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Weight Loss And Alcohol #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Like many people, I like to have an occasional drink, but question is, will it hinder my results???

We all know, carbs and proteins contain 4 calories per gram, while fats have 9. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, and is processed differently from the other macronutrients.


“Alcohol has a negative reputation in the fitness community. Part of it stems from the fact that alcohol severely lowers the body’s fat oxidation rate. A study published in the American Journal of College of Nutrition1 found that, when men were given two drinks of vodka and sugar-free lemonade, their lipid oxidation dropped by 73 percent!

Lipid oxidation is a measure of how much fat your body is burning. So, even though the cocktails in question were only 90 calories each, they had a huge impact on the drinkers’fat-burning power.”

Does this mean alcohol can not be mixed with weight loss or muscle building? NO! Fact is, that alcohol slows the fat burning process, but does not store as fat. Like many indulgences, in moderation alcohol is just fine.

With that being said, how do you figure in the alcohol when counting your macros? When I started IIFYM I made the mistake of going by the calories/macros on the alcohol labels, or what I found online….

In a perfect world, the carb/fat grams you see on these labels would work awesome. I should have known, it was too good to be true 😉 In order to log it correctly, so you are counting every calorie towards your macro counts, you will want to figure the calories ALL towards either your carb counts or your fat counts.


If you are using MyFitnessPal, you can log just carbs or just fats. I do this whenever I decide to have a drink. Right now, with being in my offseason, it is easy for me to have a drink in the evenings. Once my contest prep starts and my numbers get lower, I will probably opt for food over drinks. Especially since alcohol causes the drunchies 😉 (Drunk munchies) If you know your goals and track your numbers, it is easy to add indulgences. This is why flexible dieting is so much more realistic as a sustainable lifestyle. Am I saying go out and get drunk all the time? Absolutely not. Definitely drink responsibly and know your limits. If you are tracking macros, you will realize you are actually quite limited, even in the offseason 😉 But if you want to have a glass of wine with your Valentine, by all means indulge without worry xoxo

Happy Friday xoxo

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