimed it must be something else. We gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and paid him a small fee to repair what he said was wrong, then of course it wasn’t fixed….still isn’t for that matter. We have an appointment to have another shop fix the issue on Monday. We also got bad news about a immediate family member’s health. Which added to the stress. However, we know things can always be worse and we are thankful that the stresses in our life truly aren’t THAT BAD. We always give it to God and let our faith take over.

This week I also started my cardio. I do HIIT twice a week. Basically I do ten rounds of 30 second full on sprints with 3 minutes of cool down. It with warm up and cool down it takes just over 35 minutes. I started it, because I do not want to make my prep harder than it needs to be 😉 I will continue with the same calories though.

This week’s weigh in and measurements I was actually surprised by. I had expected everything to be up. I know I went off plan for at least 4 days ha ha ha. I also realized that at some point I quit measuring my biceps. No clue why, or how that happened ha ha, but i will get those back in this week 😉  I will comparing this week to week 16, since i did not have a check in last week.

Week 16 to week 18

Weigh 144.6 to 146.8

Waist 29 to 29 1/2

Stomach 32 1/2 to 32 1/2

Biceps — to 13 1/2

Chest/Lats 39 1/2 to 40

Rump 37 3/4 to 37 1/4

Thigh L&R 20 1/2 to 20

Calf L&R 14

Bodyfat%/LBM 20.1/115 to 20.1/116

*As always, I do not take caliper measurements as accurate. They can be off quite a bit. I know my body is between 20-25% bf 😉

PicsArt_1417804679770Overall, i do feel great about where I am in my development. Delt and Back progress has been awesome. I will continue to keep those na major focus, but will be stepping it up on glutes and legs.  I do love the body I am in.  Although I do have my moments, the weight gain really hasn’t bothered me too much this year 😉 I have learned to be proud of what I am building underneath!!!


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End Of The Year Goals…Hello December @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

Well, December hasn’t started the way I had planned ha ha. Life is funny that way 😉 Hubs car has a gas leak, mine refused to start yesterday, and Zoe was sick. I was bummed that I missed the first gym session on my new training program, but everything happen for a reason, so all we can do is smile and live through it.  Today is a new day and I am ready to get back to it! Hello December!!!!

This month’s focus is my new training and nutrition.

Goal One…In addition to what I posted yesterday, I will also be adding in HIIT twice a week. Just to get my weight back under control. Between indulging over the holiday and being off from the gym 5 day….you can certain tell I enjoyed myself 😉 No regrets here. I had planned on enjoying every moment this year! My HIIT will be 30 second sprints with 3 minute walks for 5 rounds.

Goal Two… is to get my nutrition back on track. I have been going over most days and not hitting certain macros on others. No more playing and back to my normal routine. Plus, all the stuffing is gone ha ha ha. Nutrition has never been a hard thing for me. I am a pretty disciplined person. When I want to stay on track I will. Fortunately for me, Flexible dieting does make it much easier!!! Back to hitting those numbers….

Goal Three… To increase the weight on my big lifts by 5-10lbs every week. Lifting heavier, means I am getting stronger and bigger. Both of which I really want! Eat and lift to grow!!!! I will be bulking for just another 5-6 months. I need to make every single training count!!!!

Goal Four….Research Snowshoeing. This will be the only way we will be able to get out and hike this winter. I have been talking with a wonderful lady whom a friend introduced me to. She has not only told us about the city and all the amazing attractions, but she has also gotten me intrigued with snowshoeing. I think this would be a fun way for us to get out and enjoy the gorgeous outdoors here. Not to mention in the winter they have what is called inversion. Basically, it’s pockets of polluted air that get trapped between cold air over the valley. It happens every winter here, typically for a couple of weeks or so. It clears when it snows or we have very gusty winds. Had I not been told about it, I might have freaked out ha ha. I was told that going snowshoeing is a wonderful way to get away from it. I also think it will be a wonderful family outing!!!

Goal Five…Posing practice. This is something that is as detrimental as my training and diet. To look relaxed, comfortable, but still showcase my work is my main goal this year. Going into the competition last year, I knew the mandatory poses, but had no idea they would make us hold them for as long as they did. I did not have the endurance to do it. I broke my pose several times and that was one of the reasons my score was lower. I will not make the same mistake this year!!!

Goal Six…Call me crazy, but with all the extra bills this year money is tight again. I am not comfortable doing another GoFundMe account, so I decided that I am going to try to make my own suit. I have a friend who is a former competitor. She made all her own suits and she believes I can do it easily, so I figured I would give it a shot. There is a ton of youtube movies that coach you through it. Plus, I have my suit from this year as a back up 😉  I think it will be a fun project to take on and who knows, if I do a good job, I can keep making them for myself every year and save $$$$. So for now I need to find the perfect fabric….

Goal Seven…as always keep Zoe on track with her lessons. Since moving, it seems she has advanced so much faster. I think in part because she is socialized more at daycare, plus the computer lessons. She has been going above and beyond her age group. Reading some small books, writing, and her vocabulary is crazy!!! She still has some normal speech issues. Her S’s, F’s, Ch’s, and Sh’s all need some improving. I know they are pretty typical letters that her age group can struggle with. Her speech has been a main focus lately, but she has been getting better each week. I am excited to see how she will astonish me this month 😉 I do adore working with her!!!! Such a blessing xoxo

Last month of 2014 I hope you all have made your goals and plan to kill it this month 😉 Happy December friends xoxo

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New Week, New Training, Happy Monday!!! @SaturnMuscle #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse

After a little holiday from the gym, I couldn’t be more ready to get back at it! New week + new routine = new gains!!! Happy Monday 😉

The hubs and I have been discussing my progress, as well as doing a ton of research on how I can maximize my gains. Like I stated yesterday, we decided to tweak my training a bit. I have been hitting delts twice a week and have seen quite the difference. We decided that I can hit all the muscle groups that I need to grow several times a week with large lifts. Instead of waiting till tomorrow, I figured I would share it with you all today 😉 Nothing more motivating than a new routine xoxo

The goal of my new training is to put on size and gain strength. The plan will be to add 5-10lbs per week to my main big lifts: Squats, Bent Over Rows, Deadlift, Seated Shoulder Press, and Bench


I will start each exercise with a warm-up set, then go to 85% of my max.

Squats 5 sets of 5. I will stay at the same weight for each set and deep, deep, deep.

Bent Over Barbell Rows 5 sets of 5.  Same weight each set. Grip the bar like you bench press and row each rep to the floor. CLICK HERE for a great article about bent over rows.

Seated Barbell Shoulder Press 5 set of 5 same weight each set.

Meadow Rows 5 sets of 5 same weight each set. *These totally waste your lats!!! One of my favorite new exercises 😉

Cable Pat Pull Downs 5 sets of 5 same weight. I like to do a pause at the bottom.


Detail work is done today. Again, I start each exercise with a warm-up set, then 85% of my max.

Incline Dumbbell Curls 5 sets of 5 same weight

Barbell Preacher Curls 5 sets of 5 same weight

Standing Cable Curls 5 sets of 5 same weight

Upright Rows 5 sets of 5 same weight

Cable Rear Delt Flyes 5 sets of 5 same weight

Lateral Raise Machine 5 sets of 5 same weight


Again, I start each exercise with a warm-up set, then 85% of my max.

Squat 5 sets of 5 same weight

Deadlift 5 sets of 5 same weight

Bench Press 5 sets of 5 same weight

Leg press 5 sets of 5 same weight Pause when at chest.

Leg Extensions 5 sets of 5 same weight Pause at the top

Glute Machine Kickbacks 5 sets of 5 same weight Pause at the top

Hammie Curls 5 sets of 5 same weight


Another detail day. I start each exercise with a warm-up set, then 85% of my max.

Skull Crushers 5 sets of 5 same weight. Slow and steady.

Tricep Kickbacks 5 sets of 5 same weight. Slow and steady

Seated Shrugs 5 sets of 5 same weight. Pause at the top

Low Cable Face Pulls 5 sets of 5 same weight Pause at the face

Machine Tricept Pushdowns 5 sets of 5 same weight


I start each exercise with a warm-up set, then 85% of my max.

Squats 5 sets of 5. I will stay at the same weight for each set and deep, deep, deep.

Bent Over Barbell Rows 5 sets of 5.  Same weight each set. Grip the bar like you bench press and row each rep to the floor.

Seated Barbell Shoulder Press 5 set of 5 same weight each set.

Wide Grip Cable Rows 5 sets of 5 same weight pause at chest

Straight Bar Pull Down 5 sets of 5 Same weight. Slow and steady reps

Machine High Rows 5 sets of 5 same weight Slow and steady

I am excited to start this new plan and see what gains can be made! Let’s get motivated for this week!!!

Hope you all enjoy your week!!!

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