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Adding Gymnastic rings to your workout & Enter to win your own set of FringeSport Gymnastic Rings!!!

I am super excited today! At the end of last month I was talking about this month’s challenge being the Renegade Push-ups. One of my readers ūüėČ Had commented on that specific post. they had said they just did Ring push-ups at CrossFit. ¬†I actually had to Google them, because I wasn’t sure what they were lol. ¬†My fitness experience is in weight training. I have looked up some CrossFit videos on Youtube and done those, but had never used gymnastic rings before, or gone to a Crossfit gym.

This picture is from showing a woman doing ring push-ups. Trust me they are much harder than they look!!!

Back to why am excited!!!! ūüėČ I came into contact with Peter at

Typically a very CrossFit focused company, but very supportive  in all aspects of the health, wellness, and fitness industry. FringeSport wanted to set me up with my own set of Gymnastic Rings to try out for myself! I thought WOW, what an awesome and fun addition to any gym!!!! I got the rings last week! I was pretty stoked to receive the package!

Set up was a breeze! It seriously took less than 10 minutes.

I set them up on the cross beam in my basement. I figured if it could hold my house up, my weight shouldn’t affect it lol ūüėČ FringeSport¬†even has a YouTube video that explains how to use the Cam buckles on the straps. The FringeSport Channel¬†actually has a ton of cool informative videos to check out!

Back to the rings…. I had NO IDEA how hard using these bad boys was going to be!!! I wanted to incorporate them in all of my daily workouts. For whatever reason I thought I would be limited using Gymnastic Rings in my workout. Boy was I wrong!!! ¬†I Googled gymnastic ring workouts and found several workouts and what muscle groups they worked. I was really surprised at how much you could do with them! Needless to say I tried my hand at several. Like I said before, I¬†primarily just do weight training. I consider myself to be pretty strong. Well, these tested every muscle I knew I had as well as ones I didn’t! My form is horrible in most of the pictures lol, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? ūüôā Here are some of the moves I incorporated into my workouts.

When I thought pull-ups would be the hardest thing for me, they ended up being the easiest lol

Lol the toy you see driving into the picture is Zoe’s most favorite/annoying toy! It is her “Wiggle’s Big Red Car” It sings and drives by itself.

Incidentally, Anthony from the Wiggle’s had a little contribution to this workout. I found a Youtube video that he hosted about a tricep workout on Gymnastic rings. I was doing Tricep jumps here lol

My first attempt at an L-Sit lol It isn’t the greatest, but I did it!

I found a ton of abdominal workouts! I stuck with the beginners, since i realize now how hard these bad boys really are lol

I realize now, I should have adjusted the rings lower for ring push-ups. These still worked me out though!

My attempt at The Iron Cross lol

My ring dips. I could only do 2 at a time. They were REALLY hard!!!

I decided on taking an easier approach to them, till I am ready for the real deal ūüėČ

Simple things like adjusting your hand position or width of your arms changed the whole demographic of the workout and made you work different muscles!

Zoe also got in on the action!

Zoe actually was much stronger than I realized!!!

I must¬†reiterate, these rings are an AWESOME addition to anyone’s gym!!! They not only are a hardcore full body workout, but they are portable and can be set up anywhere!!! That is a big deal if you travel. I am going to start taking them to the park with us, so I can workout while Zoe plays!!!

Peter at FRINGESPORT wasn’t just gracious enough to give me a set, but he is sharing the love with one of my lucky readers!!!! Be sure to get over to my GIVEAWAYS page to enter to win your own set of Gymnastic Rings!!!!

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3 Mile run, Arts & Crafts, and Motivational Monday!!! Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome!!!!

Pretty proud this morning! I ran 3.26 miles, which is the furthest I have ever run! I seriously thought I was going to do worse lol I ran it in 39:15 Not the greatest, but not bad for a first time running that far! I was a little worried how Zoe would do. She started to get a little restless, so I gave her some strawberries and that seemed to tide her over! It also helped that people have some Halloween decorations up too! I was wiped when we got home lol, but I also felt accomplished!

Post run ūüôā

From there it was time to straighten the house and start Zoe’s lesson plan. She was pretty stoked today! Her Grandma’s birthday is tomorrow, so we made a birthday picture for her and made a witch for Halloween. She saw so many on our run and was curious about them, so I figured we would make one today!

So as you can see, fun morning. While she was doing crafts, I have been on the phone and email trying to get more reviews/giveaways set up for you guys! Looks like November might be as exciting of a month as October will!!!! I will be spending the next few days researching some stuff!

I have recently come¬†across¬†Kombucha. It is also known in Ancient China as the “Immortal Health¬†Elixir” I am going to do more research on it to find out it’s health benefits and how to use it! I smell another giveaway in October for it! ūüėČ

Can I be any more excited for October!!! LOL ūüôā

Hopefully you have all been gearing up for the Renegade Challenge and the Vitacost giveaway! It is gonna be HUGE month!!!! Time for me to hit the gym! It is Motivational Monday, so here is some motivation for you!

Awesome is contagious! We are all awesome and need to get out there, do work, and spread that awesome among everyone we see today!!!! ¬†Don’t forget to check out the Affiliate of the month Quest Nutrition! They seriously have the greatest “Clean” Protein bars out there! No guilt with these and toddlers love them too lol! Have a great day!!!
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Get Fit Tips that have helped me so far!


If you are like me, you started your fitness adventure hopeful and determined of getting the body you always dreamed of! I jumped right in to fitness and started to see small changes in my body. That got me excited, so I continued to work hard and eat what I thought was healthy.

Although I did see some results, a lot of my views on fitness and eating healthy were incorrect and my results were thwarted. I hit a plateau and got frustrated. I thought I was doing everything right! How could I be working so hard, but nothing happening?

There were several things that were slowing my progress down. There is a learning curve to everything you do and I was right at the beginning of it! After many trials and errors as well as a ton of research, I am finally getting the results I have been wanting! Although I am no where near my goal, I am getting closer everyday!

Here are some tips that I have learned so far:

  • The scale does not determine health! I weigh more now, but look slimmer ¬†than I did when I was 10lbs lighter. The media has led us to believe that all women should be 110lbs of perfectness. Fact of the matter is, we all come in different shapes and sizes. I weigh more than most would believe, but that does not make me fat, nor does it dictate my health or worth!


  • Just because it says it is healthy, doesn’t mean it is! By this, I mean food and drink items. Diet drinks do not help you lose weight. Chances are they will help you get bloated and look more overweight. Not to mention the adverse effects of all the chemicals. Food items like Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, Etc, um yeah just throw those away! They are so far from healthy is is sick! My key to grocery shopping is stay to the outside and only buy fresh. The only time I enter the red zone or inner¬†aisles is when I need to get my dried bean, brown rice, quinoa, etc. I always have a list for the red zone and I NEVER go off of it!


  • Food is NOT the enemy! I use to eat very little. Like many, I believed that if I cut back on my food, my body would cut back on fat. SO NOT TRUE! Your body goes into starvation mode, in turn it starts storing fat. So eat up. I eat 6 small meals a day. Yes, I said meals and I enjoy every one of them!

  • Do NOT skip rest days and make sure you are scheduling yourself plenty of sleep. My post yesterday is all about skipping rest days. It has been a problem for me in the past, but now I get it! As far as sleep goes, I was¬†diagnosed¬†with insomnia at a young age. I have tried several medications and what works best for me is having a routine. I go to bed at the same time every night, sleep on a good mattress and pillow, make sure I am dressed comfy, no lights, no tv, I do my Bible study, Reflect on what I am thankful for then close my eyes. ¬†Rest is very important!

  • Cut back on alcohol. I enjoy a great beer like anyone else, but if it means losing the body I am working towards, then I can put the bottle down! Alcohol¬†increases your blood sugar, which makes your body store more fat in your stomach. This is where the term beer belly came from lol. ¬†If you really want to lose fat, you‚Äôve got to limit your alcohol intake to one to two drinks once or twice a week. Period.

  • Start Weight Training and actually lift enough weight to build muscle. Ladies, you will NOT bulk up by lifting heavy. It is a fact that the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn.¬†If you can get afterburn, which is really another way of saying your metabolism¬†increases for several hours or longer after a particular exercise, then that is a bonus because you burn fat during the exercise and after you stop. Will the fun ever end! ūüėČ

  • Don’t make exercise your excuse. Meaning, don’t eat horrible for a whole day then say “I will do extra workouts tomorrow to burn those calories off” It doesn’t work that way. It is fine to indulge once in a while, I actually¬†encourage¬†it, but do not expect to eat like that all the time and be able to just work it off in the gym.


  • Cut sugar from your diet and add more fiber. Sugar has been proven to be the leading cause of¬†obesity. They were actually just talking about it on the news this morning! I have been known to have a horrible sweet tooth. Quitting sugar for me was as hard as quitting smoking, but I did it! Yes I still have the¬†occasional¬†piece¬†of candy or cake, but they are far, few, and¬†in-between!¬†¬†I fill up on slow cooked oats, fruits, and veggies! To be honest when I get a sweet craving now, I grab some fruit and it is so much more¬†satisfying! Zoe calls it sports candy lol.

  • Slow down and eat with your family at the table. You know the thing in the kitchen everyone uses to throw their stuff on. ūüėČ When you sit in front of the television, you tend to lose track of how much you ate. Some people will continue to over stuff themselves, because they are captivated by what is on t.v. Make it a habit at every meal to turn off the t.v. and sit together as a family and eat your meal. You will find that you will eat slower, eat less, and actually have some family bonding time!

  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. As sad as it is, sometimes you just have to let go of people who try to drag you down and belittle your goals and dreams. If someone truly cares about you, they will care about what makes you happy. Find a support group. I have several groups of online friends who have been there for me since day one! They answer questions, give me advice, they always lift my spirits and I always try to do the same for them! Sometimes life changes let you see who your true friends are. It can be pretty bittersweet experience.

  • Love yourself! This is something I still have trouble with sometimes, but I have come a long way! I now look at myself in the mirror and find 3 things I love about myself. It is easier now than it use to be lol. I have been making Zoe do the same everyday. She has gotten to the point where she tells me what she loves about me too and I do the same for her. I think it is important to love yourself, because not only does it make you a happier person, but it makes it easier to work towards your goals!

  • Last but not least, set realistic goals! I set long and short term goals. If you write them down, or in this day in age lol, post them. ūüėČ You feel more accountable for what needs to be done. You are constantly reminded of the work you need to put in. ¬†Let me tell you, nothing is more¬†satisfying¬†than reaching a goal and making a new one!

It is never too late to start making a healthier and happier life for not just yourself, but your family! I started this journey, because I hated myself and when I looked into my daughter’s eyes, I knew that was not the mother I wanted to be! I want more for my daughter than a life of self pity and self hate. I want her to embrace who she is and be proud of herself. To set goals for herself and work hard to achieve them! In order to set that example, I have to live it! Children learn what they live!

Get out there and start achieving your goals and loving yourself today!

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To achieve greatness, you must set GOALS!!!

So last night I did a Twitter chat with many great people associated with FitFluential and ViewSport. It was fun and I really enjoyed it! The topic was Goals and Goal setting. I did miss some of the conversation, due to trying to cook a late dinner and control an unruly toddler lol. What I did catch was awesome!


¬† ¬† I have my ultimate goal, which is to be able to compete in Women’s Physique competitions.


¬† ¬†I have smaller goals to help me get there! One of my smaller goals is to run (with Zoe in a stroller) in a 5k. I think they look fun and would be a great accomplishment for both of us! I know she would love it!!! We started running yesterday ūüôā I had planned what I thought was the perfect route around our subdivision. It was 1.2 miles. I did not take into consideration that I would be pushing a 30lb two year old in a large clunky stroller, or that I routed us to go up 2 large hills lol. To boot, it was super humid out!!! Our time was 17:18. I was proud that we got out there and did it, but I was disappointed with my time. ¬†I do know that I will continue to run 2 or 3 times a week and that my time will improve!


¬† ¬†I didn’t think that there would be much quality time for us while running. Surprisingly enough, there really was! We were always talking about pretty flowers, trees, dogs, and anything else we saw on our short running journey. I am hoping to get Josh out there with us once a week! I think it would be another great way to have family fun time! we shall see if he agrees lol ūüėČ

 I believe setting goals is a great example for Zoe! I want her to learn that in order to get what she wants, she need to make a plan, set goals, then work hard to accomplish them!


    We have accomplished several small goals to get us where we are now. Things like: Drinking more water, keeping our sugar intake less than 35 grams a day, cutting out artificial sugars, throwing out anything that has artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, learning to cook healthier meals, and consistently weight training!

We have both (Josh and I) had slip ups and times where we have gotten lazy or off track. The great thing about sharing our goals with each other, is we do keep each other accountable! I believe in marriage you have to work as a team. Supporting each other and pushing each other is very important! In this house we are very goal oriented and love helping each other achieve greatness!!!

Do you have a goal? Do you have smaller goals to help you achieve the main goal? Who in your life inspires and pushes you? Do you involve your family in your dreams?

Get out there and accomplish your goals! Do not let any set back hold you down from your greatest achievements!!!

Fitness Myths: True or False?

There are a lot of myths when it comes to exercise, diet, and losing weight. Do this, don’t do that, you have to eat this, steer clear of that, most of the time you are being told the opposite of what someone else has told you or you have read…..It can really make things very confusing for a beginner! I have had many trials and tribulations during my journey. Many had me busting some long time fitness myths that I always believed to be true.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†This is Myth number 1 Crunchers are the best way to burn belly fat…..Something I have always wanted, and am still working towards is the illusive six pack! I always thought I just needed to do crunchers and ab exercises in excess and they would just pop out.


  While working your abs and core is awesome and important! You will never see an actual six pack without leaning out. If you have a higher body fat percentage you need to do cardio and really watch what you eat! There is a saying that Abs are made in the kitchen. I do in fact, believe it!!! Cleaning up your diet is a HUGE step to seeing a more defined body.

    Myth 2 is Cut your Carbs. I have talked about this before. You definitely need your carbs for energy! Without them you will crash before you even start your day.  Complex carbohydrates are a very important part of a well balanced diet.


¬† ¬†Simple Carbohydrates are the ones you want to steer clear of. As far as fruits and the sweeter veggies go, keep those as energy boosters before or after a workout! Instead of storing the sugars as fat, your body will burn them as fuel. ūüėČ The rest of them, you can just throw them in the trash!!! (Well, except milk for the little ones)


¬† ¬† ¬†The 3rd myth is, to tone up, you just need to do a ton of cardio and lift light weights with high repetitions. Yes, cardio will help burn fat. Lifting light weights will not tone you up unless you are absolutely fatiguing the muscles. Meaning you just can’t lift anymore. I see it all the time. Women just spinning their wheels curling 2lb dumbbells. Your groceries weigh more than that! Come on now, you know better! In order to see muscle tone, you have to have muscles!


     Cardio is awesome for your cardiovascular health, but like everything, you can do too much!  There are several aspects to consider when planning the perfect workout regimen, Strength (weight training), Speed (High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT), Agility (Team sports or agility drills), Endurance (Marathon training or cycling), and Flexibility (Yoga). All of these are important! If you balance them well, you will have a healthy physique!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Myth number 4 is “NO PAIN NO GAIN” You want to work your muscles to fatigue. Obviously, you will be sore.


    Sure feeling a little sore is normal, but you should never be so sore that you can not function with your normal daily activities. There is a such thing as too much!!!

      The 5th myth is Stretch before your workout. While stretching your muscles is great, you should save the stretching for post workout.


    Stretching while your muscles, tendons,and ligaments are still cold, can lead to injury. It is a great idea to warm your muscles before working them! You can do this by marching in place, a brisk walk, or even half squats with just your body weight. A good stretch after a workout can be a fabulous and relaxing way to end!

     Myth 6 You can lose weight fast swimming. Swimming is a great activity. It will boost your lung capacity, tone muscles, and even help with tension, but unless you are swimming for hours and hours non stop, you are just again, spinning your wheels.


¬† ¬†With the buoyancy of the water supporting most of your body weight, your body is doing less work than if you were to jog or run. Another reason, is they say that swimming in Cold water makes you eat more when you are done. Therefore, you cancel out any calories you may have burned in the pool. This one had me for years! I love swimming! ūüėČ I still think it is great for agility and endurance training, just not for weight loss.

¬† ¬† ¬†Myth number 7, If you aren’t sweating you aren’t working hard enough.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Everyone’s body is different. When Josh and I hit the gym, he can just look at the equipment and sweat rolls off him lol. I typically don’t start sweating till mid to end of the workout. Sweating is just your body’s way of cooling off. You have a great workout and barely break a sweat at all!

  These are all busted myths that I have learned on my journey to becoming fit! Most I wish I had learned the truth about sooner! Do you have any busted myths to add to this list? Do you disagree with any of these and why? Did you find any of these to be true in your case as well?

   Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!!!!

Stop Hating and Start Motivating!

We all have days where we just don’t wanna get up and do anything! Some people have more of those than others. ūüėČ Sometimes, you just need some way to get that motivation and kick your butt in to gear!!!


¬† ¬† ¬† I see many who spend more time sulking about what they are unhappy with than getting up and doing something about it. I get it, I have been there! You don’t have to go through life unhappy, angry, depressed, and all around hateful? You CAN change!


¬† ¬† If you really want to change things and how you feel about yourself, posting your self hate on social media sites probably won’t get you there. ūüėČ Another approach is getting up and getting started! Making small changes in your daily diet and activities is a great start! Maybe cutting soda out or walking in the evenings after dinner. Start with small steps and small goals that will help you get to where you want to be!

¬† ¬†STOP making excuses!!! If you want to be fit and be happy with your body, you have to be willing to make the changes! Making excuses is just saying it is that it isn’t important to you. It took me a long time to get beyond my excusititus (that’s what I call it lol) It is an illness, spread by negative thoughts and in some cases negative people. You have to not only start changing how you think, but you may also need to separate yourself from the negative aspects in your life. You start thinking more positive, you will stop making excuses!


¬† ¬† ¬†I try to surround myself with positive people. In the past I had people in my life who would give me reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do something and others who were so caught up in finding the negative in their own lives and expecting me to help pick them back up. I couldn’t do it for myself, let alone others around me. When there is no positive people in your life, who will pick you up when you really need it? I have seeked out several motivating and positive fitness minded individuals on social media sites. Some are like me, just regular people looking to change their body and life, some are professional¬†athletes, fitness models, body builders, etc. ¬†Most professionals are more than happy to answer questions and help you get where you want to be! Seeking guidance from a personal trainer at your gym can also be a huge help. Most of them have made quite the life transformations themselves!!!!

 Foe example, this is Kelsey Byers. I follow her on Facebook. She is a fitness model and a super friendly lady! She is a great example of a motivating person to follow and is always glad to lend some advice or a friendly word.


¬† ¬† ¬†Sometimes just chatting with other people on the same journey or looking at their before and after pictures motivates me. Other days, putting on my workout gear and shoes will make me hit the gym! You have to change the mentality of I don’t feel it, to let’s do this!



¬† ¬†No one can do anything about your body, but you! No one can make you love yourself, that is something you have to want to change. It took me many years to learn that! It’s funny, 5 years ago the only bar I would hit served liquor. Now my happy hour is lifting the bar in my gym! ūüėČ


¬† ¬† I made changes not only for my well being, but to teach my daughter that she needs to love herself. I can’t set that example for her if I continue to hate myself. Right now, she looks in the mirror and says “Mama I so pretty.” That is something I want to here her say every day of her life!


     Moments like that, also get my butt in gym. I want to show her that I love myself too!

What motivates you? Do have negative people in your life? Are you willing to let go of your negative lifestyle to get the things you want? Making the decision to change my life, made me happy! What is gonna make you find your happy?

           Happy Sunday to all of you and much love and blessing to you and your families!

Plan to avoid the plateaus…

So this week was chaotic for me and I only hit the gym 3 times vs my normal 5-6 times. I tend to beat myself up about it, when in all¬†actuality¬†sometimes a break isn’t a horrible thing.


        This week I am changing my routine up a little, mainly because I think my body has hit the dreaded plateau again. I actually love change, because it makes everything new and exciting again! I am adding some cardio drills to my routine and changing my lifts around.


     I workout at home and typically, I research online to figure out a new plan of attack. Josh is a huge help too! He knows a ton about lifting and has taught me a lot about how to work muscle groups properly. When lifting, I do one muscle group a day. For example today is shoulders, so I will do 4 lifts. I only do one muscle group, so I can concentrate on every aspect of the muscle rather than rushing through a full body workout. I have experienced in the past, that less is more. With the shoulders there are 3 main areas you want to hit, the Anterior head (Front portion of the shoulder muscle), Middle head (Middle side of your shoulder), Posterior head (or your rear delt, back of shoulders)


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†That being said, each muscle group has certain areas that get worked with certain exercises. I research each muscle group like this and find different lifts to change up my routine. With having the internet, it is quite easy to come up with a different routine every month or so. I typically use, because they are easy to navigate. Plus, they have a ton of info not to mention a bunch of ¬†free 12 week programs already written up. However, now I just like to write my own. ūüôā


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I started to add a bit of cardio this past week, but like I said I slacked, so didn’t see a change. I am writing up some cardio drills to start doing. I am not a fan of cardio, but I know in order to burn off a little extra body fat I need buck up and do some lol. I have built a ton of muscle over the past few months, but it is somewhat hidden under a layer of body fat. In a perfect world, I would own a treadmill and or swimming pool lol, but alas I do not. It is hard for me to go run, because I have an overzealous toddler who doesn’t like to cooperate and a hubby who works long hours, so my other option is to come up with cardio drills that I can do here at home. It actually works out great, because Zoe does them too and enjoys them very much! Kids and cardio mix quite well!!!



¬† ¬†As much as I hate cardio, it will mean the difference between me looking like this…..


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† To something more like this……


      I have small goals I need to accomplish before I can get to my ultimate goal. I know every week when I look at my pictures, I am getting closer and closer!!!


     Do you have a plan of attack to accomplish your goals? How often do you change your routine? Do you involve your kiddos or family in your workouts?

Setting goals and examples!

Typically, everyone who decides to get up and start a fitness regimen has an ultimate goal. Be it losing weight, gaining muscle, health reasons, sports conditioning, etc Setting realistic goals is a huge step to accomplishing them!


   The only way to accomplishing your goals is with dedication and hard work. There are no magic potions, pills, or gadgets that are gonna do the work for you! I have had SO many conversations with people over HCG diets, magic pills that promise you the perfect body, and useless gadgets that do nothing for you, but waste your hard earned money! If any of those things worked, everyone would be healthy and gorgeous! The reality is 500 calorie diets and pills and gadgets that promise to reduce your weight and help sculpt a healthy physique are anything but healthy and are a sure way to have you rebounding back to your current weight or worse, gaining more weight and or more health problems, not to mention the example you set for your family!


  Typically, women have more body image issues than men, but men and even children have them too! I have several male friends who are more self conscious about what they look like than most women I know! A healthy self image is important. When you think negatively about yourself, it not only affects you, but those around you. Trying to go from thinking negatively about yourself, to positive is a hard thing to do. I know, because I suffer from depression and it has taken me years to think more positive about myself!  It is very easy to look in the mirror and find everything wrong with your body. I now make a choice to stand in front of the mirror at least once a day and try to find 3 things I love about myself. It truly has helped me a lot! With having a more positive outlook on myself, I have an easier time assessing what goals I need to accomplish to improve the other things that I look at negatively. I also encourage Zoe to do the same everyday! I help her look at herself in the mirror and tell herself that she is beautiful. we discuss what features she has that she likes!


  I am not saying loving yourself is easy! I have an easier time ripping my self esteem apart that I do lifting myself up, but I will never get to my goal body by hating myself and neither will you! I make small strides every week. I take weekly pictures to help encourage myself. I post them online to keep me accountable! Scales have never done anything for me, but keep my mind negative. I try hard to ignore the scale at all cost. (Super hard thing to do!) I strictly go by what my pictures look like. Some weeks I think I have not accomplished anything, then I look at my pictures and realize I really have!


   Diet is probably the variable that holds me back the most. I do tend to have too many junk days, but I do not let one or two set backs keep me from forging ahead to my goal! Even with a few set backs I have made HUGE strides!!!



  Josh and I strive to not only build the bodies we have always wanted, but to set healthy examples for Zoe. We both have grown up with self image issues. We want her to have a healthy and happy childhood and be proud of the body she is in! I feel bad some days, because we see so many children who are starting their life with poor food choices and no one to set an example for their diet and activities. They too, will struggle with their body image and health problems at a young age! You hear more and more everyday about children with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, bone/joint problems, even liver disease, and the list goes on and on. They all stem from poor diets and no exercise. these issues can be prevented!!!!


¬† Unfortunately, obese children are becoming a normal sight when out and about. I take Zoe on play dates where it is normal for the other children’s snack time to consist of soda, cookies, and chips. I am not saying my child has never had junk food, because she has. However, we do not keep items like this in the house and it is on rare¬†occasion that she has had them! She loves having veggies, fruit, milk, and water. Those are her normal snack time food and drink choices. When she doesn’t have other options, then they do not become choices! Kids will enjoy healthy snacks as much as the junk food ones! With a healthier diet they will be more inclined to lead more active lifestyles, versus sitting in front of the television. I think I almost find it more disturbing when parents tell me their kids aren’t over weight, because that justifies them having a poor diet. News flash, your child doesn’t have to be overweight to develop health issues from a poor diet!




¬† As adults and parents, I believe it is not only our¬†responsibly, but our obligation to our families, to make sure they are making the healthiest choices they can! In our house,we make our goals as a family, to keep us all accountable and to help each other stay motivated. Obviously with Zoe only being 2, her goals are small. ūüėČ (Her goals are to eat healthy and have an exercise/activity time for 45 mins to 1 hour everyday) As she grows up, she can develop her goals to whatever she desires them to be.¬†I think setting goals for not only yourself, but for your family as well, will not only help make your personal goals more attainable, but also keep your family healthy and happy! It teaches everyone¬†responsibility.

  Do you have goals for yourself? Do you push your family to keep a healthy lifestyle? What healthy foods do your kids love? What is their favorite activity?

I hope you are striving to keep your family happy and healthy!!! If you have any questions or comments. please feel free to contact me! As always I love hearing back from you!!!

Planking Duels and Playdates

So like I said yesterday, I was challenged to friendly planking duel with Chris at Traveling Monster and officiating was Courtney from Journey Of A Dreamer. Of course, I accepted!


¬†After a couple of friendly taunts, he was starting to¬†psyche me out lol. I know he and Courtney are avid CrossFitters, so I knew I was gonna have my work cut out for me!¬†¬†I started to make myself believe he was gonna be some kind of planking freak and go like 5+ minutes! I though for sure I would lose, but I didn’t want it to be by a landslide!!! I had 3 days to get my plank time up by a lot. So as you saw in my last blog I started plank training ūüėČ I was still planking last night and this morning! My best personal time was 2:48 I am pretty proud of that, but it was SO hard!!!


Last plank before bed lol

We visited for a bit before we got down to the duel. Zoe and Lil Dreamer had never met in person before today! Zoe had only seen pictures of her online. Zoe is in a MINE stage lol everything is hers, that paired with her refusing to take a nap had me a little worried about how she would behave. She was a little¬†possessive¬†of Lil Dreamer’s toys at first, but before we knew it they were screaming, laughing, and jumping on the sofa in the formal sitting room. It was really nice to see her playing with another child she actually likes! We have had several play dates and she always seems to play by herself or seeks an adult or older child to play with instead of the date she was set up on. She had a lot of fun today and was able to squeeze in a 20 min nap on the way home lol. Okay, okay, back to the duel…. after visiting, Chris was ready to throw down. Again, mind you I was a bit nervous of making a fool of myself, but I was ready!!!!

After we assumed our positions, the duel had begun……


The girls played in the background as we planked…..


Little dreamer came to root her daddy on…..


And at 1:34 Chris was out… I was like REALLY?????? Not that 1:34 is anything to shrug off, it is actually an awesome time! I just had it in my head that He was gonna cream me!!!!


¬† Zoe came to check on me. I held out for a bit longer, just because I could lol. I ended at 1:57 ūüôā I am not gonna lie though, I was super sore from planking so much over the past few days I was quite glad we didn’t go for longer! That being said, Chris and Courtney, we need to come up with another challenge that all 4 of us can do soon!!!! I had a great time with this and I love that it was a fitness challenge!!!

   Getting together with friends, not just for a visit, but for a fitness challenge is always a great way to start the weekend! Do you and your friends push each other to excel? Do you stay active on the weekends? What kind of friendly fitness challenges would you like to see us take on next time?

  As always I love to hear back from you, so please leave comments, suggestions, or questions! I hope everyone has a fabulously fit and happy weekend!!!!

It’s a Duel!!!

¬†So I have been challenged by Mrs. Dreamer’s husband from (Journey Of A Dreamer)¬†and (Traveling Monster)¬†to a planking duel!!! We are meeting up tomorrow for the duel as well as letting our little ones have a play date. ūüėȬ†



  I am not gonna lie, I am unsure if I will win this duel. I have no idea how long he can plank for, nor do I know how often he planks. I have eagerly accepted this challenge, because as you may or may not know, I have a bring it on personality! 



¬† ¬†Some of you may not know what exactly a plank is. It is a position that helps build endurance in your core, or your abs, back, shoulders, chest, and the front and back of your thighs. It looks like this………



 It takes quite a bit of core strength as well as endurance to hold this pose. As soon as I had been challenged, I began my training lol. I spend some time in the mornings as well as the evenings in the plank position, trying to get my time up.




¬† ¬† Last night Mrs. Dreamer sent a picture of Mr. Dreamer in training to me on Twitter. This had me thinking….Is he one of those people who can plank for like 5mins??? I immediately hopped up and started planking lol. My husband is amused by all of this to say the least! Again, this morning planking on my mind. I am determined to win this fun and spirited duel!!!!¬†



¬†As you can see my dog was not so much in the planking mood ha ha ha . I have to say my daughter has been helping me with my training by constantly laying on my back. 30lb weighted planks are killer!!!! I believe I am as ready as I can get! ūüôā Tomorrow will be interesting as well as fun to say the least!!!

  Do you do fun fitness challenges? Do you have friends who push you to do better at things? I hope these fun fitness challenges continue between the Dreamers and I!!!! I will have a Planking duel update tomorrow!!!!!  Hope everyone has an awesome day!!!!  

Who said White Potatoes were bad for you???

¬† ¬† I keep seeing people say they have to figure out how to replace potatoes in their diet, since “they are bad for you”. Wait, WHAT??? Potatoes are complex carbs! They are good for you!!!! They are great for energy!!! All complex Carbohydrates form what is called muscle glycogen. Yeah I know, what the heck is that??? Okay let me break it down for you, Complex carbs are slow burning fuel for your body, so you will train harder and longer! They are a vital part of keeping your metabolism up, as well an aid in digestion, and oxidation of protein and fat. Obviously, like anything, you eat your carbs in moderation, because whatever you do not burn, will turn into fat. I eat them in small bursts throughout the day and always with some protein.

   If I plan on eating a large portion of carbs, I do it right after a workout! This is the time I typically like to eat my sweeter complex carbohydrates, ie; apples, lemons, strawberries, bananas. I love to have banana ice cream! Frozen bananas with some coconut milk and some protein powder blended, oh my, it is heaven especially after a hard workout.



   The most awesome thing is the carbs spike you insulin after a workout, which puts your body into an anabolic state. What does that mean for you??? That means your body is in mega muscle building mode and with muscle you burn fat!!! 

¬† ¬† Okay, I totally got off track with the white potatoes lol What I was getting to, is that they don’t have to be bad for you! Baked potatoes, baked fries, potato salad, and hash browns are all things my family LOVES and still eat. We make them healthier by tweaking the recipes. YES, it can be done!!!!¬†

¬† ¬†Who doesn’t love some potato salad??? Josh’s favorite type is loaded baked potato salad. I am not gonna lie Zoe and I love the stuff too! ūüėȬ†



¬†This is a healthier way of making it, without sacrificing the taste! First I wash and cut up 5 small to med potatoes, then into the pot they go. I boil them till they are done but still slightly firm. Some people like their potato salad a little mushy, so by all means cook them longer. ūüėČ


 While those are cooking I preheat the oven for 400 degrees. You may be wondering why lol this is to cook the bacon, or in this case I used Hog Jowls. Yes, they are not that healthy. However, neither is bacon. Hog jowls cook the same and have the same flavor, but it is stronger and more pronounced in Jowls than bacon, so I can use less with and get the same end result. Therefore, it is in my mind healthier to use the jowls over the bacon lol. Plus, they are cheaper than bacon! 



¬† You can usually get them fresh at a farmer’s market or your local butcher, but in a pinch we grabbed the at the grocery store. They are half the size of bacon, but again twice the flavor! ¬†I put ¬†6 of them on a baking sheet and check/flip them every 3-5 mins or until they are cooked to desired crispiness.

¬† ¬†Once the potatoes are done I strain them and pop them in the fridge to cool. While they are cooling I start chopping up the other ingredients. I mince one large garlic clove, 1/2 cup red onion (you can use yellow,white or whatever your choice may be. I like the red because the color pops!), then I chop up the cooled hog jowls. All of these ingredients are added to the potatoes with 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese, 1/4 tsp black pepper, and 1/4-1/2 tsp of kosher salt. Josh likes a lot of salt, I personally like it with less, but to each their own. ūüėČ ¬†Then add 1 cup of Plain Greek yogurt. I prefer Fage brand. I think it taste the most like sour cream, so is awesome for recipes like this. We have bought other brands, but didn’t like them at all! You can use more if you want a creamier salad.¬†



  From there you just mix, I typically will garnish with a Tablespoon of chopped chives, Then enjoy! 



¬†Do have recipes you wish you could convert to healthy ones? Maybe we could work together to try to find some! Contact me and let me know! Hope you all enjoy the beautiful day!!! God bless and eat your complex carbohydrates! ūüėȬ†

Honored to be nominated!!!!

Courtney, (Mrs. Dreamer) Over at¬†Journey of a Dreamer, nominated me for a Liebster Award! I had no idea what it was lol, but was honored and flattered nonetheless! ūüėČ Luckily for me, Courtney posted what it was on her blog.

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

Rules for receiving this award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Then answer the questions the tagger sent for them, plus create 11 questions for the people they’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Notify the people you have tagged.
5. No tag backs.
¬† So, here are 11 things about me…..
1. I grew up in a deaf household in the suburbs of O’Fallon, MO, Just outside of St. Louis. I also stayed with my God mother a lot in St. Louis City.
2. I have one brother, but we do not speak to each other.
My parents and my brother.
My God mother meeting my daughter for the first time!
3. I was very active in sports and school activities up until I started high school.
I am second row from the bottom, third from the left. Whoa!! Look at that hair!!! What was I thinking LOL
4. I LOVE to bake and decorate Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cheesecakes.
Image    ImageImage
5. At the age of 30, I met my soul mate and best friend.
6. One year later we brought a beautiful angel into this world.
We named her Zoe and this little blessing Changed my whole world!!!
7. I have moved 8 times since Easter weekend 2009 From Missouri to Texas and back.
8. I married my best friend May 20, 2012
9. I have suffered from depression most of my life. I now have learned that I can control it very well on my own!!!
10. I have a St Bernard named Beardog that weighs as much as I do!
11. My fitness goal is to compete someday in the body building circuit or look like I could ūüėČ
Okay, now for the questions from Courtney…..
1. Favorite Childhood Memory? My favorite childhood memory was sitting in church watching my Daddy sing in sign as everyone watched in awe.
2. What is an item from your ‚Äúbucket list‚ÄĚ? Having my daughter is one ūüėČ
3. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging, because I had a few friends who have been following my journey in life. They know of my struggles as well as my triumphs and thought I should share.
4. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? When I was younger I loved hot weather, but now I LOVE colder weather! Snow is so fun and beautiful!!!
5. Who is your role model? I have a few, but my Daddy is my biggest role model. He has taught me how to live by my faith, which has changed my life!
6. Do you have a ‚Äúguilty pleasure‚ÄĚ? TV show, snack, anything? My guilty pleasure is Jelly Belly’s candy. I rarely have them, but when I do I always overindulge. Most sweets I can do without, but you slide a bag of those my way and it is all over lol
7. Facebook or Twitter? I love them both, but I am on Facebook more.
8. Coffee or Tea? Coffee all the way!!!
9. What is your dream job? I would love to own a bakery/restaurant someday, but I also want to be a personal trainer.
10. Flip Flops or Sneakers? Sneakers!!!
11. What is your favorite color? Black, gray, and Pink I can’t live without any of them lol
And now for the questions to the Bloggers I tagged….
1. What led you to Blogging?
2.What is your favorite Fitness/Activity/Sport?
3.What is snack/food is your guilty pleasure?
4.What is your favorite healthy snack/meal?
5. What are your health/fitness goals?
6. What motivates you?
7. Have you had any friends and or family treat you differently when you changed your lifestyle?
8. What is your favorite part of your physique?
9. What type of music is on your workout playlist?
10. Where is your dream vacation?
11. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Bloggers I nominate are……
3. Tanya from
5. Martha from
6. Crystal from
8. Ruth from
11. Suzanne from
 I hope you all have just as much fun with this as I did!
Again, Courtney it was an honor to be nominated! Thank you so much!!!!!

Digging deeper and pushing through, not just your workout, but your life!

It is Fit Friday! Today is shoulder day in the gym. However, I neglected to do my leg workout last night. I watched the Olymipics instead. Not a good excuse lol, but that is the reason why. So I decided to get my leg workout in during the day and tonight when Josh gets home we can do Shoulders together. I like to have a spotter on some workouts, plus it is great to have your hubby pushing you to go harder!!! Josh is great for that! He is one of my biggest motivators as well as my biggest fan ūüėȬ†

My legs have always been a negative in the personal view of my body. Most people will never see me in shorts. (Until today lol)  A dress? Eh, only in super high heels lol, but that is on rare occasion as well. I am more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal. I use to hate leg days, but they have become one of my favorite workout days. I have grown to love squats as well as calf raises. I never had much of a booty when I was younger lol, but it is coming in quite nice!  No matter how much I may like a certain workout day, some days I just feel like BLAH and have to dig deep to finish my workout strong! Sure, any workout is better than no workout, but why not just give it your all while you are there!!! This is when I push myself into what I like to call Beastmode! However sometimes, it is hard to get there!


¬†On the days I am not motivated, I simply look at my before pics and see how far I have already come! I also follow several inspirational people on Facebook, Twitter, as well as several blogs! These wonderful people and pictures help me get my tush off the sofa and in the gym. Simply by just getting into my workout clothes and shoes is a huge step to walking down those stairs. I am blessed to have a home gym in my basement. It may not have everything I want, but for now it does the job! It has helped turned many I can’t moments into I can, I will, and I did moments!


¬† Today was a day that halfway through my workout, my mind said I was done. I wasn’t done!!! I still had work to finish. Learning to change your own mind and push through a workout or any life trial, can sometimes be very difficult! Sometimes that negative person who still lives in that little nook in the back of your brain wakes up and tries to make you believe you just can’t finish the task at hand.


¬†I have goals! In some people’s eyes they are HUGE goals. I have been told by some, they are unrealistic. I beg to differ! ūüėČ Everyday that you push yourself and do what you know needs to be done, is one more day closer to being where you want to be! With that being said, I did push through my workout!




¬† As much as I fought with myself to finish, I beamed with the feeling of accomplishment when I did complete my workout! Most times, we are our own worst enemy in so many aspects of our lives! No one else is going to get you through this life! Everything is up to you! You can either ignore your issues and let that negative little person take over your entire mind, or you can send them an eviction notice and take charge! Life is too short to spend keeping yourself down. This way of thinking has pulled me out of depression. It applies to every aspect of my life, not just my fitness goals! ūüôā No matter what,¬†there is always a way!


¬† ¬† ¬†What motivates you? What helps you push through those negative “I Can’t” moments? What is your favorite workout day? Do you have anything you would like to see on my blog? Do you have any questions for me? Feel free to drop me a line I love to interact with my readers!!!! I hope everyone has a Happy and Fit Friday!!! Thank you for stopping by!!!!

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle….

I saw this posted on Facebook today and of course I thought wow, what a great conversation starter! Well, at least for me lol. This kind of thinking is why I think a lot of people get scared to get healthy……


I find it amusing that some believe that healthy and/or clean eating means not only that someone is on a “Diet”, but that someone either doesn’t eat or they eat bland and boring meals. In reality it is all quite the opposite! Sure you have to actually prepare and cook your meals, but that can be an awesome family fun experience! We try to have our daughter help out as much as possible. I feel it not only teaches responsibility, but it keeps us all close as we work together as a family.


Once she was walking well, we had her start helping out around the house. Especially in the kitchen!


At 13mths old she was taking on chores like helping me rinse dishes to load in the dishwasher.


At 2yrs old she is now a pro at dishes!

She, like any young child really enjoys helping out around the house! We want her to understand that running a household takes the whole family. With that being said, we also make sure she understands that we all eat the same foods and we eat as a family. My husband nor I have any interest in being a short order cook lol. She eats what we eat. Every evening she assists me in prepping and preparing dinner as well as setting the table. She loves eating what she helped cook! ūüėČ




    Does it take a little more time to have her help with dinner? Well, maybe a little. A meal can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to prep and cook. However the end result is always better than some preservative and artificial box meal that you can buy!


Seasoned ground oat crusted baked chicken. Stuffed with garlic, spinach, and cottage cheese. With steamed Cauliflower and cinnamon baked sweet potatoes


Baked whole grain tortilla chips,spicy Quinoa, Black beans, Spicy Broiled chicken, topped with fresh Salsa and guacalmole.

As you can see we by no means are starving nor eating bland foods lol. We do spend one day a week prepping some extra chicken, veggies, brown rice, and snacks for the weeks lunches and other meals. Yes, I said other meals! We make it a point to eat 6-8 times a day! Some may be just small snacks, but they are filling. Healthy snacks don’t always have to be carrot and celery sticks either! Although, we do love those with a Dill Greek yogurt we make.


Apple chips Yum!


What we call Toddler Sushi


Protein Chocolate peanut butter cups

They are all tasty treats, so snack time is never dull either! We love food just as much as anyone else, but we also love our health! I don’t want to be the parent who can not keep up with my child, or have a child who can’t participate in activities because of their health! A healthy family is a happy family!

I love hearing back from you about your family as well as your opinions! ¬†Do your children help out around the house? Do you sit down together as a family to eat in your home? What types of foods does your family enjoy? Do you make separate meals for the kids if they don’t like something that you made?

Never turning back

Someone asked me what my health/fitness goals actually were and why I am doing this? Well it is a very long story, but here we go…..When I was younger, I was skinny. Not healthy skinny, I would say it was what they now call skinny fat. I ate maybe twice a day, mostly junk. I drank WAY too much alcohol and soda. I smoked cigarettes and marijuana. I was what most called a party girl. I slept very little and spent a lot of time in bars are at parties.



¬†I was in no way happy with life! I spent a lot of time depressed with a fake smile. I thought the life I was leading was how things just were. I was with my then husband since the age of 14. We married when I was 21. We spent most of the time drunk to be honest. We had a friend move in and the drinking became a big problem, then I had found out out my dad’s leukemia was getting worse, that is when everything spun out of control. The alcohol and partying became so bad, my health started declining. I had debilitating migraines. They were so bad that I had to seek the help of a neurologist. So many tests were ran and I was pumped full of so many drugs. It seriously scared me. I went through a period of time where one of the drugs I was on started affecting my speech and motor skills. I had a stutter, lost hearing in one ear, lost over 30lbs in weight that I really didn’t have to lose, and my hands locked up. It took months to recover after I stopped taking the prescriptions they gave me. I decided to quit taking the meds¬†altogether and that I would just deal with the headaches.To this day, the hearing in my left ear is still gone and I still have the occasional stutter.

I didn’t drink at all when I was sick. I was lonely and depressed. It seemed like none of my friends ever called or even asked how I was. I later found out that most of them were never told I was in the hospital or sick. My family didn’t know! When I finally was back home, everyone I knew was out partying. I had a few friends at work who took the time to care for me emotionally, others just wanted to know when I would be bar ready again. Needless to say, I had barely sobered up before I started drinking again. I remember a discussion being held in my kitchen with some friends and my then husband. I to be honest, don’t remember what the conversation was about exactly, I just remembered him saying I will never change. This is my lifestyle I like to drink, smoke, and party. I will do this to the day I die. I asked him if he was serious. In his own choice words, he said yes. That hit me like a brick wall. Even though I did drink and party, I still did want more from life! This certainly wasn’t it!!!!


¬†The following weeks were spent a lot with my father. He had been really sick at that time. He decided to tell me he knew I wasn’t happy and asked why I stayed there in my dark place. I didn’t have an answer, but the conversation had me pondering that question every moment of every day! ¬†One day My husband and I got into an argument, it wasn’t a bad one, but it was enough. I simply walked upstairs packed my bags and left. I filed for divorce and I never turned back.

I continued to drink and smoke and live recklessly. I had befriended a gentleman at work and he not only became a shoulder for me to cry on, but a friend to be real with. He started to show me a world I had only been curious about. The drinking slowed down a lot and I was eating better. We joined a gym and started working out. I was in awe of this new lifestyle! I had no idea how fun lifting could be! I had no idea how fun being sober could be lol. This new lifestyle and new friend had me smitten. My friend (Josh) became more than just a friend. We moved in together ūüôā

One evening we were casually talking about our past lives, where we were from, how we grew up, etc. We decided on a whim to just pick up and move to Texas. He had looked into several job opportunities there, so we sold most of what we owned. I finished up the divorce proceedings and we left. Shortly after moving there we found out we were going to be parents! My reaction was just WOW! His was happiness. I have never in my life seen a man so happy and proud to find out he was going to be a daddy! I was seriously scared! Things were moving so very fast!!!! I even grew fast!


¬†I grew so fast the first doctor we saw thought I was having twins lol. As my belly grew so did our relationship. The drinking and smoking had obviously stopped. I also dusted my Bible off and started reading again. Heathy eating was a concern to an extent. I was a stickler about no artificial colors or preservatives. My biggest vice unfortunately was cheeseburgers and Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. Neither clean or healthy in any way!!!! Needless to say I continued to grow HUGE!!!!


¬† Once our beautiful girl came into the world our health focuses changed! We had to set an example for this child!!! I want to keep up with her and be here for her!!! You think you understand the meaning behind the saying “things change when you have your own children”. You don’t really grasp what it truly feels like till it actually happens.


  We brought her home and life was blessed <3 Then I looked in the mirror naked and reality set in. Oh did the depression set in!!! I am a champ about smiling through pain and hiding my feelings, however late at night when everyone is sleeping, if I am having a depressed moment, I cry. Not just a few weeps here or there, I ugly cry, hard and long. I had a lot of those moments. I have always been my worst critic when it came to my body, but I had never weighed this much before. I was 125 when I got pregnant. I was 185 after Zoe was born.


 185 did not sit well with me at all! I started working out I did aerobics, Tae Bo, belly dancing, I tried a lot of things. We moved back to Missouri. Josh bought a weight set and we started lifting again. I got down to 147 and plateaued. I  was frustrated. I came across the LiveFit  program on I started it and the diet. That is where I began learning a lot more about eating clean. Once we started I was hooked.


¬†I was seeing changes and seeing them fast. Then I made the mistake of stepping on the scale. Ugh I gained weight!!! What???? Josh has been a God send! He made me realize I had gained muscle, more muscle than I had fat, so I weighed more. he just kept drilling that into my head. We moved again and were staying with his parents. Between that and the holidays, I fell off the healthy bandwagon. My weight had stayed the same, but my muscle turned pudgy. Depression was rearing it’s ugly head again. One good cry and i knew what had to be done!

   I am happy to say, I am back in the gym and working hard as ever. I LOVE lifting and I am finally loving my body!!!  My depression has lessened greatly and I am eating right, feeding my family right, and setting a great example for our daughter! Josh and I got married May 20,2012 My dad miraculously started doing better when Zoe was born! He is still currently getting chemo treatments weekly, but is a very proud grandfather and fighting to stay in her life as long as possible!!!!


This trip on the health/fitness train is far from being done, in fact it will never be done! I am proud to say this IS my lifestyle now! My goal now is to not only build substantial muscle, but to have less than 12% body fat. That is a huge feat, but I am well on my way!!!! Just FYI The picture below was taken July 28, 2012 My weight in the picture is 157.8 I am 5’4 and I am ok with this ūüôā


  I have no regrets in my life. Everything has taught me a lesson and molded me to be the person I am now! What are your goals and dreams? Does your lifestyle keep you from them? Would you change everything in your life just to be happy?

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