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a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. LOVE the rings! What a great workout! I have Rip:60 which uses something similar, but these look like they are more user friendly!

  2. Super stoked about ur giveaways i am hoping i will win what encouragment that will be if i do!!!

  3. I haven’t tried the rings, but have always wanted to!

  4. Love all of the upper body exercises you can do with the rings, I really need to work on my upper body!

  5. rings are awesome but take some time to get used to!

    • Oh that may be an understatement lol They certainly do take time to get use to! I am still working on it. 🙂 With everything, there is a learning curve and i am on it!!!! LOL Thank you for reading!!!!!

  6. I would do as many ring dips as possible in 8 minutes. I recently did it and was able to do 45…love to beat that!

  7. I have never used rings, but I love the idea of bodyweight work!

  8. How I would love to be able to do a pullup. That is what I would try to learn with the rings. First!

  9. I have never in my life been able to do pull ups. I guess this would help me to get training!

  10. I am not sure which workout I would be most excited to try with the rings. I have never used rings before, but I would be so excited to try them!!!

  11. I havent tried cellulor yet but i would love to try chocolate! It looks delish in your review! <3

  12. I really like the pre workout drink..

  13. I am looking for protein powders that I really like, would love to try it out!

  14. I would love to try the rings. I am always looking for ways to up my fitness game. I’m new to fitness but I am truly committed to making myself fit.

  15. I have never tried Cellucor, but will have to do so soon! Looks like a great product!

  16. I’ve never tried the Cellucor products but I am very interested in them!

  17. i have tried a sample of the super hd but would like to try all the cellucor products.

  18. They are good but I haven’t tried all the flavors yet. Hope to soon!!! 🙂

  19. Excited about the giveaways…I want to win 🙂

  20. i would love to try the chocolate cellucor because i am a chocolate freak!!

  21. I want to try the lower sugar detour bar in PB Cream

  22. I havent tried cellulor yet but i would love to try chocolate!

  23. Would love to try the cookies and cream bar. It looks delish.

  24. I would like to try the Detour Lower Sugar Chocolate Chip Carmel!

  25. I haven’t tried Cellucor yet.

  26. Would love to try the lower sugar carmel peanut Detour Bars.

  27. I’m super excited about this Sinless Margarita giveaway

  28. I’m super excited about this Sinless Margarita giveaway. I forgot to let you know I want to try the Strawberry flavor.

  29. LOve the Tractivity and how it attaches to your shoe! It is so small, a huge reason why I havent gotten a tracker si because they are all so huge!

  30. I love the data it gives.. awesome!

  31. Looks like a great little pedometer. I like how it keeps track of everything on the website!

  32. I love the data that the tractivity gives you and the fact that its soo small and can clip on ur shoe. ;).

  33. would love it for tracking my activity

  34. I would love to know how much I do even when I get in a workout..

  35. Definitely want to try the strawberry flavor sinless cocktail flavor!!

  36. I accidentally clicked on “I subscribed” for the Tropical Traditions giveaway~ I didn’t, but I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t trying to cheat! 🙁

  37. I love them too!!! My favorite are the passion fruit and pineapple 🙂

  38. I love that the Tractivity can send info wirelessly to my laptop.


  40. I want to try the sinless strawberry margharita mix 😀

  41. I’ve never seen the tractivity bundle before, how cool!!!

  42. How clever to put all your Rafflecopter giveaways on a single page! Only have to sign in once to enter. Love it!

  43. I’d love the shred- it seems like body fat is the ONLY thing I’m struggling with.

  44. I have been working hard for 5 weeks now and I need that boost to keep me going. I haven’t seen the progress that I would like to see and I think the NLA Shred is what I need to really keep me going and be proud of my progress.

  45. I would love to try this product I think it will give me the boost I need!! I would love to try the rings too!!

  46. I would love to try the NLA Shred I think it will give me the boost I need to get through my workouts at 5:30am. I would love to try the rings too

  47. I have never tried the NLA Shred or the rings but would LOVE too!! I’ve been sitting on a plateau for a year and a half even with my exercising & clean eating. I need to jump off this plateau and hit my goal. I can use all the help I can get! I’m so excited for your fabulous giveaways!!! Thanks much!! 🙂

  48. the french toast

  49. I would love to try the NLA Shred I think it will give me the boost I need to get through my workouts !

  50. The body crunch fat free brownies recipe sounds simple and tasty!

  51. I am super excited about all these giveaways! Exp. the fat burner. I have been wanting to try these since I came across them 2 weeks ago.

  52. Conquer is my word of choice.

  53. I’m torn between BELIEVE and PERSEVERE. I love the message those words represent. I have to believe in myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to and I can persevere through anything life throws at me no matter how difficult it may be.

  54. BELIEVE!!! I live by that word!

  55. I would pick the one that says strength. I have been therw so much this year and i have shown a lot of strength.

  56. LOVE the Believe ring 🙂

  57. I would love Fight because I’ve been fighting an illness that my local and Mayo clinic doctors can’t figure out. I’m fighting to get healthy and beat what ever else this is, This word has special meaning for me because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year as well as I have a very good friend who is fighting cancer right now and will have a bone marrow transplant in a few weeks. This would be perfect!

  58. oatmeal cranberry cookie

  59. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie in Silver Pint tin because I adore oatmeal chocolate chip anything, and I can re-sue the tin for my tea bags!
    I hope they will make a peanut butter chocolate chip soon.

  60. I would love to try the blondies!

  61. Holy cow! How do you pick one? I want them ALL!!! The peanut butter white chip looks irresistible!

  62. The 3 warrior bracelets that speak to me are…
    1. Purpose – My purpose in life is not just to make it through mine and my families lives, but to actually be present in them.
    2. Grounded – I have always been a believer of no matter where you end up, your roots are always there. I am from a very large and very tight knit family. I will stay grounded to the Lord and my family values no matter where my life takes my family and me.
    3. Passion – Without passion what is left? If you have passion for life you will live to the fullest. I find that I have passion in fitness, being active with my daughter, and showing people that living a healthy lifetsyle isn’t as hard as it seems. 🙂

  63. Oh Mercy! Where do I start with just picking one item off of the Protein Bakery… The Wicked Mint brownies spoke to me. I’m OBSESSED & I mean obsessed with brownies. I make them all the time. I promise you it’s an addiction. My thighs are proof of it. lol! it would be awesome to try those.


    I chose those phrase because in July my husband deploys to Afghanistan. I know that I don’t walk alone in this life or alone in my tribulations. <3

  65. Thanks for posting this giveaway. I don’t feel horribly guilty giving these goodies to my kiddies.

  66. Oh I so want to win the giveaway. If I won I would get the Bia Brazil Delaney Bra Top by Bia Brazil Workout Wear.

  67. I love all the outfits! so cute and flattering! Sadly, the pants would all be too short. 33″ inseam is NOT long enough for a super tall girl!
    I’d get some of the capris and the tops are all adorable!

  68. Equilibrium Double Cross Back Strap Bra from

  69. Would love to try their Black & White Blondies

  70. I’d love to win the protein bakery brownies! They’re soooo good. I use those as a rare treat when I hate the money to buy them. The black & white blondies are my fav!

  71. have*
    I also really want to try their mint brownies, yum. I love mint and chocolate paired.

  72. I would love to try them all but, mostly the peanut butter brownie!

  73. I would love to try the espresso brownie with cappuccino chips!

  74. I want to try the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie from Protein Bakery…yum!!

  75. I like Commitment, Passion and Grounded Fierce Forward Bracelets!! They are awesome!

  76. I would love to get the Bow Tank Top by Bluefish Sport Activewear

  77. For Fitness Etc, I love the tote bags and Eco-Friendly tees!

  78. Cotton Lycra Ladder Back Bra One Size Unlined Item is the item I’d LOVE to own

  79. The silver fierce forward bracelet speaks most to me

  80. I love all Nuun flavors, but really want to try watermelon. Haven’t tried that yet.

  81. This is awesome!!! great give away

  82. I really want to try the watermelon Nuun

  83. For the contest, all of my “likes” for Facebook are done from my running blog page “Once Upon a Run”.

    I want to try the Cherry Limeade. Yum!!

  84. I would love to try the Watermelon Nuun Electrolyte!

  85. I’d love to try the PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE from Protein bakery!

  86. I’ve never tried NUUN.. any flavour would be awesome

  87. I really want to try the watermelon flavor

  88. Nuun? would love to try the cherry limeade first.

  89. I would love to see these vending machines at my daughter’s school and in the doctor’s office or hospitals in the waiting room!

  90. I have heard SO many good things about Nuun but never had the chance to try them.

  91. Love the Rockin’ Dots compression socks

  92. The Rockin’ Dots Compression socks look awesome!

  93. I love the Hot Rockin Dots compression socks!

  94. The Velocious Men Compression Socks in tourqoise,yellow and black are freakin’ awesome! They would make me feel like an Aztec Warrior out on the race course!

  95. I’d love to see the HUMAN Healthy Vending machines in the local high school and middle school. When kids need a boost in school they don’t need something that will give them a quick high followed by an extremely long low!


  97. I want to rock the Hot Rockin Dots! (their skirts are really cute too by the way!)

  98. We have a huge childrens park that I would love to see a healthy human vending machine at. Great healthy option when you’re in a pinch.

  99. I like the Vibrance socks in the purple shade!

  100. Definitely would love a pair of the hot rocking dots or the vibrance!!

  101. I would love to see the Human healthy vending machines at my job!!!!

  102. collagen neocell radiance serum. my facial skin needs help!!!

  103. I really want to try Lean Vanilla Bean Ripped Cream!

  104. I really want to try Lean Vanilla Bean Ripped Cream!

  105. oooohhhh I love the Rock-a-billy theme they’ve got going on with the Ripped Cream! I’d try the Vanilla first! I love that it’s not pumped full of “WTH is that” kind of stuff!

  106. I want to try Beauty Bursts and also the serum- my undereyes could use a little help!

  107. I would love to try the ripped cream…who knew I could just add it to a cup of coffee to get instant protein. I’m picky about protein shakes and haven’t found one yet I really like (only tried four kinds as scared to waste more money). This creamer sounds great. I don’t use creamer in my one cup of coffee (never thought I’d ever drink it black). But I definitely have my fingers crossed to win this.
    I’d choose the : Lean Vanilla Bean Creamer.

  108. I am a vanilla girl so I would love the vanilla ripped cream

  109. I would love to try the Collagen plus c please

  110. Glutamine in the ARO black series stack

  111. I’ll go with the “safe” choice I guess of vanilla….it goes with everything. Though strawberry would be second close as I usually put strawberries in all my shakes.

  112. I’d probably go with Vanilla so I could use it with everything.

  113. I always like vanilla!

  114. Id like to try the cookies & cream

  115. I love the lilla rose Celtic Knot clip!

  116. (Side note: I liked the facebook pages from my running page, Once Upon a Run, not from my personal page which you have to use to log into rafflecopter)

  117. Im hoping to win nla shred etc…been trying to lose weight for a while. Have a muscular disease and know this can help me lose weight and get healthier.

  118. I’ve always found it hard to really choose a supplement to take that offers what it actually says it does, especially when it’s specifically “for women”. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things and comments about NLA For Her and all the reviews I read have been wonderful! I’ve been following Jessica Arevalo on her social media sites for a long time and when she began getting sponsored by NLA, I loved the results she was not only getting, but positively feeling amazing by it. I would LOVE to try the NLA Her Whey and Her Aminos! 🙂

  119. Would love a chance to try the supplements!!! 🙂

  120. New to lifting weights. Trying to tighten everything up. 40 And 2 kids later, I want to feel less self conscious at the pool. Saw an ad for NLA HER products and I ended up here! Where oh where does 1 start????

  121. I used to workout religiously, but I am disabled now. I can no longer even work, much less afford a good pair of compression socks. I loved the “Rock It Out” socks y’all had. They looked sooo comfortable! Thank you for having this giveaway. 🙂

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