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Can we say AWESOME week? And it’s only Wednesday!!!

WOW! This week couldn’t get any better and it is only Wednesday!!!!!  If you haven’t been following, this week I have found out that I was accepted to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador as well as a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I am thrilled and Honored to be involved with such inspiring groups of women!!!!

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge
Today has been busy, but phenomenal! Zoe and I started the day with our routine run. She was anxious as ever to get out of the house lol.

Patiently waiting for me to finish getting ready lol

I decided to up our run from 1 mile to 1.5. Even with shin splints in my left leg, I felt we should be fine. I am proud to say, we not only finished it, but we did 1.5 miles one minute faster than we have been doing the mile in!!!! How awesome is that????

And my shin splints??? I did some exercises last night and this morning, Concentrated on my form, and iced down my shins after running and had no pain!!!!

Great start right? Well, it gets better! I have been trying to figure out who will be October’s Affiliate of the month. I really wanted to do another giveaway, since my last one was a little botched with moving everything over to a new Domain. I got an email from

     letting me know that they might be interested in sponsoring a giveaway!!!!  How exciting would that be???? 🙂 We are still in talks, but it is a HUGE possibility and I will keep you all updated!

As you may or may not know, I am a Daddy’s girl. He was diagnosed a few years ago with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL

He has had great days and some days where he is just really sick. Lately he hasn’t been feeling the greatest. I have been asking for prayers that he can get a break from Chemo Therapy. I received some fabulous news! My Daddy gets to stop Chemo treatments for the time being! His Lymph-Nodes have gone down in size. His white blood cells are still low, which is concerning, due to the possibility for infection. He will continue a treatment for that, but NO Chemo!!!! Family and friends have all been praying for him and it is just awesome to see the power in prayer!  As well as all the LOVE! <3

Is he cured of Leukemia? No, but he gets to rest and live a little. 😉 That is more than enough! I am thankful and smiling ear to ear today!

                                Huge thank you to all who have made my week so far such an amazing blessing!!!! 🙂

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Beyond my Daddy’s smile….

   My Daddy is the happiest, funniest, and strongest person I have ever met! You would never know from seeing him that every Thursday, my dad has chemo treatment. He has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. He has had it for a few years now. When first diagnosed we were told that it is a very slow progressing disease and that he would probably pass from old age and not from the leukemia. He of course got a second opinion and was told differently. He has an aggressive form of CLL and had to start treatment right away. 

  He has done well with treatment up until recently. He has, for the most part just been sleepy and losing some weight. Nothing really horrible. This is my dad about a year after he was first diagnosed.


   My dad got to skip treatment last week due to his White Blood Cell count being low. All they did was give him a G-CSF to help raise his WBC so he could continue treatment. Chemo does a number on your body. One of the things it does is lowers your WBC, which makes it hard to fight infection. Since being diagnosed, my dad hads had a problem with infections. We are all very cautious around him, so he won’t get sick. Flus, colds, and staph infections have been his past down falls. 

  He started to do a little better when I got a new dog in 2009 lol. I strongly believe in pet therapy. He was still getting treatments, but they were more spread out and he seemed happier!



   Then he found out I was pregnant, he seemed to miraculously feel better! His treatments stopped and he said he felt great!  He is the proudest Grandpa!






     He went treatment free for about 9 months. His lymph nodes and spleen started to become more enlarged and they decided to start treatment again 🙁 The doctor decided this treatment needed to be a little more aggressive than before. My dad was a champ with treatment! He said he still felt fine other than being tired. I know sometimes they tell me he feels fine even when he doesn’t, just because they don’t want me to worry. I am a worrier, that is just how I am. :-/ I worry so much about random things Josh has made my theme song Pat Benetar’s “I am the Warrior”, but we change Warrior to worrier. I know, I know we are dorks ha!




  They installed a Chemotherapy port in his chest, back in March. They said it is necessary for chemo patients whose veins are no longer easily accessible and some of the treatments they wanted to try on him could only be administered via the port. This is what it looks like…..


     Well, this week they made up for the missed day last week. I assumed he wouldn’t feel very well after treatment. It seems that every week since March his treatments sessions have been more aggressive and longer. Vomiting, nausea and extreme tiredness seem to be what he is suffering from now. It is just hard knowing you can not do anything to make your parents feel better. My greatest wish is that he does not have to suffer. I love my daddy very much and this whole process has been hard on our family since day one.

  Something I admire about my dad is that he is a very positive and happy person! Even with everything that is going on, he typically keeps his humor and has fun! 




     I know things can and will get worse and I know that there are others in much worse situations than ours. I have been trying hard to be as strong as my dad has been, last night was just a rough one for me. Knowing he just wants to be alone and sleep lets me know that he is really just not feeling well. I am a daddy’s girl! he is the first man I ever loved….




         Does anyone in your family suffer from cancer? What does your family do to cope with the stress? How do you explain what is going on to children? 

     I have many friends whose families are going through the same or even worse situations right now. We are lifting you all up in prayer! Thank you to all those who have done the same for our family!!!! Hope everyone enjoys the day!!! 🙂

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