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Top 5 Supplements For Beginners #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

When I first started lifting, supplements were a mystery to me.

I worried if I took them, would I look manly? Would they hurt me? Would gain weight? Would I lose weight? I had SO many questions! After doing a ton of research, I realized the many benefits of taking certain supplements. The first supplement that I found to be the most important for me, is Whey Protein.

Most people, especially females, have a hard time hitting the appropriate amount of protein. For me, this is where my shakes come in. I typically have a protein shake pre-workout and if I have errands to run afterwards, I also have one post workout. Protein is essential to grow lean muscle. For all the ladies who want to be “toned”, please note, you have to have muscle first. ūüėČ And unlike popular beliefs, it is difficult for a woman to grow huge mass, so there are no worries that drinking protein shakes will have you looking like Arnold. Protein of choice for me is Saturn Supplements Nitrox Pro. I choose this one, because it is top quality protein and one serving is HUGE!!!! ¬†When you consider how many servings are in a container, it truly is the best value for the money! My personal flavor of choice is Vanilla ūüėČ


They also have Smart Whey, which is a phenomenal choice as well!

Smart Whey

Next is Fiber. Like protein, you certainly can hit your fiber goals by eating foods, however in the hustle and bustle of life, there are days where it can be difficult. I always turn to a fiber supplement like Saturn’s FiberMax 1450. Fiber keeps you regulated and your system running top notch!

FiberMax 1450

Daily Multi Vitamins are very important to your bodybuilding stack. You always want to make sure that you are not only hitting your macros daily,but also your micro-nutrients! My multi of choice is One Source. I love them, because you get everything you need in individual packets. There is no need to purchase multiple bottles and no keeping track of all the different pills. It’s just grab and go. Quick, easy, and quality assured!


Next up is Aminos. I have preached to no end the importance of this supplement. Recovery, muscle growth, protein synthesis, etc… The list goes on and on. I love my Aminos Pump 50000. They come in vanilla flavor, so can be a drink on it’s own, or mixed with just about anything.

Amino Pump 50000

Creatine Monohydrate is always a go to in any stack. This supplement increases strength, so you can push out more reps and increase the weight you are lifting. More reps, more weights, all equal more muscle. It is also important to replenish your natural levels after weight training. You lose a lot, so I always recommend 5 grams pre and 5 grams post. This will help deliver nutrients where they are needed for recovery and muscle growth.

Creatine Monohydrate

Last, but certainly not least, is a good preworkout. This is typically only needed if you lack energy. Saturn has a couple that I like. My main choice is K-Pump Hydrate. I drink it during my training. I like it better than your typical preworkouts, because it not only gives you a stellar pump, but it also keeps you hydrated, focused, and energized throughout rigorous training. My training sessions can last between 60-90 mins, so I tend to need the extra energy and hydration. There is no worries of getting the shakes or tingles with this one. I know many of my female lifters are not a fan of either of those feelings. What you get is a sweet refreshing drink. Definitely a go to in my stack!!!


What is your favorite supplement? Check them all out at Saturn Supplements! Be sure to use promo code 25YEARS to get 25% off your total order!!!!!!!

Powered By Saturn Supplements
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SBSC Fit Tips: Potassium And Weight Loss #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

First off, what is Potassium? Potassium is one of the most vital minerals and is found in abundance in our body when we are healthy. Potassium is an electrolyte that neutralizes body acids and restores the alkaline salts into the bloodstream. When the alkaline levels in your body drop and excess acid can no longer be neutralized or eliminated, they linger and begin to cause health issues. When your body is too acidic, acidosis can take place.

A lack of potassium can actually cause you to retain water. When you retain water, your body looks more swollen and you weigh more. Potassium keeps your electrolyte levels balanced, which is very important in  maintaining a healthy level of water and to ensure that it all gets distributed evenly throughout our tissues. Along with that, it aids kidneys in flushing out toxins, which also includes excess salt and water. Lack of potassium can also cause muscle weakness, cramping, muscle pain and more. Not enough potassium can result in soft and flat muscles. To get toned, you need potassium in your body. Also, remember that good quality muscles burn more calories. Potassium not only provides you with enough energy for stronger muscles, but it also indirectly encourages greater calorie metabolism. Potassium plays an important role in the production of proteins, cell growth, and keeping our metabolism balanced.

Image result for balanced metabolism

There are so many foods that you can add to your diet to keep your potassium levels running optimally. Things like sweet potatoes, tomato sauce, beet greens, beans, clams, prunes, carrot juice, molasses, halibut, tuna, cod, rainbow trout, and of course bananas. Too many people I know and even several of my clients still lack in getting the proper nutrients they need. I always highly recommend to supplement your diet at this point.

Saturn Supplements has the HIGHEST quality natural supplements on the market. Saturn’s Potassium formula is derived from a Gluconate source which is thought to be one of the most effective sources on the planet! Each serving provides your body with premium grade elemental Potassium. I don’t put anything in my body, but the best!


I have been using Saturn Supplements exclusively for over 5 years. My overall health and wellness has improved 10 fold! If you are looking into supplements, I highly suggest checking out their full line. Again, top notch quality and phenomenal pricing!!! Thy just can’t be beat!!!

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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SBSC Fit Motivation Monday Don’t Give Up Work Harder #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

!8 weeks and counting, till I am back on stage!!! My sponsor has my NPC Membership in, my tanning is paid and appointment made, hotel is booked and paid, and I paid my contest fees. I am entered and ready to go! I am on the road to earning my pro card and very excited about it!

I have several new clients starting this week. Even though change can be scary, they most often lead to amazing things! This is a new beginning for you. Everyone starts somewhere and this is your starting point. I am proud of you for taking the initial step. Let’s get you motivated and start this week strong!!!

This is YOUR time. It is the time where you prove to yourself that you CAN reach your goals. How bad do you want it?
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SBSC Fit Tips: Sleep and Fat Loss The Reason You May Have Hit A Wall #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I hear this story a lot. The first few weeks of your fat loss journey went awesome, then all of a sudden everything just stopped. You are still working out just as hard as you were, your diet is on point, but why has your fat loss stopped?

Image result for weight loss stall

Most times the answer is a simple one. You aren’t getting enough sleep…

Image result for lack of sleep fat

Sleep is SO important!!! My husband worked in the mattress industry for years, so I know all about the importance of sleep. It seems to be more of a problem with women than men, but both seem to suffer from lack of sleep on some level. It’s a fact that people who get 7+ hours of sleep a night tend to have less body fat than people who don’t. Of course nutrition and activity level play a factor, but sleep is a huge part of the fat loss equation. If you are sleep deprived, physical activity is probably not something you look forward to, but that isn’t the only thing that will contribute to your weight gain. Sleep deprivation causes hormonal imbalances. Especially to your leptin and ghrelin levels. Too little leptin and too much ghrelin cause you to be hungry and unsatisfied.

Image result for no sleep and fat loss

When you are sleep deprived, your leptin levels drop. It not only causes you to be hungry, but also slows your metabolism. Ghrelin does the opposite of leptin. It raises when you lack sleep. It tells your brain when you are burning energy and need to fuel up with food. When you lose sleep and your ghrelin levels rise, your body things you are expending energy and you get hungry. Problem is, you are not expending energy, so those calories are being stored vs being burned. This equates into more fat. Loss of sleep also increases your stress hormones as well as resistance to insulin. Both contribute to weight gain and insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Image result for no sleep and fat loss

Sleep was one of my biggest struggles when I started on my fat loss journey. It is one that I battled with for years. The last year and a half my sleep has improved ten fold and so has my physique! It is amazing the changes that occurred when I finally made myself improve my sleeping habits. These are the ways I have been able to get 7-9 hours a night.

  • Go to bed earlier. Like most Americans, I like to peruse my social media accounts before bed. I lay there holding my phone over my face ha ha. I read my Bible verses, check my Instagram and Facebook, then the news. It was something that would keep me awake for an additional hour before trying to fall asleep. I still do these things, but now I go to bed earlier so I have the time to do so. Television is not as important to me as my goals, so I will cut that short in exchange for more rest.
  • Sleep in a cold dark room. When your room is colder and darker, you will get better sleep. A decrease in your body’s core temperature can initiate sleep. Studies have shown that your body’s temperature regulation plays a part in chronic insomnia.
  • Take the tv out of your bedroom. Some statistics say that Americans are vegging out in front of the tv for as much as 35 hours a week. You realize that’s at least 5 hours a day!!! Keeping the television on in your bedroom not only keeps you up later, but can also disrupt the sleep you are getting. Kicking the boob tube out of your tranquil sleep setting will have you getting more and better quality sleep.
  • My Secret Weapon Saturn’s Z-Restol. Saturn’s Z-Restol provides an all natural, peaceful sleep with its nourishing complex of Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Zinc, L-Theanine, and Melatonin. B vitamins are essential micronutrients and they are found in all cells in the body. These vitamins are involved in the regulation of metabolism, hormones, neurotransmitters, immune cells, enzymatic reactions and genetic materials. The effects of B vitamins on brain chemistry make them important to the treatment of insomnia.¬†Magnesium is a mineral that’s function is¬†to relax your nerves and muscles. It also promotes healthy circulation. Deficiencies of magnesium have been associated with several sleep disorders, including insomnia and restless leg syndrome. Zinc reduces stress levels, which we all know will help you get some zzz’s. L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino with proven relaxation and anti anxiety benefits. Melatonin is a well known hormone¬†that helps control your sleep and wake cycles. All together, they make the powerhouse that is Z-Restol. I get a more restful and full night’s sleep on this supplement. In turn, not only is my body¬†functioning at it’s peak, but I feel better and wake easier! Hands down the best sleep supplement you will find!


 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.
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SBSC Fitness Monday Motivation Time To Get Started #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday Fit Fam!!!

What a wonderful week we have a ahead of us! Welcome to all the new clients who are starting this week!!! You all are rockstars and I can already tell you are going to do fabulous!!! I am beaming from ear to ear and so honored that all of you are allowing me to be such a huge part of your journey!!!

Many of you know that I am on my own journey. If you do not, I am headed to the USA Championships in July, located in beautiful Las Vegas! It is s national level show, meaning it is the best of the best from across the nation, all competing for the coveted Pro Card. My dream when I started competing (as everyone’s is) is to earn my pro card and start competing at a professional level. I want to make it to the Arnold and someday even the Olympia. HUGE dreams I know, but what is life if we don’t have goals right?

My training has just been changed again and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. My training often has me up early and knocked out even earlier ha ha. Right now, because of time restraints with the gym daycare and my hub’s job, I am training 3 separate times a day. It works and my body looks so different from this time last year when I was in prep. It’s crazy how much you can change in a short amount of time! Does it happen overnight? No, I so wish it did ha ha. With consistency, ANYONE can make HUGE changes! It does work. There are no magic pills, creams, wraps, shakes, cleanses, etc. No secrets, just work. To many that ugly truth is just too hard, but if you want that toned and tight body, you will have to make sacrifices and put in the work. The great news is, once you get into a routine, it does get easier. Yeah, you are still working, but you begin to enjoy it because you are getting results! Once your mindset changes, your body starts to follow.

I am excited and so driven to see each and every one of you succeed! The only thing that holds you back is YOU. Once you realize that you CAN do it, then you ill start seeing changes! Let’s get this week started strong!!!

You are your own worst enemy. When your mind starts to tell you that you “can’t”, silence that voice. Erase that word from your vocabulary. It’s not that you “can’t” It’s that you won’t. Yes, there is a difference. A person with no legs can’t run. You are just quitting, because you don’t want to. A person with a degenerative muscle disease can’t lift the weights. You are just quitting because you no longer want to. YOU CAN. This needs to be your motto. YOU CAN! Say this to yourself everyday. Several times a day if need be. That word is a bad word in my household and I suggest you make it one in yours too! You got this!!!

Happy Monday!
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SBSC Fitness Motivation Monday #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I am so excited!!! I have so many new faces starting their journey’s this morning. Welcome to Team SBSC! First thing is first, write down your overall goal and post it somewhere you will see it daily. Every time you begin to lose focus, sit yourself down and remember your why. Whether you need to do this for health reasons or just want to love the skin you’re in. Remind yourself of how you felt when you signed up.

This week marks 20 weeks out for me from the USA Championships. One of the largest and most prestigious national shows in the NPC. I am very excited to get back on stage and compete for an opportunity at a Pro card. This is also a reminder, that I practice what I preach xoxo We all start somewhere xoxo

This week I want you to really focus on hitting your water intake and getting plenty of sleep. These are two factors that are usually overlooked and can slow your progress. You will doubt yourself and want to give up, don’t! You CAN do anything you set your mind to. It is a matter of believing in yourself and wanting it bad enough. I believe in you!!! Let’s kick this week off strong and get motivated!!!

I am proud of each and every one of you and want you to succeed!!!
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