My Daisies

You have to collect your Daisies before you start pushing them up!
These are not in any certain order and I will be constantly adding to this list I am sure! Hopefully, I am subtracting too!!!

  1. Run in a 5k
  2. Compete in the NPC physique competition
  3. Family Trip To Disney
  4. Sky Dive
  5. Scuba Dive
  6. Go Mountain climbing
  7. Hawaii Trip
  8. Travel to every Baseball park in the USA
  9. Go on a Safari
  10. Swim with Dolphins
  11. Go white water rafting
  12. Write and Publish a book
  13. Pay off all our debt
  14. Watch my daughter graduate from high school and college
  15. Watch my daughter get married
  16. Learn to surf
  17. Learn to play golf
  18. Learn to play piano
  19. Read the Bible cover to cover
  20. Visit the Holy land
  21. Go to a NBA game
  22. Travel Europe and Asia
  23. Travel to all craft breweries we love
  24. Place Top 5 in a NPC competition
  25. Win Overall in a NPC competition
  26. Place top 3 at Nationals
  27. Conquer my fear of bridges
  28. Make peace with everyone I have ever wronged (this will be a unreachable goal, but worth trying)
  29. Teach my husband and daughter  Sign Language
  30. Renew our marriage vows every 10 years
  31. To compete in a Spartan Race
  32. Do a mud run of any sort
  33. Compete in an IFBB competition
  34. Run the Disney 5k maybe Half
  35. Get an IFBB Pro card
  36. Get Sponsored 
  37.  Open our own gym/supplement store
  38. Become a Certified Trainer
  39. Become a Certified Nutritionist
  40. Buy the home/land of our dreams.
  41. Find a place to settle down.
  42. Place at a powerlifting meet
  43. Become a pro powerlifter


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