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Motivational Monday! I don’t know about you, but I need it!!!! #GIVEAWAYS

So this morning started a little slow. I did NOT want to get out of bed!!!!!!

Luckily for me, I have a toddler who is great at getting me up! 😉 We got dressed and saw Josh off to work. Zoe was a little whiny this morning and in quite the mood. I tried to perk her up and hoped she would feel better once we got outside.

Eh…. not so much :-/ I left the house and she immediately wanted to go home. We got up the first hill and my chest was already burning, my shins had the sharpest pain, and my child’s shrill was already pushing my patience. I was wanting to turn around and crawl back into bed. I know that is not an option, so I pushed forward. I did not finish my 3.25 miles this morning. I only got 2.19 in, so I am disappointed with myself. I know I could have finished despite Zoe’s screaming, I just was done listening to it. I have been lacking in motivation lately. In my head I’m like YEAH let’s do this, but when I run or hit the gym I feel like UGH. I have to snap out of it this week!!!!! It is Motivational Monday, so I am going to try to get myself motivated and try to help you get motivated as well!!!! I know this week will get better and I am actually excited to see where I stand in my goals for the month! Next week is the end of the month, so I have to work super hard this week!!!!! Let’s get motivated together!

Now let’s get out there and crush our goals!!!! I hope everyone has a happy day!!!!! 🙂 Don’t forget I still have 2 GIVEAWAYS going on!!!! Get entered to win!!!!!

Who needs some motivation this morning? I do!!! #GIVEAWAYS

Happy Motivational Monday! I really needed to dig deep this morning to do my run! Zoe has night terrors. I have had them my whole life, so I truly feel for her. :’-( I am hoping she out grows hers though. She was up most of the night, just too terrified to sleep, so we spent a lot of time sitting in the living room reading stories, so we didn’t interrupt Josh’s sleep, since he had to work. She finally fell into a good sleep around 5ish this morning. That made 8 am seem HORRIBLE lol.

I gave myself a million reasons why I shouldn’t run today. I have GOALS, if I want to complete them, I have to stick to them no matter what. An excuse is NOT going to get me the body I want or keep me healthy. So, I put on my gear got Zoe dressed and we headed out the door for our 3.22 mile run. I am not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of myself for pushing through!!! Even though the run was harder than usual, I did it. I overcame the hardest obstacle, which is MYSELF!!!!! GO ME!!!!

I really want a nap now lol, but it is lesson time for Zoe then I must hit the gym for my weight training! Good thing it is Motivational Monday lol. Hope everyone is striving to hit their goals!!! I know I am! I can’t wait to compare my pictures this month and get on the scale to see if I hit my weight goal!!!! I know I feel great and Josh tells me everyday I am looking great. (I swear I am blessed with the best husband EVER) 🙂 Have a happy day!!!! Don’t forget to get entered in my GIVEAWAYS!!!!


Happy October! Renegade Challenge, HUGE Vitacost Giveaway, & Motivational Monday!

Today starts the October Renegade Challenge!!!! Are you ready???? In case you missed it, the Renegade challenge is 4 sets of 30 Renegade push-ups with a 30 second rest between each set! Click here or check out the pics below to see how to do a Renegade Push-up and what muscles it works. After 30 days of these, we should all have an improved core, shoulders, arms, and back!!!! I am stoked for this challenge and I hope you all join in!!! When you complete your daily challenge, be sure to tweet about it and tag it #RenegadeChallenge We can all motivate and push each other to reach our monthly goals!!! 🙂

October also means a new Affiliate of the month!!!! I am proud to say is the nominated affiliate this month! If you don’t know, Vitacost is not only a go to super store for all your vitamin and supplement needs, but they also carry all of your heath and whole foods too!!! Super easy and efficient! They truly take the cost out of Healthy Living!!!

 They are also SO generous, they are sponsoring a giveaway this month!!!! In the Giveaway package you will find a Therasage Mini 2 (Retails for $88), a Get Ripped Get Fit Complete Starter Kit (Retails for $170) It is a huge prize by itself! It comes with Protein powder, BCAA KETO, C-AKG Powder,  A-AKG Powder, Maxcuts get ripped Thermogenics, a Shaker cup, A 30 day get started guide book, and a workout jounal, Then on top of ALL that, they added a Vitacost tote bag!!!! This is one giveaway, you do not want to miss!!!! I’m not gonna lie, I wish I could enter lol 😉 Be sure to click on my GIVEAWAYS page to enter! Giveaways page 🙂

Today is also motivational Monday 🙂 Enjoy your day and get to those October Goals you have set for yourself!!!!

3 Mile run, Arts & Crafts, and Motivational Monday!!! Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome!!!!

Pretty proud this morning! I ran 3.26 miles, which is the furthest I have ever run! I seriously thought I was going to do worse lol I ran it in 39:15 Not the greatest, but not bad for a first time running that far! I was a little worried how Zoe would do. She started to get a little restless, so I gave her some strawberries and that seemed to tide her over! It also helped that people have some Halloween decorations up too! I was wiped when we got home lol, but I also felt accomplished!

Post run 🙂

From there it was time to straighten the house and start Zoe’s lesson plan. She was pretty stoked today! Her Grandma’s birthday is tomorrow, so we made a birthday picture for her and made a witch for Halloween. She saw so many on our run and was curious about them, so I figured we would make one today!

So as you can see, fun morning. While she was doing crafts, I have been on the phone and email trying to get more reviews/giveaways set up for you guys! Looks like November might be as exciting of a month as October will!!!! I will be spending the next few days researching some stuff!

I have recently come across Kombucha. It is also known in Ancient China as the “Immortal Health Elixir” I am going to do more research on it to find out it’s health benefits and how to use it! I smell another giveaway in October for it! 😉

Can I be any more excited for October!!! LOL 🙂

Hopefully you have all been gearing up for the Renegade Challenge and the Vitacost giveaway! It is gonna be HUGE month!!!! Time for me to hit the gym! It is Motivational Monday, so here is some motivation for you!

Awesome is contagious! We are all awesome and need to get out there, do work, and spread that awesome among everyone we see today!!!!  Don’t forget to check out the Affiliate of the month Quest Nutrition! They seriously have the greatest “Clean” Protein bars out there! No guilt with these and toddlers love them too lol! Have a great day!!!
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