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And the Winner of the Kombucha Giveaway is……..

Hello! Today is the day I announce the winners of the Kombucha Giveaway! In case you missed what Kombucha is, click here for a quick run down 😉 and don’t forget to checkout for all your Kombucha needs!!!!

And the winners are……..

Sam B. and Jennifer H.   🙂

I have sent you both an email please respond by Monday, so I can get your prizes out to you! Thank you all for entering to win! Don’t forget I still have 2 more GIVEAWAYS going on and many more to come!!!! November looks as promising as this month!!!!

Now I have to get this house clean, hit the gym, do  Zoe’s lesson plan done, and to start getting all dolled up for date night! This will be our first in almost 2 1/2 years so I am SO excited!!!!! Happy Friday!!!!

Learn the benefits of Kombucha and enter to win your own bottle of Kombucha Extract!!!

So I have recently been educating myself on Kombucha. I read an article online about it and it interested me enough to dig a little deeper. You may be asking yourself “What is Kombucha?”  Kombucha is a living tea that is fermented from sugar and the Kombucha culture, which looks mushroom like, but is a colony of bacteria and yeast.  The fermenting process can take anywhere from 4-12 days depending on several circumstances i.e. amount being brewed, temperature, taste preference, etc.

I think the pictures of the brewing process make the drink a little intimidating for those less adventurous types lol. The health benefits was what drew me in! From what I understand, the tea itself isn’t bad at all!!! Although no one is quite sure of it’s origin, we do know it was consumed in ancient China during the Tsin Dynasty around 221 BC . They called the drink  “The Tea of Immortality”

With being dubbed “The Tea of Immortality”, how could someone not want to learn more? 😉 Here are some health benefits I have learned about Kombucha:

  • It detoxifies your body. It is rich in many of the enzymes and bacterial acids your body produces and/or uses to detox your system, thus reducing your pancreatic load and easing the burden on your liver.
  • It contains  glucosamines, which prevent and aid in treating forms of arthritis.
  • It is a probiotic beverage, so it aids in digestion.
  • It is noted to also reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia,depression, and anxiety. 
  • Super rich in antioxidants, so it boosts not only your immune system, but your energy. I’m a very busy Mama, so I don’t have time to be sick or tired so this benefit is HUGE for me!!!!
  • I have even read claims of clearer skin, aiding in heartburn relief, and headache relief!

As I said before, the health benefits had me sold! My biggest concern was sugar. As you know with bodybuilding, I have been strict about my sugar intake. I strive to never go over 35 grams a day. I contacted Dave at I really wanted to try it! He was super awesome and sent me a bottle of Kombucha Extract. Guess what??? It’s SUGAR FREE!!!! Yeah buddy!!! 😉

It is clear, smells a little like vinegar, and is tasteless. The instructions say to place 5-15 drops under your tongue or in your favorite beverage and to do this 1-3 times daily. I have been adding it to my water and I do not taste a difference at all!

I have just started using the Kombucha Concentrate extract. I have read that drinking regularly, I should start to really reap the health benefits. I can already feel a little more pep in my step. 😉 The factors that mean the most to me are the digestive benefits as well as the skin clearing claim, and the immune system boost!  The rest are just bonuses!!!!

Have any of you tried Kombucha Concentrate? Would you be interested in trying it??? Dave over at has been generous enough to give not 1 but 2 bottles away, so 2 of my lucky readers will be able to try it too!!! Click here to go to my Giveaways page and enter to win your own bottle!!! 

Have an awesome day and Good Luck!!!! 🙂


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