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Getting Beyond That Negative Bulking Mentality #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I’m over half way into the 28th week of my bulk. I have just over 10 weeks left. I am actually really looking forward to starting my contest prep. The further into my bulk I have gotten, the more mental struggles I have had. I don’t really stress so much about the scale. I was mentally ready for that to change. I struggle most with the way my clothes fit, or don’t fit I should say ha ha. Clothes are tight, some because of muscles, most because of fat.

Most days I do great! I feel positive about myself and my progress, but other days I catch myself falling into that negative mindset about my body. It doesn’t help that there is a show here in 3 weeks, so EVERYONE is in prep and training at my gym. Training next to someone who is ripped while you are bulking is an ego blocker to say the least ha ha ha ha. I do my best to steer clear of the bad thoughts, but we all know that is really hard when you don’t like what you see in the mirror. This part of the process has definitely been more difficult than I had anticipated. One thing I am always aware of is that Zoe’s ears are always listening and her eyes always watching. I WILL NOT allow her to see or hear any negative body issues. I personally belive that is a learned behavior. I learned it when I was young. Those thoughts and behaviors are not something I want her to learn. She is always near when I am sizing myself up in the mirror, so I always make it a point to compliment myself and her xoxo

I will continue to push myself and keep building what I can. This bulk has also been the longest one I have done. It will be 8 weeks of reverse dieting with 38 weeks of bulking, so just over 10 1/2 months of pretty steady gaining. Now with all that being said, I also have to mention the things that have made me very happy in this bulk 😉 My strength has gone up 10 fold. When I started gaining, my max deadlifts were at 205lbs for 1 rep. At this point, I am doing 5 working sets of 5 at 200lbs and I have been raising it 5lbs every week, so I will be hitting my previous max next Wednesday. My squats and bench have also improved greatly! Squats were at 195lbs max (1-2 reps)and I am currently doing 5 sets of 5 at 170lbs. Bench was 95lbs max (1 rep) and I am currently at 105lbs for 5 sets of 5 and When I do photo comparisons, I can see the muscle gains I have made.


Keeping a positive mindset during your bulk is imperative. A negative mind can make you lack in motivation, or worse make you stop bulking too soon. Do I miss being lean? Yes. I would be lying if I said no. Have I wanted to start my cut sooner? Absolutely! However, I know I will be there again, but this time with more muscle, so I have to keep pushing myself. The whole process has been yet another learning experience. I am sure that my next bulk will go a bit different. I had made some mistakes in this one, but again I am always learning. I am curious as to how much more weight I will be able to lift in the following weeks, but even more curious to see what is under all this extra fluff I have added! These next 10 weeks will be the most difficult, but I am ready to fight for whatever gains I can possibly get at this point. My body is sore, tired, and full ha ha ha, but I am NOT giving up!

One thing I always keep in mind, I lost a ton of weight before, so not only do I know I can cut the extra weight, this time I know exactly how to do it! I am ready!!!!

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