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New Year, New Week, Road To A New You! #MotivationMonday @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I am SO excited to start this week! I took my last “quiz” yesterday, which was actually a practice test for the certification test and I did AWESOME! I am excited to take the next 4 weeks to study a bit more so I can walk in there and ace it! I can’t wait to revise this website and really start helping others achieve their health and fitness goals!!!

With all that being said, we all know that many people, including you may be using today as your starting point on your journey. To the new gym veterans, be nice. Allow the newbies some space to observe and learn. Smile! Make them feel welcomed. Be there to help and remember that you were once a beginner too 😉 To the newcomers, the gym can be an overwhelming place at first. As with all new places and things, it takes a few weeks to get accustomed. These feelings are normal!!! Take it from someone who is accustomed to this lifestyle. My family moves around a lot and I still get the same feelings every time I have to start a new gym. Just remember, CHANGE IS GOOD! You will get to know the gym, the equipment, and even new friends. DON”T QUIT because you get uncomfortable. That is a necessary feeling to help you grow into who you want to be!!! If you by chance do cross paths with an asshole, it’s okay to smile at them 😉 The problem is theirs, not yours xoxo

New week = new motivation! Let’s kick it off right with a little Lady Swole Monday…

This is the first day for many on their journey. let’s make it count and keep this momentum going! If you need a motivational kick in the ass, feel free to hit me up on my social media sites. I will gladly help you keep going!!! Let’s make the rest of your life the best of your life!!!!
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