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Sweating Pink on my Rest/Cheat days, discovering the benefits of CLA, and gearing up for an AMAZING October!!!

Every Thursday and Friday are our Family Fun/Rest/Cheat days. We have had a blast the past couple of days!!! Josh took us out to lunch yesterday at our favorite little hole in the wall cafe. As you can see, he cheated more than me lol. He had a Gyro with a side of onion rings. I opted for the Gyro salad, which is what I always get when we go there. It is SO big  and So tasty!!!  Zoe ALWAYS wants a donut lol. She deserves a little cheat meal once in a while too! She helped me eat my salad, which I can never finish. 😉

My major cheats between yesterday and today were 3 small slices of pizza, 2 energy drinks, 2 beers, a burger, and a few fries. I need to get better about not splurging too much on my cheats!

I do love my IPA’s lol

I am not going to beat myself up over cheat days. Those indulgences help me keep to my clean eating lifestyle. I can really feel a difference when I eat the junk, which in turn makes me want less. I don’t indulge on every meal. I do try to stick to my healthier options. 😉

We grabbed a few of these Raw Revolution bars at the grocery store to snack on and I thought they were awesome! Great little treat for all of us!

I was also SUPER excited to get my Sweat Pink package from the lovely ladies at I opened the mailbox to see the package and said YAY loud enough for my neighbor to hear me lol. She was like do you always get excited when you get the mail? Lol Only when I get packages! 😉

I thought it was pretty cool that they sent more than one set of pink laces! I decided that since I have had SO many people that help and inspire me along my journey, that I wanted to spread that love and help inspire and motivate others. I am sending some laces out to some pretty special ladies to help keep them motivated on their fitness adventure! I hope to get more soon, so I can send more!!!

Even though today is a rest day for the weight room, I still get my run in. I was excited to get my sweat on in my new gear! 😉


It was a great run and Zoe LOVES my new pink laces! I am gonna have to get some for her shoes lol. She is a Sweat Pink girl too!!!

Fastest Two year old in the City!!!

Thanks to an awesome girlfriend of mine, I scored a free bottle of Tone Clinical from Complete Nutrition! It is basically CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) with Green Tea.

I was pretty stoked once I realized what Tone Clinical was! There are a ton of benefits to taking CLA!

  • Enhances immune system
  • Lowers insulin resistance
  • Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Decreases abdominal fat
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Reduces food-induced allergic reactions

And with the added Green Tea, I am stoked to try these! Green Tea has all it’s own benefits! (Some of which are debated, so if you ingest Green Tea for medicinal uses, do your research, or seek a professional’s help)

  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Reducing the risks of certain cancers
  • Improves Cholesterol
  • Said to delay the deterioration of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s 
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Reduces high Blood Pressure
  • Aids in depression
  • Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial
  • And is suppose to be great for your skin. Promoting anti aging

I will take this specific CLA for 30 days and give you all a review on what I think about it. October is approaching quick, so I hope you all are ready for some giveaway fun! I have set up a giveaway page, since I will have quite a few !!! I am excited about the giveaways I have planned! I am giving away some truly awesome stuff from some phenomenal companies!!! You definitely are NOT gonna want to miss out!!!

I have my October goal list made up and am stoked for the October Renegade Challenge!!! I am not totally sure where I stand on all of my September goals. We still have 2 days to get there girls, let’s really kick some booty!!!!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!! Don’t forget to check out the Affiliate of the month, Quest Nutrition! They are running some AMAZING deals on their protein bars!!! Buy the best protein bar on the market, QuestBar.

Try Quest Protein Bars!





Family Fun at the Hospital???? Ugh, what a day!!!!

So today has been an emotional roller coaster! Josh had a special family fun day planned for us. He wanted to get up early and head out to The Lake of the Ozarks, for a Family fun day of shopping!

It is about a two and a half hour drive from here, so we woke up early, got all of our scooby snacks packed, and headed out! I was so excited!!! I don’t fit in my current workout gear since losing weight and we both needed a break from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life.  A road trip and day of shopping sounds perfect right?

So of course, we reach our destination and just started our fun when I hear the oh so familiar chime on my phone letting me know I have an email message. I constantly check my email. In case you missed it on my About me page or previous blog entries, My parents are deaf and 9 times out of 10 this is how they reach me. I had several messages come in at that very moment. I read about 6 of them and saw Mom and Dad so I skipped down to that message and my heart just stopped. I read that half of my dad’s face was drooping, went numb, and was just paralyzed. This apparently happened last night.  He originally refused to go to the hospital. (Note he is a stubborn old man) They went this morning to the Emergency Room. Just before they left, my mom emailed me to let me know. Of course we all immediately thought he had a stroke.  If you don’t know the signs, learn them! Act quickly!!! NEVER delay treatment!!!!

Being that my parents are deaf, they waited for an interpreter to arrive to the hospital. Some people believe that you can just write things down on a note pad and pass it back and forth, well it’s not that simple. They need an interpreter there to help explain things more clearly. It is a drawn out process, but that is how it works. I was absolutely freaking out!!! Of course I leave town and something happens!!!! With no way to actually talk to either of my parents, it is so emotionally taxing! I just wanted to hear my dad and know he was fine. Instead I got to talk to nurses, who really couldn’t tell me much more than I already knew. I knew they had waited too long and if it was a stroke the damage was done. I also knew that he has had a lot of chemo, which is very taxing on anyone’s body, so it could be Bell’s Palsy. I started praying and crying as we made the trip back to get to the hospital.

When we arrived Zoe was overjoyed to see her Grandfather!!!! He was just as happy, but not able to show it. 🙁 I finally got more information. They decided to keep  him overnight to rule out a stroke and at this point, there is no bleeding in his brain, no clogged arteries, and he is only numb in the face. They also agree with us, that Bell’s Palsy is a huge probability.

If you don’t know what Bell’s Palsy is, you can read more here Info about Bell’s Palsy. the nurse explained that with him having a blood cancer that also affects his Lymph Nodes and that it could have brought on Bell’s Palsy. I am just praying that all the tests come back fine and this is all we are dealing with!

We left the hospital in a much better and more positive mood. Josh wanted to get a few things from the store so I wouldn’t have to worry about it  tomorrow and I could just focus on my dad. Well, I just got a call from him and his alternator went out. When it rains it pours right lol. He is replacing it now in some dark parking lot God knows where. I think it is safe to say today was not the greatest!!! Tomorrow is a new day and lets hope it is incident free!!!!

A positive note from today was Josh and I did get a few things while out and about on our shopping excursion! He bought me some new Nike running shoes and some cute workout gear. That makes me feel a little better lol.


Turning my OOPS moment into a good thing!!!

So I am new to the blogging world and I apparently didn’t do my research, I found out that my WordPress blog, can not have any affiliates. OOPS!!! Lol I will have this blog redirected tomorrow to one that can. 🙂 As of yesterday, I took on Two new affiliates! Vitacost and they everything under the sun from Chia seeds to Zinc And Quest Nutrition!  I am very excited about it!!! Quest has “Clean” Protein bars, which we LOVE and they are still tasty! We got a sample shipment in yesterday, so we could try them out before agreeing to anything. 😉


   There are several flavors to choose from. What really perked my interest about them, was the fact that they are 20G of protein, Gluten free, No sugar alcohols, No added sugar, No Soy Protein, No Glycerine, and just absolutely No Junk ingredients! They are pretty plain looking when you open the package, but for what they lack in looks, I think they make up for in taste! We read to heat them up for 15 seconds in the microwave to get a cookie like flavor. We tried the Chocolate Brownie and the Apple Pie first.


     Again, they tasted better than they looked lol. The Chocolate Brownie was okay. I won’t lie and say it was phenomenal. On a scale from one to ten, I would give it a 5 I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. I am not a huge chocolate fan, I actually rarely touch the stuff. However, Josh is a HUGE chocolate fan and he agreed that it was just okay. His actual words were “For being a “clean” protein bar, it was good.” The Apple Pie bar blew us away! it was delicious!!! I wish I had a whole box of just them!!! WOW!!! I was seriously sold after one bite! (I LOVE Apple Pie lol) The biggest selling point to me is that I have an on the go snack that I am comfortable giving my family! Zoe loved them both! She thought they were candy, so that works great for us lol. Links to both places will be on my new site to check out, hopefully tomorrow!!!!!

    I decided to have a “Thank you for reading” Giveaway! It will start on September 1st. One lucky reader can win a prize pack with 2 Quest Bars (Peanut Butter Supreme and Strawberry Cheesecake), 3 of the new Dentyne Ice Split2Fit packs (Peppermint, Spearmint, and Arctic Chill) I am a BzzAgent and I want a lucky reader to try those as well. Gum is actually my only vice. It is by no means clean, but I chew it when I workout or when I have a sweet tooth. And last, but not least, a 10G bag of Brother’s All Natural Fuji Apple Crisps!


       Again, I will wait till I get this switched over to the new site, so please continue to follow me when I make the big move!!!! I will have a re-direct link. 🙂

     Today was family fun day, which consisted of hitting the grocery store for some Quinoa, touring Costco, hitting the largest local liquor store for Josh’s special Autumn craft beers, a lovely Mediterranean lunch, and a trip to the mall for some nice window shopping.

      We having been looking for new places to eat lunch on family fun days. We try to find low cost places with semi healthy choices. Typically I make Josh’s days off my cheat days. Today we found a place called Mario’s Donuts & Cafe. I know it has “Healthy” written all over it lol. 😉 We went in and they have a good size Mediterranean menu! Josh was super excited to get a Gyro lol. That was his cheat meal, a Gyro and beer battered onion rings. Zoe chose a donut :-/ Lol not a huge surprise that a 2yr old chose that for her cheat meal. I chose a Gyro salad. It was HUGE and Oh my goodness, tasty!!! I only got a picture of my meal, because the elderly man sitting by us looked a little weirded out since I had my camera out lol.


       So we give Mario’s 2 thumbs up and we will definitely be back there next week!!!! Overall, a fabulous family fun day!

     We have been trying to teach Zoe how to use the camera. She keeps taking self portraits. I am fine with that, because I can never have enough pics of my babygirl 😉 I thought I would end with those today, so enjoy!




    What fun things do you do with your family? What is your go to cheat meal? Do you have a vice that you just can’t quit? Do all natural protein bars interest you? I love hearing back from you all so please comment away!!!

                                                Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!!!!! 🙂

Finally got to treat ourselves to some UNREAL candy!

We had a wonderful family fun day at home just relaxing! I am a BzzAgent and received a BzzKit today for UNREAL candy, so obviously, we had to make a quick trip to Walgreens to check these out. You can click on the link below to read more!

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this kit!!! We love to treat ourselves and like I stated in my previous blog, “Food or poison? What are you feeding your family?”, we are striving to keep our diet, as well as Zoe’s, as clean of artificial colors and preservatives as possible!!! We got to try what is called Unreal 54, which is like peanut M&M’s. Zoe just loved them!!! The colors were a little different, but she loved them just the same. I thought they were pretty. I didn’t get a good picture of the actual candy, because Zoe gobbled them all down so quick lol.


        Josh had the Unreal 77, which is like Reese’s peanut butter cups. He thought it was awesome they didn’t have all the junk in them! I tried Unreal 8, which is comparable to a Snickers bar. I was in heaven!!!!


      The price was comparable to the junked up versions too! We will definitely be purchasing them again! They are a perfect sometimes treat for my family! 🙂

    Has anyone else tried these? What are your thoughts on candy that has no artificial flavors or colors?

Would you like to be Unjunked? If you would like to try some, I have a few coupons for buy one get one free that I would be happy to send you! If you are interested, comment here and follow me on Twitter and I will get your info from there! Remember, I only have a few more coupons, so first come first serve!

Have a happy day!!!!

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