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Who’s starving? I eat all day! A Simply review & of course the 3 giveaways. Don’t miss out!

So yesterday I posted one of my cheats. I received an email from a friend who stated although they thought my journey has been inspiring, they just couldn’t imagine starving everyday to maintain a physical appearance. I was a little taken back by that. I certainly do NOT starve lol.

I explained that actually the opposite was true. I use to eat one or two meals a day mixed in with a bunch of junk food. I now eat 5-6 small meals a day. All of which are quite filling! This is an example of one of my daily meals.

Steamed broccoli, sliced pears, pan seared salmon on a bed of spinach.

I definitely wasn’t starving, nor was I craving more flavor. I do not look at healthy eating as a diet, it is my lifestyle. Cheats are not exactly necessary for me, but there are things that I don’t normally eat, that I do like to indulge in. I just don’t eat them all the time. When I say I am picky about my indulgences, it isn’t because I feel I don’t get enough of them, I am just more picky about what I put into my body!

I never understood fad diets, or people who think they can eat whatever they want as long as they hit the gym. You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Healthy eating does not mean I am missing out on anything! I eat phenomenal tasting meals. The difference between my meals and the ones this particular person was describing to me, is I cooked my food. It wasn’t prepackaged crap that you throw in the microwave or the oven to reheat nor a box meal with powdered mixes that you have no clue what they are. I actually prepare my meals.

As a society I think it is sad that people are more concerned with convenience over quality. I am not sure when catching your favorite television shows over took preparing a healthy and tasty meal for your family? Most of the people I know prepare box meals and their family parks in front of the TV while they eat. What happened to family time and setting examples for our children?

Slowly I am seeing more people wanting to get fit. Hopefully they make the change for their health too and not just the aesthetics of it. I believe we need to teach our children healthy habits while they are young. I strive to set an example for my daughter, not just in the gym, but in the kitchen as well.

Yes, my journey is about making my physical appearance better and looking the way I want, but it is also about being healthy and living healthy. I want Zoe to not have the body image issue that I have had. I want her to be proud of herself and to know that she is healthy! I also don’t want to be spinning my wheels in the gym 😉 I have worked hard to get where I am and I am far from done.

Anyway, my point is that I eat well! I am not starving and the food My family and I eat tastes better than the prepackaged crap you can buy in the store. If you are worried about getting started on your fitness journey because you think that you will starve or you won’t like the food options, trust me that is SO far from true. Do some research and find recipes. Clean eating doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor, it simply means cutting out artificial crap that does harm to your body.

With all that being said, I was sent some protein bars from Wellness Foods called Simply Bars. They are all natural “clean”, milk free, gluten free, vegan, non GMO, kosher, and low gycemic.

There are 6 flavors, I was sent a box of 4 . The flavors I received were Lemon Coconut, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cinnamon pecan, and Caramel Peanut. The 2 I have yet to try are Cocoa Coffee and Cocoa Raspberry. The story on the company is that the founder, C. Richards, has Crohn’s disease and had issues find snacks that wouldn’t upset her stomach. She also wanted something more clean, so developed these bars.  It is an all woman company started in Canada in 2002.

Back to the bars. 😉 They are much like rice crispy treats, but less sweet.

Which, if you are like me is a great thing! Each bar only has a mere 3 grams of sugar and 16 grams of protein. The first bar I tried was the Cinnamon Pecan. I really appreciated the natural flavor! It was nice to taste REAL cinnamon in every bite! The cinnamon pecan and the Caramel peanut were by far my favorites!!! The Lemon Coconut I am not a huge fan of. It isn’t bad, it just has a strong lemon flavor that didn’t bide well with me. Josh is always skeptical about anything clean lol he is a junk food junky. At first he told me he didn’t care for them, but by the end of the week, he was stealing them from my stash so he could snack on them at work. Turns out even the hardest critic in this household was sold on them too! 😉 Zoe enjoyed them as well! She loved stealing bits from both of our bars!

I think what got me the most excited about this company is that they have Protein Chips. Yeah I know right!?!? Chips!!! How exciting is that!!! Unfortunately, they are sold out right now, so I wan’t able to sample those. They come in 2 flavors, Herb and Chili. I am more of a savory than sweet kind of gal, so the fact that a company even produces these has me sold!!! LOL

You can check out their whole selection on their website They are well worth the look!!!

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Adding Gymnastic rings to your workout & Enter to win your own set of FringeSport Gymnastic Rings!!!

I am super excited today! At the end of last month I was talking about this month’s challenge being the Renegade Push-ups. One of my readers 😉 Had commented on that specific post. they had said they just did Ring push-ups at CrossFit.  I actually had to Google them, because I wasn’t sure what they were lol.  My fitness experience is in weight training. I have looked up some CrossFit videos on Youtube and done those, but had never used gymnastic rings before, or gone to a Crossfit gym.

This picture is from showing a woman doing ring push-ups. Trust me they are much harder than they look!!!

Back to why am excited!!!! 😉 I came into contact with Peter at

Typically a very CrossFit focused company, but very supportive  in all aspects of the health, wellness, and fitness industry. FringeSport wanted to set me up with my own set of Gymnastic Rings to try out for myself! I thought WOW, what an awesome and fun addition to any gym!!!! I got the rings last week! I was pretty stoked to receive the package!

Set up was a breeze! It seriously took less than 10 minutes.

I set them up on the cross beam in my basement. I figured if it could hold my house up, my weight shouldn’t affect it lol 😉 FringeSport even has a YouTube video that explains how to use the Cam buckles on the straps. The FringeSport Channel actually has a ton of cool informative videos to check out!

Back to the rings…. I had NO IDEA how hard using these bad boys was going to be!!! I wanted to incorporate them in all of my daily workouts. For whatever reason I thought I would be limited using Gymnastic Rings in my workout. Boy was I wrong!!!  I Googled gymnastic ring workouts and found several workouts and what muscle groups they worked. I was really surprised at how much you could do with them! Needless to say I tried my hand at several. Like I said before, I primarily just do weight training. I consider myself to be pretty strong. Well, these tested every muscle I knew I had as well as ones I didn’t! My form is horrible in most of the pictures lol, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? 🙂 Here are some of the moves I incorporated into my workouts.

When I thought pull-ups would be the hardest thing for me, they ended up being the easiest lol

Lol the toy you see driving into the picture is Zoe’s most favorite/annoying toy! It is her “Wiggle’s Big Red Car” It sings and drives by itself.

Incidentally, Anthony from the Wiggle’s had a little contribution to this workout. I found a Youtube video that he hosted about a tricep workout on Gymnastic rings. I was doing Tricep jumps here lol

My first attempt at an L-Sit lol It isn’t the greatest, but I did it!

I found a ton of abdominal workouts! I stuck with the beginners, since i realize now how hard these bad boys really are lol

I realize now, I should have adjusted the rings lower for ring push-ups. These still worked me out though!

My attempt at The Iron Cross lol

My ring dips. I could only do 2 at a time. They were REALLY hard!!!

I decided on taking an easier approach to them, till I am ready for the real deal 😉

Simple things like adjusting your hand position or width of your arms changed the whole demographic of the workout and made you work different muscles!

Zoe also got in on the action!

Zoe actually was much stronger than I realized!!!

I must reiterate, these rings are an AWESOME addition to anyone’s gym!!! They not only are a hardcore full body workout, but they are portable and can be set up anywhere!!! That is a big deal if you travel. I am going to start taking them to the park with us, so I can workout while Zoe plays!!!

Peter at FRINGESPORT wasn’t just gracious enough to give me a set, but he is sharing the love with one of my lucky readers!!!! Be sure to get over to my GIVEAWAYS page to enter to win your own set of Gymnastic Rings!!!!

Don’t forget to checkout the Affiliate of the month for all your vitamin, supplement, and whole food needs!!! We use them, and I am always astonished at how fast our stuff gets here and how much cheaper it is than most stores!!!

Family Fun Days and Giveaways

We had fun Family Fun Days this week!!! 

We cherish these days together! I am blessed to have a husband who loves to spend his days off with just us! 🙂

Yesterday we just ran our needed weekly errands, did a little window shopping, went out for our weekly lunch date, and came home to start smoking some meat. We try to keep a lot of meat pre-cooked so we can have plenty of options of protein for lunches and small meals throughout the week 😉

We had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. I had the Baja chicken tacos and salad bar. I was impressed with the tacos! They were SO tasty and not too bad of a cheat at all! 😉

Josh smoked a HUGE pork shoulder yesterday. That paired with his homemade spicy BBQ sauce and my slaw was true perfection. It was perfect for me anyway lol High protein, low sugar, and super tasty!!!

Today it is cold and rainy, but to us, a perfect fall day! Zoe and I got up early to take our 1.75 mile run. I LOVE running in the cooler weather!!! It is so much easier for me! The rain I could have done without, only because I didn’t want to wear my new running shoes, so I resorted back to my old pair. Kinda regretted that!!!  My shins hurt so bad after my run. Thank goodness for my compression socks!!!!! Shin splints are the worst!!!!


We decided to go to the pumpkin patch today. Wish it had been a more fun trip. We tried to let Zoe ride the ponies and play with all the attractions, but apparently since we were not with the field trip that was visiting at the same time, we were considered not important guests. We weren’t ignored entirely  the woman running the place asked if we were with the field trip. When we said no, she blatantly turned up her nose and walked away. Luckily, there are a TON of pumpkin patches in the area . We will just plan to go elsewhere on another family fun day! We at least got a couple of cute pictures out of the visit! 🙂

How has everyone been doing on the #RenegadeChallenge??? I will honestly admit, the challenge is a lot harder than I had anticipated lol. I have been getting them done though, just not with the 30 second rest between each set. More like 3-5 mins HA HA HA!!!!!  It is certainly taxing on my core!!!

Has everyone been taking advantage of the GIVEAWAYS I have going!!! I am LOVING the Kombucha concentrate! If you are unsure what it is or would like to get a bottle of your own, check out my post all about Kombucha click here 😉 Or better yet talk to Dave over at He is an expert!!!! He even has a course he is offering for FREE,all about Kombucha!  You can get the link for that on my Giveaways page! Definitely get entered to win a bottle too!!!

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The giveaways are going strong and be sure to keep checking the GIVEAWAYS Page, because I have a BIG surprise coming!!! Yes, it’s another giveaway!!! This one is super exciting too!!! I told you October was gonna be a fabulous month and it is looking like November will be just as exciting!!!!

Let’s keep working towards those October goals!!!! Hope everyone is getting fabulously fit!!!


Recap on my September Goals & HUGE Congrats To Quest Nutrition!!!

Time to wrap up September! Where did this month go???? I don’t know about you, but it has been a crazy month for us! I am pretty happy October is here lol. I am hoping this month will be less chaotic!

With it being the last day of the month and having October’s Goals in place, I am ready to evaluate where I stand with my September goals!  The first goal was to get my weight down to 145 lbs. I am happy to say, I got close!

From 152.8 to 148.6, I’ll take that any day!

My next goal was no sugar, outside of natural sugars. I won’t lie, I failed that goal. I had cheesecake as well as energy drinks. :-/ No regrets, I brush it off and move forward.

From there, I had run 1 or more miles 3x a week. I am very happy to say that I not only kept that goal, but I surpassed it! I up’ed my Monday runs to 3.25 miles and my Wednesday and Friday runs to 1.75 miles. BOOM! 🙂

Next is weight training 5-6x a week. I kept that goal as well. However, I realize now that 6x a week is overkill. I am now taking 2 rest days a week!

Now the next goal I am STOKED about!!!

To fit into old jeans……..

Yeah buddy!!! I did it!!!!! I haven’t fit into these jeans since 2009 Booyah!!! 🙂

The next goal was for both Zoe and me! I have been slacking on teaching her ASL signs. I obviously want her to be able to communicate with her grandparents, but I too have deteriorating hearing. (I took some medication in 2009 that was Ototoxic, or damaging to my hearing. I can still hear, just not well. That is a whole other story lol) Anyway, Zoe learned not only 25 signs, but 27! So, we have a little head start for the month of October. This brings her grand total to 177! Go Zoe!!!!!

Great job kiddo!

I regret to say the next goal never happened. Josh and I were suppose to have a date night, which we have yet to have since Zoe’s birth. Between my dad’s hospital visit, broken cell phone, and car problems, we ran short on time and money, We will try again in October! Both of our birthdays are coming up! (Mine the 10th and his the 13th) We decided a birthday date would be even more awesome any way! 😉

And the last two goals I also did not complete. I did them everyday strong for the first 2 weeks, then they dwindled the last two weeks.

Overall, I am happy with what I did accomplish this month! I did slack more than I should have, but I will NOT beat myself up over it! I did great and pictures do not lie!!! Here is my before and after pictures for the month of September. The picture on the left is September 1st The one on the right was taken this morning.

I am even retaining water lol 😉

I am also excited to announce that my Affiliate of the month for September, won “Best New Brand” from at the Mr. Olympia last night!!! How awesome is that!?! Congratulations to Quest Nutrition!!!! Don’t forget to check them out! They seriously have some of the BEST Protein bars on the market! Now they even have peanut butter cups. WOW!!!

Try Quest Protein Bars!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow! It is the start of the Vitacost giveaway!!! Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and God Bless!!!

Setting Goals for October & checking out the prize pack for the 1st October giveaway!

Yikes tomorrow is the last day of September!!!! I am not sure where I stand with all my September goals yet. I will post those tomorrow. If I had to guess, I would say I can check at least half of them off the list. I got a little lazy in the middle of the month and slacked. I am back full force now though! October is going to bring many new challenges and I welcome each and everyone!!!

I have my October Goal list made up and I will share it with you. 🙂

  1. By the end of October I would like to weigh 140 lbs I am not sure my ending weight for September, because I have yet to step on the scale. I am hoping to be close to my goal of 145, but we will see. If I am not, I am certainly not going to beat myself up about it, because I have had so many Non Scale Victories this month that make me happier!
  2. I would like to run at least 25 miles total for the month.
  3. I want to complete my Renegade Challenge. 4 sets of 30 renegade pushups everyday with a 30 sec rest between each set. I truly hope you join me in this! It is gonna make for some very sexy back, shoulders, and arms!!!!
  4. I would like to get a Date night with my beautiful husband!
  5.  I would like to do my #Plank-A-Day without slacking
  6. I need to drink more water! I totally did not drink near enough water this month!
  7. I vow to NOT touch my scale until the last day of the month. I will do a weigh in tomorrow, to see where I stand on my September goal and obviously where I am starting for October. Then, I am tucking the scale away where I won’t see it, so I won’t have the temptation to weigh myself!
  8. I want to start defining my Abs, so this month I am going to work really hard on them in the kitchen and in the gym!
  9. And last but certainly not least, I am adding another 25 signs to Zoe’s sign language list!

My goal list is realistic, but very challenging! As I have stated so many times in the past two weeks, I am SO stoked for October! Starting Monday, October 1st, the FIRST giveaway of the month will begin. You will be able to go to my giveaways page and enter into the drawing. is giving an awesome prize pack!

So you definitely will want to get entered to win! Also, check out! They have a ton of deals on EVERYTHING!!! Tons of supplements, vitamins, skincare, stuff for your babies, and even your Fur babies 😉

So get your goal list made for October and check back daily, because this month is going to be crazy fun!!!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous and fit day!!!!!


Sweating Pink on my Rest/Cheat days, discovering the benefits of CLA, and gearing up for an AMAZING October!!!

Every Thursday and Friday are our Family Fun/Rest/Cheat days. We have had a blast the past couple of days!!! Josh took us out to lunch yesterday at our favorite little hole in the wall cafe. As you can see, he cheated more than me lol. He had a Gyro with a side of onion rings. I opted for the Gyro salad, which is what I always get when we go there. It is SO big  and So tasty!!!  Zoe ALWAYS wants a donut lol. She deserves a little cheat meal once in a while too! She helped me eat my salad, which I can never finish. 😉

My major cheats between yesterday and today were 3 small slices of pizza, 2 energy drinks, 2 beers, a burger, and a few fries. I need to get better about not splurging too much on my cheats!

I do love my IPA’s lol

I am not going to beat myself up over cheat days. Those indulgences help me keep to my clean eating lifestyle. I can really feel a difference when I eat the junk, which in turn makes me want less. I don’t indulge on every meal. I do try to stick to my healthier options. 😉

We grabbed a few of these Raw Revolution bars at the grocery store to snack on and I thought they were awesome! Great little treat for all of us!

I was also SUPER excited to get my Sweat Pink package from the lovely ladies at I opened the mailbox to see the package and said YAY loud enough for my neighbor to hear me lol. She was like do you always get excited when you get the mail? Lol Only when I get packages! 😉

I thought it was pretty cool that they sent more than one set of pink laces! I decided that since I have had SO many people that help and inspire me along my journey, that I wanted to spread that love and help inspire and motivate others. I am sending some laces out to some pretty special ladies to help keep them motivated on their fitness adventure! I hope to get more soon, so I can send more!!!

Even though today is a rest day for the weight room, I still get my run in. I was excited to get my sweat on in my new gear! 😉


It was a great run and Zoe LOVES my new pink laces! I am gonna have to get some for her shoes lol. She is a Sweat Pink girl too!!!

Fastest Two year old in the City!!!

Thanks to an awesome girlfriend of mine, I scored a free bottle of Tone Clinical from Complete Nutrition! It is basically CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) with Green Tea.

I was pretty stoked once I realized what Tone Clinical was! There are a ton of benefits to taking CLA!

  • Enhances immune system
  • Lowers insulin resistance
  • Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Decreases abdominal fat
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Reduces food-induced allergic reactions

And with the added Green Tea, I am stoked to try these! Green Tea has all it’s own benefits! (Some of which are debated, so if you ingest Green Tea for medicinal uses, do your research, or seek a professional’s help)

  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Reducing the risks of certain cancers
  • Improves Cholesterol
  • Said to delay the deterioration of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s 
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Reduces high Blood Pressure
  • Aids in depression
  • Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial
  • And is suppose to be great for your skin. Promoting anti aging

I will take this specific CLA for 30 days and give you all a review on what I think about it. October is approaching quick, so I hope you all are ready for some giveaway fun! I have set up a giveaway page, since I will have quite a few !!! I am excited about the giveaways I have planned! I am giving away some truly awesome stuff from some phenomenal companies!!! You definitely are NOT gonna want to miss out!!!

I have my October goal list made up and am stoked for the October Renegade Challenge!!! I am not totally sure where I stand on all of my September goals. We still have 2 days to get there girls, let’s really kick some booty!!!!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!!! Don’t forget to check out the Affiliate of the month, Quest Nutrition! They are running some AMAZING deals on their protein bars!!! Buy the best protein bar on the market, QuestBar.

Try Quest Protein Bars!





3 Mile run, Arts & Crafts, and Motivational Monday!!! Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome!!!!

Pretty proud this morning! I ran 3.26 miles, which is the furthest I have ever run! I seriously thought I was going to do worse lol I ran it in 39:15 Not the greatest, but not bad for a first time running that far! I was a little worried how Zoe would do. She started to get a little restless, so I gave her some strawberries and that seemed to tide her over! It also helped that people have some Halloween decorations up too! I was wiped when we got home lol, but I also felt accomplished!

Post run 🙂

From there it was time to straighten the house and start Zoe’s lesson plan. She was pretty stoked today! Her Grandma’s birthday is tomorrow, so we made a birthday picture for her and made a witch for Halloween. She saw so many on our run and was curious about them, so I figured we would make one today!

So as you can see, fun morning. While she was doing crafts, I have been on the phone and email trying to get more reviews/giveaways set up for you guys! Looks like November might be as exciting of a month as October will!!!! I will be spending the next few days researching some stuff!

I have recently come across Kombucha. It is also known in Ancient China as the “Immortal Health Elixir” I am going to do more research on it to find out it’s health benefits and how to use it! I smell another giveaway in October for it! 😉

Can I be any more excited for October!!! LOL 🙂

Hopefully you have all been gearing up for the Renegade Challenge and the Vitacost giveaway! It is gonna be HUGE month!!!! Time for me to hit the gym! It is Motivational Monday, so here is some motivation for you!

Awesome is contagious! We are all awesome and need to get out there, do work, and spread that awesome among everyone we see today!!!!  Don’t forget to check out the Affiliate of the month Quest Nutrition! They seriously have the greatest “Clean” Protein bars out there! No guilt with these and toddlers love them too lol! Have a great day!!!
Try Quest Protein Bars!




What goes better with Skincare info than news of an October Giveaway? WHAT?

So before I get started on my tangent about skin care, I have some really exciting news!!! I told you yesterday that I was in talks with my affiliate Vitacost, about them sponsoring a giveaway for October. Well, looks like it is almost GIVEAWAY time!!! Starting October 1st you will be able to enter a drawing for a Vitacost prize pack! I will keep you posted on exactly what that prize pack will consist of! If you want to check them out, just click the link below! They have EVERYTHING!!!!

Okay, today what I really want to talk about is skin care. I turn 34 next month 🙂 and like any woman, have concerns with lines, wrinkles, and unfortunately adult acne. All started plaguing me in my mid to late twenties. I have a horrible complex about my skin. The main issues that I have are the lines on my forehead, crows feet,  I have sudden breakouts that get pretty bad, and from that I have some scarring. I know not everyone has “Perfect Skin”, but in my mind I had myself believing that most had pretty close to perfect!

Oh photoshop is a great thing, is it not lol? I started talking to friends who are around my age and realized these problems are not just mine! Even some celebrities that we have all been made to believe had “Perfect skin” are quite the opposite!

If only they made a make-up that worked as well as photoshop lol. Since being on my fitness journey, I have been researching what causes these problems. I have noticed that a lot of women in the fitness model and competition world not only look amazing from the neck down, but also from the neck up! Do they get photoshopped? Oh yeah, without a doubt, but they also have pictures that circulate like the celebrities above, that were not. I think they still look amazing!

So I figured there has to be some healthy diet link to this great skin right? I have been doing some research and chatting with people who specialize in nutrition and skin care online. This is some of what I have learned….

This picture was posted yesterday on Facebook by

Michelle LeSueur – Energetic practitioner and Nutritionist

If you are not following her on Facebook, you should be!!! (You can just click her name and it will take you to her page) The woman has a plethora of knowledge, and if you have a question, she will gladly answer it!!!! This is what she posted with this picture “I am constantly asked about skin blemishes. Many deal with acne today and there are more than one reason for it. Hormonal acne is more cycstual. They are big, painful and never really come to a head. Balancing progesterone really helps this and NO the pill does not. Then you have acne from skin care. It is important to find a skin care line your skin does well with. Using glycolic acid and Retin A is good for those with congestion. Then you have break outs because of organs. This chart shows where the organs are in reference to where you are breaking out. Cleansing is important and if you have had acne for some time, then you will need to cleanse for several months. A liver cleanse is always the best place to start as I see much improvement with that first.”

So yes, diet does have something to do with it! If your organs are unhealthy, so is your skin! I use to get the hormonal acne that she spoke of, but now I get different acne. I have tried a ton of gels, creams, and masks, none of which worked. I realized once my diet changed, that my skin started clearing up! I quit putting toxins in my body and it is changing everything! Not just my body, but my health overall!!! Is my skin perfect? Nope, but is is so much better than it was before!!! My lines and wrinkles have greatly reduced. I am comfortable now with people seeing me without make-up. Which if you know me well, is a BIG deal!!!

This is my skin regimen now: I wash my face with a gentle cleanser when I get up, after a workout, and before bed. Before bed I also apply coconut oil to my face. I swear by the stuff!

And once a week a do a simple baking soda rub. I put a little baking soda in a small bowl, add water till it becomes a paste, rub it on my face in circles, then rinse. It is an awesome exfoliator!!! Afterwards I apply coconut oil to moisturize. I am also adamant on wearing sunscreen on my face too!

I personally think there has been a huge difference in my skin texture and overall appearance in the past couple of years.

November 2010





So as you can see not perfect, but much better!!! Here is one from the other day when I got back from my run. I am sweaty and have NO make-up on! I never would have even left the house two years ago without make-up, let alone took a photo lol. Forgive me, it is not a great picture, but you can really see the difference!


You want better skin, then start treating your body better and the skin will follow suit! Drinking water and ridding your body of toxins is a great start! Eating clean has truly changed our lives for the better!!!

Are you plagued with skin issues? What are skin care secrets? Are there certain products you can’t live without?

Thank you for reading and check back to find out more about the giveaway! Hope you all have an amazing day!!!!

Try Quest Protein Bars!


Turning my OOPS moment into a good thing!!!

So I am new to the blogging world and I apparently didn’t do my research, I found out that my WordPress blog, can not have any affiliates. OOPS!!! Lol I will have this blog redirected tomorrow to one that can. 🙂 As of yesterday, I took on Two new affiliates! Vitacost and they everything under the sun from Chia seeds to Zinc And Quest Nutrition!  I am very excited about it!!! Quest has “Clean” Protein bars, which we LOVE and they are still tasty! We got a sample shipment in yesterday, so we could try them out before agreeing to anything. 😉


   There are several flavors to choose from. What really perked my interest about them, was the fact that they are 20G of protein, Gluten free, No sugar alcohols, No added sugar, No Soy Protein, No Glycerine, and just absolutely No Junk ingredients! They are pretty plain looking when you open the package, but for what they lack in looks, I think they make up for in taste! We read to heat them up for 15 seconds in the microwave to get a cookie like flavor. We tried the Chocolate Brownie and the Apple Pie first.


     Again, they tasted better than they looked lol. The Chocolate Brownie was okay. I won’t lie and say it was phenomenal. On a scale from one to ten, I would give it a 5 I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. I am not a huge chocolate fan, I actually rarely touch the stuff. However, Josh is a HUGE chocolate fan and he agreed that it was just okay. His actual words were “For being a “clean” protein bar, it was good.” The Apple Pie bar blew us away! it was delicious!!! I wish I had a whole box of just them!!! WOW!!! I was seriously sold after one bite! (I LOVE Apple Pie lol) The biggest selling point to me is that I have an on the go snack that I am comfortable giving my family! Zoe loved them both! She thought they were candy, so that works great for us lol. Links to both places will be on my new site to check out, hopefully tomorrow!!!!!

    I decided to have a “Thank you for reading” Giveaway! It will start on September 1st. One lucky reader can win a prize pack with 2 Quest Bars (Peanut Butter Supreme and Strawberry Cheesecake), 3 of the new Dentyne Ice Split2Fit packs (Peppermint, Spearmint, and Arctic Chill) I am a BzzAgent and I want a lucky reader to try those as well. Gum is actually my only vice. It is by no means clean, but I chew it when I workout or when I have a sweet tooth. And last, but not least, a 10G bag of Brother’s All Natural Fuji Apple Crisps!


       Again, I will wait till I get this switched over to the new site, so please continue to follow me when I make the big move!!!! I will have a re-direct link. 🙂

     Today was family fun day, which consisted of hitting the grocery store for some Quinoa, touring Costco, hitting the largest local liquor store for Josh’s special Autumn craft beers, a lovely Mediterranean lunch, and a trip to the mall for some nice window shopping.

      We having been looking for new places to eat lunch on family fun days. We try to find low cost places with semi healthy choices. Typically I make Josh’s days off my cheat days. Today we found a place called Mario’s Donuts & Cafe. I know it has “Healthy” written all over it lol. 😉 We went in and they have a good size Mediterranean menu! Josh was super excited to get a Gyro lol. That was his cheat meal, a Gyro and beer battered onion rings. Zoe chose a donut :-/ Lol not a huge surprise that a 2yr old chose that for her cheat meal. I chose a Gyro salad. It was HUGE and Oh my goodness, tasty!!! I only got a picture of my meal, because the elderly man sitting by us looked a little weirded out since I had my camera out lol.


       So we give Mario’s 2 thumbs up and we will definitely be back there next week!!!! Overall, a fabulous family fun day!

     We have been trying to teach Zoe how to use the camera. She keeps taking self portraits. I am fine with that, because I can never have enough pics of my babygirl 😉 I thought I would end with those today, so enjoy!




    What fun things do you do with your family? What is your go to cheat meal? Do you have a vice that you just can’t quit? Do all natural protein bars interest you? I love hearing back from you all so please comment away!!!

                                                Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!!!!! 🙂

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