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Staying positive, running to lose fat NOT muscle, & Building up my guns!!!

Zoe and I had a great run this morning! I swear on run days, Zoe wakes up extra early lol. I haven’t been sleeping well, so she had to drag me out of bed this morning. It actually worked out well, because Josh had to leave earlier than normal, because his debit card info got stolen. Someone in Florida was on a shopping spree, so he had to run by the bank to fill out some paper work to get his account settled. ¬†Luckily the bank caught it! YIKES! We have NO idea how they got his info. It’s kinda stupid really. Whomever it was made purchases from stores in Florida in person. So with knowing the time, date, and location, some of the stores could have cameras, therefore busted criminal. Not the wisest heist lol, (criminals aren’t usually the brightest people though). Hopefully they get caught and learn their lesson!

We aren’t the type of people to play victim. We shrug it off as bad luck and move on! ūüôā Just stay positive and keep smiling, that is our motto!

Hard not to smile when we wake up to this everyday! ūüėČ

Okay, back to the run lol. Zoe and I always get ready together. Wash faces, brush teeth, get dressed, and slather on sunblock. Even on the gloomiest of days, which incidentally today qualified for.

She likes to help put the sunscreen on

I’m ready to run Mama!!!!

Like I said though, we were all smiles! Zoe even made fun of me while I warmed up. Apparently watching mama do a few warm up exercises is hilarious!!!

We went 1.72 miles with a time of ¬†23:43 Which isn’t horrible, since we had to stop to put the rain cover over Zoe, then she ran the last stretch. She is really getting into running! She puts her all into it, that’s for sure!!!

Thumbs up from Zoe on our run!

Once home, I sat down and started reviewing my goals from September and making my new goal list for October! Gotta make sure you are on point with your goals! I for one do not want to be spinning my wheels, so I make sure I have all my short term goals ready! You have to check off the short term goals to reach the BIG ones!!! Tell yourself I’m going to succeed, and DO IT!!!

With my new found love for running, I have had concerns with losing my muscle mass. So like everything else, I started researching! I now know with running my body can go into a catabolic state (tissue burning) rather than the anabolic state (which I need to build muscle).

When I run my energy is burnt in this order;

1) Carbohydrates (both stored and direct from foods)

2) Fats (from foods and as stored cells)

3) Proteins (amino acids from muscle tissue)

I also learned that Cardio exercise actually helps you build muscle by enhancing your recovery from weight training by promoting blood flow and oxygen transport to your muscles.

I also learned that I want to keep my target heart rate at 75-85% ¬†At 75% my heart rate should be 155 at a 1 minute count. I used the 220- age formula to get that number.¬†The simple formula: Take 220 and minus your age which is accurate to approximately +15 BPM. You then take that number and multiply it by .75 – .85, which will give you your percentages of 75% — 85% of your Max. HR.¬†Or you can run till you know your heart is really pumping and you can still talk without being¬†extremely¬†out of breath. I prefer the more precise method!

I decided I will continue to run 3 days a week. One day I will run around 3 miles, the other two I will run 1.5-2 miles. Staying with the 75% max HR will burn fat and not my muscle!

Speaking of muscles, ūüėČ Today is bicep day! I LOVE working on my guns!!!! LOL

Today’s workout

Close grip EZ bar curls 4 sets of 12 or till muscle failure w/100 jump ropes between each set

Cross body hammer curls 4 sets of 12 or till muscle failure

Preacher curls 4 sets of 12 or till muscle failure

I am off to work on my guns!!!! ūüôā

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3 Mile run, Arts & Crafts, and Motivational Monday!!! Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome!!!!

Pretty proud this morning! I ran 3.26 miles, which is the furthest I have ever run! I seriously thought I was going to do worse lol I ran it in 39:15 Not the greatest, but not bad for a first time running that far! I was a little worried how Zoe would do. She started to get a little restless, so I gave her some strawberries and that seemed to tide her over! It also helped that people have some Halloween decorations up too! I was wiped when we got home lol, but I also felt accomplished!

Post run ūüôā

From there it was time to straighten the house and start Zoe’s lesson plan. She was pretty stoked today! Her Grandma’s birthday is tomorrow, so we made a birthday picture for her and made a witch for Halloween. She saw so many on our run and was curious about them, so I figured we would make one today!

So as you can see, fun morning. While she was doing crafts, I have been on the phone and email trying to get more reviews/giveaways set up for you guys! Looks like November might be as exciting of a month as October will!!!! I will be spending the next few days researching some stuff!

I have recently come¬†across¬†Kombucha. It is also known in Ancient China as the “Immortal Health¬†Elixir” I am going to do more research on it to find out it’s health benefits and how to use it! I smell another giveaway in October for it! ūüėČ

Can I be any more excited for October!!! LOL ūüôā

Hopefully you have all been gearing up for the Renegade Challenge and the Vitacost giveaway! It is gonna be HUGE month!!!! Time for me to hit the gym! It is Motivational Monday, so here is some motivation for you!

Awesome is contagious! We are all awesome and need to get out there, do work, and spread that awesome among everyone we see today!!!! ¬†Don’t forget to check out the Affiliate of the month Quest Nutrition! They seriously have the greatest “Clean” Protein bars out there! No guilt with these and toddlers love them too lol! Have a great day!!!
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More about October’s Giveaway and Where I am at with my September Goals!

It has been an awesome morning so far! I just got exciting news on what will be in next month’s giveaway package from VitaCost!!! There will be a Therasage Mini 2, an Olympian Labs Get Ripped Get Fit Complete Starter Kit, and a VitaCost tote to carry it all in!!!

I am not gonna lie, I would love to get this stuff too lol VitaCost is pretty awesome to sponser this giveaway!!! Do me a favor and check them out!!! They sell EVERYTHING!!! All your supplement needs as well as things like coconut oil, chia seeds, and so much more!!! It is awesome to be able to get all of your shopping done in one convenient place!!!!

Then, Josh surprised me with all the workout gear that I thought had gone back! He reworked the budget so I could keep it all. If you didn’t know, my husband lives to spoil my daughter and I! I just adore that man!!!

I decide to change our running route this morning. It added up to be just under 2 miles. My left leg has shin splints horribly bad. I have been icing it down, doing exercises, and I have been focused on my form when running. It has all helped greatly! Josh got me new running shoes and some compression socks, so I am hoping those help even more!!! Zoe wanted to run today, so I let her out of the stroller as we got closer to the house and that child did not want to stop running!!! LOL

We had a great run! I felt like I did awesome!!! After talking with a personal trainer friend, I decided to NOT worry about my time right now. I have been pushing myself too hard. I need to just concentrate on getting a good quality run in. Today, I did just that!

Hot sweaty mess!!!

I botched some of my September goals. ūüôĀ ¬†I am down 2 lbs with 5 lbs left to go for goal #1 I still have a little time, so I am optimistic about that one! The no sugar other than natural sugar did not happen. I have had 2 energy drinks and some caramel popcorn in the past week. I CHEATED!!!! I am human, and I am not going to beat myself up about it. Just brush it off and move forward!!! I have been doing great with my running! I missed last Friday, but made up for it this morning. My weight training I have NOT been slacking on. I am pretty routine when it comes to that! ūüėČ I am saving the fitting into old jeans for the end of the month. I am still hopeful on that one too lol. Zoe still needs to learn 17 more signs this month, which I am a little behind, but again I have 2 weeks to get her where I want her. We still have not had a date night . It has been to hard to schedule with everything that happened with my dad then Josh’s car breaking down. Still hopeful for that one too lol. I added plank a day and handstand a day to try to improve my times on both and I have been slacking on them as well, but I am back in my groove today!!!

Plank time today was 2:43 not horrible, but I want to do 3 mins a day regularly.

Zoe does her workout with mama lol My handstand was just 52 seconds, so I need to work on that too I get woozy and just can’t stay up.

I still have my weight training to do today. (Shoulder day) ūüôā I love shoulder day! Granted, I love all my weight training lol.

If I can squeeze it in,  I am going to try to get some healthy pumpkin muffins made!!!!! It is an experimental recipe, so if it turns out good, I will post it tomorrow!

Are you as excited as I am for the awesome giveaway next month???  How are you doing on your September goals??? Were you like me and have too many cheats? Do you beat yourself up about them or just move on???
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Thank you for reading and have a fabulous and blessed day!!!!!

Can we say AWESOME week? And it’s only Wednesday!!!

WOW! This week couldn’t get any better and it is only Wednesday!!!!! ¬†If you haven’t been following, this week I have found out that I was accepted to be a Girls Gone Sporty¬†Ambassador¬†as well as a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I am thrilled and Honored to be involved with such inspiring groups of women!!!!

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge
Today has been busy, but phenomenal! Zoe and I started the day with our routine run. She was anxious as ever to get out of the house lol.

Patiently waiting for me to finish getting ready lol

I decided to up our run from 1 mile to 1.5. Even with shin splints in my left leg, I felt we should be fine. I am proud to say, we not only finished it, but we did 1.5 miles one minute faster than we have been doing the mile in!!!! How awesome is that????

And my shin splints??? I did some exercises last night and this morning, Concentrated on my form, and iced down my shins after running and had no pain!!!!

Great start right? Well, it gets better! I have been trying to figure out who will be October’s Affiliate of the month. I really wanted to do another giveaway, since my last one was a little botched with moving everything over to a new Domain. I got an email from

¬† ¬† ¬†letting me know that they might be interested in sponsoring a giveaway!!!! ¬†How exciting would that be???? ūüôā We are still in talks, but it is a HUGE¬†possibility and I will keep you all updated!

As you may or may not know, I am a Daddy’s girl. He was diagnosed a few years ago with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL

He has had great days and some days where he is just really sick. Lately he hasn’t been feeling the greatest. I have been asking for prayers that he can get a break from Chemo Therapy. I received some fabulous news! My Daddy gets to stop Chemo treatments for the time being! His Lymph-Nodes have gone down in size. His white blood cells are still low, which is concerning, due to the¬†possibility¬†for infection. He will continue a treatment for that, but NO Chemo!!!! Family and friends have all been praying for him and it is just awesome to see the power in prayer! ¬†As well as all the LOVE! <3

Is he cured of¬†Leukemia? No, but he gets to rest and live a little. ūüėČ That is more than enough! I am thankful and smiling ear to ear today!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Huge thank you to all who have made my week so far such an amazing blessing!!!! ūüôā

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Running, “Clean” eating snacks on the go, Future Giveaways and more!

¬† ¬† Zoe and I went on our second run this morning! I was a little concerned heading out, because my legs are still very sore from leg day in the gym. However, I did pretty good! I beat the first run’s time by almost a minute. Today it was 16:20, still an awful time lol, but better ūüôā Zoe was excited that we were going on a run!¬†



¬† ¬† I am so happy she enjoys it!!! The weather is still a little warm and humid for my liking. We started our run a little earlier this morning than last time, hoping it wouldn’t be as bad, it was just as hot lol. The first hill is the easiest for me.¬†



¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†It isn’t horribly steep and Zoe yells “Go Mama Go” the whole time lol. She hates it when I walk. She has the need for speed! ūüėČ Her encouraging yells keep me going for sure. She is quite the motivator!!! If I slow down too much she does not hesitate to turn around and let me know it!¬†



        So all in all, my second time out was a success! I need to ditch this stroller and get a decent jogging stroller though! This one will work for now, but I am afraid not for long lol.

¬† ¬† ¬†I am also anxiously awaiting the UPS man today!!! As you know from previous posts, that we are trying to eat as “Clean” as possible. Some things that we still want to have in our diets, but have a hard time finding without all the artificial additives and preservatives. Protein bars being one of those items. I love protein bars, because they are easy when you are on the go! High protein snacks are a must. Ones that you don’t have to keep in a cooler are a HUGE plus!!!! Typically we bring baked eggs to snack on when heading out and about, but you need a cooler for them and they can still be stinky. Baked eggs are like boiled eggs, just baked. They have a creamier texture and with baking them, they come out perfect every time! Zoe refuses to eat boiled eggs, but LOVES baked eggs. The child can tell every time if I try to give her a boiled one.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Anyway, back to¬†Protein¬†bars ūüėČ As I was saying finding “Clean” protein bars are a little difficult to find! I have had several brands that I LOVE, but they truly are not good for us at all! When I came across a brand that actually is clean, I was not only happy, but super excited to try them! I reached out to the company to see if they would allow me to review the bars and they happily obliged!


    I have heard excellent reviews on them so far!!! So, that is what I am waiting so anxiously for today! If I love them as much as I think I am going to, they will become an affiliate of this page! I will also add some to a small plethora of items for a future giveaway, so you guys will be able to try them too! Keep your eyes peeled for that!!! 



 How often do you run?  What are your favorite on the go snacks? Do you find yourself lugging a small cooler around for your snacks? What is your favorite Protein bar flavor or brand?

   Josh is off tomorrow and Friday, so we are getting ready for our family fun days! Hope everyone enjoys this lovely day!!!!! 



To achieve greatness, you must set GOALS!!!

So last night I did a Twitter chat with many great people associated with FitFluential and ViewSport. It was fun and I really enjoyed it! The topic was Goals and Goal setting. I did miss some of the conversation, due to trying to cook a late dinner and control an unruly toddler lol. What I did catch was awesome!


¬† ¬† I have my ultimate goal, which is to be able to compete in Women’s Physique competitions.


¬† ¬†I have smaller goals to help me get there! One of my smaller goals is to run (with Zoe in a stroller) in a 5k. I think they look fun and would be a great accomplishment for both of us! I know she would love it!!! We started running yesterday ūüôā I had planned what I thought was the perfect route around our subdivision. It was 1.2 miles. I did not take into consideration that I would be pushing a 30lb two year old in a large clunky stroller, or that I routed us to go up 2 large hills lol. To boot, it was super humid out!!! Our time was 17:18. I was proud that we got out there and did it, but I was disappointed with my time. ¬†I do know that I will continue to run 2 or 3 times a week and that my time will improve!


¬† ¬†I didn’t think that there would be much quality time for us while running. Surprisingly enough, there really was! We were always talking about pretty flowers, trees, dogs, and anything else we saw on our short running journey. I am hoping to get Josh out there with us once a week! I think it would be another great way to have family fun time! we shall see if he agrees lol ūüėČ

 I believe setting goals is a great example for Zoe! I want her to learn that in order to get what she wants, she need to make a plan, set goals, then work hard to accomplish them!


    We have accomplished several small goals to get us where we are now. Things like: Drinking more water, keeping our sugar intake less than 35 grams a day, cutting out artificial sugars, throwing out anything that has artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, learning to cook healthier meals, and consistently weight training!

We have both (Josh and I) had slip ups and times where we have gotten lazy or off track. The great thing about sharing our goals with each other, is we do keep each other accountable! I believe in marriage you have to work as a team. Supporting each other and pushing each other is very important! In this house we are very goal oriented and love helping each other achieve greatness!!!

Do you have a goal? Do you have smaller goals to help you achieve the main goal? Who in your life inspires and pushes you? Do you involve your family in your dreams?

Get out there and accomplish your goals! Do not let any set back hold you down from your greatest achievements!!!

Fitness Myths: True or False?

There are a lot of myths when it comes to exercise, diet, and losing weight. Do this, don’t do that, you have to eat this, steer clear of that, most of the time you are being told the opposite of what someone else has told you or you have read…..It can really make things very confusing for a beginner! I have had many trials and tribulations during my journey. Many had me busting some long time fitness myths that I always believed to be true.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†This is Myth number 1 Crunchers are the best way to burn belly fat…..Something I have always wanted, and am still working towards is the illusive six pack! I always thought I just needed to do crunchers and ab exercises in excess and they would just pop out.


  While working your abs and core is awesome and important! You will never see an actual six pack without leaning out. If you have a higher body fat percentage you need to do cardio and really watch what you eat! There is a saying that Abs are made in the kitchen. I do in fact, believe it!!! Cleaning up your diet is a HUGE step to seeing a more defined body.

    Myth 2 is Cut your Carbs. I have talked about this before. You definitely need your carbs for energy! Without them you will crash before you even start your day.  Complex carbohydrates are a very important part of a well balanced diet.


¬† ¬†Simple Carbohydrates are the ones you want to steer clear of. As far as fruits and the sweeter veggies go, keep those as energy boosters before or after a workout! Instead of storing the sugars as fat, your body will burn them as fuel. ūüėČ The rest of them, you can just throw them in the trash!!! (Well, except milk for the little ones)


¬† ¬† ¬†The 3rd myth is, to tone up, you just need to do a ton of cardio and lift light weights with high repetitions. Yes, cardio will help burn fat. Lifting light weights will not tone you up unless you are absolutely fatiguing the muscles. Meaning you just can’t lift anymore. I see it all the time. Women just spinning their wheels curling 2lb dumbbells. Your groceries weigh more than that! Come on now, you know better! In order to see muscle tone, you have to have muscles!


     Cardio is awesome for your cardiovascular health, but like everything, you can do too much!  There are several aspects to consider when planning the perfect workout regimen, Strength (weight training), Speed (High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT), Agility (Team sports or agility drills), Endurance (Marathon training or cycling), and Flexibility (Yoga). All of these are important! If you balance them well, you will have a healthy physique!

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Myth number 4 is “NO PAIN NO GAIN” You want to work your muscles to fatigue. Obviously, you will be sore.


    Sure feeling a little sore is normal, but you should never be so sore that you can not function with your normal daily activities. There is a such thing as too much!!!

      The 5th myth is Stretch before your workout. While stretching your muscles is great, you should save the stretching for post workout.


    Stretching while your muscles, tendons,and ligaments are still cold, can lead to injury. It is a great idea to warm your muscles before working them! You can do this by marching in place, a brisk walk, or even half squats with just your body weight. A good stretch after a workout can be a fabulous and relaxing way to end!

     Myth 6 You can lose weight fast swimming. Swimming is a great activity. It will boost your lung capacity, tone muscles, and even help with tension, but unless you are swimming for hours and hours non stop, you are just again, spinning your wheels.


¬† ¬†With the buoyancy of the water supporting most of your body weight, your body is doing less work than if you were to jog or run. Another reason, is they say that swimming in Cold water makes you eat more when you are done. Therefore, you cancel out any calories you may have burned in the pool. This one had me for years! I love swimming! ūüėČ I still think it is great for agility and endurance training, just not for weight loss.

¬† ¬† ¬†Myth number 7, If you aren’t sweating you aren’t working hard enough.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Everyone’s body is different. When Josh and I hit the gym, he can just look at the equipment and sweat rolls off him lol. I typically don’t start sweating till mid to end of the workout. Sweating is just your body’s way of cooling off. You have a great workout and barely break a sweat at all!

  These are all busted myths that I have learned on my journey to becoming fit! Most I wish I had learned the truth about sooner! Do you have any busted myths to add to this list? Do you disagree with any of these and why? Did you find any of these to be true in your case as well?

   Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!!!!

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