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SBSC Fitness Motivational Monday #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

Another amazing week ahead of us! Over the weekend I ordered my new competition suit and worked on the design a bit. I am still fguringout all the details before I place my order for the crystals. I know that heading to the National stage has me wanting to step up my game even more!!! I have around 4 months to make the growth improvements that I need to before starting my contest prep. I was able to get some feedback from the judges, so I know exactly what improvements need to be made. all I know is I want to beat this girl right here…


I still look at this photo in awe ha ha ha. It is crazy how much has changed in just a few short years. I am more motivated than ever to bring a better physique to the stage and earn that IFBB Pro spot! I know what mistakes I made last time around and like I said, what improvements the judges want to see made. Now it is grind time! I will work harder and do my best to stay more lean in the coming months, so my conditioning will be on point.

This week I challenge you to push yourself just that much harder. How bad do you want to accomplish your goals? How long have you been sitting on the sidelines just wishing you could….no, no, no, scratch that, that you WOULD? The only thing that holds you back is YOU. If you truly want to make changes, then you can. You will find a way to make time and train harder. I made excuses for years as to why I wasn’t where I wanted to be. One day I woke up and said no more! No more crying, no more wishing, no more excuses. I was going to be all in. It didn’t happen overnight, but it is happening. The women I once wished to look like, I now compete with. It has been an amazing journey that has changed me. Not just physically, but emotionally. I now love myself! My confidence grows more everyday. It is probably the part of my transformation that I love the most!

Take your inner fears, your low self esteem, and your doubts. Use them to drive you to your goals!!! Let’s get this week started! As always a little Lady Swole Monday…


I know you are tired of starting over, so this time DO NOT GIVE UP!!! This is YOUR time to shine!!!

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