SBSC Fit Tip: Vitamin B12 What Is It & Why You Need It #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that keeps your nerves and red blood cells in a healthy state. It’s responsible for the functioning of several of your critical body processes.

B-12 deficiencies happen. Vegetarians, heavy drinkers,  smokers, pregnant and breast-feeding women,  elderly, and those suffering with pernicious anemia, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, bacteria growth in the small intestine, or a parasite, usually require vitamin B12 supplements.  A  severe vitamin B12 deficiency can also lead to deep depression, paranoia and delusions, memory loss, incontinence, loss of taste and smell, and even more.

Vitamin B-12 also helps to boost metabolism and promote fat burning in the body in several ways. It helps to transform fats and protein to energy through metabolism and it works with folic acid to produce red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lungs to all the cells in your body. Without enough vitamin B12, red blood cells would be deformed and unable to carry oxygen efficiently, causing decreased metabolism, low energy and like stated above, health problems.

Needless to say, your body needs vitamin B12 The average adult should be getting at least 2.4 micrograms a day.  B12 can’t be made by the body. Instead, it must be gotten from food or supplements. And herein lies the problem: Some people don’t consume enough vitamin B12 to meet their needs.

This problem is easily remedied by multi- vitamins such as Saturn Supplement’s VitaPlex. Saturn’s VitaPlex multivitamin is back and better than ever! Their new formula is a liquid-filled chlorophyll-based capsule and contains a 42 Fruit & Vegetable Blend as well as CoQ10, Vitamin D3, B-12, Wheat Grass, Acai, Blueberry, Grape Seed, Panax Ginseng and a host of supporting nutrients including AntiOxidants, Electrolytes and nutrients that fortify Hair, Skin & Nails. VitaPlex is perfect for both Men and Women and makes an excellent source of nutrition for everyday health.


or by just taking a B-12 supplement by itself.


Without it, your health and fitness are at risk. Protect yourself today!!!

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