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Saturn Supplements Brownie Bites Recipe…Yes Please!!! @SaturnMuscle

I posted a picture of a macro friendly brownie the other day and as I promised, here is the recipe. 😉


I have tried many Chick pea recipes for desserts, but most just weren’t that great. I got this one from a lady in my IIFYM group on Facebook. You can follow her on Instagram Cynfluence She has a ton of macro friendly recipes that are to die for!!! I changed this one up just a bit, because I didn’t have some of the ingredients she used.

Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites

I started with 2 cans of Chick Peas Drained or 540g. Make sure you blend them well. I didn’t and had a few chunks in my batter. Josh and Zoe thought they were nuts ha ha ha, so it was fine.


Cocoa Powder 100g, One scoop of protein. I used Chocolate Nitrox Pro 45g, One box of sugar/fat free Chocolate Jello pudding, One tsp vanilla extract, Her recipe called for 1/2 tsp of baking powder and 1/2 tsp of baking soda, but leave it to me to completely miss that ha ha I use a full tsp of both. I also added 1/2 cup of water, because my batter was SO thick. Next ingredient is an important one 😉 Duncan Hines Frosting flavor pack. It is only 10 calories for the whole pack. You can find them by the frosting at the grocery store. They come in a TON of flavors!!!!


Mix well. You can use a large baking dish. I chose to do mini muffins, because it is easier for me to portion them out as well as make them more macro friendly. I seriously am on poverty macros now, so doing the mini muffins keeps me from having whole brownies and burning through all my macros quickly 😉


Bake at 350 degrees. In the mini muffin pan, it only took 8 mins. Her recipe stated 15-20 mins. I would just check them with a toothpick as you would any other type of brownie mix. They came out moist and delicious! Zoe loves eating them for snack!


I love adding them to my Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with sugar free chocolate syrup and whipped cream!!! Oh so good!!! They are great by themselves too. I have a hard time staying out of them ha ha, but at just 20 calories per bite it isn’t too bad 😉 Mini Muffin style I was able to get 40 muffins. This is a great thing when you have 3 people indulging in them ha ha ha


I am going to tweak the recipe on my next batch and make blondies 😉 There are several different sugar/fat free puddings to choose from! White chocolate, cheesecake, and butterscotch is what I have on hand and the Duncan Hines frosting packets I have caramel, so should be great no matter what! You can always add nuts, dried fruits, peanut butter, marshmallows, etc the possibilities are endless!!! Just another reason I love IIFYM It teaches you to think outside the box and get creative with your foods. You can still have goodies. Even regular brownies, but if you can make some that are just as tasty and more macro friendly, then you can indulge even more!!!! Have fun in the kitchen and enjoy your food!!!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxoxo

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SBSC Fit Tips: Minimizing The Holiday Bulge #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

As we are just starting the holiday season, many are concerned about how much weight they will put on.

I am a firm believer that you should definitely NOT diet during the holidays. it makes you and your family miserable. There are however, some tips and tricks to help you minimize the holiday bulge.

One ~ Drink Your Water ~ Water not only helps keep you hydrated, but also helps with the holiday bloat. A lot of the treats and goodies consumed over the holiday have a ton of sodium, which can lead to water retention. As a bonus, water also keeps you feeling fuller, so you may indulge less.

Two ~ Get Your Fill Of Protein ~ Drinking a lean protein shake before the festivities begin will also keep you feeling full. High-quality proteins like Saturn Supplement’s Pro 4100 Hydrolyzed Protein, are more satiating than either carbohydrates or fats, and they may have the ability to improve the body’s metabolism. Plus one serving is 41g of protein. Before a big meal, I only drink half a shake with a little low fat milk. It is the perfect pre holiday treat to start my day.

PRO 4100 Hydrolyzed

Three ~ Stand Instead Of Sit~  Often at family get togethers we choose to sit and chat. I find that when I stand I move around the room more. This not only keeps me moving, but also keeps me from grabbing more food. it is harder to eat standing than sitting ha ha. Plus standing burns more calories 😉

Image result for benefits of standing

Four ~ Alcohol, Water match Up ~ I have a rule, for every alcoholic beverage I drink I must drink at least 8 ounces of water to match. This does two things. One, since alcohol dehydrates you, you know you are staying hydrated. Two, it also keeps you from going overboard on alcohol.

Five ~ Appetite Suppressants ~ Some people need these, some don’t. I am one who does. If you put me in a room of delicious food, I am going to town ha ha ha ha. Before the festivities begin I always take a Saturn Supplements Lipo-Ex. They give me the energy I need to make it through the day as well as suppress my appetite, so I am less likely to inhale the whole dessert table. It keeps my metabolism running efficiently, so what I do eat metabolizes quickly. It is one of my favorite Saturn products by far!!!


Never let the holidays stress you out. I always tell my clients, one bad meal is not going to do any damage, just as one healthy meal isn’t going to make someone fit. Enjoy the food and your family, because THAT is what the holidays are all about!

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Saturn Supplements - Vitamins & Supplements

SBSC Fit Tips: What Is On An Athlete’s Holiday Wish List? @SaturnMuscle @BodiesByBert @Questnutrition @ToiletTreeProd @officialldwest @skullcandy @worldkitchenllc

The holidays are in full swing and many say that athletes are hard to shop for. No worries, because here is SBSC’s annual Athlete’s Holiday Wish List!

Image result for holiday wish list

We will start with the easy stuff, stocking stuffers. This would include socks, sugar free gum (They sell a ton of “gourmet” gums now that are always an awesome option) Arnica gel or Tiger Balm (for sore muscles), Gym bag fresheners (Our stuff gets stinky), wrist wraps, liquid chalk or lifting gloves, headbands and hair ties. Items like these are always needed and a guarantee winner in any athlete’s stocking.

When it comes to what gifts to put under the tree, this year there are a lot of amazing things that made SBSC’s wish list!

Saturn Supplements Stack. Every athlete wants quality supplements that work! Saturn’s products deliver! My personal stash consist of Nitrox Pro and Pro 4100 protein powders. Both are of the highest quality, delicious, and have a whooping 40 grams of protein per serving. Aminos Pump 50000. I drink it all day long to keep my body anabolic. K-pump Hydrate. It is the perfect intraworkout drink to keep you focused, fueled, and hydrated during training. Creatine Silk, for muscle building. C-1000, B-100, Flaxseed, CLA, and Cholest Omegas to aid in keeping me lean and healthy. Lipo EX for fat loss and energy. And of course for your mini athletes Children’s Yummy Vites Multi Vitamins. This is just a glimpse of what I typically take. Saturn has a very extensive line of amazing supplements!!!

Pyrex containers. Yep, you read that right! I LOVE my Pyrex. They come in various sizes for all my meals and meal preps. They are microwave safe and do not break down like most plastic containers that you find. This means no weird taste when you heat up your food.

Image result for pyrex containers

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless headphones. Another awesome product! Sound quality is great. I train for 2-4 hours a day and I only charge them once every week and a half. They are lightweight, comfy, and won’t break the budget. I prefer them over the more expensive headphones, because if I do break or lose them, I’m not going to break my budget to replace them.

Uproar Wireless

LD West Phone Holster. Okay, this is one of the top gifts of the year! Perfect for in and out of the gym. If you know me well, you know that I never carry a purse. Having a place for my phone, money, and I.D. has always been an issue. I’m a fit girl, so 9 times out of 10 I’m wearing my gym leggings and have no pockets ha ha. This eliminates the need for pockets and let’s face it, makes anyone look bad ass!!! It actually is safer, because your valuables are secure against your body. No one is going to try to snatch them. They come in several stylish colors and patterns. You can guarantee that I will be adding to my collection sooner than later!

BForce Bands – Gym In a Bag. I have the booty bands, lateral resistance bands, and sports specific resistance bands. Talk about taking my training to the next level!!! These have up’ed my game so much!!! I can’t even fathom training without them now. I use them on virtually every training, from legs/glutes, arm day, back, abs, to delts and chest. Seriously remarkable quality and serious gains to be made with these. Even more awesome is days when I can’t make it to the gym, these are exactly a advertised, a Gym In a Bag. I can use them anywhere to get in a full body training. Great if the athlete in your life is looking for more conditioning or looking for a way to train while they travel.

Toilettree’s Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Not only does this put an ultrafine scented mist of your favorite essential oils into the air, but it is a gorgeous piece of bamboo and glass, with a color changing LED light. It is a conversation piece and adds life to any room. I love it, because I can have my home already for me to relax with comforting smells when I walk in the door from a stressful day or a hard training. This is a phenomenal gift for anyone in your life!!!

Quest Bars. I love all of the Quest Bars. They are a perfect treat without actually ruining your diet. Perfect for on the run or when you are relaxing with the family. We love to bake them, but they are great just out of the package! Quest also has chips which are also a perfect snack! Their new cereal bars are perfection and they also carry a full line of flavored protein. Some would say this would fall under stocking stuffers, but if you head over to their website today, you can pick up the Questmas gift pack. I would love to unwrap a box of these this Christmas!!!

Last and certainly not least a Training Program! SBSC Fitness offers online personal training. Whether your goals at to lose fat or build more muscle, we can help. SBSC is currently running an end of year sale! Get $100 off 12 week training and $200 off 24 weeks. HUGE savings!!! All plans include detailed customized trainings that download to an innovative phone app as well as nutritional guidance. This means that we will send you your full macro nutrients, instructions on the easiest way to track them, all customized to you and your goals! *Note SBSC does not do Contest prep training. I can send you the info to my coach IFBB Pro Beckie Boddie*

All of these gift ideas will have the athlete in your life over the moon this holiday season!!!

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