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Promax review, Goal check in, & a look into Zoe’s baby signs!

I got a shipment of Promax goodies in the mail yesterday to review. I got two per flavor, which made it easy to share. 😉

They came shortly after dinner, so I figured Zoe and I could share one of the Fit ‘N Crisp snacks for dessert. It was the Vanilla Marshmallow. Zoe loved it! It was much like a rice crispy treat! At 10 grams of sugar, it wasn’t a horrible treat. Zoe gave it a thumbs up!

I agree, the Fit ‘N Crisps were super tasty. After reading the label on the Protein bar, I saved it for post workout this morning. It has 29 grams of sugar, which is more than I like, but that is fine for post workout, because sugar helps lean protein get to your muscles quicker. 😉  They aren’t the cleanest either, which is pretty important to me.  I did like the flavor! I had Chocolate Chip cookie dough.

Texture wise, it was much like a candy bar, so obviously easy to eat lol. I gave Zoe a small chunk and she really like them too!

Even though they aren’t 100% clean, I did really appreciate the no artificial sweeteners or colors!!!! You can check out more about them at You can purchase them at just about any grocery store, GNC,  even some gyms!

Now a quick weekly check in on this months goals…..

I have done well so far with NOT touching my scale this week. I have been tempted though lol I am staying strong and the scale is staying out of sight!!!

I have still been doing great with my running! I logged 6.8 miles this week!!! I do realize now though that I need a second pair of running shoes for rainy days and more compression socks and or sleeves for my shin splints!!!! I am enjoying my runs and the results I am getting from it!

Even though I have wanted to slack, I have stayed strong on my Renegade Challenge. It have definitely proven to be a challenge!!! I can not yet complete 30 in a row. I do 12 sets of 10 with small breaks in between each set. Either way, I am still getting them done!!!!

I accidentally missed a Plank A Day. I was so exhausted, I seriously just forgot to do it the other night. Other than the one miss, I have done them everyday! At some point I will do two in one day to make up for the missed one! 😉

I have been doing awesome on my water intake and my ab workouts have definitely increased with adding gymnastic rings to my gym. I will be talking about those on Monday!!! stay tuned for that post, because there is an exciting surprise coming!!!!

And for Zoe’s lessons in sign language… she is now up to 184 signs! Our goal is to get her to 200 by the end of the month, which I am sure we will hit and probably surpass! She is a smart cookie and I am going to take full advantage of it! The signs she has learned this week are:








She also learned a couple I can’t find pictures for. She learned the word Really, which is signed by making the number 1 with your hand, then taking your pointer finger up your chin and forward off your mouth. The last word is Sneeze. You make the number one with your hand again, turn it sideways, and place your finger under your nose as if you are sneezing.

Signing is beautiful and fun!!! It also comes in handy when I can’t hear or understand Zoe lol. Thank you for reading and please check out the Affiliate of the month Vitacost for all your vitamin, supplement, and whole food needs! They have a lot more, but it is too much to list lol

And don’t forget about the GIVEAWAYS I have running this month!!!! I will be adding more so keep checking back!!!!

Baby Sign Language Q & A

I get a ton of questions about baby signing and ASL (American Sign Language). Mostly about teaching sign to your baby or child. I figured today was a great day to address a lot of the questions I get!

The most popular questions are: How old should we start?, Is it too late to start?, How do we start?, and Will it interfere with or delay their speech development?


   I believe that it is never too early to start!!! I started signing to Zoe when she was born. She obviously had no idea what I was doing, why I was doing it, or was able to sign back, but she was absorbing the information. 😉 I sign and speak to her as much as I can. Be it in songs, reading, or just having a normal conversation with her. For a beginner, It would be best to learn a few signs that you know you want your child to use often. With a baby it would be things like Mom, Dad, Milk, Eat, Wet, Potty, Diaper, Sleep, Play, and other signs you want them to use to make communicating with you easier. There are a plethora of books, Dvd’s, and flash cards that make learning easy and fun for both of you! You will be pleasantly surprised one day when your child begins signing back! Zoe started between 4 and 5 months old! Some of her favorite Dvd’s are: Signing Time, WeeHands,  and My First Signs She actually has a ton of books and dvd’s, too many to list lol. We also pull videos up on Youtube.

Here are some of Zoe signing when she was younger!

Zoe’s baby signs, More signs, and yes even more lol She actually has several lol At the age of 26mths she knows well over 150 signs, not including her alphabet.

Is it too late to start? Never!!!!! Anyone can learn sign language no matter what age! Baby, child, or adult! It is a beautiful and fun language! I grew up watching my parents teach friends who wanted to be able to communicate better with them. Some even went on to make it a profession! There are even classes in most areas for every age level! Just imagine the parents who learn and teach the siblings when they have a deaf child enter their family 😉


       For infants, will it interfere with their speech development? The answer to that, is absolutely not. If anything, it helps them learn to speak quicker! Believe it or not, several speech pathologists use sign to help children who are struggling with their speech.

I found this on MSNBC:

Q: Baby sign language has become extremely popular recently. I’ve heard only wonderful things about it, including that it eases frustration and promotes verbal language. However, my niece has been taught baby sign language and is now 18 months old and has yet to speak a word. She seems content to just demand food and drink with her hands. Does baby sign language actually delay verbal language in many cases?

A: The short answer is no, according to Dr. Lynn Mowbray Wegner, a pediatrician in Chapel Hill, N.C., and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. In fact, signing is a very good … err … sign. It means your niece is communicating effectively, which is a major step at this point in her life.

The exact form of this communication varies. Some parents rely on gestures based on American Sign Language. Others create their own signs for everyday objects and emotions.

Signing has not only opened up communication for my daughter and I, but I think it is a wonderful bonding tool! With both of my parents being deaf, I grew up in essentially two different cultures. Knowing sign language opened many doors for me, and I hope it does the same for my daughter.

Have you taught your children a different language? Are you interested in learning sign language or teaching it to your kids? Do you have any questions about ASL or baby signs?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to ask me anything, or leave a comment!

Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Saturday!!!


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