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SBSC Fit Tips: Too Tired To Workout? Increase Your Energy Naturally. #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

One of the biggest excuses for not exercising regularly is lack of energy.

You always hear people say it’s because they are aging. In fact, it is NOT normal to decrease in energy as we age. Chronic fatigue and having low energy is actually a warning sign!

A warning sign for something more serious to come, like diabetes, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, digestive issues, obesity, etc. The list goes on and on. Studies have shown there are ways to prevent and possibly reverse these issues…..wait for it…. Naturally.

Your body is a complex eco system of sorts. If one thing is thrown off, it causes it to basically self destruct. An eco system is linked together by nutrient cycles and energy flows. The nutrients you consume are used as energy. Carbs, fats, and proteins, this is a concept we have all come to understand. What many fail to realize is how crucial the break down of the nutrients in our body is. 70% of your immune system is your digestive tract.

The bacteria in your gut (flora), when happy, sends messages to your energy producing organelle called mitochondria. These are basically the factories in your body that produce energy cells. Healthy gut bacteria produces byproducts that aid in keeping your intestinal lining strong. Without enough good bacteria to produce these substances, the intestinal tract becomes highly suceptible to damage. Inflammation can then leads to ulceration, which destroys areas of lining in the intestinal wall. This allows disease-causing bacteria, toxins, and undigested food particles to pass directly into the bloodstream, where they disrupt the the body’s normal function. This is when you begin to have issues.

You can improve all of this naturally by doing a few things. For starters, cut out soy products, wheat grass, and lower your leptin levels. Studies have shown soy in itself causes digestive issues,  thyroid suppression, constipation, sleepiness, has been linked to breast cancer, and produces what is called phytoestrogen. This causes a multitude of problems in women and men. The list of cons for soy is actually quite long and crazy! If you have time to research it, I highly recommend it! Wheat Grass contains Chlorophyll. It is what gives it plants their green color. It also absorbs and converts sunlight into energy, well for plants it does. For humans it is completely useless. This is coming from world renowned cardiologist, heart surgeon, and medical researcher Dr Steven Gundry. He is also the author of Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution. Anyway, he states that we aren’t like cows with 4 stomachs and digesting grass of any sort is difficult for the human body to do. I personally and not a fan of eating grass, so I will side with him. Increasing your polyphenol intake. Almonds, walnuts, olive oil, and dark berries are all high in polyphenols. These are truly super foods. They increase heart health, energy, fat loss, metabolism, as well as gut health.

Last but not least my fave for a healthy gut is Saturn Supplement’s all natural Enzymax. It helps break down starches, sugars, fats, and proteins in your digestive tract. It is the ultimate in digestive enzyme supplementation. This advanced formula provides your body with virtually every important digestive enzyme known, and in optimum proportions. We cannot always be sure that the foods that we consume are being digested and absorbed properly. Enzymax is one simple step closer to ensuring that proteins, food sources and other vital nutrients are assimilated properly, effectively, and that your gut bacteria stays happy!


 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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SBSC Fitness Motivation Monday Time To Achieve Greatness

Happy Monday!!!

I am officially 21 weeks out from the USA Championships in Las Vegas and getting SO excited!!! I know 21 weeks seems like a long time, but it really does go by pretty quickly. My main focus this year has been building just a bit more muscle and conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. I love the way I looked last year, but I felt that my lower half could have come in a bit tighter. I have been working hard with my gorgeous coach IFBB Pro Beckie Boddie to make sure that I am doting all my i’s and crossing all my t’s.

Can you believe this is an unedited photo!?!? Wowzers!!!

The USA’s is one of the largest national shows in the country. Nationally qualified competitors come from all over the United States to compete and they all bring their A game! Everyone wants their pro card, but only a select few will accomplish that goal. I plan on being one of them! I refuse to be out worked by anyone!!! After my prep last year, I know how hard it can get. With being said, I also know how awesome it felt to walk away with not one, but TWO 1st place wins! I have been talking to judges across the US and feel like I have a great grasp of what the judges are looking for. I am ready!!!

This week let’s keep the motivation high. When you have a goal, you have to keep that visualization vivid in your mind and make sure the intensity stays just as high during all of your training sessions. whenever you feel you are lacking, take a moment to refocus and get that game face back on!!!

Happy Monday to you! Get out their and know that you CAN do anything you set your mind to!!!

SBSC Fit Monday Motivation #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

Crazy week last week! I spent the better part of 3 days with a horrible bout of food poisoning. Day one was spent in pain. I literarily slept the whole day. I tried to eat, but most of the time I couldn’t because I had horrible stomach pain. It was a rough day to say the least. The second day I got back on my meal plan, but was still hurting a bit a slept quite a bit. The third day I spent resting and by the evening was training again. It was not a great way to end the week at all. I will say, if you ever have a food poisoning, boiling lemons and ginger into a drink is a life saver!!! It truly helped me SO much with pain and stomach healing.

I am ready to be back on track this week!!! I trained back yesterday. I was still a little out of sorts, but got an amazing training in! Today is delt and chest (my favorite) and I can’t wait to get some iron therapy in! I need to keep the momentum up, because I am officially 22 weeks out from the USA Championships!!! I am SO excited!!!

Let’s kick this week off strong and get motivated….

Today is your day! I remember looking at photos online and saying “I wish I looked like that” I didn’t succeed until I stopped wishing and started REALLY working! You CAN have anything you want, you just have to be willing to put in the work. Are you ready???

SBSC Fitness

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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SBSC Fit Tips: BCAA’s & Why Women Need Them #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

BCAA’s are the building blocks of protein.

Image result for bcaa's building blocks of protein

They are also the building blocks to all of your training goals!

Image result for training goals

Let’s face it, we all have different goals. Some train for bodybuilding competitions, some for powerlifting, some endurance like CrossFit or long distance running, and many just to stay fit and healthy. No matter what you are training for, keeping your body fueled and running top notch is a universal priority!

This is why BCAA’s or Branch Chained Amino Acids are SO important! They provide every type of athlete the necessary fuel pre, intra, and post workout.

There are around 80 amino acids found in nature, but our bodies only utilize about 20. Each havening it’s own job to do. They are essential for our bodies to function properly. We know that aminos are the building blocks of protein. This is why it is recommended that you eat complete proteins. I recommend .8-1.0 grams per lb of body weight. Fish, poultry, beef, and protein powders are all amazing ways to get your protein. When the protein breaks down in your body, the individual aminos travel to exactly where your body needs them and some reassemble back into protein aka your muscles.

The fascinating thing about aminos when you consume them in concentrated form like supplements, they preform different functions that go beyond muscle making. I want to discuss the 7 aminos that help the ladies with our goals.

L-Carnitine ~ This amino helps our bodies  increase and utilize the little testosterone that we have to make it more efficient in building lean muscle, burning fat, prevent fatigue, prevent damage, and increase blood flow to the muscles.

Glutamine ~ Boosts the production of creatine, enhances muscle growth, improves recovery and immune function, aids in digestion, prevents fatigue and some will say prevents sweet tooth attacks.

Glycine ~ Increases growth hormone levels, boosts production of creatine, and stimulates muscles to contract which increases strength.

Taurine ~ You see this one in a lot of energy drinks, so you already know that it provides a boost of energy. It also enhances ALL your muscles abilities to contract. This means it gives you endurance.

Carnosine ~ Another muscle and endurance boosting amino, but this one also serves the purpose of destroying free radicals that can damage your muscles.

Arginine ~ This one increase nitric oxide production, increasing blood flow and giving you the ultimate pump. When this happens, that improved blood flow is delivering more essential nutrients to your muscle fibers and helping them grow as well as increase in strength.

Tyrosine ~ This one functions as a stimulant. It boosts the production of a hormone called Norepinephrine. This hormone enhances fat loss and controls your appetite. Like a natural thermogenic.

I like to add aminos to my one/+ gallons of water that I drink for the day. This way I am fueling my body constantly with the essentials. Mind you my training is split into two, 2 hour sessions a day, so I lose a lot of vital nutrients from sweating and intense training. Even with that being said, I would still recommend anyone to take BCAA’s throughout the day to make sure your body is functioning top notch, especially women!

My favorite Aminos are Saturn Supplement’s Aminos Pump 50000. I have been drinking these daily in my off season and contest prep for over 4 years now. An ultra concentrated amino acid powder, enriched with BCAA’s, extra L-Glutamine, and Nitric Oxide make this blend a performance powerhouse! There are 59 servings per container, so it is an AWESOME value!!!

Amino Pump 50000

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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SBSC Fit Tips: What Is All The Hype About Nitric Oxide? #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Let’s start with what is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide is a gas that is naturally produced in the body. Enzymes in our body break down the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, which in turn produces the gas. These aminos are considered semi essential aminos, meaning your body can produce them on its own. However, as we age this becomes harder to do. As we begin to lose our supply of the essential aminos, our ability to naturally produce Nitric oxide also diminishes. But what does that mean for you?

It actually means more than you may realize. Nitric Oxide has many AMAZING benefits! Since we are talking fitness, let’s start with it’s muscle building and endurance properties. Nitric Oxide in known to affect the release of hormones and adrenaline. It’s said to speed up growth and recovery time as well as increase blood flow. This would mean delivering more nutrients to muscles, helping them grow. Many athletes take Nitric Oxide supplements because they help you train harder and for longer. These were reasons enough for me to want to add it to my supplement stack. With my long and grueling training sessions, where my goal is to grow more lean mass. Growth and endurance are a top priority.

What I didn’t realize was all the additional benefits I would get from taking Nitric Oxide! Every organ in the human body can benefit. Everything from increasing blood, oxygen and nutrient flow, to improved brain function, focus, wound healing, weight loss, muscle and strength gains, endurance, as well as fight vascular diseases. It has been shown to benefit cancer and diabetes patients as well as healthy individuals just working on their diet. There is a reason that Nitric Oxide has been dubbed the “Miracle Molecule” The biggest benefits that have been game changers for me are the fat burning, mental focus, and keeping me healthy during contest prep. With the increased stress on my body and calorie deficit, I am more susceptible to illness. Having Nitric Oxide has helped keep me at the top of my game.

Saturn Supplements has 2 Nitric Oxide products that are a staple in my supplement stack year round. The first one is Nitric Oxide Raw.

Nitric Oxide RAW

Nitric Oxide RAW is formulated with Vaso-DX, a proprietary compound of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG), arginine-hydrochloride (A-HCl), and arginine pyroglutamate (APG); all three important biochemical factors associated with the dual-action of vasodilation and growth release. There’s no other product like it for delivering a constant ‘pump’, throughout the body.

The second is Saturn’s K-Pump Hydrate


Saturn’s K-PUMP is the ideal Intra-Workout Muscle Pumping / Strength-Endurance Energy Formula! Packed full of Performance Enhancing Nitric Oxide, Muscle-Building Amino Acids, Mental Focus Actives, and Body Trimming Energizers, K-Pump contains the means to deliver!

When you have a better understanding of what your body needs to achieve your goals, you can begin fueling it properly. Once that happens, you begin to see and better yet, feel the changes.

For more guidance on training, nutrition, and supplementation check out Team SBSC Fitness. We strive to get you real results! For the month of February, all of our online personal training packages are 50% off. HUGE savings!!! CLICK HERE to find out more!

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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SBSC Fitness Motivation Monday! Time To Work It!!! 50% Off All Online Personal Training Programs #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

This week is a spectacular week! SBSC has several new clients! We are so excited and honored to be a part of your journey xoxo

And just a reminder, all online programs are half off and if you are a current client, if someone mentions your name when they sign up, YOU get free weeks!!! To get a jump start on things, I want you to sit down and think about your why or why’s. List them and post them somewhere to remind you why you are starting this journey. There will be times when you are on cloud nine and other times when you will need the reminder of how you felt when you first started to give you a kick start again.

I will be with you every step of the way to guide you and show you what is going to get you results! You have taken the biggest and scariest step, which is getting started. This week is the beginning of all the awesomeness that is to come!!!

Let’s get this week started with tons of motivation to rev you up for the week!!!

You are an amazing person and I believe that you CAN and you WILL do this!!! If you are not signed up with SBSC Fitness and are looking for REAL SUSTAINABLE results, CLICK HERE to find out more and get started on your road to loving your body xoxo
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