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Sticking to my goals and unexpected rest days. #GIVEAWAYS

I took an early rest day yesterday. I spent the day with my parents. If you haven’t been following me, last month my dad was rushed to the hospital, because they thought he had a stroke. His face was numb and drooping on one side. it ended up being Bells palsy, but he did have a small stroke as well. They believe the Bells Palsy happened, because he was having Chemo treatments at the time and his white blood cell count was down. He has since been on break from Chemo therapy, which is awesome. His face is not back to normal yet, but it is getting there slowly. 😉

I even had a great visit with my mom. It was nice to sit and talk without any drama! These are visits that I cherish!!!

I was great about sticking to my clean eating, although my mom did try several times to sway me. I was even tempted to weigh myself on their scale. It was in the bathroom, so every time I went, or took Zoe to go, it was just sitting there staring at me lol I stayed true to my goal for the month, and I stayed off the scale!

From my parent’s house I went to dinner with my husband and his lovely parents! We wanted to celebrate all of our birthdays together. We went to 54th Street bar and Grill. Zoe acted really good! It helped that I brought her a mini container of playdough, but there was so much to look at inside that she was kept very busy! I did good with my meal order too. I researched the night before online which meal would be the best health wise. I wasn’t concerned too much with taste, because everything there is so awesome!! I ordered the Coyote Chicken. It pretty much is what dreams are made of lol. 😉

I did however cheat with a few handfuls of Jelly Bellys. They are a weakness of mine. Not clean or good for me, but oh so tasty lol.  I was so exhausted from the day that when we arrived home, I did not do my renegade challenge or plank a day. Tonight I will make up for those. Yes, that means 240 renegade push-ups and 2 rounds of planks for time today, but I am a beast 😉 I will get them done! I also did not get my run in yesterday, so I will run longer tomorrow! Gotta make up for missed days! I have goals to reach!!!

I feel better about my progress this month than I have in a long time! Maybe it is because I am not looking at the scale. I don’t know what it is? Not to toot my own horn, but I feel and look great, so TOOT! 🙂 I also have been winning giveaways like crazy this week! I got a box of Detour protein bars in this morning. That always makes for a great day too!!! Today is family fun day, so I am headed out with the two loves of my life for a fun filled day!!! I hope all of you are enjoying the day too!!!!

Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAYS I have going on!!! The GetKombucha giveaway is getting ready to end! I LOVE the stuff, and know you will too!!! You have to get entered to win!!!!

Promax review, Goal check in, & a look into Zoe’s baby signs!

I got a shipment of Promax goodies in the mail yesterday to review. I got two per flavor, which made it easy to share. 😉

They came shortly after dinner, so I figured Zoe and I could share one of the Fit ‘N Crisp snacks for dessert. It was the Vanilla Marshmallow. Zoe loved it! It was much like a rice crispy treat! At 10 grams of sugar, it wasn’t a horrible treat. Zoe gave it a thumbs up!

I agree, the Fit ‘N Crisps were super tasty. After reading the label on the Protein bar, I saved it for post workout this morning. It has 29 grams of sugar, which is more than I like, but that is fine for post workout, because sugar helps lean protein get to your muscles quicker. 😉  They aren’t the cleanest either, which is pretty important to me.  I did like the flavor! I had Chocolate Chip cookie dough.

Texture wise, it was much like a candy bar, so obviously easy to eat lol. I gave Zoe a small chunk and she really like them too!

Even though they aren’t 100% clean, I did really appreciate the no artificial sweeteners or colors!!!! You can check out more about them at You can purchase them at just about any grocery store, GNC,  even some gyms!

Now a quick weekly check in on this months goals…..

I have done well so far with NOT touching my scale this week. I have been tempted though lol I am staying strong and the scale is staying out of sight!!!

I have still been doing great with my running! I logged 6.8 miles this week!!! I do realize now though that I need a second pair of running shoes for rainy days and more compression socks and or sleeves for my shin splints!!!! I am enjoying my runs and the results I am getting from it!

Even though I have wanted to slack, I have stayed strong on my Renegade Challenge. It have definitely proven to be a challenge!!! I can not yet complete 30 in a row. I do 12 sets of 10 with small breaks in between each set. Either way, I am still getting them done!!!!

I accidentally missed a Plank A Day. I was so exhausted, I seriously just forgot to do it the other night. Other than the one miss, I have done them everyday! At some point I will do two in one day to make up for the missed one! 😉

I have been doing awesome on my water intake and my ab workouts have definitely increased with adding gymnastic rings to my gym. I will be talking about those on Monday!!! stay tuned for that post, because there is an exciting surprise coming!!!!

And for Zoe’s lessons in sign language… she is now up to 184 signs! Our goal is to get her to 200 by the end of the month, which I am sure we will hit and probably surpass! She is a smart cookie and I am going to take full advantage of it! The signs she has learned this week are:








She also learned a couple I can’t find pictures for. She learned the word Really, which is signed by making the number 1 with your hand, then taking your pointer finger up your chin and forward off your mouth. The last word is Sneeze. You make the number one with your hand again, turn it sideways, and place your finger under your nose as if you are sneezing.

Signing is beautiful and fun!!! It also comes in handy when I can’t hear or understand Zoe lol. Thank you for reading and please check out the Affiliate of the month Vitacost for all your vitamin, supplement, and whole food needs! They have a lot more, but it is too much to list lol

And don’t forget about the GIVEAWAYS I have running this month!!!! I will be adding more so keep checking back!!!!

Recap on my September Goals & HUGE Congrats To Quest Nutrition!!!

Time to wrap up September! Where did this month go???? I don’t know about you, but it has been a crazy month for us! I am pretty happy October is here lol. I am hoping this month will be less chaotic!

With it being the last day of the month and having October’s Goals in place, I am ready to evaluate where I stand with my September goals!  The first goal was to get my weight down to 145 lbs. I am happy to say, I got close!

From 152.8 to 148.6, I’ll take that any day!

My next goal was no sugar, outside of natural sugars. I won’t lie, I failed that goal. I had cheesecake as well as energy drinks. :-/ No regrets, I brush it off and move forward.

From there, I had run 1 or more miles 3x a week. I am very happy to say that I not only kept that goal, but I surpassed it! I up’ed my Monday runs to 3.25 miles and my Wednesday and Friday runs to 1.75 miles. BOOM! 🙂

Next is weight training 5-6x a week. I kept that goal as well. However, I realize now that 6x a week is overkill. I am now taking 2 rest days a week!

Now the next goal I am STOKED about!!!

To fit into old jeans……..

Yeah buddy!!! I did it!!!!! I haven’t fit into these jeans since 2009 Booyah!!! 🙂

The next goal was for both Zoe and me! I have been slacking on teaching her ASL signs. I obviously want her to be able to communicate with her grandparents, but I too have deteriorating hearing. (I took some medication in 2009 that was Ototoxic, or damaging to my hearing. I can still hear, just not well. That is a whole other story lol) Anyway, Zoe learned not only 25 signs, but 27! So, we have a little head start for the month of October. This brings her grand total to 177! Go Zoe!!!!!

Great job kiddo!

I regret to say the next goal never happened. Josh and I were suppose to have a date night, which we have yet to have since Zoe’s birth. Between my dad’s hospital visit, broken cell phone, and car problems, we ran short on time and money, We will try again in October! Both of our birthdays are coming up! (Mine the 10th and his the 13th) We decided a birthday date would be even more awesome any way! 😉

And the last two goals I also did not complete. I did them everyday strong for the first 2 weeks, then they dwindled the last two weeks.

Overall, I am happy with what I did accomplish this month! I did slack more than I should have, but I will NOT beat myself up over it! I did great and pictures do not lie!!! Here is my before and after pictures for the month of September. The picture on the left is September 1st The one on the right was taken this morning.

I am even retaining water lol 😉

I am also excited to announce that my Affiliate of the month for September, won “Best New Brand” from at the Mr. Olympia last night!!! How awesome is that!?! Congratulations to Quest Nutrition!!!! Don’t forget to check them out! They seriously have some of the BEST Protein bars on the market! Now they even have peanut butter cups. WOW!!!

Try Quest Protein Bars!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow! It is the start of the Vitacost giveaway!!! Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday and God Bless!!!

Setting Goals for October & checking out the prize pack for the 1st October giveaway!

Yikes tomorrow is the last day of September!!!! I am not sure where I stand with all my September goals yet. I will post those tomorrow. If I had to guess, I would say I can check at least half of them off the list. I got a little lazy in the middle of the month and slacked. I am back full force now though! October is going to bring many new challenges and I welcome each and everyone!!!

I have my October Goal list made up and I will share it with you. 🙂

  1. By the end of October I would like to weigh 140 lbs I am not sure my ending weight for September, because I have yet to step on the scale. I am hoping to be close to my goal of 145, but we will see. If I am not, I am certainly not going to beat myself up about it, because I have had so many Non Scale Victories this month that make me happier!
  2. I would like to run at least 25 miles total for the month.
  3. I want to complete my Renegade Challenge. 4 sets of 30 renegade pushups everyday with a 30 sec rest between each set. I truly hope you join me in this! It is gonna make for some very sexy back, shoulders, and arms!!!!
  4. I would like to get a Date night with my beautiful husband!
  5.  I would like to do my #Plank-A-Day without slacking
  6. I need to drink more water! I totally did not drink near enough water this month!
  7. I vow to NOT touch my scale until the last day of the month. I will do a weigh in tomorrow, to see where I stand on my September goal and obviously where I am starting for October. Then, I am tucking the scale away where I won’t see it, so I won’t have the temptation to weigh myself!
  8. I want to start defining my Abs, so this month I am going to work really hard on them in the kitchen and in the gym!
  9. And last but certainly not least, I am adding another 25 signs to Zoe’s sign language list!

My goal list is realistic, but very challenging! As I have stated so many times in the past two weeks, I am SO stoked for October! Starting Monday, October 1st, the FIRST giveaway of the month will begin. You will be able to go to my giveaways page and enter into the drawing. is giving an awesome prize pack!

So you definitely will want to get entered to win! Also, check out! They have a ton of deals on EVERYTHING!!! Tons of supplements, vitamins, skincare, stuff for your babies, and even your Fur babies 😉

So get your goal list made for October and check back daily, because this month is going to be crazy fun!!!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous and fit day!!!!!


More about October’s Giveaway and Where I am at with my September Goals!

It has been an awesome morning so far! I just got exciting news on what will be in next month’s giveaway package from VitaCost!!! There will be a Therasage Mini 2, an Olympian Labs Get Ripped Get Fit Complete Starter Kit, and a VitaCost tote to carry it all in!!!

I am not gonna lie, I would love to get this stuff too lol VitaCost is pretty awesome to sponser this giveaway!!! Do me a favor and check them out!!! They sell EVERYTHING!!! All your supplement needs as well as things like coconut oil, chia seeds, and so much more!!! It is awesome to be able to get all of your shopping done in one convenient place!!!!

Then, Josh surprised me with all the workout gear that I thought had gone back! He reworked the budget so I could keep it all. If you didn’t know, my husband lives to spoil my daughter and I! I just adore that man!!!

I decide to change our running route this morning. It added up to be just under 2 miles. My left leg has shin splints horribly bad. I have been icing it down, doing exercises, and I have been focused on my form when running. It has all helped greatly! Josh got me new running shoes and some compression socks, so I am hoping those help even more!!! Zoe wanted to run today, so I let her out of the stroller as we got closer to the house and that child did not want to stop running!!! LOL

We had a great run! I felt like I did awesome!!! After talking with a personal trainer friend, I decided to NOT worry about my time right now. I have been pushing myself too hard. I need to just concentrate on getting a good quality run in. Today, I did just that!

Hot sweaty mess!!!

I botched some of my September goals. 🙁  I am down 2 lbs with 5 lbs left to go for goal #1 I still have a little time, so I am optimistic about that one! The no sugar other than natural sugar did not happen. I have had 2 energy drinks and some caramel popcorn in the past week. I CHEATED!!!! I am human, and I am not going to beat myself up about it. Just brush it off and move forward!!! I have been doing great with my running! I missed last Friday, but made up for it this morning. My weight training I have NOT been slacking on. I am pretty routine when it comes to that! 😉 I am saving the fitting into old jeans for the end of the month. I am still hopeful on that one too lol. Zoe still needs to learn 17 more signs this month, which I am a little behind, but again I have 2 weeks to get her where I want her. We still have not had a date night . It has been to hard to schedule with everything that happened with my dad then Josh’s car breaking down. Still hopeful for that one too lol. I added plank a day and handstand a day to try to improve my times on both and I have been slacking on them as well, but I am back in my groove today!!!

Plank time today was 2:43 not horrible, but I want to do 3 mins a day regularly.

Zoe does her workout with mama lol My handstand was just 52 seconds, so I need to work on that too I get woozy and just can’t stay up.

I still have my weight training to do today. (Shoulder day) 🙂 I love shoulder day! Granted, I love all my weight training lol.

If I can squeeze it in,  I am going to try to get some healthy pumpkin muffins made!!!!! It is an experimental recipe, so if it turns out good, I will post it tomorrow!

Are you as excited as I am for the awesome giveaway next month???  How are you doing on your September goals??? Were you like me and have too many cheats? Do you beat yourself up about them or just move on???
Also check out the affiliate of the month for September! They have awesome and CLEAN protein bars!!! We LOVE them!!!! They are a great meal replacement when you are on the run!!!
Try Quest Protein Bars!

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous and blessed day!!!!!

To achieve greatness, you must set GOALS!!!

So last night I did a Twitter chat with many great people associated with FitFluential and ViewSport. It was fun and I really enjoyed it! The topic was Goals and Goal setting. I did miss some of the conversation, due to trying to cook a late dinner and control an unruly toddler lol. What I did catch was awesome!


    I have my ultimate goal, which is to be able to compete in Women’s Physique competitions.


   I have smaller goals to help me get there! One of my smaller goals is to run (with Zoe in a stroller) in a 5k. I think they look fun and would be a great accomplishment for both of us! I know she would love it!!! We started running yesterday 🙂 I had planned what I thought was the perfect route around our subdivision. It was 1.2 miles. I did not take into consideration that I would be pushing a 30lb two year old in a large clunky stroller, or that I routed us to go up 2 large hills lol. To boot, it was super humid out!!! Our time was 17:18. I was proud that we got out there and did it, but I was disappointed with my time.  I do know that I will continue to run 2 or 3 times a week and that my time will improve!


   I didn’t think that there would be much quality time for us while running. Surprisingly enough, there really was! We were always talking about pretty flowers, trees, dogs, and anything else we saw on our short running journey. I am hoping to get Josh out there with us once a week! I think it would be another great way to have family fun time! we shall see if he agrees lol 😉

 I believe setting goals is a great example for Zoe! I want her to learn that in order to get what she wants, she need to make a plan, set goals, then work hard to accomplish them!


    We have accomplished several small goals to get us where we are now. Things like: Drinking more water, keeping our sugar intake less than 35 grams a day, cutting out artificial sugars, throwing out anything that has artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, learning to cook healthier meals, and consistently weight training!

We have both (Josh and I) had slip ups and times where we have gotten lazy or off track. The great thing about sharing our goals with each other, is we do keep each other accountable! I believe in marriage you have to work as a team. Supporting each other and pushing each other is very important! In this house we are very goal oriented and love helping each other achieve greatness!!!

Do you have a goal? Do you have smaller goals to help you achieve the main goal? Who in your life inspires and pushes you? Do you involve your family in your dreams?

Get out there and accomplish your goals! Do not let any set back hold you down from your greatest achievements!!!

Setting goals and examples!

Typically, everyone who decides to get up and start a fitness regimen has an ultimate goal. Be it losing weight, gaining muscle, health reasons, sports conditioning, etc Setting realistic goals is a huge step to accomplishing them!


   The only way to accomplishing your goals is with dedication and hard work. There are no magic potions, pills, or gadgets that are gonna do the work for you! I have had SO many conversations with people over HCG diets, magic pills that promise you the perfect body, and useless gadgets that do nothing for you, but waste your hard earned money! If any of those things worked, everyone would be healthy and gorgeous! The reality is 500 calorie diets and pills and gadgets that promise to reduce your weight and help sculpt a healthy physique are anything but healthy and are a sure way to have you rebounding back to your current weight or worse, gaining more weight and or more health problems, not to mention the example you set for your family!


  Typically, women have more body image issues than men, but men and even children have them too! I have several male friends who are more self conscious about what they look like than most women I know! A healthy self image is important. When you think negatively about yourself, it not only affects you, but those around you. Trying to go from thinking negatively about yourself, to positive is a hard thing to do. I know, because I suffer from depression and it has taken me years to think more positive about myself!  It is very easy to look in the mirror and find everything wrong with your body. I now make a choice to stand in front of the mirror at least once a day and try to find 3 things I love about myself. It truly has helped me a lot! With having a more positive outlook on myself, I have an easier time assessing what goals I need to accomplish to improve the other things that I look at negatively. I also encourage Zoe to do the same everyday! I help her look at herself in the mirror and tell herself that she is beautiful. we discuss what features she has that she likes!


  I am not saying loving yourself is easy! I have an easier time ripping my self esteem apart that I do lifting myself up, but I will never get to my goal body by hating myself and neither will you! I make small strides every week. I take weekly pictures to help encourage myself. I post them online to keep me accountable! Scales have never done anything for me, but keep my mind negative. I try hard to ignore the scale at all cost. (Super hard thing to do!) I strictly go by what my pictures look like. Some weeks I think I have not accomplished anything, then I look at my pictures and realize I really have!


   Diet is probably the variable that holds me back the most. I do tend to have too many junk days, but I do not let one or two set backs keep me from forging ahead to my goal! Even with a few set backs I have made HUGE strides!!!



  Josh and I strive to not only build the bodies we have always wanted, but to set healthy examples for Zoe. We both have grown up with self image issues. We want her to have a healthy and happy childhood and be proud of the body she is in! I feel bad some days, because we see so many children who are starting their life with poor food choices and no one to set an example for their diet and activities. They too, will struggle with their body image and health problems at a young age! You hear more and more everyday about children with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, bone/joint problems, even liver disease, and the list goes on and on. They all stem from poor diets and no exercise. these issues can be prevented!!!!


  Unfortunately, obese children are becoming a normal sight when out and about. I take Zoe on play dates where it is normal for the other children’s snack time to consist of soda, cookies, and chips. I am not saying my child has never had junk food, because she has. However, we do not keep items like this in the house and it is on rare occasion that she has had them! She loves having veggies, fruit, milk, and water. Those are her normal snack time food and drink choices. When she doesn’t have other options, then they do not become choices! Kids will enjoy healthy snacks as much as the junk food ones! With a healthier diet they will be more inclined to lead more active lifestyles, versus sitting in front of the television. I think I almost find it more disturbing when parents tell me their kids aren’t over weight, because that justifies them having a poor diet. News flash, your child doesn’t have to be overweight to develop health issues from a poor diet!




  As adults and parents, I believe it is not only our responsibly, but our obligation to our families, to make sure they are making the healthiest choices they can! In our house,we make our goals as a family, to keep us all accountable and to help each other stay motivated. Obviously with Zoe only being 2, her goals are small. 😉 (Her goals are to eat healthy and have an exercise/activity time for 45 mins to 1 hour everyday) As she grows up, she can develop her goals to whatever she desires them to be. I think setting goals for not only yourself, but for your family as well, will not only help make your personal goals more attainable, but also keep your family healthy and happy! It teaches everyone responsibility.

  Do you have goals for yourself? Do you push your family to keep a healthy lifestyle? What healthy foods do your kids love? What is their favorite activity?

I hope you are striving to keep your family happy and healthy!!! If you have any questions or comments. please feel free to contact me! As always I love hearing back from you!!!

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