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It’s Monday…Smile & Work For What You Want!

Last week was terrible for the SBSC household. Zoe was sick last weekend into last Monday, Then it was my turn. It seemed to be a nasty upper respiratory infection. It had me out for the count! I trained legs last Tuesday, but that was the only day I made it to the gym. In hind sight I probably should have rested that day as well. Today I will be getting back into my routine. I am excited to get back into the gym, because I can’t make improvements from my bed ha ha. Not to mention it will be nice to get out of the house. Poor Zoe is going stir crazy in here!!!

As we do every week, let’s kick it off right with some Lady Swole Monday….Our last one was a sick day Lady Swole ha ha


I am done being sick!!! Let’s do this!!!!!

I have goals and plan on killing it today! What is your plan?

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