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Who’s starving? I eat all day! A Simply review & of course the 3 giveaways. Don’t miss out!

So yesterday I posted one of my cheats. I received an email from a friend who stated although they thought my journey has been inspiring, they just couldn’t imagine starving everyday to maintain a physical appearance. I was a little taken back by that. I certainly do NOT starve lol.

I explained that actually the opposite was true. I use to eat one or two meals a day mixed in with a bunch of junk food. I now eat 5-6 small meals a day. All of which are quite filling! This is an example of one of my daily meals.

Steamed broccoli, sliced pears, pan seared salmon on a bed of spinach.

I definitely wasn’t starving, nor was I craving more flavor. I do not look at healthy eating as a diet, it is my lifestyle. Cheats are not exactly necessary for me, but there are things that I don’t normally eat, that I do like to indulge in. I just don’t eat them all the time. When I say I am picky about my indulgences, it isn’t because I feel I don’t get enough of them, I am just more picky about what I put into my body!

I never understood fad diets, or people who think they can eat whatever they want as long as they hit the gym. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Healthy eating does not mean I am missing out on anything! I eat phenomenal tasting meals. The difference between my meals and the ones this particular person was describing to me, is I cooked my food. It wasn’t prepackaged crap that you throw in the microwave or the oven to reheat nor a box meal with powdered mixes that you have no clue what they are. I actually prepare my meals.

As a society I think it is sad that people are more concerned with convenience over quality. I am not sure when catching your favorite television shows over took preparing a healthy and tasty meal for your family? Most of the people I know prepare box meals and their family parks in front of the TV while they eat. What happened to family time and setting examples for our children?

Slowly I am seeing more people wanting to get fit. Hopefully they make the change for their health too and not just the aesthetics of it. I believe we need to teach our children healthy habits while they are young. I strive to set an example for my daughter, not just in the gym, but in the kitchen as well.

Yes, my journey is about making my physical appearance better and looking the way I want, but it is also about being healthy and living healthy. I want Zoe to not have the body image issue that I have had. I want her to be proud of herself and to know that she is healthy! I also don’t want to be spinning my wheels in the gym 😉 I have worked hard to get where I am and I am far from done.

Anyway, my point is that I eat well! I am not starving and the food My family and I eat tastes better than the prepackaged crap you can buy in the store. If you are worried about getting started on your fitness journey because you think that you will starve or you won’t like the food options, trust me that is SO far from true. Do some research and find recipes. Clean eating doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor, it simply means cutting out artificial crap that does harm to your body.

With all that being said, I was sent some protein bars from Wellness Foods called Simply Bars. They are all natural “clean”, milk free, gluten free, vegan, non GMO, kosher, and low gycemic.

There are 6 flavors, I was sent a box of 4 . The flavors I received were Lemon Coconut, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cinnamon pecan, and Caramel Peanut. The 2 I have yet to try are Cocoa Coffee and Cocoa Raspberry. The story on the company is that the founder, C. Richards, has Crohn’s disease and had issues find snacks that wouldn’t upset her stomach. She also wanted something more clean, so developed these bars.  It is an all woman company started in Canada in 2002.

Back to the bars. 😉 They are much like rice crispy treats, but less sweet.

Which, if you are like me is a great thing! Each bar only has a mere 3 grams of sugar and 16 grams of protein. The first bar I tried was the Cinnamon Pecan. I really appreciated the natural flavor! It was nice to taste REAL cinnamon in every bite! The cinnamon pecan and the Caramel peanut were by far my favorites!!! The Lemon Coconut I am not a huge fan of. It isn’t bad, it just has a strong lemon flavor that didn’t bide well with me. Josh is always skeptical about anything clean lol he is a junk food junky. At first he told me he didn’t care for them, but by the end of the week, he was stealing them from my stash so he could snack on them at work. Turns out even the hardest critic in this household was sold on them too! 😉 Zoe enjoyed them as well! She loved stealing bits from both of our bars!

I think what got me the most excited about this company is that they have Protein Chips. Yeah I know right!?!? Chips!!! How exciting is that!!! Unfortunately, they are sold out right now, so I wan’t able to sample those. They come in 2 flavors, Herb and Chili. I am more of a savory than sweet kind of gal, so the fact that a company even produces these has me sold!!! LOL

You can check out their whole selection on their website They are well worth the look!!!

Don’t forget I still have 3 yes 3 GIVEAWAYS going on!!!! Get entered to win fabulous prizes from VitaCost, FringeSport, and GetKombucha. You certainly don’t want to miss out!!!!







Turning my OOPS moment into a good thing!!!

So I am new to the blogging world and I apparently didn’t do my research, I found out that my WordPress blog, can not have any affiliates. OOPS!!! Lol I will have this blog redirected tomorrow to one that can. 🙂 As of yesterday, I took on Two new affiliates! Vitacost and they everything under the sun from Chia seeds to Zinc And Quest Nutrition!  I am very excited about it!!! Quest has “Clean” Protein bars, which we LOVE and they are still tasty! We got a sample shipment in yesterday, so we could try them out before agreeing to anything. 😉


   There are several flavors to choose from. What really perked my interest about them, was the fact that they are 20G of protein, Gluten free, No sugar alcohols, No added sugar, No Soy Protein, No Glycerine, and just absolutely No Junk ingredients! They are pretty plain looking when you open the package, but for what they lack in looks, I think they make up for in taste! We read to heat them up for 15 seconds in the microwave to get a cookie like flavor. We tried the Chocolate Brownie and the Apple Pie first.


     Again, they tasted better than they looked lol. The Chocolate Brownie was okay. I won’t lie and say it was phenomenal. On a scale from one to ten, I would give it a 5 I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. I am not a huge chocolate fan, I actually rarely touch the stuff. However, Josh is a HUGE chocolate fan and he agreed that it was just okay. His actual words were “For being a “clean” protein bar, it was good.” The Apple Pie bar blew us away! it was delicious!!! I wish I had a whole box of just them!!! WOW!!! I was seriously sold after one bite! (I LOVE Apple Pie lol) The biggest selling point to me is that I have an on the go snack that I am comfortable giving my family! Zoe loved them both! She thought they were candy, so that works great for us lol. Links to both places will be on my new site to check out, hopefully tomorrow!!!!!

    I decided to have a “Thank you for reading” Giveaway! It will start on September 1st. One lucky reader can win a prize pack with 2 Quest Bars (Peanut Butter Supreme and Strawberry Cheesecake), 3 of the new Dentyne Ice Split2Fit packs (Peppermint, Spearmint, and Arctic Chill) I am a BzzAgent and I want a lucky reader to try those as well. Gum is actually my only vice. It is by no means clean, but I chew it when I workout or when I have a sweet tooth. And last, but not least, a 10G bag of Brother’s All Natural Fuji Apple Crisps!


       Again, I will wait till I get this switched over to the new site, so please continue to follow me when I make the big move!!!! I will have a re-direct link. 🙂

     Today was family fun day, which consisted of hitting the grocery store for some Quinoa, touring Costco, hitting the largest local liquor store for Josh’s special Autumn craft beers, a lovely Mediterranean lunch, and a trip to the mall for some nice window shopping.

      We having been looking for new places to eat lunch on family fun days. We try to find low cost places with semi healthy choices. Typically I make Josh’s days off my cheat days. Today we found a place called Mario’s Donuts & Cafe. I know it has “Healthy” written all over it lol. 😉 We went in and they have a good size Mediterranean menu! Josh was super excited to get a Gyro lol. That was his cheat meal, a Gyro and beer battered onion rings. Zoe chose a donut :-/ Lol not a huge surprise that a 2yr old chose that for her cheat meal. I chose a Gyro salad. It was HUGE and Oh my goodness, tasty!!! I only got a picture of my meal, because the elderly man sitting by us looked a little weirded out since I had my camera out lol.


       So we give Mario’s 2 thumbs up and we will definitely be back there next week!!!! Overall, a fabulous family fun day!

     We have been trying to teach Zoe how to use the camera. She keeps taking self portraits. I am fine with that, because I can never have enough pics of my babygirl 😉 I thought I would end with those today, so enjoy!




    What fun things do you do with your family? What is your go to cheat meal? Do you have a vice that you just can’t quit? Do all natural protein bars interest you? I love hearing back from you all so please comment away!!!

                                                Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!!!!! 🙂

Running, “Clean” eating snacks on the go, Future Giveaways and more!

    Zoe and I went on our second run this morning! I was a little concerned heading out, because my legs are still very sore from leg day in the gym. However, I did pretty good! I beat the first run’s time by almost a minute. Today it was 16:20, still an awful time lol, but better 🙂 Zoe was excited that we were going on a run! 



    I am so happy she enjoys it!!! The weather is still a little warm and humid for my liking. We started our run a little earlier this morning than last time, hoping it wouldn’t be as bad, it was just as hot lol. The first hill is the easiest for me. 



       It isn’t horribly steep and Zoe yells “Go Mama Go” the whole time lol. She hates it when I walk. She has the need for speed! 😉 Her encouraging yells keep me going for sure. She is quite the motivator!!! If I slow down too much she does not hesitate to turn around and let me know it! 



        So all in all, my second time out was a success! I need to ditch this stroller and get a decent jogging stroller though! This one will work for now, but I am afraid not for long lol.

     I am also anxiously awaiting the UPS man today!!! As you know from previous posts, that we are trying to eat as “Clean” as possible. Some things that we still want to have in our diets, but have a hard time finding without all the artificial additives and preservatives. Protein bars being one of those items. I love protein bars, because they are easy when you are on the go! High protein snacks are a must. Ones that you don’t have to keep in a cooler are a HUGE plus!!!! Typically we bring baked eggs to snack on when heading out and about, but you need a cooler for them and they can still be stinky. Baked eggs are like boiled eggs, just baked. They have a creamier texture and with baking them, they come out perfect every time! Zoe refuses to eat boiled eggs, but LOVES baked eggs. The child can tell every time if I try to give her a boiled one.


        Anyway, back to Protein bars 😉 As I was saying finding “Clean” protein bars are a little difficult to find! I have had several brands that I LOVE, but they truly are not good for us at all! When I came across a brand that actually is clean, I was not only happy, but super excited to try them! I reached out to the company to see if they would allow me to review the bars and they happily obliged!


    I have heard excellent reviews on them so far!!! So, that is what I am waiting so anxiously for today! If I love them as much as I think I am going to, they will become an affiliate of this page! I will also add some to a small plethora of items for a future giveaway, so you guys will be able to try them too! Keep your eyes peeled for that!!! 



 How often do you run?  What are your favorite on the go snacks? Do you find yourself lugging a small cooler around for your snacks? What is your favorite Protein bar flavor or brand?

   Josh is off tomorrow and Friday, so we are getting ready for our family fun days! Hope everyone enjoys this lovely day!!!!! 



To achieve greatness, you must set GOALS!!!

So last night I did a Twitter chat with many great people associated with FitFluential and ViewSport. It was fun and I really enjoyed it! The topic was Goals and Goal setting. I did miss some of the conversation, due to trying to cook a late dinner and control an unruly toddler lol. What I did catch was awesome!


    I have my ultimate goal, which is to be able to compete in Women’s Physique competitions.


   I have smaller goals to help me get there! One of my smaller goals is to run (with Zoe in a stroller) in a 5k. I think they look fun and would be a great accomplishment for both of us! I know she would love it!!! We started running yesterday 🙂 I had planned what I thought was the perfect route around our subdivision. It was 1.2 miles. I did not take into consideration that I would be pushing a 30lb two year old in a large clunky stroller, or that I routed us to go up 2 large hills lol. To boot, it was super humid out!!! Our time was 17:18. I was proud that we got out there and did it, but I was disappointed with my time.  I do know that I will continue to run 2 or 3 times a week and that my time will improve!


   I didn’t think that there would be much quality time for us while running. Surprisingly enough, there really was! We were always talking about pretty flowers, trees, dogs, and anything else we saw on our short running journey. I am hoping to get Josh out there with us once a week! I think it would be another great way to have family fun time! we shall see if he agrees lol 😉

 I believe setting goals is a great example for Zoe! I want her to learn that in order to get what she wants, she need to make a plan, set goals, then work hard to accomplish them!


    We have accomplished several small goals to get us where we are now. Things like: Drinking more water, keeping our sugar intake less than 35 grams a day, cutting out artificial sugars, throwing out anything that has artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, learning to cook healthier meals, and consistently weight training!

We have both (Josh and I) had slip ups and times where we have gotten lazy or off track. The great thing about sharing our goals with each other, is we do keep each other accountable! I believe in marriage you have to work as a team. Supporting each other and pushing each other is very important! In this house we are very goal oriented and love helping each other achieve greatness!!!

Do you have a goal? Do you have smaller goals to help you achieve the main goal? Who in your life inspires and pushes you? Do you involve your family in your dreams?

Get out there and accomplish your goals! Do not let any set back hold you down from your greatest achievements!!!

The Good, The Bad, and The Butter…..

My whole life I have been taught that all saturated fats are evil. I was told that processed vegetable oils and margarine spreads were the healthiest way to go. I think everyone has been sold on this idea of “healthy” for the past 30 years! Since my family and I have started eating clean and researching what we are putting into our bodies. We are learning, or I should say, relearning what is actually nutritionally sound for our own personal health.

Margarine has been sold to us as this heart healthy option right? Let’s dig a little deeper shall we….. we will see the process in which Margarine is made:


        Basically, they process the cheapest GMO vegetables into a gray smelly grease, clean it back up, bleach it, dye it, remove the smell, and add that “butter” flavor and call it health food. Wow, REALLY???

        We prefer saturated fats and so do our bodies! The types of fats my family consumes are: Coconut oil, Palm oil, Butter, Animal fats, Heavy cream, Olive oil, and Organic lard. Are we concerned that we are going to increase our risk for heart disease and high cholesterol? Absolutely not! There are several reasons that these saturated fats are great for you!

  •    To promote stronger bones. How you ask? Saturated fats help your body absorb calcium and regulate your calcium levels. Very important for women!!!!
  •     They contain fatty acids such as lauric acid, myristic acid and caprylic acid, which are antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral, and all contribute towards a stronger immune system which in turn is more vigilant against the development of cancerous cells.
  •     Saturated fats are more stable at higher temperatures than other fats, so they are less likely to become oxidized and turn into cell-damaging free radicals, as polyunsaturated vegetables oils frequently do.
  •     They are the most valuable source of Vitamins A, D, and K which are necessary for hormone regulation, reproduction, immunity, bone health and much more.
  •     Supports a healthy brain! A diet that skimps on healthy saturated fats robs your brain of the raw materials it needs to function optimally. Your brain is made of fats. 😉


     The list actually goes on and on!!!  There are several links and studies that have been done that coincide with what I have learned. Here are a few of the links: MuscleHackNourishing Days, Natural Bias, The Oiling of America, and The Four Hour Work Week

We have chosen these saturated fats, because of all of the reasons above, as well as a few more I did not list. They are part of a natural and clean diet.

I always find this subject to be an interesting topic of discussion! What are your thoughts on Saturated fats?


Food or Poison? What are you feeding your family???

When I was pregnant I was very adamant about not consuming artificial colors or additives, due to the risk of it harming my baby. I got a lot of guff from friends and family!  Even at my baby shower!!! I didn’t want to eat the cake lol. It was a cute cake, I was just scared to risk anything. I had waited a long time for this blessing!!! I did end up having a piece out of guilt lol. 😉


      Having a horrible craving for fruity candy. As you may have guessed, I had the hardest time finding anything without all the colors. I was told Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 6 were the worst. Well, you would not believe how many things, not just candy, have these colors in them!!!! Cereal, candy, chips, juice, soda, yogurt, cheese, Lunchables, heck even pickles!!!


         Needless to say, I was not a happy pregnant lady lol. I did my best to stay strong. At this point in my life, I had never heard of “Clean Eating”. My diet before pregnancy was anything but healthy!  You ask, what could I have possibly read that made me decide to have a more restrictive diet?

As CSPI reported:

“Almost all the toxicological studies on dyes were commissioned, conducted, and analyzed by the chemical industry and academic consultants. Ideally, dyes (and other regulated chemicals) would be tested by independent researchers.

Furthermore, virtually all the studies tested individual dyes, whereas many foods and diets contain mixtures of dyes (and other ingredients) that might lead to additive or synergistic effects.

In addition to considerations of organ damage, cancer, birth defects, and allergic reactions, mixtures of dyes (and Yellow 5 tested alone) cause hyperactivity and other behavioral problems in some children.

… Because of those toxicological considerations, including carcinogenicity, hypersensitivity reactions, and behavioral effects, food dyes cannot be considered safe. The FDA should ban food dyes, which serve no purpose other than a cosmetic effect, though quirks in the law make it difficult to do so (the law should be amended to make it no more difficult to ban food colorings than other food additives).

In the meantime, companies voluntarily should replace dyes with safer, natural colorings.”

      If you click on the CSPI link you can get everything in more detail. It basically says that after extensive testing, they linked artificial colors to organ damage, cancer, birth defects, hyperactivity, difficulty focusing, allergies, learning disabilities, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! What is even more astonishing is that if you buy food products in the UK, their government will not allow these artificial colors in the food without a WARNING label! Why? for health reasons of course! So why is the FDA allowing it in our food? Why is our country being poisoned?


          I am not gonna say that in my household,we never eat artificial colors. I can honestly say, we have nothing in the pantry or fridge that has artificial colors! We don’t buy things with them. I love to bake, but have put my colorful cakes on hold till I can figure out a way to naturally color them. (My chocolate cake has always been the favorite anyway. No added color needed lol)

        I do get frustrated a lot, because I get labeled “The mean mama”  or “The over protector” when it comes to birthday parties and children’s gatherings. I don’t want Zoe having the junk, even if it is only once in a while! Zoe is a very active child on her own, without sugar or artificial colors! Anyone who knows her, knows she never sits still. She can focus and is very smart! She has impressed every doctor she has seen with her knowledge! Josh and I noticed a huge change when we allow her to have colors or preservatives. She spends more time in “Time-Out” than actually playing. We have seen first hand what it does to a child! She rarely has colors or preservatives now. Unfortunately, we can not help what people give her when we are not there or when we aren’t looking. (Grandparents always get a pass on spoiling her lol)

     When she was about 1 year old, we started learning more about eating clean. It opened a whole new world for us! Zoe up till this point was on a pretty clean diet already, because we made her baby food. Josh and I however, were not. We thought we were eating healthy. Boy were we wrong!!! I have since been learning ways to cook and serve more clean meals! We do still have slip ups here and there. Zoe has even had some too. :-/ With everything, there is a learning curve. We are certainly learning more and more everyday!

        Until you start really reading labels, you never realize how much toxic stuff is in our food supply!  Did you know that the dyes in your food, are also in your toothpaste, mouthwash, medicines, shampoos, some vitamins,etc. and even worse, the dyes are made from petroleum! Yeah, the same stuff that fuels your car! Horrible to think that if you feed your child the wrong brand of cheese, you could be giving them something you would put in your car’s gas tank! YUCK!!!

   You may be asking yourself, why do they put dyes in foods? They put them there to make our food look more appealing. Basically make-up for food. They believe it will make the food more palatable for everyone. For instance, cheesy chips should have that orange/yellow color that comes off on your hands, so you believe that it is in fact cheese. It is actually nothing more than cheese flavored powder. The chips themselves are flavored too artificially of course! All junk and all horrible for you and your kids!!! Our children are our future, so why are we feeding them the worst trash possible???


          Some say it is more expensive to eat healthier. Well, it is true in the fact that your rarely see coupons for fresh veggies or fruit. All the sales are always on soda and chips. I will definitely agree with that! However, my family is on a very fixed income and we make it just fine. We never buy junk food. Everything is homemade in our house. That brings me to the next excuse I hear a lot “I don’t have time to cook!” Our meals do not take any longer than 30 to 45 mins to prep and cook. Snacks in this house are fruit, veggies, nuts, or something we concoct. If we want chips, we buy clean corn tortillas and we bake our own. Nothing is ever that time consuming and it keeps us from needlessly eating, as many people do when they get bored. If you have time to sit in front of the computer or Television, then you have time to make something for your family. (It is actually a gesture of love to get off your tush and serve your family)


Lemon and blueberry sorbet. Made in my kitchen!


Clean Garlic and Dill chips made fresh!

   There are some companies that make candy, chips, cookies, and several other foods that do not have all the crap in them. You just have to read labels!!!!  My pregnancy go to candy was Mambas. No, they are not healthy, but they also do not have artificial colors. They always got me through my craving for fruity sweet treats! I have recently discovered UnReal brand candy! I haven’t tried them as of yet, but Zoe and I are going to treat ourselves very soon!!! Once we do I will let you know what we think!!! Stacy’s brand snacks have all natural chips! So, as you can see there are options out there! You just have to do your research.

     People need to be aware of what they are actually consuming or having your family consume! I am astonished at how many kids and adults live on Hot Pockets and microwave dinners!!! It is disappointing to know there are parents out there who would rather be at the bar, watching television, or sitting on Facebook than providing a healthy meal for their family. We make cooking a family thing. If Josh is working, then it is just Zoe and I. She is always eager to help! Whatever she helps make, you can guarantee she is gonna eat too!!!! When Josh is home we all three tackle the job! It is fun and it keeps us close as a family! The meals are made with love, which makes them perfect for us!

        We like knowing what we are eating! I hope this opens at least one person’s eyes to what is going on with our food in this country! If they have to put “make-up” on your food, what are they covering up???

Have your children been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD? Have you tried changing their diet as opposed to drugs?

We are always looking for new healthy treats! Do have any all natural snacks that you like to indulge on?

 I hope everyone has a healthy and happy Wednesday!!!

Cha Cha Cha Chia…….

  There are several super foods we love and eat daily. One is Chia seeds. Whenever I tell someone I eat Chia seeds they immediately ask…. Do you mean like Cha Cha Cha Chia? Like a Chia Pet??? 



  I actually had someone ask what we do with all the ceramic figures lol. They are the same seeds, but we buy our Chia seeds in the organic/health food section of our local grocery store. You can also buy them online. This is what they look like….



 They are not a new food by any means, they were actually a staple of the ancient Aztecs and Mayan diets. In Mayan, Chia means strength. 

They have high amounts of: Omega 3 fatty acids, Protein, and when I say protein I don’t mean just protein, this protein is complete it contains all the essential amino acids. Antioxidants, Vitamin B’s, Minerals, and they are low in calories and gluten free. So, you can already start to see why they are a super food!!



  The health benefits list of Chia seeds is longer than one might think! Increased energy, Improved mood, More sustained energy levels, Improved concentration and clearer thinking, A decrease in aches and pains, A decrease in food cravings and less need to eat between meals, A feeling of well being, Better regularity, Supple, smoother skin, Glossy hair and stronger nails. That have even done research that has shown chia seeds improve high blood pressure, high cholesterol, which in turn improves your cardiovascular health! They have even found that the seeds benefit neurological and brain functions as well arthritic conditions!!! They are super high in fiber so they promote bowel health. They also stabilize your blood sugar. If you have Type 2 Diabetes, that is HUGE!!!! Who wouldn’t want to reduce their prescription drugs, or better yet stop taking them all together? I personally believe adding super foods like this to your daily diet, makes it possible!



  Now the most common questions I get are: what do they taste like? I think they have a slight nutty flavor. I would compare them to Flax seeds. How do I eat them? Well there are several ways to eat them and several recipes! You can find a plethora online!  

One universal recipe is Chia gel. It can be stored in your fridge and added to salad dressings, smoothies, puddings, etc….. 

1/3 cup Chia seeds mixed with 2 cups Water then you can just pop it in the fridge.



            It doesn’t look very appetizing, but I assure you, it will not affect the flavor of your food. 😉 

  I add the raw seeds to my morning oatmeal. You can add them to soups, sauces, muffin mixes, breads, eggs, the possibilities are endless!!! 




Image                      Chia seeds are one of the many super foods we love and consume on a daily basis! 



 What are some of your favorite super foods? Have you tried Chia Seeds? Would you like to see some Chia seed recipes posted here? 

I love feedback and to hear your thoughts! Hope everyone enjoy’s the day!!!! 🙂





The healthy balance of clean eating and indulging.

We have been doing pretty good with eating healthy as well as clean! I do promote a clean diet and eating whole foods. However, everyone has an off day. We are human and do go to BBQ’s, parties, weddings, gatherings etc. I find it funny when people think you are being a hypocrite about clean eating and or healthy eating when you indulge. The subject was brought up when I visited with the Dreamer’s on Friday, then yesterday I saw a post on Facebook by James Wilson, and he couldn’t have put it better! “Fitness is a lifestyle, not a life sentence.”   I agree that 30 seconds of tasty goodness in my mouth is not worth my health or feeling bad when i can’t fit in my favorite jeans however, I will not feel guilty about eating “Junk” in moderation and I don’t believe anyone who does lead a healthier lifestyle should! There should be a balance in your life.


  Yesterday, Zoe and I were invited to a BBQ/Birthday party! I knew there was most definitely going to be some “Junk” food there. 🙂 I had actually baked a cake for the birthday boy. Other than the few slices of Bananas on the top of the cake, there was nothing healthy about it lol.


Dark Chocolate cake, soaked in homemade caramel, iced with banana chocolate buttercream, then drizzled with more caramel.

Zoe was very excited about the cake! We arrived and had a wonderful time catching up with old friends/family and celebrating a birthday!!! I had brought some strawberries and veggies sticks so we could munch here and there. I always bring snacks with us! Zoe won’t go anywhere without her berries. She LOVES any kind of berry! She calls them her sports candy.

Image       Image

There were also chips and beer to indulge in, which I will admit, we both did have some chips, but only I indulged in the beer lol.

Image    Image

     I actually haven’t indulged in chips or cake since May, so I didn’t mind having some. 😉 I do have a beer or two occasionally. Again, cutting “Junk” out of your normal diet is great, but don’t make it hard for yourself to have a good time at gatherings. I find if you treat it as a diet, you will resent it and stop it all together. I certainly do enjoy living a healthier lifestyle and I do try to steer Zoe away from bad choices, but I also agree that in moderation you can still indulge. There were several other things to eat that were okay as far as healthy goes. They may not have had the cleanest ingredients, but were tasty and not that horrible for us! We made the healthiest choices for our entree as we could and we certainly enjoyed all of it!!!! Granted the Woodruff’s do know their way around a BBQ pit and kitchen, so eating over there is always a treat!!!


Who doesn’t enjoy some grilled BBQ chicken?


Juicy and perfectly cook grilled corn on the cob!


And of course no BBQ would be complete without Devilishly good Deviled eggs!

Zoe even got a manicure from her Aunt while we were there. So as you can see we enjoyed the day!


  I try to keep in mind that there is a healthy balance to everything and we try to live by that! Making healthy choices is certainly our goal, but we do enjoy some naughty things as well!

How often do you indulge? Do people make you feel guilty for bringing extra healthy snacks during an outing or for even indulging in the not so good ones? What are your favorite indulgences?

As always I love feedback! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as our family did!

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