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Finally got to treat ourselves to some UNREAL candy!

We had a wonderful family fun day at home just relaxing! I am a BzzAgent and received a BzzKit today for UNREAL candy, so obviously, we had to make a quick trip to Walgreens to check these out. You can click on the link below to read more!

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this kit!!! We love to treat ourselves and like I stated in my previous blog, “Food or poison? What are you feeding your family?”, we are striving to keep our diet, as well as Zoe’s, as clean of artificial colors and preservatives as possible!!! We got to try what is called Unreal 54, which is like peanut M&M’s. Zoe just loved them!!! The colors were a little different, but she loved them just the same. I thought they were pretty. I didn’t get a good picture of the actual candy, because Zoe gobbled them all down so quick lol.


        Josh had the Unreal 77, which is like Reese’s peanut butter cups. He thought it was awesome they didn’t have all the junk in them! I tried Unreal 8, which is comparable to a Snickers bar. I was in heaven!!!!


      The price was comparable to the junked up versions too! We will definitely be purchasing them again! They are a perfect sometimes treat for my family! 🙂

    Has anyone else tried these? What are your thoughts on candy that has no artificial flavors or colors?

Would you like to be Unjunked? If you would like to try some, I have a few coupons for buy one get one free that I would be happy to send you! If you are interested, comment here and follow me on Twitter and I will get your info from there! Remember, I only have a few more coupons, so first come first serve!

Have a happy day!!!!

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