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SBSC Fit Tip: Look Younger With Healthier Hair, Skin, & Nails #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I think once we all hit 35 we start looking for things to stop or even turn back the clock.

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Aging can take a toll on your self esteem. Caring for your hair, skin, and nails is a huge factor in keeping your youthful appearance.  Being a competitor, I feel it is imperative for me to not only present a healthy glow on stage, but appear as young as possible. I am on stage with many ladies who are almost half my age and we are not only judged on our physique, but the whole package.

Below are some tricks and tips I have learned over the years that help reduce the signs of aging and allow you to feel confident and put your best foot forward xoxo

One ~ Find a great hair, skin, and nails vitamin complex. I use Saturn Supplement’s Beauty-3. This isn’t your mom’s hair, skin, and nails formula. This is more than just some vitamin E thrown in a bottle. Saturn’s Beauty-3 has been updated to include even more Biotin and a host of additional supporting nutri-actives. This revolutionary Inside-Out Beauty Support multivitamin supplement has been designed specifically to benefit 3 beauty and health components; Hair, Skin & Nails. An array of supporting nutrients and extracts comprise this amazing formula including Biotin and Bamboo Extract, known for its high concentration of silica. In addition, a host of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and energizing herbals provide the body with an extensive range of beauty to health optimizing benefits that range from cell-fighting age-defense protection to strong, healthy and shiny hair-skin-nails beautification. After a couple of weeks you begin to see huge changes in your appearance! I LOVE this product!!!


Two ~ Drink a ton of water! Water is essential, not just to weight loss, but also to that healthy glow. I can not stress enough that if you are dehydrated your body will bloat, your hair, skin, and nails lose their luster, you get more breakouts, your nails become brittle, and everything becomes dry. Drink your water. I shoot for at least a gallon a day.

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Three ~ Lemons. Lemons are AMAZING! They are nature’s antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and have astringent properties that will help improve the appearance and condition of your hair, skin and nails. It is great for oily scalps as well as dandruff. Mix 1/4 cupof lemon juice with one cup of water. leave this on your hair for 10 mins and rinse. This is awesome for a weekly treatment. The vitamin C in lemon boosts collagen production, which restores skin elasticity to help maintain a smoother and more youthful appearance. I use lemon juice as an astringent. Rub it over my face with a cotton pad and allow it to dry before rinsing it off. You can also reduce freckles, acne scars, reduce dark skin on elbows and knees as well as stretch marks this same way. Soak your nails to reduce any yellowing from nail polish and to brighten them. Extra tip…you can rub lemon juice on your teeth to whiten and brighten them as well.

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Four ~ Oils. I personally use olive, coconut, or grape seed oils. They are my favorites. I use them as a hot oil treatment on my hair. I heat them up about 30 seconds in the microwave. Test it on your skin before applying. An oil burn is no joke. I rub oil in my hair starting at the tips and work my way up. I allow it to sit for about 30 mins before rinsing. It works amazing to condition your hair!!! I also use these oils as moisturizer. Full body including face. I rub a light amount all over during the day at night my face is slathered before bed. It keeps my skin soft and supple. It has hands down changed how I look at beauty products. Most moisturizers have alcohol in them which makes my skin worse for wear. The oils however, give me a healthy glow that lasts all day. There are so many different types of oils out there that I think would be phenomenal for this!

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Five~ Baking soda. I use this instead of shampoo. basically because it absorbs oils, balances the PH in my hair, and allows my hair to absorb more moisture. It also works great to exfoliate your skin as well as balance out the PH there too. If you have an issue with nail fungus, you can mix it with lemon juice into a paste and allow it to sit on your nails for about 10 mins and the fungus will begin to go away. There are a ton of baking soda beauty hacks out there xoxo

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Six ~ Sleep. You have heard the phrase beauty sleep. Trust me when I say, it truly does make a huge difference in all aspects of your life, not just beauty wise. You will lose weight, your hair, skin, and nails will be perfection, and your brain will be even more beautiful as it will be functioning properly. My hubs has been working in the sleep industry for years, so I know all too well the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

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Seven ~ Exercise. Yes exercise will give you healthier hair, skin, and nails. Your body will be functioning optimally when you get regular exercise. You will be using the nutrients you are consuming properly and you will have a radiant glow all over from getting your calorie burn on.

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What tips and tricks do you have for keeping young?

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Fat Burning Powerhouse Supplements #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

We all know that dieting down can be difficult. It takes strong discipline and will power. Being in a calorie deficit can leave you feeling weaker and tired most days. We all know that there is no easy way to lose fat. Your nutrition has to be on point, but there are several fat fighting supplements that do help with not only fat loss, but energy boosts when you combo them with proper diet and exercise.

~Caffeine~  Boosts your metabolism slightly, which in turn gives you energy and burns fat.

~Green Tea~ Increases levels of hormones that communicate to your fat cells to break down fat. This releases fat into the bloodstream and makes it available as energy.

~L-Carnitine~ This super amino not only aids in fat loss, but also with recovery and performance.

~CLA~ Or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is an Omega-6 essential fatty acid that reduces body fat in a similar way that Green Tea does.

~Cayenne Pepper~ Gives your body an all natural thermogenic boost.

~Coleus Forskohlii~ A member of the mint family. It boosts an enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase which burns fat.

~L-Tyrosine~ Another super amino that increases thermogenesis, is a mood manager (reducing stress and depression), as well as suppresses your appetite.

~Thiamine~ Also known as Vitamin B1 aids in turning carbohydrates into energy.

This would be a lot of supplements to take individually. Luckily, Saturn Supplements has taken all of these natural supplements and formulated them in several fat burning powerhouses.

I will start with Saturn’s CLA . This was developed for individuals seeking a pharmaceutical grade, high potency source of this amazing omega-6 fatty acid. Certain fats are vital to numerous functions in the body, including metabolism. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a natural free fatty acid that has an impact on body weight loss and muscle tone.CLA is being used today by athletes and health-minded individuals alike for its role in fitness, weight loss and nutrition. Proven effective on many accounts, CLA can help put you one step closer to achieving a healthier and more toned physique.


Saturn’s Thermosene Burning Force contains the fat burning powerhouse green tea, cayenne pepper, and caffeine. It has been specially formulated from the finest ingredients to provide an easy-feeling, yet highly effective thermo-energizer. This unique combination of ingredients is a result of the application of current nutritional understanding to a long held natural pharmacopoeia. Thermosene’s advanced ephedra-free formula helps you achieve a leaner, more physically fit physique, while assisting with metabolism, neutralizing appetite, and increasing energy levels naturally.

Thermosene Burning Force

Saturn’s REDz also contains green tea, cayenne pepper, L-carnitine, and caffeine, but also has been enhanced with the addition of Green Coffee Bean Extract & Raspberry Ketones. REDz has been specially formulated from the finest ingredients to provide an easy-feeling, yet highly effective thermo-energizer. REDz Ephedra-Free formula helps you achieve a leaner, more physically fit physique, while assisting with metabolism, neutralizing appetite, and increasing energy levels naturally.


Last but certainly not least, my favorite is Saturn’s Lipo-Ex. Lipo-Ex contains caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Thiamin, and Coleus Forskohlli. It is an Ultra-Pure synergistic complex designed to enhance the body’s natural powder to utilize, energize and metabolize. Each serving provides your body with a premium blend of the most advanced power-charged ingredients which take on an immediate effect. They have made the addition of several supporting minerals to further enhance the effectiveness of this formula. This is my favorite, because I get tons of energy from it, I feel the thermogenic effects, and it suppresses my appetite.


When paired with proper nutrition and training program, the results are amazing! If you are looking for that extra boost, look no further. Saturn Supplement’s has you covered!!!

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