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Food or Poison? What are you feeding your family???

When I was pregnant I was very adamant about not consuming artificial colors or additives, due to the risk of it harming my baby. I got a lot of guff from friends and family!  Even at my baby shower!!! I didn’t want to eat the cake lol. It was a cute cake, I was just scared to risk anything. I had waited a long time for this blessing!!! I did end up having a piece out of guilt lol. 😉


      Having a horrible craving for fruity candy. As you may have guessed, I had the hardest time finding anything without all the colors. I was told Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 6 were the worst. Well, you would not believe how many things, not just candy, have these colors in them!!!! Cereal, candy, chips, juice, soda, yogurt, cheese, Lunchables, heck even pickles!!!


         Needless to say, I was not a happy pregnant lady lol. I did my best to stay strong. At this point in my life, I had never heard of “Clean Eating”. My diet before pregnancy was anything but healthy!  You ask, what could I have possibly read that made me decide to have a more restrictive diet?

As CSPI reported:

“Almost all the toxicological studies on dyes were commissioned, conducted, and analyzed by the chemical industry and academic consultants. Ideally, dyes (and other regulated chemicals) would be tested by independent researchers.

Furthermore, virtually all the studies tested individual dyes, whereas many foods and diets contain mixtures of dyes (and other ingredients) that might lead to additive or synergistic effects.

In addition to considerations of organ damage, cancer, birth defects, and allergic reactions, mixtures of dyes (and Yellow 5 tested alone) cause hyperactivity and other behavioral problems in some children.

… Because of those toxicological considerations, including carcinogenicity, hypersensitivity reactions, and behavioral effects, food dyes cannot be considered safe. The FDA should ban food dyes, which serve no purpose other than a cosmetic effect, though quirks in the law make it difficult to do so (the law should be amended to make it no more difficult to ban food colorings than other food additives).

In the meantime, companies voluntarily should replace dyes with safer, natural colorings.”

      If you click on the CSPI link you can get everything in more detail. It basically says that after extensive testing, they linked artificial colors to organ damage, cancer, birth defects, hyperactivity, difficulty focusing, allergies, learning disabilities, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! What is even more astonishing is that if you buy food products in the UK, their government will not allow these artificial colors in the food without a WARNING label! Why? for health reasons of course! So why is the FDA allowing it in our food? Why is our country being poisoned?


          I am not gonna say that in my household,we never eat artificial colors. I can honestly say, we have nothing in the pantry or fridge that has artificial colors! We don’t buy things with them. I love to bake, but have put my colorful cakes on hold till I can figure out a way to naturally color them. (My chocolate cake has always been the favorite anyway. No added color needed lol)

        I do get frustrated a lot, because I get labeled “The mean mama”  or “The over protector” when it comes to birthday parties and children’s gatherings. I don’t want Zoe having the junk, even if it is only once in a while! Zoe is a very active child on her own, without sugar or artificial colors! Anyone who knows her, knows she never sits still. She can focus and is very smart! She has impressed every doctor she has seen with her knowledge! Josh and I noticed a huge change when we allow her to have colors or preservatives. She spends more time in “Time-Out” than actually playing. We have seen first hand what it does to a child! She rarely has colors or preservatives now. Unfortunately, we can not help what people give her when we are not there or when we aren’t looking. (Grandparents always get a pass on spoiling her lol)

     When she was about 1 year old, we started learning more about eating clean. It opened a whole new world for us! Zoe up till this point was on a pretty clean diet already, because we made her baby food. Josh and I however, were not. We thought we were eating healthy. Boy were we wrong!!! I have since been learning ways to cook and serve more clean meals! We do still have slip ups here and there. Zoe has even had some too. :-/ With everything, there is a learning curve. We are certainly learning more and more everyday!

        Until you start really reading labels, you never realize how much toxic stuff is in our food supply!  Did you know that the dyes in your food, are also in your toothpaste, mouthwash, medicines, shampoos, some vitamins,etc. and even worse, the dyes are made from petroleum! Yeah, the same stuff that fuels your car! Horrible to think that if you feed your child the wrong brand of cheese, you could be giving them something you would put in your car’s gas tank! YUCK!!!

   You may be asking yourself, why do they put dyes in foods? They put them there to make our food look more appealing. Basically make-up for food. They believe it will make the food more palatable for everyone. For instance, cheesy chips should have that orange/yellow color that comes off on your hands, so you believe that it is in fact cheese. It is actually nothing more than cheese flavored powder. The chips themselves are flavored too artificially of course! All junk and all horrible for you and your kids!!! Our children are our future, so why are we feeding them the worst trash possible???


          Some say it is more expensive to eat healthier. Well, it is true in the fact that your rarely see coupons for fresh veggies or fruit. All the sales are always on soda and chips. I will definitely agree with that! However, my family is on a very fixed income and we make it just fine. We never buy junk food. Everything is homemade in our house. That brings me to the next excuse I hear a lot “I don’t have time to cook!” Our meals do not take any longer than 30 to 45 mins to prep and cook. Snacks in this house are fruit, veggies, nuts, or something we concoct. If we want chips, we buy clean corn tortillas and we bake our own. Nothing is ever that time consuming and it keeps us from needlessly eating, as many people do when they get bored. If you have time to sit in front of the computer or Television, then you have time to make something for your family. (It is actually a gesture of love to get off your tush and serve your family)


Lemon and blueberry sorbet. Made in my kitchen!


Clean Garlic and Dill chips made fresh!

   There are some companies that make candy, chips, cookies, and several other foods that do not have all the crap in them. You just have to read labels!!!!  My pregnancy go to candy was Mambas. No, they are not healthy, but they also do not have artificial colors. They always got me through my craving for fruity sweet treats! I have recently discovered UnReal brand candy! I haven’t tried them as of yet, but Zoe and I are going to treat ourselves very soon!!! Once we do I will let you know what we think!!! Stacy’s brand snacks have all natural chips! So, as you can see there are options out there! You just have to do your research.

     People need to be aware of what they are actually consuming or having your family consume! I am astonished at how many kids and adults live on Hot Pockets and microwave dinners!!! It is disappointing to know there are parents out there who would rather be at the bar, watching television, or sitting on Facebook than providing a healthy meal for their family. We make cooking a family thing. If Josh is working, then it is just Zoe and I. She is always eager to help! Whatever she helps make, you can guarantee she is gonna eat too!!!! When Josh is home we all three tackle the job! It is fun and it keeps us close as a family! The meals are made with love, which makes them perfect for us!

        We like knowing what we are eating! I hope this opens at least one person’s eyes to what is going on with our food in this country! If they have to put “make-up” on your food, what are they covering up???

Have your children been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD? Have you tried changing their diet as opposed to drugs?

We are always looking for new healthy treats! Do have any all natural snacks that you like to indulge on?

 I hope everyone has a healthy and happy Wednesday!!!

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