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SBSC Motivation Monday It’s Peak Week!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

This week is peak week for me. For those who do not know what that means, it is the final week of my contest prep before my competition this coming up Saturday. I have been training hard and trying to get my conditioning right this year. I feel that I have made huge strides and am bringing my best physique to date. I am always a work in progress, but happy with what I have at this point. We will be loading up the car and heading to Vegas on Thursday. The competitors meeting is on Friday afternoon, then I get tanned and rest till the pre-judging starts on Saturday morning. It will be a in time1 I made a lot of friends last year who will be there and some new ones on social media that I can’t wait to meet! Shows are always a blast. I may be competitive, but I do love meeting and chatting with my fellow competitors. We all know the up’s and down’s of prep and can relate ha ha. I always have mad respect for anyone who competes, because it can get rough and it definitely tests you not just physically, but mentally.

With all that being said, our bags are packed and we are ready to get this week underway! Even if you aren’t competing, Monday is always a great day to refresh your mind and refocus on your goals whatever they may be. Let’s get this week started right with a Lady Swole Monday….


Let’s do it! This week will be epic, because that is what we will make it!

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SBSC Motivation Monday #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I’m getting down to that final stretch! I can’t believe next week is “Peak Week”. This prep, although not easy, went by pretty quick. Just like previous preps, I am tired, sore, and hungry, but I feel good. I feel good about the physique I am bringing to the stage. I definitely feel that I made huge improvements since last year. My goal everyday is to keep pushing myself as hard as I think I can go, then a little bit more. I have huge goals and have every intention of reaching them.

Today I want you to sit down and meditate on what you want. Picture it in your head and let that image resonate. Let it burn inside you. You CAN and you WILL accomplish your goals. We all have bad days where we want to give up. Maybe we do that day, but the next day get up and try again. Never lose that fight!!! This is YOUR life. only you can control the outcome. Stop saying why me and start saying why not me, or it is going to be me. Work harder. You got this!!!

As always, let’s kick Monday off with a little Lady Swole Monday… lsm1

Today is your day!!! Get out there and earn it!!!

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SBSC Motivation Monday: No Slowing Down, Stay Driven! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

Time to Rise ‘N’ Grind! I am ready to smash this week! Last week was a struggle for me. I am tired, sore, and have days where I question myself. I think we all have days like that. It seems to hit me hardest in contest prep. I try to stay positive and talk myself back up, but some days I struggle with that too. These are the days I spend more time in the gym pushing myself. the gym in my happy place. I try to get it all out of my system, I train, I pray, and sometimes I even cry. Some days are hard and that is okay. I know that everyone has low days and we just have to be strong and push through them.

This week marks me at 3 weeks out from the Las Vegas Classic. I booked my hotel over the weekend and finished buying the last of my supplies like body scrub, make-up, lashes nails, and all the girly stuff that makes me shine a bit brighter on stage. This prep has been different in many aspects. I know more what to expect walking into my competitions. It helps that I did the Las Vegas Classic last year. I met a ton of amazing ladies last year that have become friends. This year is no different. I have already started talking online with several of my competitors and they are all such phenomenal souls! I love this sport and how everyone is so positive with each other and so supportive. You don’t a lot of women lifting each other up and being supportive. It’s nice to be a part of a community that for the most part does!

I had several competitors answer questions and help me with so much over the past year. I met IFBB Pro Beckie Boddie last year at the Las Vegas Classic. She was helping backstage in the tanning area. She also trained at the same gym I did. Talking on a regular basis, we became friends. I have turned several of my friends down for training, mainly because I didn’t have the money to pay them and felt bad about using their service for free. Beckie told me to think of it as a sponsorship ha ha. She has been awesome in helping me not only with my training, but my nutrition and posing.

I feel this is the best conditioning I have had yet and I am excited to not only see the end result, but to get back on that stage. Up to this point I trained myself and educated myself. I wasn’t far off, but it is nice to have someone who knows the industry, educate me on more of the in’s and out’s of competitions. She has even advised me on hair and make up choices and what exactly the judges look for. This insight is definitely something I was lacking. It will be nice to have someone teach me what to look for hour by hour on contest day and how to get my body to react in certain ways with nutrition manipulation.

It’s like I say every year, I am always learning and evolving. I will start classes up again shortly after competition. I want to study more about nutrition and fat loss, so I can help my clients be even more successful than they already are!

This week I want us to stay focused on staying positive. We are our own hardest and toughest critics. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to give yourself a break. We are training hard and doing what we are suppose to. Results will come, if we trust the process.

Today is Monday and it’s time to get our minds right! As always, let’s kick things off with some Lady Swole Monday…


Last week is just that, last week. Let’s stay positive and motivated this week. Focus on what you are working towards. I suggest making a journal or a motivation board to hang somewhere that you will see it everyday. Anything to help you stay motivated, positive, and to keep going! This week we make HUGE changes!!!

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SBSC Motivation Monday It’s My Birthday! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

Pretty excited this week! I am officially 4 weeks out and today is my birthday!!!

I am on level 38 today! I feel so blessed to live the life that I do and to have made it as far as I have xo I am in the best shape of my life. Even though I do not get cake today, I am having a phenomenal birthday!!! Cake can come in 4 weeks ha ha ha. Right now my sole goal is to get nationally qualified. I feel really good about my physique this year.


I am super proud of my clients! This past week I have had so many showing so much improvement!!! Y’all are killing it!!! I had a couple more sign up over the weekend and I welcome y’all to Team SBSC!!! I can’t wait to start seeing you progress and make changes!!! This week let’s keep the intensity and motivation high as we smash our goals!!!!

As always, let’s kick things off with a little Lady Swole Monday…


This is your week! Your choices and mindset right now will set the tone for the outcome. Make it strong and make it count!!!

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SBSC Fit Tips: Quick & Easy Protein Cake #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

Top nutrition issue with my clients is lack of protein, which is imperative in burning fat.

One suggestion I give my clients is to break down your total day’s worth of protein into how much you need per meal. For example, if you are to consume 160g of protein a day and typically eat 3 meals and 2 snacks You could break it down to 40g per meal and 20g per snack. If you are still struggling to hit your protein goals, then I suggest a quality protein powder. Look for proteins that have low to no fat or carbs and are very high in protein. You see a lot of these new companies promising you the world with their products. They have to sell all these different flavors and hype their products up, for several reasons. One is that they are packed full of crap that is not going to help you, in some cases it hinders your progress. Another reason is that they are new companies that are trying to make money as fast as they can, before people realize that their products are not exactly what they promise.

This is one of the many reasons I love Saturn Supplements so much! They have been in the industry for over 25 years. Their products have stood the test of time and have proven time and time again that they ARE QUALITY! Quality trumps anything else in my book!!!

A quick and delicious way to get your protein in is by protein cakes. I love to whip them up in the microwave for a quick and easy snack! The protein I use for this is Saturn’s Pro 4100 Hydrolyzed. I am using chocolate in the photos, but all the flavors work awesome and you can make so many different flavor combinations!!! I use the Pro 4100 because it has zero fat, carbs, sugar, lactose, gluten, and is non GMO. It is basically awesomeness in powder form!!!

PRO 4100 Hydrolyzed

The two main ingredients you need for the cake are the Pro 4100 and baking powder. Yes, the cake is that simple! Put a serving (or however much protein you need one serving is 39g of protein) in the bowl. One serving of protein I typically use one teaspoon of baking powder. Mix a little water in it isn’t really thick in texture and actually gets a bit frothy.


Once mixed, just pop it in the microwave for 25-30 seconds. You don’t want it to cook all the way. When you cook it all the way, it becomes dry and not tasty. Bonus is the extra goo acts as an icing of sorts.

I sometimes like to dress them up with extra flavors, like Walden Farms zero calorie chocolate and caramel syrups, and a dash of salt, but they are phenomenal on their own!!!


What you get is a moist, delicious, protein packed, sweet treat that literally takes just a couple of minutes to make!


Check out Saturn’s Pro 4100 and their other amazing line of products! They have everything from A to Zinc!!!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.

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SBSC Fitness Motivation Monday No More Excuses #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

Whew! Last week was a doozy for the Broadbent household, but we made it through. Hubs started his new job today which I am thrilled for him!!! I have the pleasure of unpacking, cleaning, and getting the house in order. The move was certainly difficult in the sense that I am in prep and taking a different approach than I have in the past. It’s like I have said before, no prep is the same. My training is amp’d up this year. I train a lot more and my diet has been much more strict. It has also changed this year, because I am working now. I have several active clients. I am busy building my business daily, as well as still studying daily, because I am back in school. Furthering my education is all part of the process as well. And not just my education, Zoe is now in school too. That is at least 4 hours a day. With all of this going on, this mama has been busier than ever and exhausted!!!

When someone tells me they don’t have time to achieve a dream they have for their life no matter what it is, I typically just hear an excuse. If you truly want something, you will make time for it! My day’s schedule is full, but everything I do is working towards something I want. I sacrifice time on the sofa watching tv to work towards my dreams. Sometimes I get lucky lol and I can catch a show or something I like on the tv while I am doing cardio, but it’s certainly not a priority for me.

Excuses will hold you back from the things you want. Making changes can be scary, but more times than none, it is worth it! Do what you have to do to stay focused on your goals. I make a monthly goal list to keep me on track and a motivation board in my room to keep me pushing. I also have a book that I write down all my long term dreams and goals in. I write down the plan I have to reach those goals and how to break them down into smaller steps. Once you map out your journey, it becomes easier to see how to get to what you want.

This week, we again have several new faces on Team SBSC! Welcome! This is Motivation Monday. Basically a post where I update what’s going on with me, then do my best to get you ready to have a kick ass week! Let’s get motivated!!!

As always I like to get started with a little Lady Swole Monday…


Your time is now! Always take time to sit down and remember your WHY. Why did you decide to start this journey? What made an impact on you that made you feel the need to change? Start using your why as fuel to keep you fired up and pushing harder. Your intensity has to stay high! Only you can motivate you. You can read and see motivational things all day, but in the end it is YOU who makes the choice whether or not you are going to act on it! It’s Monday, what is your next step???

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SBSC Fitness September Goal Recap

Okay, can we please hit a pause button here?

September flew by. I am still playing catch up and will be for at least a week ha ha ha.

Thus the reason I am posting my September goal recap on October 2nd. I am still going to post my normally scheduled posts on Monday and Tuesday, so my October Goals won’t be posted till at least Wednesday. Baby steps right ha ha ha.

Here is the recap of my September…

Goal One ~ Stay Driven, Focused, & Hungry ~ Like I said when I posted this one, contest prep has a way of breaking even the strongest people. Having to move when I am this far into prep was difficult to say the least. Not going to lie, all of the mental and physical stress almost broke me. I am so thankful to have a supportive husband who helped me keep it together. Keeping my head in the game was hard. Every time I almost threw in the towel, I sat myself down full face to face and gave myself “The Talk” Sometimes you have to remind yourself how much work you have invested and how bad you once wanted it. The feeling of defeat took me over the past two years. I am still driven, I am still focused, and I am still hungry!!! I am not broken and I am coming for everything I know that I deserve!!!

Goal Two ~ Pack Up ~ Packing up the house was actually not too bad. Every year, I make our moves the time that we clean house. I donate every box that we haven’t opened in the last year. Donate clothes and even furniture. My sweet hubs decided that we were in need of a new sofa, so he took it upon himself to update our living room. I didn’t have to move that furniture, because he had it delivered. That was pretty awesome and definitely helped with stress levels!!!  I am happy that everything is done! Now to get everything unpacked ha ha ha ha. I will say, Arizona is amazing and we love our new apartment and new gym!!!

Goal Three ~ Posing Practice ~ Y’all know that I never skip posing practice. I even practice while I am training ha ha ha ha ha. Shoot, I probably practice in my sleep ha ha. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends in this industry!!! IFBB Pro Hope “Smallwonder” Trask has been motivating me for years now. She is one of the people who got me into competing to begin with! IFBB Pro Beckie Boddie I met while living in Vegas and this woman is as beautiful inside as she is outside! She took me under her wing at the gym and has been helping me reshape, lean out, condition, and overall just make sure I am stage ready. It’s awesome to actually know people at the competition this year! My posing has improved ten fold and I can’t wait to show it off on stage this year!!!

IFBB Pro Hope “Smallwonder” Trask

IFBB Pro Beckie Boddie

Goal Four ~ Keep Zoe Going ~ I was able to get Zoe pretty far ahead in Nevada by having her do extra lessons and working on the weekends. She actually had all of last week off, so I could withdraw her from the school system in Las Vegas and get her enrolled here in Phoenix. She will still be doing online public school with Connections Academy. In Arizona the laws are different, so we will be increasing her hours. 20 hours per week vs 10. It is fine with us, because we typically were studying that long anyway. We did have a hiccup when we got here, that has delayed her enrollment. I didn’t have internet access till Friday to send the school some vital info. Luckily she will be able to just jump right in once they get it all in the system. If she is behind at all, the school here actually goes on break in a week or two and I will just have her work through it. We were able to join a new gym, but unlike our Vegas gym it is not within walking distance. It’s never a big deal for me to change up my gym schedule and it actually will work better for her schooling, because a lot of her live lessons with her class are in the mornings. Plus, Josh can join us at the gym! New gym and new class has my sweet little beast excited to say the least!!! And for those who are SO worried about Zoe’s socialization…three things 1. she goes to the gym for over 2 hours a day 7 days a week and plays with children her own age. 2. She has classmates that she talks with regularly as well as pen pals from the different friends she has made in the cities we have lived in. 3. Forced association is not socialization. As if the social skills she have been developing will just stop progressing if she doesn’t attend public school?  This is a ridiculous assumption. Most kids don’t need to be taught how to play and socialize.  We are by nature social animals and seek out connections with others. I assure you that Zoe is probably above and beyond most children her age in social skills ha ha. She is a talker and will stop anyone to make a new friend. You can keep your worries at bay. As her mother, I have done my research and I do know what is best for her 😉

I had a TON of people sign up in the last month during my sale. I am so excited to welcome you all to Team SBSC. I strive to help you achieve progress and an overall love for yourself! For those who missed the sale, sorry I am sure I will have another one in the future. Right now I am pretty booked, but always welcome those who are ready to commit to making changes. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Look in the mirror and don’t feel that the person looking back is the real you. Know that you can do and be more with the right guidance. Are looking for a program that is not cookie cutter and can adjust to your life, job, family, time, and equipment. If you think you would be a good fit with Team SBSC or have questions, feel free to CLICK HERE to find out more.

I always encourage you to set your own monthly or weekly goals. Make them realistic and small steps to help you achieve your main goals. Make a list and keep it visible to help you stay accountable. I hope y’all fared well this past month!!!


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