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March Goal Recap #SBSCFitnessOnlineTraining #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse @SaturnMuscle

Well March came and went in the blink of an eye! It’s time to review the month’s goals.

The reason I am adamant about setting monthly goals, is that I am a firm believer hat to achieve your bigger goals and aspirations, you need to take smaller steps to get there. Setting small monthly goals to help you achieve your larger ones will help you stay on the right track. I set goals, not just for my fitness goals, but also for my career, my motherly/wife duties, my faith, and my competitions. Anything that is important to me. To have a clear cut path posted that keeps me accountable and reminds me what needs to be done, has been huge in my accomplishments…that and I like lists ha ha ha.

March Recap

Goal One~ Build my online business. I have been working hard this month, not just to gain more clients, but to help my current clients achieve their goals. It is more rewarding than I had imagined. To see others be proud of their own success! It’s a phenomenal feeling. I feel like I am coming into my own and excited to see how far I can take this new path! I have decided that with the overwhelming demand for my training programs, that I will be more selective of my clients. I want to work with individuals who are ready and motivated to make changes. Those who have a greater desire to change and understand that work is required. I would be doing anyone a disservice by taking their money, if they are not in the right frame of mind and ready to commit to starting a program. I have learned that there is difference between just wanting to lose fat and being ready to lose fat.

Goal Two~ Continue reverse dieting. Man, I can not be happier with my progress this off season. I am so happy I have taken the steps to stick with it! I am finally to a point where I am eating enough to start growing. I am staying lean and eating very well. The nights of going to bed hungry are far behind me now ha ha. I am curious as to how high my macros will go, as they have steadily been rising weekly.


Goal Three~ Working smarter in the gym. I have been keeping my focus on hypertrophy training. Still lifting heavy, but keeping my ego at bay. My lifts have been 75-85% of my max. I have been really focusing on each movement, concentric and eccentric. Making sure each muscle has a great pump before I decide to call it quits. I am seeing some growth and improvements every week and feeling fabulous… sore, but fabulous ha ha.


Goal Four~ Start planning Zoe’s birthday extravaganza. This goal has actually been put on hold for  the time being. We are trying to figure out exactly what we are wanting to do and how much it will set us back. We have a lot more expenses this year, so we want to make sure we are making wise choices. Her birthday will still be the best party ever, just not sure exactly what we are doing yet. This will be a work in progress…

Goal Five~ Make sure Zoe’s Lesson time is not compromised by my new work schedule. I have our schedule down and Zoe is still on track with her learning. I am excited for her to start kindergarten! We have narrowed it down to two schools that we will be working with and will be signing her up for next year in the next month or so. I love that I am blessed to stay home with her. It is a learning and growing experience for both of us!!!

Goal Six~ Posing practice. I have been practicing everyday. I am feeling much more comfortable with it. It has definitely been a work in progress. Trying to figure out not only how to pose correctly, but to also add my own personality to my poses. It is something I have struggled with. Posing looks easy and seems like it should be so simple to do, but what you do while looking in the mirror, is not always what happens when you are not watching yourself ha ha. I have learned to use the mirror to figure out how I want to look, but to practice in front of the camera without a mirror, because that is where I will see what I need to work on. Always learning and obsessed with improvement.

Posing Practice CLICK HERE 

I hope you smashed your March goals! Start making your list of April goals. This year is only going to be as great as you make it. Stop being average and start being phenomenal!!!
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SBSC Fit Tip: Have More Energy & Stave Off Hunger Pangs #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

The word diet brings many things to mind… hunger, lack of energy, torture ha ha just kidding… well kinda…

There are ways to keep your body feeling fueled and energized while cutting the fat.

One tip is to make sure you are getting plenty of protein. Protein keeps you feeling full longer. Depending on your activity level and goals, I typically recommend .8 – 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Some have issues with hitting their protein goals. This is where finding a quality protein powder supplement is very important. Protein powders like Saturn Supplement’s Smart Whey and Women’s Pro Whey Advantage allow you to reach higher protein levels in a light and delicious shake. Great for busy people on the go! Smart Whey is a Cross Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Isolate Protein & Protein (dairy sources), a high support vitamin and mineral complex, and 100% NON-GMO and gluten free. Women’s Pro Whey Advantage is a delicious tasting easy-to-digest Hydrolysate Whey Protein formula designed for women that not only provides sound nutrition, but also nourishes other elements of the body which include Hair, Skin, Nails, Eye, Heart, Strength, Muscle-Tone, and Weight Management. Due to the purity of the hydrolysate form of whey protein, Women’s Pro Whey Advantage is Sugar, Fat, Cholesterol, Lactose and Gluten-Free. Both are excellent choices for quality pure protein!

Smart Whey Women's Pro Whey

Another great tip is to make sure you are drinking your water! It was one of my personal down falls when I started my journey. I hated drinking water. My suggestion is find a water additive you like from fresh fruits to the calorie free flavored water drops you see in the store. Whatever will help you increase your water intake, do that! I weaned myself off of the water drops and now drink water like it is nothing.Most days I actually go way over my goal. I recommend one drink a minimum of 60% of their body weight in ounces. There are several benefits to drinking more water. It will not only help you lose weight, but make you feel full, as well as keep your hair , skin, and nails looking their best, as well as many others!!!

An often over looked tip is sleep. Sleep is very important no matter what your goals are. Lack of sleep raises your cortisol levels. This puts stress on your body. Stress also elevates cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels equates to a slower rate of calorie burn and stored fat. Getting proper rest will bring those levels down. Getting better sleep can be done by hitting the pillow earlier, turning off lights, tv’s, and all electronics. Yes this means staying off social media while lying in bed. I often will read so my eyes get sleepy, or just close my eyes and lay in silence. Sleep is probably still my greatest downfall.

I also like to take natural thermogenics like Saturn’s Lipo-Ex and Lady Slim. Their formulas are designed to boost, curb, and burn while providing an easy-feeling source of energy. A unique combination of herbal extracts and supporting nutrients makes Saturn’s thermogenics the most effective weight-loss formulas available. I take them during my contest prep as well as during my off season, to help me maintain. They give you the perfect energy boost and are fabulous at keeping hunger pangs at bay.

LIPO-EX  Lady Slim

It has taken me years to gain the knowledge on proper weight loss and I am still learning! I would love to help you achieve your goals! I am currently only taking select clients. To see if you are qualify, check out my home page CLICK HERE and fill out the become a client form.

Powered By Saturn Supplements

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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Motivation Monday! How Bad Do You Want It? #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! The SBSC household did! We ate lots of wonderful food and enjoyed each others company. I did not track my macros, but did hit the gym. I trained chest and abs, then did 15 mins of HIIT. Felt great after all the food I ate ha ha ha. The past couple of weeks have been physically and emotionally draining. We had 2 deaths in the family and being across country and not able to make it home to be with family was very heart breaking for me. I am still down about it, but am at peace that both of the phenomenal women are without pain now and at peace.

I also kept my eye on the Cutler Classic show here in Vegas over the weekend and boy did that light a fire under my ass. I am so ready to get back on stage. I have to stay focused on the task at hand, which is building as much lean mass as I can. However, I am excited to compete in the fall!!! With that being said, let’s get motivated for this week’s training! As always, we start with a little Lady Swole Monday…


Get out there and kick ass this week. No excuses!!! This is YOUR time! I am still taking on a select few clients. You must meet my criteria. If you are interested, just fill out the become a client form on my website and I will see if we will work well together! Hope you guys have a fabulous week!!! xoxo

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SBSC Fit Tip: Incredible Creatine #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Creatine has been somewhat of a “taboo” supplement for years. Having many question…

Benefits of Creatine were discovered in a Harvard University study back in 1912. It gained popularity in 1992 after the Olympics in Barcelona. Two Gold Medal runners were reported to be using the supplement. Strangely enough, some actually believe it is an illegal and/or dangerous substance. A myth we certainly want to put to rest!!!

The benefits of Creatine are vast, so I am just going to touch on a few of the most noteworthy.

First let’s discuss how Creatine works. Let’s start with energy. Energy is produced in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). An extensive number of chemical reactions that take place in every living organism. Your skeletal muscles require the transport of ATP to begin the process of muscle synthesis. However, during high intensity exercise and training, your body doesn’t produce enough ATP to properly fuel your training. This is where the benefits of Creatine begin.


Creatine is a naturally occurring organic acid that is produced in the liver. About 95% of it is found in the skeletal muscles. The remaining 5% is located in the heart brain and testes. It is produced from amino acids, L-Arginine, Gycine, and L²-methionine.  Most of the creatine in your body comes from foods you eat, primarily meats.

The Creatine supplement is mostly used by athletes to increase their ability to produce energy rapidly, improve athletic performance, and allow them to train harder. However, Creatine is is also used to help treat a wide range of neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders, like Parkinson’s, congestive heart failure, arthritis, depression, as well as overall improvement of cognitive ability.

Other benefits listed for creatine are, less cramping, less heat related illnesses like dehydration, less muscle tightness and strains, enhances dynamic strength, increases anaerobic metabolism, is an anti inflammatory, improves endurance, increased fat free muscle mass, and prevents DNA mutations in aging cells.

Everyone can benefit from creatine. I personally believe it to be safe for all ages. According to David Sandler, the senior director of education for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) “Some of the first research studies on creatine were done on overly weak infants” I give it to Zoe for it’s cognitive benefits. It is not just known for it’s energy benefits, but also it brain power boost.

I have been using Saturn Supplement’s Creatine Silk for well over 2 years. I prefer it, because it does come in powder form, so I can measure out the doses that I need.

Creatine Silk

They do also provide it in pill form (Creatine 3)

Creatine 3

Saturn’s quality is the best in the industry. It’s the reason they have been in business for well over 25 years! Creatine is a must have in your supplement arsenal. For more information on weight loss, muscle growth, nutritional, and supplement guidance, check out my 12 week program. I am still running a buy two get one free promotion, so you 12 weeks for the price of 6! Just CLICK HERE to get started.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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New Week, New You! #RedefiningTheMomBod @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

The weekend in the SBSC household was chaotic to say the least. Very happy it’s Monday and I get a redo ha ha. I am excited that I have several new clients starting their Redefining The Mom Bod programs today! Going to be several phenomenal transformations!!!! In light of that, let’s get motivated!

As always, let’s kick the week off right with a little Lady Swole Monday…


Everyone has days when they want to do nothing. Getting up is the hardest battle, because once you have begun your workout your mentality changes. You begin to remember why you are doing this. Never forget the thoughts you had when you made the decision to change! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN SUCCEED! I believe in you!!!
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SBSC Fit Tip: Fish Oils & Why They Are Important #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Fish oils have been around for years. many in the fitness industry use them and benefit greatly from them!!!What are Fish oils and why should we be taking them???

Fish oils are a fatty acid derived from the tissues of oily fish. They contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA (eiacosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are essential nutrients that the body can not make on it’s own. Now that we got the “What” out of the way, let’s get to the exciting part, the “Why” there are actually SO many benefits to taking Fish Oils, I am only going to list the noteworthy ones…

  1. Grow Muscles. We all know that protein is the macronutrient that helps build and sustain muscles. Our body uses protein to build and repair muscles and organs. Adding Fish oils to your daily supplement regimen, slows down, or even inhibit, muscle proteolysis, which is the breaking down of muscle proteins. Basically, they stimulate protein synthesis and your body continues to build muscle long after you have left the gym.
  2. Heart Healthy. Omega-3’s are also known for promoting heart health. The fats protect your heart and break up blood clots and lower cholesterol, tryglicerides, LDLs , blood pressure, and also increase good HDL cholesterol.
  3. Brain Food. Fish oils, for years have been dubbed “Brain food” Reason being is they support your brain and mental health. From symptoms of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, to boosting one’s memory.
  4. Joints and Mobility. Relives joint pain and fights arthritis. These issues not only plague athletes, but most of us as we age. EPA and DHA decrease inflammation in your joints and act as an anti-inflammatory. omega-3’s decrease the progression of osteoarthritis.
  5. Immune System Health. Fish oils help boost your immune system. Although it is fact that regular exercise also boosts your immune system, with high intensity training and an inadequate diet, you now have caused what is called exercise induced stress. This leads to free radical damage. Omega-3’s modify your blood antioxidant status and prevent radical damage.
  6. Fat Loss. Yeah, believe it or not, fat helps you lose fat! Well, let me rephrase that. When in a proper calorie deficit adding in Fish Oils is beneficial. When taking Omega-3’s with your meals, you are actually lowering the insulin spike you would be receiving from your foods, because the fats lower the glycemic level of the meal.

The benefits to Fish Oils are astronomical! I have been taking Saturn Supplement’s Cholest-Omega.


I love it because you get all the benefits of Omega-3’s, EPA, DHA, and Vitamin E. So extra healthy hair, skin, and nails to boot! Saturn’s Cholest-Omega provides a premium marine lipid concentrate of fish oil.
Saturn’s Cholest-Omega is produced from pharmaceutical grade fish oil. All Impurities have been removed through a special series of processes to provide your body with the purest concentration of Omega 3 fish oil.

Best quality products at the best price!

Real Quality Real Results

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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Monday Morning Motivation Get Ready To Grind This Week! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I always look forward to a new week! It’s a way for me to refocus on my goals, get my mind right, and tweak my game plan so I can reach the finish line. One thing I have learned on this journey is a positive outlook is key. I was listening in to my husband on a business call and he said the most profound thing….

husb positivity

Wow how true! “Positivity costs you nothing, but negativity can cost you everything.” What a great quote to tell yourself when you start to have negative thoughts. My husband is in sales, so of course he strives to always have a positive mind set. When he said this though, it was like an alarm went off in my head. I was just like, of course you can lose everything with a negative mind! Gah!!! That makes so much sense!!! Keeping yourself in the right frame of mind is what will make or break your progress. Next time you start to allow the negativity to seep in, think about what it will cost you.

Let’s get our motivation motors running!!! As always a little Lady Swole Monday…


No one can do it for you. It is YOUR time to get up and make this happen!!! You don’t have to go it alone. I can be there every step of the way. Just go sign up today and together we can map out the plan to achieving your goals!!!


Powered By Saturn Supplements
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Reduce Fat By Building Muscle #RedefiningTheMomBod #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

When talking with my clients about their goals, I find that many women are apprehensive about building muscle. Thoughts of looking manly, or bulky seem to be the biggest worry. The main request however, is to looked toned and see the scale do down. This is where my work begins. Ladies we need to start thinking fat loss, not weight loss.

fat vs muscle

Muscle is more dense, so you can pack on muscle, lose fat and hardly see the scale move. What you will see is inches lost, clothing fitting more loose, and that toned look you have been dreaming of!

Lifting heavy is important for this overall achievement. You need to tear down the muscle tissues, so they will grow. You will not do this with light weight training. With that being said, another factor in seeing muscle growth is nutrition and supplementation. Knowing when and what to take can increase muscle growth and lose fat. Just because you pick up weights, does not mean you will automatically start growing muscle. Your intra and post workout regimes are the most important.

When you train you put your body into a catabolic state. This can be detrimental when trying to grow ANY muscle at all! Just like I stated last week, intra workout supplements are important!!!  Intense training uses huge amounts of glycogen, which is glucose stored in your muscle cells. The only way to prevent the depletion of glycogen, leading to low blood sugars, is to sip on a carbohydrate drink like Saturn’s K-Pump Hydrate.  K-Pump is formulated with an impressive burst of muscle-building protein, enriched with amino acids. Calorie Burning, Muscle Building, Nutrient Replenishment, Performance Powerhouse


Adding in additional BCAA’s into your intra workout will further decrease your catabolic state. Adding in BCAA’s, particularly Leucine, will provide fuel for your workouts and start the protein synthesis process. This means muscle repair and growth! I like to add extra BCAA’s  like Amino Pump 50000 to my intra workout drink. Amino Pump 50000 is an easy-to-digest soluble concentrated amino-protein formula enriched with a powerful ratio of BCAA’s, Nitric Oxide and a full spectrum of Pharma-Engineered predigested amino acids that can be quickly and efficiently utilized by the body. The ultimate way to build solid muscle. Each serving provides your body with an impressive nitrogen retention source of amino acid protein which helps you to achieve maximum muscle growth and protein synthesis while improving the time of muscle tissue recuperation.

Amino Pump 50000

And of course everyone knows the importance of quality protein post workout. Smart Whey is the perfect source of nutrition consisting of 100% Cross Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Isolate Protein & Protein (dairy sources), and a high support vitamin and mineral complex. To enhance the overall perfection of this formula, Smart Whey is 100% NON-GMO, containing NO Genetically Modified Organisms.

Smart Whey

Another thing to remember is that as important as protein is post workout, so are carbohydrates. Be sure to grab a high carb treat to pair up with your delicious shake!

Ladies, do not be afraid to pack on a little muscle and trust me when I say, for females, packing on any is difficult to do! If you are looking to have the lean, toned look this summer I can help! Join the #RedefiningTheMomBod Revolution. Together we can build your dream body….Just in time for summer 😉

Be sure to check out all of Saturn Supplements phenomenal products! If you have any questions about any of hem, you can reach out to me or contact their fabulous customer service.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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Rev Up Your Motivation For The Upcoming Week! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

After watching the results of the Arnold, I am super pumped for this week’s training! Seeing all of those fabulous physiques on stage has me itching to get back up there!!!

I have definitely fallen in love with the sport! Mainly the process it takes to get to the stage. It truly is indescribable. When you are training for a big goal, learning to stay focused and positive is key. It teaches you discipline, which is important in every aspect of life. I am proud of how far I have made it and can’t wait to see how far I can I go!!!

Let’s start the week strong with a little Lady Swole Monday!


What you do today shapes what your future is tomorrow. Stop waiting, stop making excuses, your time is now!!! Be the change you want to see!!! If you have questions, I CAN help you. Just fill out the question form on my Home page  Now let’s kick this week in the face ha ha
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New Month New Goals!

A little late, but Happy March!

February was crazy for me! Between my final exam, getting my website revamped, and taking on new clients, I have been struggling to find balance with working from home, teaching Zoe, and a homemaker. I finally feel that I have things back under control. If you have followed me for a while, you know that I am HUGE on goal setting. I think it is important to not only have your main goals, but a plan that maps out how you will achieve them!

Every month, I go through and plan small goals I need to achieve for the month to help guide me to my main goals. I strongly suggest you make a monthly goal list. Whether you pin it up on the fridge, or post for the world to see, put somewhere that you will see it, check it, and hold yourself accountable.

My monthly goals are important to me and can stand as a guide to help you set yours.

My March Goals…

Goal One~ Build my Online Training Business. I am in the business to help others. Last month, although busy, has been quite rewarding. It is really amazing to see others transform in such a short amount of time, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Losing 10+ lbs does amazing things for one’s self esteem! I am excited to educate more people on how to lose fat and keep it off with a realistic lifestyle. I am all about sustainable results!!! Building my business, means educating more people and helping others start to love themselves!!! THAT is what it is all about!!!

Goal Two~ Continue Reverse Dieting. My first time competing, at this point post competition, I had already dropped the reverse dieting idea and went straight into a bulk. I do not regret the decision, because I learned from it. I gained a lot in my off season last year. My prep was difficult to say the least. This year I have stuck to my reverse dieting plan….okay, okay not 100% Thanksgiving day I over ate and the whole week of Christmas I didn’t track at all ha ha. Since then however, I have been strict on my reverse dieting. I have to say, it has been harder than competition prep. I finally have my macros around 2200 calories. It has been a slow climb, but I am very happy that i stuck to it this year. I have obviously gained weight, but I am still staying fairly lean and now starting to grow muscle. I will continue to slowly reverse up to keep my fat gain at a minimum.

reverse dieting Feb

Goal Three~ Working Smarter In The Gym. I have long learned to push my ego to the wayside. Lifting heavy is awesome, but I’m not training to be a power lifter. I am training to compete in Figure. With that being said, my biggest goal in the gym is hypertrophy, or muscle growth. Making sure that I am working my muscles in the proper way and knowing which muscles I am working is most important. I am so happy I went through with the NASM certification. Being more educated, not only aids me in helping others, but helps me in my own training.  This year is definitely a year of growth!!!

Goal Four~ Start Planning Zoe’s Birthday Extravaganza! Zoe’s birthday is a HUGE deal every year. This year obviously won’t be any different 😉 It is awesome we are living in Vegas now, because that allows us to have more options for things to do! We are thinking of surprising her with birthday vacation of fun and sun. We are still working out the logistics of it all. Planning when, where, and of course what type of cake I will be decorating this year. It all takes tons of planning, but is always so very exciting!!! I can’t believe our baby is about to be 6!!!


Goal Five~ Make sure Zoe’s Lesson Time is not compromised by my work. I am dedicated to my clients, but need to have the same dedication to my daughter’s education. This month I am focusing on the balance of both. We moved her desk next to mine. That will be a huge help, because now I can work and have her working at the same time. Her education is very important to us!!!

Goal Six~ Last but not least, Posing Practice. This is something I need to stay focused on. Especially in the off season. My posing was much better this past year, but still need work. It is much more difficult than it looks. Not only knowing how to pose, but holding the poses, and gracefully transitioning. All things I am still working on. My stage presence has to sell me as the winner! I wan to place this year and get nationally qualified, so you know that I will be working my tail off on my stage presence and posing!!!

14-15 comp

I hope you all have your goals in place and are ready to smash them all this month! I am here cheering you on!!! xoxo Let’s make March a HUGE step closer to those dreams xoxo
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Benefits Of Intra Workout Supplementation & Our GIVEAWAY WINNER!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

If you have stepped foot in a gym, you have most likely heard of and possibly use pre and post workout supplements, but many don’t realize or have even heard of the importance of an intra workout supplement.

As you weight train, your body starts to release a catabolic (muscle loss) hormone. As well as begins to deplete itself of glycogen, electrolytes, and amino acids. The loss of all of these elements is detrimental to your progress.

I have been using Saturn Supplement’s K-Pump as my intra workout supplement, exclusively for over two years. I realized quickly the benefits to drinking it throughout my training. The pump I receive is phenomenal, but what struck me as the most awesome was the energy and mental focus I gained.


Saturn’s K-PUMP is Packed full of Performance Enhancing Activators, Muscle-Building Amino Acids, Mental Focus Actives, and Body Trimming Energizers. So yeah, not only does it fuel your workouts, but it aids in burning fat too!!!


To enhance the overall effectiveness of their Pump & Endurance Drink, K-Pump is formulated with an impressive burst of muscle-building protein, enriched with amino acids. Calorie Burning, Muscle Building, Nutrient Replenishment, Performance Powerhouse – K-Pump makes the perfect addition to any strength and health program.

Clinical studies have proven the benefits of Intra Workout supplements such as K-Pump Hydrate.

    “Clinical study conducted at

Australia’s Charles Sturt University

    , researchers analyzed the effects of intra-workout supplementation. Test subjects consumed a 6 percent liquid carbohydrate

and 6 grams of essential amino acid solution during their workout and were evaluated for hormonal and muscular adaptations as well as biochemical response. 

    After 12 weeks, the results were astounding! When compared to the placebo group, test subjects packed on more muscle (9.04 vs. 3.97 lbs.) than the placebo group. Muscle fiber expansion across Type I, Type IIa and Type IIb muscle fibers was also significantly increased.”  ~Excerpt From
    I know that my training sessions are not as good without my


    . It is hands down a game changer for when it comes to fat loss and muscle growth!
    As promised, February’s

Saturn Supplement’s

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Vera K. 

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