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Protein is one of the main building blocks of our body. We need protein to repair and rebuild our muscles, tissues, joints, and hormones. I see many people more worried about tracking their carbs and/or fats that they completely overlook protein.

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If your protein is depleted it can affect you in ways you never thought of such as blood sugar spikes, craving sugar, slow recovery rates from workout routines, joint break down, and even premature aging! There are signs that you may need more protein in your diet.

One ~ Mood Swings ~ As your energy crashes during the day, you may think you just need more from caffeine.  That mid day slump can also be a signal that your blood sugar has gone through several spikes and is now plummeting.  With the crash comes tiredness, moodiness, and low energy levels.  Instead of reaching for that energy drink, keep your energy levels consistent and the mood monsters at bay by drinking a protein shake like Saturn’s Smart Whey.

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Two ~ Sugar & Carb Cravings ~ Protein helps balance blood sugar level.  If you’re carving starchy foods and sugary foods, you may not be getting enough protein to fight blood sugar spikes.  Next time you want to reach for a high carb snack, eat some protein instead! One of my fave snacks, especially when I am having a sweet tooth, is my fruity protein dessert. I mix a serving of my favorite protein powder like Saturn’s Nitrox Pro with a box of sugar free gelatin mix, then follow the instructions on the gelatin package and enjoy. It is an easy snack to make and so tasty too!


Three ~ You Workout ~ If you are training regularly, you are not only destroying fat, but you’re also tearing down your muscles. This is only a bad thing, if you are not getting a proper post workout protein boost. Protein helps repair your muscles and refuel after your grueling workouts. It will prevent you from being extra tired, extra sore, vulnerable to injuries.

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Four ~ You Are Always Hungry ~ If you find yourself always looking for your next meal, raising the amount of protein you consume is your best bet. Protein is known as the most satiating macro. When dieting especially! I know I am constantly hungry during contest prep and that is when I consume the most protein.

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Five ~ You Are Aging ~ Yes, aging is inevitable. However, many are aging prematurely. You can slow the process! Studies have shown that a higher protein diet actually improves heart health, brain health, as well as slowing overall aging. Who wouldn’t want to look and feel younger!!!

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For more information on supplementation, nutrition, and overall fat loss, contact me at SBSC Fitness CLICK HERE also be sure to check out Saturn Supplements for the best quality supplements in the industry! They have been a trusted company in business for well over 25 years. I know, because I have been using them exclusively for over 3 years!!!

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