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Cold and flu season is officially upon us.

Cold and flu season can put a damper on anyone’s holiday and/or training. The best way to beat the cold and flu is to prevent them!!! These are the tips and tricks my family uses to avoid getting sick…

One ~ Wash your hands often and keep them away from your face. With everyone coughing and sneezing, there are germs EVERYWHERE! Not everyone practices proper etiquette when they are sick. (cough or sneeze into your inner elbow to spare others your germs) Everything you touch has some form of grossness on it. Between people coughing and sneezing into their hands, as well as sticking their fingers into the nether regions of their nostrils. These same hands are touching doorknobs, credit card key pads, atms, shopping carts, you name it. I drill it to Zoe to keep her hands away from her face, at least until she can wash her hands thoroughly. Not to mention to constantly keep them little paws clean.

Two ~ Get your ZZZZZ’s. Get plenty of rest. Be sure to aim for at least 8 hours of sleep at night. If you can squeeze in a nap during the day, then do that! Having plenty of rest will assure that your immune system is running top notch.

Three ~ Exercise. Don’t skip your training. Exercise is another way to keep your immune system running strong!

Four ~ Get your vitamins and nutrients in. There are several vitamins and nutrients I keep stocked to make sure that my family and I are protected against getting what Zoe calls the yuckies.

Vitamin C – In high doses, has been shown to kill viruses, neutralize free radicals , and boost the body’s immune system. Saturn’s C-1000 Complex provides a Time-Release formula of super antioxidant Vitamin C with a unique host of supporting nutrients including Citrus Bioflavonoids, Rose Hips, Orange Peel, Lime Oil, Acerola and Quercetin-Truly one of the most unique Vitamin C complexes available!

C-1000 Complex

Zinc – Has been a long time supplement taken in the battle of cold and flu season. It has been shown to not only prevent them by boosting your immune system, but also shorten the longevity and severity of a cold after you have gotten it. Saturn’s Zinc Oxide-Citrate is made for individuals seeking the many nutritional properties associated with this antioxidant, in one of its most useful forms. Zinc is one of the most important trace elements, playing a part in many vital body processes and defenses. One of the most unique and effective multi-vitamins on the market!


Vitamin B – Most people know that if you need an energy boost, you turn to the B vitamins, but  B-complex vitamins actually do a great job of boosting your immune system. Vitamin B supplements benefit the immune system by fighting off germs and other nasty little organisms. That’s why it is another one of the great  immune system vitamins. Saturn’s B-100 Complex is designed to provide a single-source combination of the B vitamin family, including folic acid. This time-release B complex mimics natural sources of these compounds as found in yeast, green vegetables, and meats.

B-100 Complex

Staying healthy and happy are the goals I always have for me and my family. What tips and tricks do you have to keep healthy during the cold and flu season?

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