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As we are just starting the holiday season, many are concerned about how much weight they will put on.

I am a firm believer that you should definitely NOT diet during the holidays. it makes you and your family miserable. There are however, some tips and tricks to help you minimize the holiday bulge.

One ~ Drink Your Water ~ Water not only helps keep you hydrated, but also helps with the holiday bloat. A lot of the treats and goodies consumed over the holiday have a ton of sodium, which can lead to water retention. As a bonus, water also keeps you feeling fuller, so you may indulge less.

Two ~ Get Your Fill Of Protein ~ Drinking a lean protein shake before the festivities begin will also keep you feeling full. High-quality proteins like Saturn Supplement’s Pro 4100 Hydrolyzed Protein, are more satiating than either carbohydrates or fats, and they may have the ability to improve the body’s metabolism. Plus one serving is 41g of protein. Before a big meal, I only drink half a shake with a little low fat milk. It is the perfect pre holiday treat to start my day.

PRO 4100 Hydrolyzed

Three ~ Stand Instead Of Sit~  Often at family get togethers we choose to sit and chat. I find that when I stand I move around the room more. This not only keeps me moving, but also keeps me from grabbing more food. it is harder to eat standing than sitting ha ha. Plus standing burns more calories 😉

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Four ~ Alcohol, Water match Up ~ I have a rule, for every alcoholic beverage I drink I must drink at least 8 ounces of water to match. This does two things. One, since alcohol dehydrates you, you know you are staying hydrated. Two, it also keeps you from going overboard on alcohol.

Five ~ Appetite Suppressants ~ Some people need these, some don’t. I am one who does. If you put me in a room of delicious food, I am going to town ha ha ha ha. Before the festivities begin I always take a Saturn Supplements Lipo-Ex. They give me the energy I need to make it through the day as well as suppress my appetite, so I am less likely to inhale the whole dessert table. It keeps my metabolism running efficiently, so what I do eat metabolizes quickly. It is one of my favorite Saturn products by far!!!


Never let the holidays stress you out. I always tell my clients, one bad meal is not going to do any damage, just as one healthy meal isn’t going to make someone fit. Enjoy the food and your family, because THAT is what the holidays are all about!

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